Why Ford Is Falling Behind In China

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American cars are struggling in China, and it may only get tougher for automakers. One company that has seen its share of struggles in the Chinese market is Ford. The company arrived late to China, it had a less than an ideal partnership, and difficulty keeping up with the competitive Chinese market left Ford in the dust behind its rivals. The company said earlier in 2019 that it has a plan to catch up to its competitors.
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Why Ford Is Falling Behind In China

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Dec 2, 2019




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Comments 100
Kaydzy Month ago
Land wind😂😂😂 that's China the biggest copy country.
박보성 Month ago
Blade Runner
Blade Runner Month ago
You believe this then I got a Chinese car to sell ya. Give me a break.
David of Yorkshire
David of Yorkshire 3 months ago
In China they will show loyalty to local brands not least because they are significantly cheaper. It doesn't matter if the car falls apart after 5 years if you've paid for it and get another, it just means a second hand market doesn't exist that much.
jacobrocks7 3 months ago
Other than my previous 68 Camaro SS, 69 Mustang, and 70 Firebird, I haven’t owned a US car since. Can’t compare the sleekness and reliability of Japanese cars. I do love Tesla.
Theonlykingkong 5 months ago
Good news
Gee rams
Gee rams 5 months ago
They are driving their own cars
Belly Button
Belly Button 5 months ago
With the aggressive move by Trump to decouple USA and China, it is better for Ford to move to some other growing countries.
AAA P 5 months ago
longing along raw A.K.Danish
Ford should have focused in india but idiots don't know product placement and management
Mythx gc
Mythx gc 7 months ago
tesla is the real game changer
Bernard Finucane
Bernard Finucane 8 months ago
Ford is having problems in China because its Chinese partner isn't as good as GM's partner. If you believe that, you believe that American car companies have nothing to contribute except a brand name, and need to learn the car business from the Chinese. The whole "battle" for SAIC was a tragedy. How the mighty have fallen.
Anton 8 months ago
American cars are struggling worldwide. Ford is drowning in debt and will go bust before 2nd quarter 2021. Just my hunch.
Milojko Te-pač
Milojko Te-pač 8 months ago
Ford,how can somebody drive Ford ...bro are you out of your mind
vignesh pandian
vignesh pandian 8 months ago
Ford is a better among other American car manufacturers atleast in India. But they are struggling now in india too.
Gia Đình Là Số 1 USA
CNBC rất sáng tạo, tôi luôn thích nhận được quan điểm của CNBC về những thứ CNBC!
Peter Belford
Peter Belford 9 months ago
Ford is actually doing pretty well witht heir new lineup of cars. GM and Chrysler on the other hand
Afnan Acchan
Afnan Acchan 9 months ago
The main reason is that chinese boycott American product thanks to trade war. That is why Japanese and German car increase market share but only American car losing share.
Habib Olapade
Habib Olapade 9 months ago
The decline is probably due in part to the real estate bubble in the interior of the country which is driven by public shell companies.
Anubis Smite
Anubis Smite 9 months ago
I know that Buick is really big in China and it’s seen as very premium brand like Mercedes. Buick really is loosing that old people drive them reputation in the US.
X Y Z 9 months ago
Because it is an American brand in a world where German brand comes on top. Compound that with the current trade war, do you honestly think Chinese would love to buy em?
BoomMoob 9 months ago
What about America ? It is struggling here too
Thadd Corbett
Thadd Corbett 9 months ago
Saying that GM caught up to Volkswagon is hilarious.
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 9 months ago
Why American Cars are falling behind EVERY WHERE???!! Because it is garbage! I can't wait to return my company rental car Ford back to National after trip. Never drive American car ever again
James 9 months ago
Found On Road Dead....equals FORD.....its cheaply made... poor quality..still overpriced...there's better made cars than ford...like all of them...it has to be the worst brand you can choose.
deep roy
deep roy 9 months ago
American Cars are fuel Eating Giants
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson 9 months ago
Traditional U.S; automakers are losing ground in part because the Chinese are waiting for the first Teslas to roll off the assembly line.
trebor 9 months ago
Last good Sedan car that ford built was the Crown Victoria.
trebor 9 months ago
Ford is a sellout.....They got too greedy.
Micheal Williamson
Micheal Williamson 9 months ago
Screw China. It is an evil country with evil ideas. Thank God for Donald J Trump. Trump 20/20
口述非洲 9 months ago
In China we do have a lot of people love America cars who are spare parts dealers.
