Why I Got MARRIED! (Julien Blanc Reveals The Truth About Relationships, Marriage & Married Life)

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In this video, I reveal why I got married and the TRUTH about marriage!
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Julien Blanc is a Swiss-born, U.S.-based self-help speaker, entrepreneur and transformational coach.
Since 2010, he has been traveling around the world and has personally coached tens of thousands of clients face to face... Empowering them to create massive success in their lives!
His record-breaking programs Transformation Mastery, Transformation Mastery Live, Transformation Mastery Live Advanced, Transformation Mastery Academy & Transformation Mastery Mentoring help people around the world achieve the HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS & HAPPINESS they deserve!
Why I Got MARRIED! (Julien Blanc Reveals The Truth About Relationships, Marriage & Married Life)
Julien Blanc reveals what he learned from his marriage and married life, and the relationship advice you need to have a happy marriage!
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Nov 4, 2019




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Comments 294
JulienHimself 2 months ago
►►► GET YOUR FREE CONSULTATION CALL HERE: julienhimself.com/mentoring-application
Jacob Benton
Jacob Benton Day ago
No worries. If all goes bad, Julien has the skill set to bounce back at any moment.
Mr.Dr.12 3 days ago
Brayan Henrique
Brayan Henrique 9 days ago
Getting married.... The only way for Julien to stop using those strange clothes xD. Congrats on your marriage bro!
Emanuel Magalhães Fróes
I thought i would be with Teal Swan
pleasefixurhair 15 days ago
Where is this ? I wanna go visit there ...
Behappy Now7
Behappy Now7 16 days ago
If they better you life ,they respect you if they make you feel lucky if they make feel warm if they hold you tru the hard times if they are not perfect but you figure out solutions if you can let go of stupid shit if you can learn to dance together in this journey called life if they are on your side in the end,,,,then why not 😀 congrats julien I’m very happy for you there is nothing like true Love
José de Anchieta
José de Anchieta 19 days ago
Julien, if you have a son, please name him Gaspard.
mBabe 20 days ago
I'll wait until you come full circle on your thoughts after a divorce. Now I think you have just caved in into the parents' and social pressure to get married. You talk big game, but it's all an act. You are not an ultimate alpha yet.
Andre E
Andre E 17 days ago
Nice Horn
Nice Horn 20 days ago
Or...you just entered your thirties, your test is lower than it was in your Hayday, you've been there done that with pickup and marriage/family seems like the last vestige into manhood....I assume a lot of men feel that way as they age
Libbie Schrader
Libbie Schrader 22 days ago
You crack me up Julien
Valantis Kitsakis
Congratulations on your marriage, brother! Thank you for your sober view on marrying someone. ☺
Cesar Romero Silva
Julien , I didn´t know that you got married. You who helped millions like me around the globe to get girls , and being authentic and real. I am so happy for you , and I wish you the best, man. You cannot possibly realize how important your work is. Love.
Daniel Wnętrzak
max himself also get married?
Ronald Raygun
Ronald Raygun Month ago
Big ups Julien
Leonardo Henriques
Congrats for your marriage bro!
Phaze Laser Med Spa
Congrats..been following since did LV immersion with you in 2014..when is my turn..sigh..lol
David Navarro
David Navarro Month ago
I didn’t know you were married! Damn I’m always envious of guys getting married 😅
ProwseOfficial Month ago
Congratulations, it’s good when you find someone worth it ✌️
P0ETICsin 2 months ago
David D took it a bit further and made a whole program about marriage lol
The Tito Truth Totem
I don't agree with using divorce as an achor to stay together, but I do agree that we should focus on how to get more competent with maintaining long term relationships. The issue as mentioned here with just leaving a relationship is that you don't ever experience the fullest strength of a relationship and never have the capacity to carry anything further after any minor conflict. I still think having options is better, but almost nothing beats having the maturity to know what you have to do so that you can have the best long term relationships.
BigE 2 months ago
Julien blanc the truth.
Veeno 2 months ago
I'm happy for you.
T.K Jetil
T.K Jetil 2 months ago
I like the fact that the TM-commercial didn't appear at the end. Made the video seem more sincere, instead of just being an ad for a product.
Mark 2 months ago
Julien.. your not dressed like a drugged out raver and now looking dapper.... what's going on?!
Allison Leigh Andrews
So excited to see you next week!!! Peace to you and your love!
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche 2 months ago
Shit u got married bro I didn't know
MINIMAN 2 months ago
congrats Bro! - it was nice to finally meet you in person in Berlin tonight. :)
Pinnacle Of Man TM
Pinnacle Of Man TM 2 months ago
Man, you have came a LONG way brother. I am happy for you
anders björkman
anders björkman 2 months ago
I went to a seminar by you years ago, and now we are both married happily ^^ congratz man
Michael Whild
Michael Whild 2 months ago
1000lifelessons 2 months ago
Dude. Can't wait to see and hear about the revelation you experience when you have your first kid. Talk about unlocking true love, happiness, and joy unlike anything ever experienced! 🥰
Monika Maier
Monika Maier 2 months ago
Congratulations. Don’t forget where you came from. Pickup made you to that person, who you are now! Good ride!
wavyboyo 2 months ago
Shit everyone getting married,I'm still trying to get 100k in my bank account lol
CH H 2 months ago
Well done and congratulations man!! Finish line.
