Why I Don't Like Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 80
JoCille Carlos
JoCille Carlos 4 hours ago
Um one book I know you might not like is Percy Jackson The Olympians But you might not like it but try it ; )
Isaac Williamson
Isaac Williamson 4 hours ago
Kiss James
xox_dancerj 4 hours ago
4:22 *yeea yeaaa yeee yee yeaah* (I hope someone sees the reference)
Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark 5 hours ago
5:57 was the a cigarette?
Ella Nash
Ella Nash 4 hours ago
It's not. It's a pen I think. It's defenetly not a ciggarett.
Speaker 5 hours ago
Theodd1out copy jaiden
Oleg Stoyushko
Oleg Stoyushko 5 hours ago
Jaiden: * Doesn't like read books * Also Jaiden: 5:09 Okay, big part time those who read this, probably didn't get a joke, but this is reference to bad ending from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for all. A *detective-like visual novel* . In that game you must like, read. And read pretty a lot.
Smol Potato
Smol Potato 6 hours ago
You play New Leaf? :o I'm not the only one! Where can I send you my friend code? XD I am lonely...
Vladimir Ursu
Vladimir Ursu 6 hours ago
Victory and Crumpets
I dont read to destress. I never understood that. I read because the stories are interesting and i want to found out who dies next. 🙃
John Ferns
John Ferns 8 hours ago
Jaiden: Doesn't like reading. Also Jaiden in the animals video: READS A BOOK
Ella Nash
Ella Nash 4 hours ago
@John Ferns did you just reply to your own comment
John Ferns
John Ferns 8 hours ago
Jacobi Serras
Jacobi Serras 8 hours ago
1:43 i crushed a 300-pager in less than 2 hours. :/
Miri Alexanderwicz
Miri Alexanderwicz 8 hours ago
Chamomile tea: me: 🤮 Books: me: reads all day...
Miri Alexanderwicz
Miri Alexanderwicz 8 hours ago
I was reading adult(teen) level (but clean) novels in 5th... me:reading a science book with tons of pages at six😍
Miri Alexanderwicz
Miri Alexanderwicz 8 hours ago
Me... reads for 6 hours straight at 8 Also me: my neck Also me: I’m done what we’re all the not lead characters names?
Ellen Erickson
Ellen Erickson 9 hours ago
Try a book called the silver eyes . I haven't read the book yet. The book is like a app you might have played when you were younger called five nights at freddy,,s, and if you have not played the app yet you should!!!!
anthony ginzberg
anthony ginzberg 12 hours ago
There are some books I like and some books I don't like
Sharkz _
Sharkz _ 12 hours ago
Jaiden My Friend Code Is SW-6353-7401-8817
ETN kobo
ETN kobo 13 hours ago
Jaiden should make a lofi hip hop stream where instead of studying she is drawing and instead of a cat it’s Ari and the other bird (I’m so sorry, I forget it’s name)
GamerFreak 13 hours ago
Make it to 8 Million Subs
Charlotte Gardiner
Charlotte Gardiner 13 hours ago
Jaiden: I don't like being told what to do in my free time James: he Jaiden do you want to hang out Jaiden: well now you took the fun out of it!!!
Richard Playz
Richard Playz 13 hours ago
where i live we have reading logs so yeah fouse to read
Grey Goat Games
Grey Goat Games 15 hours ago
SOLUTION: instead of listening to music while working, BINGE LISTEN HARRY POTTER ON AUDIBLE FOR LIKE 100 HOURS
SuTart Sun
SuTart Sun 15 hours ago
I too am a geronimo stilton fan:)
Predater x
Predater x 16 hours ago
Kevin Francis
Kevin Francis 18 hours ago
Bookworms: *insert KI's Spinal's Theme*
Burritoboi123 18 hours ago
2:37 She says Adultrey... is she Patton from Sander sides?
BET 18 hours ago
7466 9537 5004 Is my code
DiscountPikachu 19 hours ago
My teachers would actively TAKE BOOKS from me cause i wouldnt stop reading in class. Then they got mad when i stopped reading at all. You cant have both!! Anyways i can hardly pick up a book now. School drains the fun out of reading. Tried and true fact. Unless its by Erin Hunter. I can and always will sit down for a good re read of all her series
Eleazar Najera
Eleazar Najera 19 hours ago
No te entendi ni madres porque je mexico pero bueno si algun dia vez esto y lo desifras lo que estoy diciendo solo quiero desirte aprende español y ven a mexico xdd bueno te quiero pero no entendi nada bye l love porque vasicamente es lo unico que se en ingles bueno....bye
Diarmuid Potter
Diarmuid Potter 19 hours ago
i like pictures in books too
BeeM sisters
BeeM sisters 19 hours ago
Joshua Dosdos
Joshua Dosdos 20 hours ago
The Globgogabgalab is pretty dissapointed.
Jerath Lawson
Jerath Lawson 20 hours ago
Books are nice, libraries suck. And so do forced reads.
JTZombiE 20 hours ago
JTZombiE 20 hours ago
unpopular opinion: TKAM is super boring and very overrated. Like political/civilrights/historical events aside, just the contents of the book and the plot, characters, etc. its sooooo boring. I only love to read when I find a book that makes me wanna read it non stop for hours and feel like 10 minutes have gone by.