Bunny 9 months ago
why? Easy. Because of Trump. If you want to wage a trade war with China, then it will hurt the chinese, so the chinese strike back and hurt american businesses.
Duvee Hie
Duvee Hie 9 months ago
Whatever happened to One Ford?
Warren Mundell
Warren Mundell 9 months ago
They don't need a truck in China. They don't go to lowe's and buy a load of material to fix their house, they hire all that done. It is also hard to park a car in China, almost impossible to park a truck.
Mark D
Mark D 9 months ago
All car manufacturers better be ready for the day when their Chinese "partner" doesn't need them anymore.
Darren 9 months ago
Ford will merge or go bankrupt in next 3 years imho. Stock now a tiny $9.
razumfrackle 9 months ago
Ford is a much better value than any European car. Volkswagens and Peugeot are crap. BMW, Mercedes too expensive for what you get.
Joshua kovolsky
Joshua kovolsky 9 months ago
Like France auto makers all these looser makers lack of reliable, look at the Korean and Japanese car makers .
Geo economics
Geo economics 9 months ago
GM Ford is big in China Chinese love Cadillac and Buick
Amiga A1200
Amiga A1200 9 months ago
Time to drive Russian cars!
Other Voices
Other Voices 9 months ago
Chinese perfer German and japanese cars.
Voot Eimer
Voot Eimer 9 months ago
American car companies, like American banks, like American airlines, cant "compete" without Corporate Socialism. Sorry guys, the governments of foreign nations arent gonna bail you out, not gonna craft legislation to benefit, and not gonna give you a handout. You gotta Actually Compete. Thats how actual Capitalism works.
Thomas Woodworth
Thomas Woodworth 9 months ago
China is investing in electric cars based largely on the United States ability to limit China's oil production and usage.
Frank Sears
Frank Sears 9 months ago
Well, if there’s one thing we need more of in this world of crippling pollution and impending biosphere collapse, it’s more cars
R B 9 months ago
Because Ford sucks. Remember the Tempo?
cheat code cc
cheat code cc 9 months ago
Because China has phord
丁牛牛 9 months ago
you see, the problem is we never want find our own problem. we can we make it better quality? more reliable ? instead we just want build engine light up cars and want sell it expensive. lazy and greedy can never go a long way. I remember my first car was 85k miles Chrysler, it broke down in 4 months. then I got a 110k miles Toyota, it lasts another 3and half years. consumers are not stupid. PLEASE DO A BETTER JOB INSTEAD OF CRYING AND BLAME OTHERS ! ! !! ! ! !
nitz vision
nitz vision 9 months ago
USA riched to its development saturation Now its time for other countries
ken ho
ken ho 9 months ago
u build the cars to fit the market, but not asking the market to fit ur cars......
Majin VEGETA 9 months ago
It's because Ford sucks.
LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones
Which is the best Chinese car brand ?
Bones 018
Bones 018 9 months ago
While in the U.S the much loved and affordable focus and fiesta are discontinued and replaced with trucks and SUV’s kind of sucks.
TheSushiraw 9 months ago
*Better go to... AFRICA🤣😊🤣.*
storm3436 9 months ago
Why Ford is falling behind in the US
Craig Merkey
Craig Merkey 9 months ago
American automakers GM and Ford make huge profits on large trucks...small cars not so much...
Didi Weun
Didi Weun 9 months ago
we don't want US made junk.
Hero Of Bukit Padang
Ford sucks in Malaysia too.
Yoga Andoyo Aji
Yoga Andoyo Aji 9 months ago
cnbc video title begins earlier on next year: "why did the American car brand (GM and FORD) leave Indonesia?". Many American car dealers are closed in Indonesia now
Go Clunker
Go Clunker 9 months ago
Simple solution: Don't buy chinese made cars. Don't buy chinese made GM ( Envision ).
Go Clunker
Go Clunker 9 months ago
@Embargoman lmfao! NO
Embargoman 9 months ago
The Envision is the best quality car GM has.
Casanova 9 months ago
American companies are good to make weapons not cars
Bo Wu
Bo Wu 9 months ago
You think Chinese market should appreciate US made vehicles, but your president Trump keeps bad mouthing China and loves all sorts of modern wars with China. So many anti China emotions, yet still 90+ household items made in China. Talking about Chinese made Crap and talking about Made American Great Again, yet still wearing these hats made in China. Now the new Ford Mustang would be made in China and Mexico. What an irony.
