Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

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What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 13 635
loveforthegame3 29 days ago
The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space
Abhijith P J
Abhijith P J 13 days ago
@Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)
Lil Ava
Lil Ava 19 days ago
Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?
Aiwanano 28 days ago
He spelled space wrong lol
Aiwanano 28 days ago
:o he got pinned
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 28 days ago
the shape of the universe is close to a donut
My name is Care
My name is Care 10 hours ago
My dear lady your son is paying taxes whether the earth is flat or not 😉
MEVSGHOST 11 hours ago
Flat earthers. Please explain the different phases of the moon. Which is caused by the earth being in between the sun and the moon. The dark curvature of the moon. Tell me please
MaKav3liKm43 12 hours ago
So gravity is fake but natural teleportation is real? I thought Pac-Man was a game and all this time it was letting us know that the earth is flat and we can teleport from one side of the planet to the other to get away from ghost.
A Person
A Person 13 hours ago
It’s a actually shaped like a croissant
Antonio Blumask
Antonio Blumask 13 hours ago
I dont believed you
breezy MC
breezy MC 14 hours ago
How could you build a a doom around the earth without big cranes
Seth Mishler
Seth Mishler 15 hours ago
My cousin is a flat earther, and he currently has flat earth cult leader Nathan Thompson living in his house leeching off of him
NovaDestry 15 hours ago
Here is my best argument people in North America Europe and Asia look North they all see the same Stars, people in South Africa Chilli and Australia look South, they all see the same stars
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 14 hours ago
@NovaDestry Not only do people in the north see northern stars and people on the south see southern stars, but they each see them rotated commensurate with the difference in their longitude.
NovaDestry 14 hours ago
@Lewis Craig I'm no flat Earther I swear lol
NovaDestry 14 hours ago
@Lewis Craig Englishis not my strong suit so I probably do not word it right, I was not implying that North and South see the same Stars, it was that everyone in the North Sea the same and everyone in the south see the same. If it was on a disc everyone in the South would be looking in different directions
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
Actually, no. The north and south hemispheres see entirely different night skies.
Alien_Ghost_Gaming 909
The earth is shaped like a pear
william mikkelsen
william mikkelsen 15 hours ago
If the earth is flat then why is there round shadows on the moon
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 14 hours ago
bill Shadows when?
Sanitynot 16 hours ago
The plane thing works because even if the plane is aiming straight on stop the loss of pressure as you go higher will keep it from going any higher
OMGtaut_gaming 17 hours ago
Then how did humans make it to space
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
With rockets, lol. How else?
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 18 hours ago
this vid is bulshit
abhishek jaiswal
abhishek jaiswal 18 hours ago
I'm groot ♥️
Kirk Leadbetter
Kirk Leadbetter 18 hours ago
Where does this 32 mile sun get it's energy from? Wouldn't it have burnt out several billion years ago?
Kirk Leadbetter
Kirk Leadbetter 14 hours ago
@Lewis Craig I never said it was and nor do I think it is. Watch the video to which I was replying.
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
@Kirk Leadbetter Yeah, but it's not 32 miles across.
Kirk Leadbetter
Kirk Leadbetter 15 hours ago
@Lewis Craig in the video the Mom states that the sun is only 32 miles across. If that were the case the sun would have zero nuclear fusion because there wouldn't be enough pressure and heat. Even if you did allow fusion, at 32 miles across you would run out of fuel pretty quickly even if you assumed it burned like a red dwarf was my thinking.
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
It gets its energy through nuclear fushion. And no, it wouldn't. Our sun is young in its lifespan, it still has several billion years to go.
Paris Parba
Paris Parba 19 hours ago
I'm finding for the comment called *THE EARTH IS FLAT YOUR DEAD WRONG*
Lucas Westerblom
Did u know that on the flateartheners website it says: ”we have members all around the globe” If this isnt true anymore it has Said that on there 😂
arif ikhwan
arif ikhwan Day ago
I hate flat earthers because every time theres and arguments that back and forth,with do respect i'm sorry to people who i upset
Axzyte •
Axzyte • Day ago
NebTheWeb 22 hours ago
Was that a serious question? The tilt of the earth does not change, well, not within the span of a human lifetime. What changes is the position of the earth in its orbit around the Sun. Also, if you are asking why you can't feel the rotation of the earth, well, it rotates at a velocity that is basically constant and you cannot feel a constant velocity. ALSO, you would never feel the rotation of the earth anyway because the vestibular senses in our inner can only detect 2 maybe 3 degrees of motion *per second.* The earth rotates *ONE DEGREE EVERY 4 MINUTES* which is many times slower than 2 or 3 degrees per second. It's as simple as that.
Xulvir Day ago
Imagine what we could have reached for technologic wonders by now, but ppl like this tear the whole process down
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 21 hour ago
xul Flat earthers have essentially no impact on anything. They are not productive members of society and their opinions impact nothing of consequence.
