Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

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What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100
loveforthegame3 8 months ago
The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space
Kiran George
Kiran George 12 days ago
@Davyd LOL
Trash Trash
Trash Trash Month ago
No it’s a cylinder??
Jennnifer Weaver
Jennnifer Weaver 2 months ago
No it’s obviously a like button
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 2 months ago
JJc 9000
JJc 9000 2 months ago
Dude the earth is roynd
Krustylesponge 5 hours ago
watch as the second they actually get to the edge they will still think we are liars, and if that ever happens, im just straight up yeeting those people
Krustylesponge 5 hours ago
"so what about gravity" "oh thats a hoax things just fall" so... gravity?
Clairice Challgren-Hopkins
the earth is a donut and the sun is flat
Todd Tauber
Todd Tauber 8 hours ago
The earth a is triangle
Amazon Fire10
Amazon Fire10 17 hours ago
His wife is having all the fun. I'll be dying in the corner too.
sir qwerty uiop
sir qwerty uiop 18 hours ago
Karen:my child said earth is flat so earth is flat! Me:your 'earths' are flat
Light Lord 3
Light Lord 3 Day ago
There are or were some people who thought that the core of the earth was above us and that we live inside our planet. Equally as ridiculous as the concept of a flat earth though no doubt it would create a dispute on 3 sides. Even more problems.
mrvayne01 Day ago
Who did your mom vote for? I'm testing a theory.
Blimbing Gaming
Its shaped like a 2007 Honda Formula 1 car
haker boi
haker boi Day ago
Noooooo Its FLat
I Am Legend
I Am Legend Day ago
Even animals would never defy logic
Fahad Solaiman
The reason why it plane's don't go over Antarctica is because of temperature
Micky Anima
Micky Anima Day ago
Tell to wait for the new tom cruise
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
Flat Earthers: The Earth is obviously flat Me: What about day and night? Flat Earthers: You're an ignorant fool! Me: ...
Christ Praise
if the earth is flat then why nobody dig straight down
SwishingBlade385 2 days ago
"Every 60 seconds in Africa is a minute"
The earth is bowl shaped, thats the reason the water doesnt just fall out
Hamza Vlogs and gaming
If everything falls down then why is the Sun not falling??? and with so little mass how is the Sun sustaining Nuclear Fusion
Joe McDonald
Joe McDonald Day ago
Hamza Vlogs and gaming the sun is hundreds of miles away dude
Hamza Vlogs and gaming
@Alvaro Sh. No dude its just a point that infographics missed
Hamza Vlogs and gaming
@skinny norrys thanks
skinny norrys
@Hamza Vlogs and gaming subtle...
Hamza Vlogs and gaming
@Joe McDonald wait it's on top of the earth just 35 miles and the gravity of earth is still pretty strong so the sun should fall
Emmanuel Antonio
Emmanuel Antonio 3 days ago
Well some think the earth is a... Dinosaur
ay grow
ay grow 3 days ago
dislikers are flat earth supporters..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jojo Verbeek
Jojo Verbeek 3 days ago
Look guys the earth is not flat and it’s not round it’s a block and I have proof. Minecraft see they are so smart they tried to tell the truth in there game it’s not like it a joke or something.
Mia Urban
Mia Urban 3 days ago
Let's play a game I'll pretend to be a flat earther and we have a argument there will be alot a laughs and nothing actually bad because I'm not actually a flat earther so it wont aggresive
Mr Random
Mr Random Day ago
The earth is round or as more commonly understood, it is a globe.
𝔸𝕝𝕖𝕩 ℙ𝕠𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕠
Her: the earth is flat Me: *yeah and I’m an alien in disguise*
Florence Walz
Florence Walz 3 days ago
Why flat earthers are dead wrong: Because the Earth isn't flat.
e efilysp
e efilysp 3 days ago
I think of your great great grand kids who will most certainly watch your video in embarassment of how mediocre, complacent, and arrogant their great geat grandpa was. Have you ever thought of that?
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 3 days ago
efil Let me guess, you're one of the deluded flattard morons that pretend they're special.
tfeak2 3 days ago
I saw this government lie in my recommended, so i had to check it out and try understand these outlandish claims.
tfeak2 Day ago
@Tyranitar Yes I'm a critical thinker.
Tyranitar Day ago
@tfeak2 any critical thinking.
tfeak2 Day ago
@Tyranitar where's your proof the earth is round, have you ever seen it with your own eyes?
Tyranitar 3 days ago
@tfeak2 what is your proof?
tfeak2 3 days ago
no silly, the earth being round is a lie.