Kevii 9 months ago
Lets start talking about Hyundai and Kia. They are making big moves too
Kevii 9 months ago
@M Williams nope i a have 2014 sportage noproblems at all
M Williams
M Williams 9 months ago
More junk .
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH 9 months ago
Opium wars. We will never forget. :)
lowlow643 9 months ago
Why ford is falling in South America ?
EpicPlayer 9 months ago
My very first car is a Ford Mondeo 1.8TD. Bought second hand with 100 thousand kilometers under her wheels. I kept the car for about 4 years and never had any major issue with this vehicle. Well, it is however not an American car.
Shaun RareEarth7126
Shaun RareEarth7126 9 months ago
Chinese people like fixing cars?
Amiga A1200
Amiga A1200 9 months ago
Better than working 80+ hours in a restaurant or takeaway. Where I live in the U.K., there are some Vietnamese mechanics.
Lyimo Ej
Lyimo Ej 9 months ago
Nikk 9 months ago
Why is Ford is falling behind in China? Because Trump has banned Huawei phones in US This has led to anger Chinese people!
3517 alt
3517 alt 9 months ago
Chinese are just under Chinese communist dictator country. They can't choose American car because Trump's trade war with china
x xznn_x
x xznn_x 9 months ago
Some American brands are perceived to have less quality compared to a Chinese Brand. Too much time on fixing. I mean Jeep.
JOnTHeMOnSoon 9 months ago
Because in traditional American company fashion, they spent all their money on big fat corporate bonuses every year kissing their own ass, instead of R&D, and labor. There, now u don't have to watch the propaganda crap 😒
Ex Am
Ex Am 9 months ago
For middle class Chinese, Japanese car is cheaper and better than American’s. My father’s car is RAV4 For High class chinese, their eyes are looking on European car. There is not much space for Ford.
Danny Hang
Danny Hang 9 months ago
I think why are cars failed every where don't be ignorant u has to understand their culture and costomer don't think to much the best in world the best thing to camther customers.
Grumpo Fitzgerald
Grumpo Fitzgerald 9 months ago
Zicheng Zhang
Zicheng Zhang 9 months ago
CNBC is such a magical news media, while other mainstream Western medias are bombarding China in regards of Xinjiang affairs, the only things CNBC covers about China are either cars or the phones.....
Joseph Huang
Joseph Huang 9 months ago
What exactly do you expect from a business network though?
Jack is not in the box
Gotta get dat China money.
samm htx
samm htx 9 months ago
They failed to mention that Tesla is the only America automaker that is currently succeeding in China.
Just Enzo
Just Enzo 9 months ago
No Buick does really good
Andrew M
Andrew M 9 months ago
Lol no suprise Ford falls behind everywhere. Only thing keeping them alive is the F truck sales!
Just Enzo
Just Enzo 9 months ago
No it’s not. They are doing really well In Europe and Mexico. The only place GM can do do good at is China. Their sales are falling in the US.
Shankovich 9 months ago
3:54 nice merge there baud
Remo Gaggi
Remo Gaggi 9 months ago
Its funny.... US says China needs to open its market... You see SOOO many western brands in China from macdonalds to GM to Mercedes....... Yet we never see any Chinese cars in the US or Europe.
Embargoman 9 months ago
We will see!
Lowlands 9 months ago
11:40 Look at the discrepancy between the trunk lid and the car. No wonder Ford is not preferred
Thediamon_o 9 months ago
Next ford video: why the UK loves fords
peng yue
peng yue 9 months ago
This video does not mention Chinese car brands. It seems that there are only foreign car brands in China, but the fact is this. Many Chinese car brands have just been born more than a decade ago. They have no technology, no experience, and can only maintain their business through imitation. At that time, Chinese cars were a joke. At the time, Ford, like other foreign brands, had a very good sales performance. The streets were all focus, but the Chinese were not satisfied with imitations. They were also learning advanced car building technology. Today, more than ten years later, most Chinese auto brands are no longer imitating (a small number of small car companies are still imitating), and they can produce high-quality cars themselves. In the price range of about 20,000 US dollars, foreigners The brand has no obvious advantages. Do you know what brand is the best-selling SUV in China? Changcheng is a Chinese car brand. Changan mentioned in the video can also produce cars of excellent quality that are not worse than foreign brands. Chinese cars are now beautiful in appearance, high in configuration and low in price. Who would choose expensive and poor quality , Configure low focus, kuga?
