Why Google Struggles With Hardware

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Google’s hardware strategy has been somewhat of a puzzle. Why does a company that earns nearly all of its revenue from online advertising need the hassle of building and marketing hardware?
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Why Google Struggles With Hardware

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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Glen Wallace
Glen Wallace 17 hours ago
That last line of the video: "If you are using a google product, you are helping google sell you better ads". Really? What gave you that idea? I keep seeing youtube ads from a variety of get rich quick scheme scammer gurus, regardless of how many times I click 'stop seeing this ad'. While I might stop seeing that particular ad again, there's always another scammer guru ad or the very same scammer guru showing a slightly different ad. How does that constitute "better ads"?
Ahmed أحمد
Ahmed أحمد 23 hours ago
They need to ditch chromebook and invest in android. and make it works on a tablet laptop and phones. This will make android a competitor to ios and the modified ios which is called IPAD OS
Roger Sim
Roger Sim Day ago
When I see title: why google struggles with hardware? Boy, google is a software company!
Christopher Anderson
My $900 Google Pixel 3 XL, $1100 after taxes and cases, drowned just from shower steam moisture sitting on my bathroom sink while I would shower and listen to podcast on the phone. Penetrated the Camera and never dried out. I tried everything to dry it out. I had the phone for 1 year and it was the biggest waist of money I've ever spent.
Mario Cavallero
Mario Cavallero 4 days ago
Isn't hardware just like software but harder?
Anson Hu
Anson Hu 4 days ago
The reason why the Chromebook is used in schools is because they cheap. And that's it, they ain't all that good
Tracy Cove
Tracy Cove 5 days ago
The one big difference between US media compared to Chinese is they always dis their own companies driving away consumers creating negative image forever. Patriotism seems the last thing for US media
Rushwhq P
Rushwhq P 6 days ago
i like the end 12:48
Aymen Naje7
Aymen Naje7 7 days ago
Because they don't have a clear marketing plan When you began witj new product in the market you either offer a revolutionary mtoduct to the user and that's not the cass for them or you star to buy with less prices than you competitors and that's alodo not the case of google I'v never hear in my life a launched product who'v mad a great success by been saled with the same or higher price than it's competitors but offers the same thing Google have two option : 1 Concentrate two pr three year in developing a revolutionary technologie than enter the market 2 selling their products with lowest price even if its mean not making benefits for 2 or 3 years jist to make a solid customer in the market
Simone Buno
Simone Buno 12 days ago
I like how he said “whopping” 2:38 .Must’ve bent his voice box.
Jamie Willshaw
Jamie Willshaw 13 days ago
Google is not "Struggling" with anything, it was a click baited title to make you click on the video, relative to the rest of google, the technology sales are not making much, however if you stopped and thought about it before making a video, they are still making 6.1 BILLION, this is still a vast amount that would make a very successful company, google is not struggling, it is a vastly successful company
Charles Glover M.S. CNMT
Google Hardware is failing because the target market segment is being missed. They are going after the wrong target market segment.
SPARTAN-B301 18 days ago
Been having a Google pixel for a year. The phone is really good overall.
SkinnerValt 19 days ago
The video title is misleading, didn't get the answer
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 20 days ago
When googles services use to come as standards on iPhones kids will never know
Geovanny Ayala
Geovanny Ayala 22 days ago
Google hardware is ass. You never know how long the product will be supported for. For all I know a google next hub could be dropped in a year. That’s why I don’t buy their hardware. I use a ton of their software though.
Radioactive Skull
Radioactive Skull 27 days ago
I used to work as a repair tech and let me tell you google pixels are the worst things to repair. You have to take the entire damn thing apart just to do something as simple as a screen repair
DigiYugi 28 days ago
Well if google would stop auto installing garbage onto hardware maybe people would like it.
Aditya Patel
Aditya Patel Month ago
They designed and deployed Tensor Processing Units in just 18 months. Easily more than 10x for performance compared to best of NVIDIA GPUs for Neural Network Computation. And you say they struggle with Hardware? They may not (yet) compete with trillion $ Apple who have being making chips for decades. But Branding them as only good at software is bit too much.
tom SHADY Month ago
lol "better" ads... it once fed me a bunch of ads that thought I was a pregnant black lady. keep up the great work google.
