Why Game of Thrones Burning of King's Landing Fails

PSA Sitch
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Maybe this was all a prank by D&D?
Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones the Bells the burning of King's Landing was somehow even worse than episode 3 the battle of Winterfell. What a twist! I guess my expectations were subverted. Let's break this down like that last one. PSA Sitch
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May 18, 2019




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Comments 3 325
Niveous23 2 days ago
in the books it makes sense. dany was going crazy....you think crazy incest babies skip a sibling? nope! i'm sure george mentioned it in passing and d and d just shoe-horned it in....with no flow...no logic.
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
Can you believe D&D had the brass motherfucking balls to defy HBO??? I mean that does take some cock. They literally gave NEGATIVE FUCKS ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING. AND THEY REFUSED TO HIRE PEOPLE WHO DID. BOYCOTT THESE CUNTS. TODAY.
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
Tbf, Filch/Frey liked when the Death Eaters took over at Hogwarts and he could beat the first years now. That bastard needed to die! (For no other reason of course) 😁
coo3disk1 6 days ago
Right, it's like he doesn't realize Daenerys just won the war, most her problems are over, so why she destroy the home once she saw it. He explains why she actually wouldn't want to destroy her home.
Nikki Lur
Nikki Lur 7 days ago
I totally agreed fans had invested and the finale really sucks... should have a resurrection for the Dragon Queen maybe not series can be a movie with a better ending, we will definitely watch.
PrimaDeluxe 8 days ago
Actually it was more than a million, considering Cersei "gave shelter" to many more as hostages.
Apache Helicopter
If a family member starts acting this differently take them to hospital they have a brain tumour. Oh and remember kids these two mongs are coming into the Star Wars film series! DO YOUUU REMMEMBER STAR WARRRS
Orion Watson
Orion Watson 9 days ago
Even if she did get "mad" and ruthless, what good does burning the city do to her? She had already won the war! What kind of power hungry person destroys her conquered city and spoils of war? She wanted to kill Cersei but instead killed Innocents and let Cersei die of "collateral" damage? She didn't even double checked if Cersei actually died. Also what sort of a paranoid hangs out with no security and let he only potential rival(for the throne) come closer to her alone! That too with more than one weapon Oh sorry my bad! I expected it all to make sense I expected a morally ambiguous conquerer, not a cartoon monster
Blue Son of Man
Blue Son of Man 11 days ago
Havent seen Game of Thrones but I heard things about her already being on the path to being a tyrant and it kinda would make sense after years of war and unchecked mental instability someone would snap.
Carlos Miguel Ugalde
stay away from politics for your own sake.
The Blancmange
The Blancmange 13 days ago
You made Dany look like Cucumberbatch in the thumbnail.
Justin Lozada
Justin Lozada 18 days ago
3:26 wait a minute daenarys' ancestors didn't build the red keep when they first came to westorous they settled on dragonstone for like a hundred years. Random guy: oh he means when they conquered westorous Me: Dumbass they didn't even do that. Maegor the cruel built the red keep like 25 years after the targaryens conquered wesorous.
Nikki Spanou
Nikki Spanou 21 day ago
Daenerys burning down King's landing while searching for Cercei through the crowd would be such a compelling scene!
HexagonBright 22 days ago
U disapointed me by spreading the Charlottesville Propaganda so Sad Dumb Ass cause that was Debunked, Trump said Nazis should be condemned but there were good people on both sides, The Fake news reports what people say after But & u ate it up Moron. Experiment what people say after but Hahahaha !
21melpomene 22 days ago
You intercut this with the best possible comedy clips -- I applaud you. I also applaud your alternative scenes; they're quite well done.
LittleCaeser 23 days ago
“A scene means more when you follow a character you love” but I hate Arya. Can’t stand her actually
Silja peters
Silja peters 19 days ago
LittleCaeser I liked her in the first seasons, but she just became a hollow assassin. Basically every character that we’re once complex, became super one sided.
Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson 23 days ago
I thought I was finally recovering from the crippling fallout of Season 8, but then I watched Game of thrones win Outstanding Drama in the Emmys, and I'm over here in the corner, sulking.
john lewis
john lewis 24 days ago
I thought that maybe everything was rushed because HBO was concerned by cost, so I'm shocked that the show writers fked their show.
john lewis
john lewis 24 days ago
The Jaimie/Jorah beef is the dumbest part of the series. Why the hell would he pick a fight with Jaime when he could have escaped.
