Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Victoria Justice

Nicki Swift
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After starring on Zoey 101, Victoria Justice cemented herself as a tween icon when she took on the lead role in Nickelodeon's Victorious. But since then, Justice has had a hard time landing major roles, and she's definitely not as visible as she once was. Here's why.
Hollywood is a world of niches. Once stars become known in a certain genre, style, or medium, it's hard for them to be accepted in other kinds of roles. Victoria Justice has two of these career roadblocks in her way. First, she was a teen star. Second, she'll forever be linked with Victorious, the show that made her a household name.
By 2012, Victorious was a huge hit with kids, and Victoria Justice was, too. So much so that Nickelodeon decided to cast the actress as the lead role of a theatrical film - Fun Size. Unfortunately, Fun Size got just 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Justice’s fan base didn't flock to see the movie either. It earned just $9.4 million at the box office.
Watch the video to see Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Victoria Justice!
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Victoria Justice got Nick-ed | 0:17
No one saw Eye Candy | 1:00
Victoria Justice crossed Ariana Grande | 1:35
Her music career sank | 2:30
She still does some TV | 3:21
Victoria wants a Victorious reunion | 3:57
'Bigger' things are coming | 4:43




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Comments 80
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Month ago
Which Nickelodeon stars do you want to see make a comeback?
Aaliyah Emmanuelle
Aaliyah Emmanuelle 13 hours ago
Nicki Swift Victorious and Sam and Cat :)
Gabrijel Ćopić
Yoel G Mbaruku
Yoel G Mbaruku 9 days ago
Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Rutledge
Miranda Rutledge 10 days ago
Especially Jennette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor
Miranda Rutledge
Miranda Rutledge 10 days ago
The entire iCarly cast.
westernspy 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks she is not a good actress at all? I think in Victorious she constantly overacted and looked forced. Yet everyone here talks about her incredible talent. Where?
Jake Harper
Jake Harper 20 hours ago
She really did get blackballed in Hollywood
flirtwd Day ago
Boo, all pretty women don’t make it. And yes, there is that IT factor.
Ali Thee Baddie
Ya still talk about this😒
Ellace Day ago
victoria justice is by no means a “household name”
Cody Bohn
Cody Bohn 2 days ago
i love you victoria
Jack Howard
Jack Howard 2 days ago
I think we've ALL stopped casting Victoria Justice.
Denisse Arroyo
Denisse Arroyo 2 days ago
In the movie victories why do you always need to sing all the song with Andre you also a little annoying
Danijela Gligorijevic
I can imagine her playing an important „mom role“ in a series or a movie like when she‘s 45 y o or smt...
geekyWhispering 3 days ago
1:53 - whale tail action or undershirt?
India Heslop
India Heslop 4 days ago
tori wasnt me and my friends fav character ours was jade (elizabeth gillies)
Cash Money
Cash Money 4 days ago
Brazzers would love her
IHdraws 5 days ago
That’s all lies
KyAnne Scott
KyAnne Scott 5 days ago
Victoria Justice is a terrible actress. Her co stars on Victorious had way more experience singing and being in the lime light as a majority of them did broadway. Victoria’s acting was weird and clunky almost robotic. I never watched Victorious for her I watched it for Elizabeth Giles and Leon Thomas III their acting seemed genuine and real and they are both very talented.
julia 6 days ago
these videos are so embarrassing, imagine this being about you 😭
julia 6 days ago
I loved eye candy 😭
FC Vitosha Sofia
FC Vitosha Sofia 6 days ago
So sad
Hadden Bennett
Hadden Bennett 6 days ago
I would love to see her in a TVD reboot since she looks so similar to Nina and it is a similar acting style!
beatrix irly
beatrix irly 7 days ago
Eye candy was awesome
Techers ES
Techers ES 7 days ago
Just leave her alone
MBLB Flo 9 days ago
I watched eye candy then it stopped airing 🤦🏽‍♂️
Brent Arnold
Brent Arnold 9 days ago
She's not making it in Hollywood because she's NOT a slut!