Carlos Geli
Carlos Geli Month ago
i dont think Google cares if they’re one of the leaders or not in hardware, i see them as just doing hardware to further help them build everyones profiles so they can market their advertising to businesses better and easier and so as long as their market share for certain hardware aspects to not dip below a certain level they’ll just keep doing it with eh success
d_piyush Month ago
Ya pixel is amazing, so is the cost
Enock Kazembe
Enock Kazembe Month ago
hey pixel is a good device
Promodh Sridhar
Promodh Sridhar Month ago
Privacy is a big concern and I will not trust mine with any corporate company
A.Ffirmative Month ago
summary: google is just a big ad
Dr. Mii
Dr. Mii Month ago
I was thinking to myself, this platform is Google. I feel violated
Kartik Tripathi
Kartik Tripathi Month ago
Great Content. Kudos Guys!!
Matt Tenn
Matt Tenn Month ago
And go stress out your own employees
Matt Tenn
Matt Tenn Month ago
Buy more stock if u want more products
Franny P.
Franny P. Month ago
I'm surprise that even after Nexus didn't sell well they didn't stop there and decided to replace it woth Pixel phones. Like Google's Pixel phones overall hardware is very mediocre save for the camera which is phenomenal in taking good photos but not really with videos. Compare to the competition they're really far behind. I always wonder why Google still bothers to make smartphones instead of leaving the job to the bigger tech giants such as Samsung/LG/Sony/OnePlus (I was about to say Huawei but since they have been cut off they're simoly out of the picture). Or better yet they can just partner with each and every big Android smartphone brands and collaborate in making computational photography better instead of building a junk of a hardware which isn't even readily available globally. Pixel Phones are only good in camera and software updates but beyond that their asking price is just a bitter pill to swallow for majority of us even diehard Android phone users like myself who is not at all impressed with their overpriced hardwares.
iMiguelAOG Month ago
I can describe why. They're trying to be too much like Apple. The removal of features, the high prices, down to copying some of their software features that weren't asked for, design choices. Mostly tech enthusiasts would consider a Google product, which in the past meant you got stock Android, but specs comparable to the competition at a much more affordable price. Nowadays you get some of the specs of the competition, with a few missing hear and there, while still having the same high price as the competition, or at times higher.
DJ Lawi
DJ Lawi Month ago
Knowing how much Google knows about me gives me the creeps but I can’t let go of RUvid and Google Photos.😩
hmad_wesk 99
hmad_wesk 99 Month ago
Until n unless you become famous they won't bother...
Rezha Adrian Tanuharja
Google reminds me of a local minimart next door which produce their own brands of tissue, jams, cereals etc..Both have sufficient resources, both try to use it in any way possible and both do not succeed.
roaches23 Month ago
Stock Android on a Samsung Galaxy would be the perfect phone.
Chris Lim
Chris Lim Month ago
Microsoft couldn't. So as Google.
Alain Saintvil
Alain Saintvil Month ago
I've been in the Google ecosystem since 2011 when I got my very first smartphone. I knowingly know that Google collects my personal information to sell me products. I see everyday. I put on my location and it directs me to local businesses I can buy product or services from. I have never owned a google hardware product. I wanted the Pixel 4, but I decided to go Samsung. Later this year I will be looking for a new smartphone. Samsung, Apple, and Oneplus is on the shortlist.
Ferricity AMV
Ferricity AMV Month ago
Google is the perfect match for Apple. come on Google do it
Tyran Month ago
Kinda reminds me of what happened to Sega in the video game console market.
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko Month ago
Hey google what do you know about sky net lol
Ed Four
Ed Four Month ago
I don't know anything about design but the Google mini looks boring as hell
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 2 months ago
People are not buying the pixel because stock Android is so bland. It may work flawlessly but it's like watching paint dry.
sheetal deshmukh
sheetal deshmukh 2 months ago
Due to the experimental attitude and approach
Umer Khan
Umer Khan 2 months ago
iPhone and Samsung are the best ruvid.net/video/video-48borpgqaXo.html
Tucker Monticelli
Tucker Monticelli 2 months ago
This video is highly disingenuous, Google isn't just in the business of selling ads, and selling hardware to 'get your info' every tech company Apple, Samsung, Facebook they all have 'your info'. Google creates hardware to better demonstrate they're software, software that drives the modern internet and this very video... Forgot to mention that right? Pixel demonstrates stock Android, Home demonstrates AI internet interfacing and Chromebooks show off chromeos... Pretty easy idea.
cartwork2013 2 months ago
Google's goal: Selling off your personal information to ad agencies
Taquan Grimes
Taquan Grimes 2 months ago
Y'all keep forgetting that apple failed at plenty of hardware products in the early years of the company. Google is definitely catching up faster then ever and creating helpful products along the way that stand out. Just because a company doesn't follow the trend doesn't mean the products aren't good. Ppl are so shallow minded
Shoni Nemavhidi
Shoni Nemavhidi 2 months ago
16% of billions though...