Fk nwo Govmt
Fk nwo Govmt Day ago
The earth is FLAT💯😊💙
NebTheWeb 22 hours ago
in your wet dreams maybe. :)
Blyatski Day ago
Don’t think this story is true tho... a person writing for a youtube channel prob wouldn’t be able to come up with all those comebacks soo quickly, sounded made up to make him look smarter. But id digress
I'm shy 12
I'm shy 12 Day ago
Very sad they are making like this videos in 2020.i mean they argued it a long time ago
Jared Goble
Jared Goble Day ago
When I first heard this I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard, now I’m not so sure. There have been so many things I’ve changed my mind on the last couple of years, it’s not hard once you get out of the herd mentality and realize that we our feed lies all of the time.
Q.E. D
Q.E. D Day ago
I feel like you want to pick a fight over this :) I'll bite.. .what "lies" have you been fed about the shape of the planet? (and how do you know they are lies?)
ღ Autumn ღ
Bruh we all know earth is a donut 😒
Merrsheep Msp
2015: man I can't WAIT for the future 2020: The Earth is flat everyone!
Lava Basedlord
I was done at seasons. Makes no sense
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 9 hours ago
@Lava Basedlord How? Which part of it in particular?
Lava Basedlord
Lava Basedlord 9 hours ago
His answer makes no sense
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
What makes no sense?
Drewdude Day ago
You: Sees this and doesn’t like it Me: am I a joke to you
Osian D
Osian D 13 hours ago
Drewdude Day ago
Bro the earth is flat
spaceman colon
Are you joking
mashinezze 1
mashinezze 1 Day ago
i'll take "conversations that never happened" for 2$
Team_target Day ago
She played too much ark
Austin Lents
Austin Lents Day ago
Excuse for gravity: there are magnets under the earth Mmmm yesses kuz magnetz works onz hyoomunz!
Sean Gust
Sean Gust Day ago
This goes on the basis that NASA is telling the truth. Therefore you can’t say anyone is wrong. It also goes on the basis that the math and science we have been told is 100% correct. Which it isn’t. There is an ice wall, and we aren’t able to go there legally.
David Mescher
1) There is no ice wall. 2) You can go to Antarctica, and see that there's no ice wall. 3) The math and science that demonstrate the Globe *is* correct, although flat Earthers do an excellent job of making bad assumptions, or forgetting certain variables that end with erroneous results. 4) Math and science do conclusively demonstrate that a flat Earth doesn't conform with reality, and you don't need any data from NASA, either.
Glens Maelstrom
Name ten prominent flat earthers on RUvid (and by prominent I mean thousands of subs) that even know about some supposed trip to Antarctica. You have mischaracterized the modern day flat earthers on this point and many others and that makes everything you say worthless. Do you fallacy much bro?
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
"Some supposed trip" there's literally trips to the continent every single day.
happy muttonchop
glens How do you mischaracterize flattard morons?
Stan Eddison
Stan Eddison Day ago
So stars appear in the same place as they have for thousands of years as we all shoot away from a Big Bang at 1.7 million miles an hour. Really?
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
Also I find it cute that you just list 1.7 million miles! As if it's a big number, and if probably is to your brain, but that's only about 0.00000002 light years. Contrast that with a distance of tens/hundreds of billions of light years. Obviously we won't see big changes in the night sky.
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
They are several billion light years away. We have only been observing them for (at most) a few tens of thousandsof thousands of years. Our species has barely been around for a blink in cosmic time.
David Mescher
No, they don't appear in the same place. They do precess, just not very quickly.
Jay Day ago
Think about where this phenomenon comes from? I don’t have all the answers but I would suggest when you really have an extreme and arguably justifiable distrust towards institutions you really start to question everything around you. These people think they have figured out some hidden truth the rest of us have not figured out yet. Now that is true, there are many hidden truths, but flat earth isn’t it. What’s scary is that flat earths are do dead-set on this idea they refuse to accept any evidence to the contrary, the cognitive dissidence runs deep
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 15 hours ago
So what lies have these supposed institutions told you? Lol
mistirion Day ago
You have been proven worthy. *You may now access, the Octahedron*
Dani Rijnsburger
Long story short; flat earthers are the dumbest.
L.J Turner
L.J Turner Day ago
My mom went through the flat earth phase as well 😓😓😥
Ricky Ticky
Ricky Ticky Day ago
Thumbnail: the earth is flat Me: why dont I get my hacks out.... Hacks: *turns thumbnail round* Me: HACKS YOU JUST TURNED THE ENTIRE THUMNAIL TO A CIRLCLE!!!!!!!!!M Hacks: oops
J H Day ago
I love how people take the weakest flat earth proofs and ridicule them. Argue someone that can defend themselves with compelling arguments.
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 14 hours ago
@J H Except each of those tests have to be performed *completely separately* you can't produce a flat earth model that accounts for *all* natural phenomena at once, because your models contradict each other. Your models for sun/moon rotation contradict your models for the coriolis effect. You cannot produce a working flat earth model that fits both of these, because it's impossible. Your model is not consistent with reality.
David Mescher
@J H Performing Eratosthenes' test, but using 3 locations can only work on a Globe, it cannot work on a flat Earth. If the Earth is flat, please provide a calculated Earth-Sun distance. Should be pretty easy, since it would just be basic trig.