MrMas383 9 days ago
Would rather see her in a Zoey101 reunion.
slurpoozka 9 days ago
honestly hope the best for her career. the bullying she has gotten is ridiculous. her and ariana are friends and proved it. although she’s still acting she only acts in small movies. she also does that modeling/influencer life.
Gardening Hoe
Gardening Hoe 9 days ago
she needs to eat a sandwich
Araceli Villa
Araceli Villa 10 days ago
eye candy was amazing i loved it 🥺
Allie A
Allie A 11 days ago
Honestly, she tries very hard. Most people would have given up by now.
Urvy1A 11 days ago
Marvel is hiring
Wenz Matta
Wenz Matta 12 days ago
She’s boring
Jayy T
Jayy T 12 days ago
This is why we need to give Zendaya props
Briana Cooke
Briana Cooke 13 days ago
Twin peaks was not a reboot!
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Justin Gary
Justin Gary 15 days ago
F-CK Hollywood they've been helping to produce TRASH Films anyway. Actors and actresses need to get the Hell out of there and live good and healthy lives
Denisse Arroyo
Denisse Arroyo 16 days ago
I don’t like your acting because she acts bossy
Dakyz Howard
Dakyz Howard 17 days ago
She was also in that movie outcasts
BayWidIt650 17 days ago
Victoria is hella prettier than Ariana
Ellie Elizabeth
Ellie Elizabeth 19 days ago
He didn’t even mention how amazing ‘Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List’ is...
John Murray
John Murray 21 day ago
All it takes is one hit movie. Great looks and obvious talent. I'd say she's still very much primed for even greater success. It wouldn't surprise me in the least
gacha madi
gacha madi 22 days ago
luv that she went to my school and everyone hates her 😳
Marvin Mckenzie
Marvin Mckenzie 22 days ago
...I can see her being on a soap opera like Days of our Lives
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 23 days ago
She is a actress there is still acting roles out there let her get on with it instead of writing her off
andreeatz 23 days ago
Eye Candy was awesome rly. I have no idea why people didn't watch it.
GoldGamer 23 days ago
WHEN ITS TRUE! I can this not understand! Victoria Justice is fantastic and my Love! Hollywood has lost her eyes, for World talents/stars and the model busisness - too - walking without eyes!
Naturally Latrice
Naturally Latrice 24 days ago
She was the worst one on the show and it was her show. Tragic.
L Ol
L Ol 24 days ago
Eye candy was actually a BOMB ass show it just didn’t have the views 😭😭
Daniel Bally
Daniel Bally 24 days ago
I was 11 when Victorious first aired in 2010, and like I only watched the entire series because I thought she was so pretty. She was my childhood crush. Victorious, Big Time Rush, iCarly, Tom&Jerry and Spongebob were my freaking childhood, I miss those days....
mxrs 25 days ago
welp... it’s gonna be hard to get in contact with ariana now...
Cat Valentine
Cat Valentine 26 days ago
i could imagine her walking down in victoria secret fashion shows....
RoDoz 26 days ago
I don’t know what it is about her, but I just find her so plain. Her first big role in Zoey 101 was so out there and I loved her in that. None of her characters afterwards had any depth.
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 26 days ago
Ariana Grande is such a b-tch, she's the reason Victoria Justice is less visible!
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 26 days ago
Victoria Justice is BEAUTIFUL and Hollywood, BRING VICTORIA BACK!!!!
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith 26 days ago
I think what Victoria needs to do is She needs to try and land either a CBS or Fox Sitcom that play's to Her Strength like Victorious did. Or She needs to try and land a CW Series. And I know The CW like to usually work with unknowns but I do think She could be an exception for them since She's not as big as She use to be therefore I doubt She would demand a Big Salary. But yeah I think if She could land a Show on one of those Networks I think She would definitely be set. If She could make it happen.