J Gomes
J Gomes 2 months ago
congrats man
Fabrício Santana
Fabrício Santana 2 months ago
Congratulations, brother! Having said that, I can't let the joke go by: the world is not the same haha
Cleilton França
Cleilton França 2 months ago
Portuguese subtitles?
Christopher D.
Christopher D. 2 months ago
julian looks hella proper like this and not the fuckin ridiculous clothing from before
Mike P
Mike P 2 months ago
you came along way brother! your transformation has been inspiring
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson 2 months ago
Congrats bro. I love this. Watched your videos for years and never saw this coming 😂 best of luck.
dentist berlin germany
This guy could be the best dad ever!
dentist berlin germany
I didnt know you got married man! Congratulations and all the happiness and good vibes to you ;)
Erick Mejía
Erick Mejía 2 months ago
Dude, consider that if you feed your kids a vegetarian diet they gonna be short af.
Fabio Capani
Fabio Capani 2 months ago
Hey julian well done mate thanks for this vidio
Petar Majstor
Petar Majstor 2 months ago
Jeffy and Tyler are playing last man standing
kandycid100 Month ago
Just kids
kandycid100 Month ago
Ben Mak just keep kids
Ben Mak
Ben Mak 2 months ago
Petar Majstor thought tyler was married with kids
ThoughtlessTuber 2 months ago
Nice PR move.
Yasmani Aguiar
Yasmani Aguiar 2 months ago
Hving been in a serious 3 year relationship that had many ups and downs and many lessons and having learned about pick up before than; this guy speaks truth. A great relationship is a million times better than random hookups with hot girls, don't force yourself to do something you don't feel right internally and definitely focus on inner game as much as possible to prevent yourself from regretting certain decisions like I did. ALSO PLEASE research and determine whether you have an insecure attachment style or not, it WILL affect ALL your relationships, especially romantic ones even if they start off great and lovey dovey - it most likely is where your jealousy,neediness and clinging comes from. I'm working on earning a secured attachment style now before trying another relationship; it's serious and takes hard work, marriage I believe it's just an extension of that hard work for big rewards.
Fabersoul 2 months ago
even gods get whipped. congrats though man, if you're both happy that's all that matters
Valueoffering-dk 2 months ago
Someone read Naseem Talib lately
Jeremiah George
Jeremiah George 2 months ago
Marriage, Adventure! Adventure!
Bryce Laya
Bryce Laya 2 months ago
Great video. -Tyler
kidfromcro pu
kidfromcro pu 2 months ago
i ques this is the end of an era,the most beautiful ride in my life,thank you for opening my eyes and showing me the truth,wish you all the best and long lasting true happiness for both you and your wife,thanks again for all the knowledge and wisdom you shared with us
Rob Vel
Rob Vel 2 months ago
We’ve all lost him. Lol just kidding
lalo rc
lalo rc 2 months ago
Lol my boy is married... 😂 hope u keep your RED PILL GLASSES on
Sam Month ago
@Tien Tran The *Irony* is that RSD Tyler has never taken Psychedelics I assume you're referring to the _Spiritual, Philosophical, Personal Development & Inner Growth_ that Tyler & the rest of the RSD Team now focus on Funny how alot people are not intelligent enough to comprehend and understand there new content.
Jojo Baggins
Jojo Baggins Month ago
@Tien Tran Sigh, I wish I could go back and take a Tyler circa 2014 boot camp like I wanted to, one of my big regrets in life...
Tien Tran
Tien Tran 2 months ago
honestly Tyler before he had kids was very red-pilled and real, unlike the weird, psychedelic using tyler
By Diz
By Diz 2 months ago
First Julien video I can comfortably watch in public
dalhoumi jasser
dalhoumi jasser 2 months ago
Love the new look, taking your carrier to the next level
Mugisha Fred
Mugisha Fred 2 months ago
Congratulations Julien. For you to get married, it has to have come from a very congruent place, knowing what you know about relationships.. Bravo on being you..
Onkel Bob
Onkel Bob 2 months ago
Congratulations! Let her breasts satisfy you at all times. May you be captivated by her love constantly.
robert sullivan
robert sullivan 2 months ago
Of course of all people, the prodigy, gets married. Congrats man. It says a lot. You took that same focus you had in the beginning becoming a beast at picking up chicks which could equate to the width then you refocused on deepening your life and it led to this point. Much respect. May your marriage be a role model to other aspiring relationships seeking depth as well
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