FPPoL Studios
FPPoL Studios 20 hours ago
I have sight problems and as a kid I had that same problem. I felt it was more of a punishment. It changed this year, when someone told me they they understood why I chose not to read (they were wrong). So to show them, I started reading.
Gacha_Rogue 21 hour ago
Once i read the entire harry potter sieres in 3d grade, ehem, freely
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 21 hour ago
I get where jaiden is coming from I hate the books that schools shoved down my throat and liked the books from the bookstore and library
Andy21 21 hour ago
You draw a good He-Man
Dumboツ 21 hour ago
Reading hurts my eyes. In fact, everything hurts my eyes. Even doing nothing hurts my eyes. Taking off my glasses also hurts my eyes. That's the pain of wearing glasses for too long, I guess.
Mary Pham
Mary Pham 22 hours ago
Huh, my parents tell me to read less
Piper 2098
Piper 2098 22 hours ago
“And have a cat Allergy.” Me:James said cat Allergy is feel what love feels like lol.
Ghostbreath42 22 hours ago
I got made fun of one time for reading during my free time in Spanish class
Green Ninja
Green Ninja 22 hours ago
Oof my favorite subject is reading, but I get your opinion at reading
lego man
lego man Day ago
0:27 This is a personal attack
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Day ago
If jaidens parents see this video....... they are going to get ANGRY probably, and maybe make jaiden read 10 books per week in quarantine
Roxxan Gacha
Roxxan Gacha Day ago
I literally feel jaiden XD... When i was young.. I loved reading books-but now... I rarely read books TvT
Aubrey Daly
Aubrey Daly Day ago
Moral of the story: *Juliet is a lesbian*
Daniel Prokopchuk
But if u r reading this comment and u don’t like reading u r reading right now🤪🤪🤪🤪
miny Day ago
just read manga it is way better
Anthony Boag
Anthony Boag Day ago
That did the librarian said to the kid Read more
Jayamole P
Jayamole P Day ago
I was wondering why Jaiden was talking so slow, then I realized I put it on payback 0.75 :/ lol
Emerson Oliver
Geronimo Stilton is my favorite book and I’m only nine
MyCorgiOrNot Day ago
i read the hole thing behind you i kinda like reading so i am alredy sub to pewds and i am not a furry
nuutti star69
1:08 yey we are at 10000 characters
OpLOL Day ago
At 1:08 or something I read all of the words and got a headache.
RS - 06HV - Lougheed MS (1486)
Geronimo Stilton is the best, but I re-read every book at least 5 times
Eesha plays adopt me & royal high
Now I am inspired to read
Graceful Slumber
SAME! I loved reading until I had to read for school. It just ruined it for me, and I opted to take that 20% out of my grade because of spite and I didn't want to read and it gave me headaches. (I'm pretty sure I have dyslexia, but I haven't been diagnosed. I know I have dyscalcula, though.)
Oval M
Oval M Day ago
I need friedns becuase I'm lonely and stupid and want to die at some points but you do what you want friend me if you want im not forcing you ok bye p.s. my friend code is 3869 6045 5490 ok srsly bye and have a good day
Joel Munoz
Joel Munoz Day ago
I could read 1000 pages in a couple of hours in 5th grade, step it up!
Gunilla Nord
Gunilla Nord Day ago
I Love to Read.............
Diego Plascencia
I read the same book and i am from México
Leon Day ago
5:09 *Jojo Reference?*
JGHFunRun Day ago
She starts the video by describing hipsters...
Caymen English
My friends code is SW 6638-4890-1790
Hal Smith
Hal Smith Day ago
no it does not
Logan SC
Logan SC Day ago
Poor jaiden of reading
Logan SC
Logan SC Day ago
Not all books
Sara GemZ
Sara GemZ Day ago
The secret country? Sacred? Dragons? can i read it Edit: I found it
Starz016 -
Starz016 - Day ago
Jaiden send me animal crossing friend requests. Also Jaiden: doesn’t show friend code
Kamikaze Uros
Geranimo :D
Geranimo :D Day ago
Read mangas like me
As someone who’s always LOVED reading, let me tell you that I HATED school reading assignments, too! There’s a certain book that I liked when I read it on my own, only to dislike it when I read it a few years later as a school assignment. Being told what to read-and then have teachers tell you what you’re supposed to see in the book and give you homework about it-sucks the fun out of reading for LOTS of people. It’s not just you! :) I consider myself lucky that I already knew that I liked reading before I started school, so those negative experiences didn’t affect me too much. (To be fair, though, there were three short stories that we read in class that I REALLY liked. They were short, they weren’t “literary” fiction like we usually read, and they didn’t have any homework attached to them. They were fun!)
Loot Lama
Loot Lama Day ago
3:04 My dream is to become a video game champion!!!
don't lose ur head
me: yea reading improves your brain! I read a lot also me: sitting here at 1 am in the morning watching youtube pretending to read a lot
Gavin Gouge
Gavin Gouge Day ago
2:48 she HIT the books
Aubrynobi Day ago
Did I see the last unicorn on a poster?
Dax Gaggos
Dax Gaggos 2 days ago
i don't like reading to Jaiden
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