Courtney Bridge
Courtney Bridge 27 days ago
It definitely has to do with that "I think we all" meme....
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
Yha and then you find out which you dont know how but then you find out lot of these kids actor actually takes drugs just to keep them busy and upright.
Stacy's World
Stacy's World 27 days ago
Honestly she kinda looks like Nina the girl that played Elana on Vampire Diaries
Stacy's World
Stacy's World 27 days ago
Clearly people want to see her again if there viewing things with her in it
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 27 days ago
She can make a comeback but she has to get away from Tori Vega's hair cut and personality, Disney's innocent image. She needs to grow out of that personality
Ray F
Ray F 27 days ago
Well considering you have youtube Instagram Facebook and other social media you dont need Hollywood to be "famous".
Marissa 27 days ago
anyways stream her new movie 'push' & her album VJ1 coming 2020 🤩
Jillian Elise
Jillian Elise 28 days ago
I loved Tori Vega as a character, I don't understand the hate
Kingkong TV
Kingkong TV 29 days ago
It's funny how all her supporting cast is doing better than her. Honestly if they didn't make the show about her and made it about everyone she probably would be doing bigger things. Or they should of casted other people who wouldn't out shine her
A Tribe Called Quest
lets just keep it real she was never really that good
Blvck Scvle
Blvck Scvle 29 days ago
I’m only here to distract myself from the corona virus news videos
Golden Girl
Golden Girl 29 days ago
I love victorious I watch it on Netflix I don’t know what went on with between her and Arian grande but victorious looks a sweet girl🤷🏾‍♀️made it good for her to get out of the Hollywood it’s evil anyway I like her though
SlapMehhh Month ago
her IG is pretty poppin
Natassja’s World
She needs to do a show that’s already doing well preferably one that’s two-three seasons in. Something like on my block or stranger things. If it’s a good character the audience will attach to her and stuff and ya know do the shipping shit. Start showing up for her more at conventions. It’ll be good.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
Victorious won't make a comeback - it's not popular enough & the cast are too old. Also, you'd never get them all to rejoin it - especially Ariana.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
VJ has been given some awful songs & film roles. She's easily good enough to have a successful career in either or both fields.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
0:19 - none of that hindered Ariana Grande from making the transition from sitcom star to singer. Many successful singers used to be TV actors. Many of AG's fans have never seen Victorious or Sam & Cat.
Kendrah Terrell
Kendrah Terrell Month ago
Victorious was weird but still my favorite show Lmfaooo fun size was boring
imagination Month ago
Hollywood stopped casting her since the day she said “I ThiNk wE AlL sInG”
john rinere
john rinere Month ago
Nicki you totally left out the fact that she is a multimillion-dollar model and she's been on almost every cover including cosmopolitan don't you think that's kinda of important if your going to talk about someone's career just a thought for your next video.
This is unfair. Stop trashing good people just to get views. She's young and is steadily working with a long career ahead of her. Giver her a damn break.
Me Rose
Me Rose Month ago
Rumours are awful, Ariana said it wasn’t her yet a lot of us all kind of have this impression of her as a bitch. Especially after the compilations of her seemingly blowing Ariana off. She’s beautiful and can sing and dance, shows how words and rumours can really hurt people despite being untrue 👎
Abby Salgado
Abby Salgado Month ago
i watched eye candy and i thought it was good....
xMOST HATEDx Month ago
She was never in Hollywood and probably will never be.
abby Month ago
i read the title i was like its literally because she SUCKS AT ACTING
Just Dance BonGirl
Lol, she was probably bullying Ariana and Ariana Grande is much more famous then her.
mifune vega
mifune vega Month ago
Doing a victorious reunion now would be way too soon and would probably hurt her in the long run anyway considering everyone still sees her as tori vega. She's a decent singer,and her acting has improved a bit since being on victorious but these other roles she's been playing are all over the place
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