why i decided to live alone *MOVING VLOG*

Kennedy Walsh
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ahhhh I adult
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Jun 30, 2020




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Andrey Horohorkin
A girl that hates traveling. You are my soulmate. Please marry me ;-)
Ciara Loy
Ciara Loy 13 days ago
I feel you. I'm currently finally getting my licence this year so I can have more independence and space. Currently house sharing with my sister and her boyfriend. Great to live with but want my own place again 😊
Kelsie R
Kelsie R 14 days ago
Ik i’m late and I used to watch your channel all the time but randomly just forgot I had youtube for like 4 months buut I’m so proud of you girly!! that’s such a cute apartment btw!!
Kelsie R
Kelsie R 14 days ago
girl every time I watch your videos I have the most random motivation lol (and i have very little motivation) Also I love the idea of moving out and kinda want to when I’m done with basics.. buut I don’t like the idea of sleeping totally alone with no one else in the house
Harveer Singh Chawla
Is it just me or does anyone else watch her vids again and again cuz they’re. SO. GOOOOOD.
Pareena Kooner
Pareena Kooner 25 days ago
no one gonna talk about how she's eating cereal on a plate?
Frank Huynh
Frank Huynh Month ago
Great moving vlog! I recently made a move vlog myself and found this on my video recommendation. Good stuff!
Seerat kaur dhaliwal
11:37 brandon coming through with that thigh content. you're welcome ;)
Pillow Wall
Pillow Wall Month ago
song at 11:00?
k q u i e t - doll 예민
Every time I get scared of moving out in the future, and handling money I just watch this video. Watching Kennedy has helped me know that stepping out of your comfort zone is okay, and it's not gonna hurt you.
- Rileigh -
- Rileigh - Month ago
Kennedy is living my dream life 😭🤚🏻
Birsel Month ago
No joke I started crying when I saw salem in the back
dila Month ago
im so proud of you!! it's so good to see you taking steps and it makes me want to take step. ilysm.
N S Month ago
The only thing you're good for is looking at
Tanza Cochran
Tanza Cochran Month ago
I am so proud of you boo 🥺
Deepika Singh
Deepika Singh 2 months ago
Good luck Kristi
Good luck Kristi 2 months ago
her mom looks like a teenager periodt.
Laura De Wit
Laura De Wit 2 months ago
How old is she
flem ish
flem ish 2 months ago
imagine being able to just decide to get an apartment and a car lmao im crying in poor im jealous
파대 2 months ago
amal a
amal a 2 months ago
i just came to check if there is a new video and I noticed it's been 4 months since you moved!! what!! 4 f months that's scary time goes by so fast its so scary :(
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray 2 months ago
She's the hottest Walsh by far
Randie Wasserman
Randie Wasserman 2 months ago
Sorry about your beloved Salem. I guess he was there for you until you moved on.
Kaia 2 months ago
Anima Kumawat
Anima Kumawat 2 months ago
walshes are beautiful :D
Dima Sarmad
Dima Sarmad 2 months ago
Arlen acevedo
Arlen acevedo 2 months ago
Where did you get the cute coach?
EDITHA BRYNE 3 months ago
I wonder what yr is the model of toyota corolla she is driving.... Anyone??
Fernando Amador
Fernando Amador 3 months ago
Hey 😁 you should let your hair grow like at the beginning of your video it looks great on you 👌
Jazmyn Montague
Jazmyn Montague 3 months ago
Kennedy question would u rather be a cat in a human body or be a human in a cat body
Madison Garber
Madison Garber 3 months ago
I love the relationship her and her siblings have
Bb B
Bb B 3 months ago
A lub u 🥺
eXtenSior 3 months ago
How is she so cute when she laughs?
giøvanna 3 months ago
she's got blue eyes but has such a brown eyes energy,,, does it make sense?
giøvanna 3 months ago
"i get lonely even when im around people" lol thats me
THE ELITE 3 months ago
Wow she is gorgeous
Renate Tuinenga
Renate Tuinenga 3 months ago
When do u get Merch girl :)
• brits •
• brits • 4 months ago
it's so hard seeing people live your dream
Kayla Ball
Kayla Ball 4 months ago
Your mom looks like Alanis morsettes and punky brusters baby. Lol. So pretty
Zeenahh 4 months ago
does anyone know where she got her bed? or one thats similar
Jasson Oppenhein
Jasson Oppenhein 4 months ago
Was she ever pretty?