Paul Cotton
Paul Cotton 2 months ago
They bought Motorola for patents. Then sold while keeping patents. So how was the sell bad?
GOAT 2 months ago
Google is making so much off Chromebooks now because of coronavirus.
Pamela Hannibal
Pamela Hannibal 2 months ago
Google Tracks, Copies and follows it's money.
vtecx626 2 months ago
Google should Google how to make better hardware.
Dav Rocket
Dav Rocket 2 months ago
you got xiaomi and umidigi with stunning performance and 1/3 of the price HAAAAAAAAAA !!
nezzly 2 months ago
It's razy to think that kids will learn how to use a computer on a Chromebook. Nevermind, I forgot babies get phones nowadays
None Yours
None Yours 2 months ago
You glassholes. That glass sucked big time.
TravelwithNAM 2 months ago
Why apple is the best? Lol 😂
sephondranzer 2 months ago
Because they’re a bunch of vacuous programmers. The moment someone needs to be substantive they fail.
Charles Kim
Charles Kim 2 months ago
Googles winning the education market share because it’s cheap. All schools want a MacBook cart, not all schools can afford it We can all afford chrome books -Elementary school teacher
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu 2 months ago
Well, i think Chromecast was great product, way better then so called "Smart TV" installed in most of modern TVs.
onee 2 months ago
Stop promoting Chromebook. It sucks. You have an expiration date. After that it stops working. Who the f*** does that? Google does...
LEFT4DEAD 2 months ago
2:20 so I guess I'm the only one that noticed he talks about billions of dollars but circled thousands of dollars 🤔
ADONAI ECHAD 2 months ago
GOOGLE has no clear Vision & Mission. Keep changing its direction. Spineless.
matt bardot
matt bardot 2 months ago
Google is unfocused, that's why.
Yusuf Hidayat
Yusuf Hidayat 2 months ago
You're hardware awfull
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 3 months ago
What the hell is Pichai doing? He's so much smarter than Americans.
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 3 months ago
The only google phone I ever liked was the pixel 3 since it actually looked appealing
King Beowulf
King Beowulf 2 months ago
Samsung 4 life😎
ruzzell907 3 months ago
Google is trying not to beat Apple in its own game by having their own way of doing things, same thing what Apple did with iPhone, iPad, iOS, and the Apps Store. But what Google lacks is consistency. They keep restarting their product line over and over again. The fans from the Nexus line probably jumped ship to OnePlus.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 3 months ago
With all the data Google collects about their users I can imagine governments knocking on its door when attempting contracting tracing amid CoViD-19
Vladislavs Parups
Vladislavs Parups 3 months ago
Google struggles with anything that has nothing to do with making them money.They still don't feel like having enough.
Errin 3 months ago
And part of this is why I prefer and since I'm now locked in, always use almost exclusively Apple products
King Beowulf
King Beowulf 2 months ago
Ewww Apple🤢🤮
Vanessativa 3 months ago
MrCandyCane / MCC
MrCandyCane / MCC 4 months ago
If we want Google/Android to succeed, then we need a new CEO that is an expert at hardware. That means Sundar pichai has got to go. Qualcomm also, they need a ceo like Tim cook because apple knows how to make great processors.
bigbill92690 4 months ago
Google is run by liberal lunatics. No decent hardware engineer is liberal. That’s the reason. They drive off anyone in reality.
Camilo Lopez
Camilo Lopez 4 months ago
Android or any google service has been made to spy on us, so any OS made to just operate the phone will be better than android. Google is better spy than KGB and CIA together.
the8u9 4 months ago
lmao because good hardware isn't made by people sitting on beanbags with laptops~~ Hardware is a much more traditional industry. Even in Apple, we only really hear about the software people, but their hardware people are like car manufacture people. Artisans that work with their hands.
artenman 4 months ago
The reason why google struggles with hardware is the same reason why some developers who want to also be designers struggle
Arcverson 4 months ago
The title should be "Why Hardware Struggles with Google"
asd ajsh
asd ajsh 4 months ago
google in a nutshell : spy company that is preventing US gov from attacking it
Nicolas 4 months ago
ho ho ho, someone doesn't have KIDS :D, ok so hack my account, find me, come over to where I'm at, and let the BABY FACTORY BOOM! :D
Michael Macdonald
Michael Macdonald 4 months ago
Google = American Huawei
Bear 4 months ago
Its easy to be smart and continuously fail - people will keep giving you second, third, nth chances. At some point the truth needs to be said - Google sucks at product management.
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