H OC 24 days ago
I mean how dare the person who was almost having a glee-orgasm when Khal Drogo was yelling about raping & murdering the people of Westeros in season 1, the same person who in every season expressed his disdain for the Baratheon-Lannister-Stark allaince that overthrew her father, the same person who in season 2 said her dragons will one day burn great armies to the ground, the same person who's literal endgame vision we saw in the last episode of Season 2, the same person who went around the cities of Essos massacring, crucifying, burning, feeding to dragons, the noblemen, the same person who burned to a crisp the Tarlys after theybhad surrendered, who kept telljng us how her ONLY purpose in life was to capture the throne etc etc.;.....I mean how dare that person actually follow through with where her character was ALWAYS headed, and not fulfil the wishes of the fanfic shipperdom buly turning into some one-dimensional goodie-two-shoss Cinderella princess who selflessly gives up her throne to a long lost cousin, and raule happily ever after in a sappy tearjerking Disney ending. "But oh she was killing bad people"....Well did you hear Tyrion's explanation to Jon? It's almost like those terrible writers anticipated your point. The single-minded purpose & zeal of revolutionaries often turn them into the same tyrants they fought all their life to overthrow because ruling is very diferent from trying to overthrow a ruler. This is a fairly common historical trope. Dany never "turned mad suddenly", in her mind she was convinced she was doing the right thing till the very end, that was the biggest tragedy of them all. I mean how dare she actually succumb to her always evident ruthless ambition? Shoulda just gave Jon a couple cute Targ babies & called it a day. Who needa to portray a non-romanticized, non-desensitized, version of war & hammer in the shows focal point : that there are no good wars and good rulers, when you can just have a beautiful Jonerys wedding & let them ride off to the sunset happily ever after. I'll surely sign an angry petition to the White House to reverse this injustice (lulz)...jesus.
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 29 days ago
3:50 OMG that old school FF "you have been jumped by random-ass enemy" music had me rolling on the floor screaming with laughter. That scene had just about that much thought put into it. D&D: "Let's have these characters fight for no reason, yeah, that'll be boss!"
Quincy Navarre
Quincy Navarre Month ago
King’s Landing had an estimated population of 500,000. Yeah I don’t think the other kingdoms would get over that lol
Peter Griffith
Peter Griffith Month ago
In the house of the Undying they showed Dany in the Throne room. It was a 50/50 chance it was snow or ash falling in the Throne room, it would have been better if it was snow. Arya saying "Winter is Coming"
Peter Griffith
Peter Griffith Month ago
The Knight King should have made it to Westeo
The Wolf Princess
I look forward to more videos. I’ll be on the look out to see if movies and shows I watch or games I play come up. I’ll watch the other videos too 🙂.
The Wolf Princess
You made alot of good points.
The Wolf Princess
Loved the FF 7 battle screen 😂.
The Wolf Princess
Poor Ghost 😢. Though I heard something about how now something has been added where they get a goodbye. Still sad it didn’t happen the first time round though.
Rossriver31 Month ago
Every fan has at least one idea that was better than what we got in season 8. D&D deserve to live out the rest of their days ON THE STREET.
better late than never
How interesting would it have been if Danny became the Night Queen
Wveth Month ago
Why the fuck would Euron willingly walk back into a crumbling castle, though?
Cersei tortured the nun after the nun had tortured her. She murdered the mother and daughter after they had murdered her daughter.
Modeler X
Modeler X Month ago
Wow .. I'm only halfway though your video and I'm saying "do you know this is fiction of another writer?" You have an imagination that should be focussed on a novel you could write instead of complaining.
pplr1 Month ago
But the complaining itself is both worthwhile and helps others who realized something was very wrong with season 8 but couldn't explain it quite as well.
박영수 Month ago
4:30 - perhaps in S01. It’s S08, we know nothing bad’s gonna happen to a main character
Olli Casey
Olli Casey Month ago
GoT has felt like the Star Wars prequels since Season 5. It's really helped me empathise with the people who hate the prequels.
N G Month ago
Bioware: With Mass Effect 3, we've crafted the shittiest, most hated ending to any story ever. Nothing will ever be worse than what we did here, and no franchise will ever be more thoroughly torched than this. D&D: Hold our -beers- Starbucks.
N G Month ago
At 10:31, my immediate thought: "Well, D&D sort of ... forgot about what made the series popular. But the viewers certainly didn't forget about it!"