J H Day ago
@David Mescher and you base this on what? Facts that could have been fabricated? Every test that people use to explain a globe earth can be explained with flat earth model
David Mescher
There are no flat Earth "proofs" that have "compelling" arguments, they are ALL wrong.
Krzysztof Bartczak
2:57 If these theories were true, there would be no sunsets at all.
jay sinclair
jay sinclair Day ago
Ok let me see some evidence such as the film footage and experience of admiral Richard Byrd- hmm like I thought it has been hidden. In that case explain to me the longest kept treaty on the earth of now 50 nations keeping all of Antarctica secret.. hmm once again I don’t think you can...
Alona Is User
Yeah but why cant we see the _rest_ of the horizon? And when the sun sets we see the sung going down and not moving forwards to another place?
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 23 hours ago
alona You are exactly right. We can even calculate the effects of perspective and say how close to the horizon it would get on the distances it would travel (not close at all) or how far away it would have to be to approach the horizon (something like 35,000 miles).
Alona Is User
Alona Is User 23 hours ago
@happy muttonchop since flat earthers say that the sun revolves around the earth.. We wouldn't see the sun going down, instead we would see it moving away from us, when the round earth spins the sun sets and we see it going below the surface, thats what i meant
happy muttonchop
alona That's fine, but i don't understand what you're saying. What other surface?
Alona Is User
@happy muttonchop sorry.. I just had trouble with describing it.. Also im not a flat earther
happy muttonchop
alona Any other surface?
Vox's Gaming Corner
V drt get rvfvff
Ya know what, let's just go back to believing that the sun revolves around us. Who cares about centuries of scientific trial and error. Before the Cold War we understood the Earth was ROUND. Let them go to that imaginary wall, it's natural selection at this point.
Xzavieyan cool tv _
Get on a plane and you would no the earth is round my guy
Oscar Gade-Frimann
"Things just fall" Yeah, that's also what Newton observed. But what Newton did was far greater than what you've seen in your 10 minute RUvid videos.
Joel Game HD
Joel Game HD Day ago
If there is no gravity, the sun woud fall down from the sky
Louie Middleton
My only question is, What reason does the government have to convince everyone of this? They have none. If you can't get the government to convince people to vote for them unanimously, then what makes anyone think that they could convince everyone of something so mundane unanimously?
Dean Lingley Sr.
Mom knows the truth!
Lewis Craig
Lewis Craig 14 hours ago
@Dean Lingley Sr. Also, saying "1000 miles an hour! Is funny, and I find it cute you are impressed with numbers with four digits, but that isnt fast. Our planes at cruising altitude go more than half that speed, and sitting in a plane is just like sitting on the ground. You are using tangential velocity instead of rotational velocity on purpose to get a big number. The earth rotates once *per day* sit on a merry go round and rotate it one time over 24 hours. The reason the number seems bit is because the earth is huge, but it is not fast. Also, water can't stick to a ball? The reason you are saying this, besides because you are repeating word for word what you heard on flat earth RUvid videos, is because you don't understand gravity. The earth, again, is huge. That means it generates a big gravitational field, a ball on earth, is much, much, much smaller, meaning if generates a much smaller gravitational field. Trying to conduct such on an experiment while *standing* on the earth obviously would produce the results you seem to expect. And the reason it wouldn't is because *gravity exists on the spherical earth*. There is literally no justification you can give me for why objects fall toward the earth on a flat earth model.
Josh Thompson
The level of conspiracy that would have to be coordinated in order to cover up the earth being flat almost impossible. It’s only possible to believe in flat earth if you have a confirmation bias and choose what you do and don’t believe based on what fits your narrative.
Dean Lingley Sr.
@happy muttonchop think about the water. Water always finds it's level. The earth is about 70% water therefore the earth is level and flat. Water can't stay on a Ball that is spinning a 1000 miles an hour!
happy muttonchop
dean I've researched flat earth. It's a scam on the gullible and delusional.
Dean Lingley Sr.
@happy muttonchop if you research it you would know that mom knows the truth
Jazzy Jazzy
Jazzy Jazzy Day ago
Flat earthers: the sun is tiny and moves around close to us.... Smart person: then what explains sunsets and sunrises?? Flat earther: all i smell is disrespect
Susan Hudds
Susan Hudds Day ago
the earth is cube problem solved.
Dr. Richard Kassman
He's gonna knife his own mother!?
hhaawke Day ago
I thankfully have never met one.
Qu4Rk 2 days ago
Its asylum time
thechazzzz 2 days ago
Never argue with an idiot. They’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
matthew reid
matthew reid 2 days ago
The problem is why would people even bother to tell us the world is round
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris 2 days ago
Knowing that the Earth is spherical doesn't automatically make you intelligent. Perhaps you should all jump down off your high horses, we're all of roughly similar intellect and we're all wasting our time watching RUvid videos.
David Mescher
Knowing that the Earth is spherical does indeed not automatically make one intelligent. However, falling for the flat Earth indicates that one is an idiot.
happy muttonchop
jacob If you fell for the flattard scam, we are not of similar intellects.
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