Yan Chan
Yan Chan 9 months ago
Damn CNBC erased a part of China territory AGAIN What a crafty media are u? makes more RUvid subscriber getting use to it good job
Yan Chan
Yan Chan 9 months ago
as a Chinese i just considering to change a new car to welcome to the Chinese new year for some How there's only Japanese brand, Volkswagen and Chinese brand E-car in my list no.one driving a US brand car when i look around me
Yan Chan
Yan Chan 9 months ago
@Amiga A1200 What a cut one……👍
Amiga A1200
Amiga A1200 9 months ago
A 1967 Morris Minor.
Yan Chan
Yan Chan 9 months ago
@Amiga A1200 What brand is?
Amiga A1200
Amiga A1200 9 months ago
I drive a British car.
Subramaniam Chandrasekar
Car sales are dropping in all countries. Not necessarily china. Over production.
glovedcop69 9 months ago
With extremely reliable and technically advanced cars...this doesn't make any sense . 😒😪
Money Bags
Money Bags 9 months ago
Scramble Scrable .Pennie's knickle's Quarters dime's come to Tesla while theres still time!
The Stig's English Cousin
Ford are just resting on their laurels and building average cars. I find Fords age very quickly and lose value to the point of near worthlessness quicker than most brands. Mondeo's end up as chav chariots and change hands for pennies.
Cosmo Ray
Cosmo Ray 9 months ago
As Chancellor Angela Merkel once said " build a better car "
Oofa T Maloofawitz
Oofa T Maloofawitz 9 months ago
Why is Ford failing? Because they foolishly accepted an unfair trade by trusting China.
X Z 9 months ago
Cmon, find a better excuse, loser.
Strangelove 9 months ago
American cars are no better than domestic Chinese brands, and Chinese consumers may drive a Ford until they can upgrade to something better. A distant relative in Fujian Province got rid of his Ford Escort for a 3-series BMW.
m G
m G 9 months ago
FORD MONDEO 1.5 Liter Terbo, fuel consumption 14L/100Km, Goooooooood car.
Pa ul
Pa ul 9 months ago
Because... its not af-FORD-able 😌
Brandon Cen
Brandon Cen 9 months ago
Chinese prefer to have SUV. Ford has no popular SUV in China. On the other hand, Volkswagen and Japan cars makers are successful b/c of more models. CNBC shall focus on analysing Ford products portfolios, designs and quality. The major reason is that Ford has few SUVs in higher price compared to other cars makers. When there are better options, why Chinese buy Ford cars at higher price?
Jb s
Jb s 9 months ago
German and Japanese are the best car makers in the world
dlm cmfc
dlm cmfc 9 months ago
ford is too bulky and out-dated design and feel. There is a reason why it's not popular.
ip desperado
ip desperado 9 months ago
well, american cars would not be able to shake german dominance in china. yes, GM buick's initial success took the german by surprise but german later came back. now still hold the market.
Vidya Sagar Rao
Vidya Sagar Rao 9 months ago
forget ford etc - they will all be kicked out of China very soon - because of the trade war - by bye bye ford - you go and sell you stuff in USA we dont need American Cars - the chinese are gonna say.
Joel M
Joel M 9 months ago
Not so! China would say it's a national security concern with all those GPS and electronic links. The US govt would know exactly where you are.
Raymond Roy
Raymond Roy 9 months ago
See, there many tiles: Why GM failed in India Why American car failed in Japan Why GM fail in euro Why American car failed in America Why GM failed in China Why Holden failing in Australia ........ I think we all know why....
Sumeet Ghai
Sumeet Ghai Month ago
@BlackHawkTejas yeah they brought in cruze but it was not cost effective in any way .
AlqinDFX Month ago
@Yoga Andoyo Aji gm doesn't leave Indonesia. GM Replaces Chevy with Wuling
Jacques Cardine
Jacques Cardine 3 months ago
GM also said they will be leaving Thailand and stop selling car and producing them at the Rayong Plant.
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish 8 months ago
@BlackHawkTejas Yep. That's ryt. Suzuki came to India very early
BlackHawkTejas 9 months ago
@Cute Krishna Aren't Maruti Suzuki & Hyundai foreign brands?? I am also Indian & I don't share your thoughts. It's more that most foreign brands haven't localised their products to great extent along with the cultural & other influences like service centers etc. Don't blame everything on GDP, sometimes the brand also have bad products & policies like GM brought sub par Chinese cars to India & labeled them Chevrolet!!
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