Maddy 4 months ago
does anyone else have no idea how old she is
Ikra Kazi
Ikra Kazi 4 months ago
kennedy: "maybe i will meet a hot neighbour" *2 weeks later* claudia moves into the same place :p
ily3000 4 months ago
the walsh siblings is the only emotional support i have left 😇😇
itsberlini 4 months ago
12:04 makes me laugh so haaAAAARD ahshah
You're awesome
You're awesome 4 months ago
She literally looks so mature like in her 30s
TheNamesJT 4 months ago
you saying Maryland make me think of that parasitic horror movie called "The Bay" its based around a seaside Maryland location not sure where exactly but its an awesome movie.
Александр Нестеров
Where are you from? And where were you born?
Andrea Fernandez
Andrea Fernandez 4 months ago
where is Salem?
MELLAK MERIEM 4 months ago
I root for you kennedy , you changed in so many ways !! I can see how better version of you you 're becoming ^^
RandomStreetCat 4 months ago
I moved in with my boyfriend like a month ago. and we been living together in another apartment for like 2 years. and i totallt get the feeling of wanting to be alone but getting lonely anxiety.. even if i live with my boyfriend he works a lot more hours than I do so my mostly by myself at home. Im so happy for you and your cute plants ❤️ i wanna get plants soon too
Rada Al-Zobeidi
Rada Al-Zobeidi 4 months ago
Kennedy I Iove you and I'm so proud of you. ❤
Tempest Wilde
Tempest Wilde 4 months ago
she can fix an ikea furniture on her own? 👀 i don’t wanna assume *it* but that’s a big sapphic energy
ks 5 months ago
Hi! What’s the name of the song you used in this video?
Garima Yadav
Garima Yadav 5 months ago
Literally no one Kennedy: aahh I adult
Letícia Martins
Letícia Martins 5 months ago
things in the US seem so easy
Melissa Mozeleski
Melissa Mozeleski 5 months ago
My new favorite RUvidr 😻
Cassidy Sarin
Cassidy Sarin 5 months ago
Rewatching all of your videos because why the hell not and your growth is so amazing I’m so happy for you!! Keep being you🥰
Fireplace & Log Fires
This is the BEST ever vlog!! OMG!! Slam dunk the funk and do a dance for me, please oh please let's be RUvid mates, forever and ever at least until next week Tuesday, lovely jumbley.
Khwahish Joshi
Khwahish Joshi 5 months ago
I've watched her since the very start, left in between and I'm back again. I'm so proud of you Kennedy! You radiate this energy now that I love❤️ Keep going, girl! You deserve it all👏🏻💫
Katarina Cormick
Katarina Cormick 5 months ago
Congratulations honey 🤍
zahraa 5 months ago
og kennedy fans are all proud of her being so happy and how she's living more now :) that's me I'm og kennedy fans
angie maria
angie maria 5 months ago
idk why but my cat is watching this with me ✨
Daniel B Maximoff
Daniel B Maximoff 5 months ago
Your significant other is Marcus Dobre.
Lauren 5 months ago
I'd get another cat. That might sound like replacing because you can't move with them but I notice when I'm around my pets my anxiety levels are lower. I always find being around people great but it can be draining, with cats I get that vibe but I never get sick of it. I don't know, something to consider, kthx (I'm a cat lover so my solution will always be, get another cat.)
vheavnly xo
vheavnly xo 5 months ago
im just sad that salem wont be with her alot anymore
daniela cuello
daniela cuello 5 months ago
Were is your bed from ???
sage alane
sage alane 5 months ago
i feel like being roommates with you would be so fun uhhh
aisieukeopi 5 months ago
Can you do a transformation video to look like Hailey Bieber?