Something Something Something
Other than your terrible idea about dragons swimming, I agree with you..
flipperachi212 Month ago
i fucking love the few strong bad references in these videos
flipperachi212 Month ago
Riley Elkin
Riley Elkin Month ago
You are the prince that was promised!
Renee Lasswell
Renee Lasswell Month ago
It kills me how D&D keep saying "I think she was thinking..." to explain Dany's actions and motivations. They're the writers, not psychoanalysts of some real person they're studying. It's like they didn't watch their own show or read the books because they don't demonstrate any understanding of their characters.
Ty willett
Ty willett Month ago
Using the darkness Is actually a great idea, Dani could of burnt the ships and Kings Landing wall defenses at night, and that would of made better sense then just nurfing scorpion accuracy by 1000%.
Bf 109 F2
Bf 109 F2 Month ago
This was recommended to me while the Amazon Fire was burning.
Metadragon Month ago
you should write a book
May Gonzales
May Gonzales Month ago
Bullshit with the budgeting complaint, they just rushed it so they could do Star Wars, HBO offered a 9th and a 10th season, this is on dumb and dumber.
JaredMithrandir Month ago
Revenge of the Sith is a masterpiece. Anakin murdered children before he ever turned to the Darkside.
Doubt Is A Virtue
Okay, for the last time, Daenaerys *didn't* betray everything she stood for. There's a difference between professed motives and actual motives. She's always been, at bottom, a sympathetic narcissist. She's always had messianic delusions. That was the whole point. Being admired and beloved and special is her *drug* , going all the way back to season 1 when she ate a horse heart to impress the Dothraki (Visaerys: they love her). That's her real motivation, and being the breaker of chains was just part of the story she told herself about how great she was, to that end. And that story crumbles when confronted with the reality that Jon is the true heir and that she's seen as an invader (Danaerys: I have no love here, only fear). It's the classic scorned would-be hero: "If I can't save the day, then you all have to suffer." It's easy to play the hero when things are going your way. Where else could this possibly have lead? She was always going to be a "villain." Her doing something like this was inevitable. Granted, the execution was sloppy, but I find this idea that she was noble and her character turned on a dime baffling every time I hear it. She's done sadistic and unhinged things for years, it's just there was always a plausibly denial excuse within the show's gray-and-gray morality to let her off the hook, and she had enough redeeming qualities to make us sympathize with her. But she was always meant to go this route.
pplr1 Month ago
"inevitable"?? Hah! She was a savior and war hero. She helped fend off the scariest undead army the land had seen in ages and gave an increasingly tyrannical figure the boot. Also no, she often had clear reasons for what she did so claiming she was "sadistic and unhinged" is nonsense.
Anne231154 Month ago
I am now rewatching LOST! Nuff said.
mahmoud sad
mahmoud sad Month ago
simply there was no time.so we have to deal with this crap.
Niffer Wolf
Niffer Wolf Month ago
It really upsets me that you and other fans have created better endings than the guys in charge of the script.
Eric Grabowski
Eric Grabowski 2 months ago
Yes, sadly you only get one chance at this.
Person Oisels
Person Oisels 2 months ago
Weird attack on the star wars prequels there. I thought the universal complaint about them was that they were too slow and filled with boring political dialogue, not that they were too action packed.
JABoyle3875 2 months ago
Wow the presentation style is annoying as fuck....
Atomic_ Wink
Atomic_ Wink 2 months ago
ME SUNDAE hahahahahah
Frank Marble
Frank Marble 2 months ago
Everything in this is so well said, thank you
Michael Diekmann
Michael Diekmann 2 months ago
They built that city set for six months.... So they could show nothing until they burned it down.
NGUYEN LE 2 months ago
21:50-22:15 That made me more emotional that Cersei’s death.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 months ago
Just make the people of KL cheer while Missandeis execution. Would explain her burning the City
drunkrumjack 2 months ago
Bran the builder--er the broken he can fix it yes he can!
Lucas Limasset
Lucas Limasset 2 months ago
Thanks you for putting in word and sturdy logic (and funnily) why some of us were uneasy and deceived watching this last season. You show us indisputably why this is a BAD WRITTEN season, whatever bullshit compliant fans can come up with to try justify it afterwards. And also very intersting proposition counting the other video. You could have make a better screenwritter than lazy and bored D&D.
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