Marlan Hernandez
Marlan Hernandez 5 months ago
What song is thisss??
Janice 5 months ago
LMAO i was not expecting 12:03. You're so funny. Please let me be your friend 😭 Also, im so proud of you, Kennedy! I'm a casual watcher of you and it makes me happy to see you making this chnage for yourself~ I'm 21 years old still living with my parents and I want to eventually be independent as well. Watching you inspired me to not be afraid of taking that big leap for yourself~ Thank you for being you and sharing your journey with us 😊💓
Tracy 5 months ago
Someone plz told me how old is she
niamh McIntyre
niamh McIntyre 4 months ago
Sam Commisso
Sam Commisso 5 months ago
Babygirl I am so proud of you. If you can do it I can too🖤
Amy Lorie
Amy Lorie 5 months ago
I just wanna say that I'm really really proud of you, I remember being kinda surprised on new years, bye now look at you, you are really making changes, and trying your best to get out of your comfort zone, so so proud! 💗
riderzinc 5 months ago
Every man is looking for a woman who can assemble an Ikea flatpack by themselves
Curstin W
Curstin W 5 months ago
doing things alone gives me bad anxiety too and seeing this made me so happy, seeing her grow and become independent is actually inspiring 🥺
Ava Rice
Ava Rice 5 months ago
this montage!💕
Keith Newberry
Keith Newberry 5 months ago
I met Kelly Clarkson , she was awesome , she actually flirted with me hard. I was embarrassed but at the same time flattered.
SUPERJAM144 5 months ago
Wow, props to Nick for helping, what a close family, that's great!
causantin 5 months ago
12:05 made me laugh so much
trina corpuz
trina corpuz 5 months ago
*kennedy everytime she sees her face with no makeup* Before: i look soo pale!!! Ew Now: i look sooo goood!! I'm so proud of her :((((((
Hannah-Sofia 5 months ago
I’m so happy you’re not moving to LA!!
Rose Jones
Rose Jones 5 months ago
My boyfriends dad has been living in our tiny little apartment for the past 2 years now and im getting so sick of it and I don't know how to go about telling him we need space. Any advice?
Kennedy Jeanine
Kennedy Jeanine 5 months ago
Get LED lights for your rooooom
YOUNG 3KG'S 5 months ago
Just because you feel empty isn’t a bad thing. Being bored kills the ego
amp luc
amp luc 5 months ago
Pray for Kennedy.
Francine 5 months ago
I am so happy for her. Seeing her grow up and become independent is really inspirational. I can't wait too be part of the journey her future holds. Congratz on the apartment and new car!!🎉 You truly deserve it. Keep pushing forwards, Kennedy. You got this
ks 5 months ago
What’s the song you used in the moving montage?
Sloane Terrill
Sloane Terrill 5 months ago
I have never related to someone more about wanting to be alone but not liking doing things by myself
Metalpazallteway 5 months ago
Kennedy at 8:26 "Squirrel"!!!
UR 2Fat2WearDat
UR 2Fat2WearDat 5 months ago
Driving in DMV scare me as well 😂
iamlediane 5 months ago
You look so better in your last videos. I'm so so happy for you in your new life and for be brave to face your fears and because of that becoming even better. ❤
gwent gwent
gwent gwent 5 months ago
imagine this face getting a facial! OMG!
Thelifeasnate 5 months ago
Omg where did you get your phone case?
Grantstheman Phillips
Your bro’s never moving out
Grantstheman Phillips
ATA girl
Angie Vanessa Cari Gutiérrez
I’m so happy for you🤍
Julia Jochims
Julia Jochims 5 months ago
Your mom is so beautiful
Lucas Heitor Pirola
Lucas Heitor Pirola 5 months ago
aaaaaaaaa que legal
gianna brenner
gianna brenner 5 months ago
this makes me want to buy an apartment and move out rn even tho i legally am not old enough yet😂
A_ Mitchell3
A_ Mitchell3 5 months ago
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