Lachlan Fanning
Lachlan Fanning 3 days ago
The Pacman effect is absolutely absurd. It just sounds like an excuse to explain the world explaining exactly as it would with a round earth.
Zrips 2 days ago
Flat earth model breaks dozens if not hundreds of laws from reality, having some pacman effect isint that far fetched when you think about it... Entire model is based on literal magic being real so having some magical wall which teleports you around entire space pancake isint that strange... As strange this might sound...
emeer abshar
emeer abshar 3 days ago
Let me tell you all, there is no earth it all just a dream now wake up "Oh hey you woke up"
LUIS ACEVEDO 4 days ago
I saw this some where else, but if the earth was flat you'd be able to see Mt. Everest from everywhere on earth.
jennifer serges
jennifer serges 4 days ago
Randall Felix
South Bound
South Bound 4 days ago
Why spend millions to debunk this theory. The more propaganda I see the more I believe something is up. I've been lied to before by my government, presidents, news media and professors.Why should I believe the moon was authentic when serious flaws are blatant such as 2 light sources but "oh that blue marble" pic in the video. We know those are drawings. They admit they are drawings.
South Bound
South Bound 3 days ago
@Munia No I believe the world is pear shaped as Tyson said on an interview I saw.
Munia 3 days ago
@South Bound do you have any logic or some kind of proof that earth is flat?
Munia 3 days ago
@happy muttonchop i agree
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 3 days ago
south Flat earth is an anti-science, anti-education cult of ignorance that preys on the gullible and delusional.
South Bound
South Bound 4 days ago
@happy muttonchop I'm afraid there is. Why not ignore it?
Javien_Gaming 4 days ago
Gaming Nation
Gaming Nation 4 days ago
The earth is neither flat nor round it is a potato
Orange ball
Orange ball 4 days ago
Sunk Cake Hawk
Sunk Cake Hawk 4 days ago
Orange ball “HEY.”
Abdulsamad Abdulrasheed
Flat your mum is crazy if the earth is Flat Mount Everest over flat Mount chiliad flags and the word oblique in out of the Galaxy the ocean and out of the Galaxy you might be flats flat
Abdulsamad Abdulrasheed
What the freak your mums saying crazy if the earth is Flat how much Chilli is this Mount Everest doesn't exist if they Earth is flat humans would be flat think the Sun is bigger than you think Earth is flat the water will be weak and out of the earth into the Galaxy the ocean movie leak in out into the Galaxy no win no Ocean left you be just a desert ok dude your mdiscrazy cric Rai
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari 4 days ago
first of all In space earth is round due to amoshpehe and in inside earth is not round or flat. it is different shape like rock
Louie Pitlo
Louie Pitlo 4 days ago
The earth can't be flat cause I have been digging straight down- WAIT A MINUITE The earth cant be flat because in planet human memes- The earth cant be flat because the globe says so. The earth cant be flat because the astronauts say so. The earth cant be flat because in space themed movies the earth is a sphere- The earth cant be flat because aliens said so The earth cant be flat because-- round earthers said so, The earth cant be flat because there are many reasons it cant be flat
Zrips 2 days ago
Louie Pitlo
Louie Pitlo 4 days ago
Woman: The earth is flat. Man: What on *earth* are you talking about? Woman: Hmmmmm I dont know where the flatness of the earth ends.
Shamil Rifai
Shamil Rifai 5 days ago
I wonder if did she see this information from Facebook?
Rob v
Rob v 5 days ago
Flat earther: the earth is flat Round Earther: It is? Flat earther: *points gun* it always has been Round earther: no it’s round Flat earther: it is? Round earther: *points gun* it always has been Donut earther: the earth is a donut The flat and round earther: it is? Donut earther: *points gun* it always has been FBI agent: you three are wrong.. this has all been a simulation.. The flat, round, and donut earther: it is? FBI agent: *locks and loads the syringe shotgun* it’s always has been, you know too much...
Hazem Abdou
Hazem Abdou 5 days ago
Her:there is no rules in the universe Me:THERE IS ITS JUST THAT WE CAN BREAK THEM
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 5 days ago
Time to put mom in a home.
ISP FOX 5 days ago
No its a cube
Maishu Foxx
Maishu Foxx 5 days ago
i really hope your mum is in intensive care after u heard all of this... 😂
David Emery
David Emery 5 days ago
Believing flat earth *IS* dangerous. I think that cruise got canceled.
Aniq Raziq
Aniq Raziq 5 days ago
No one said the earth is square
gg gg
gg gg 5 days ago
I want to see when she finds out she was wrong lol
Joshua Sequeira
Joshua Sequeira 6 days ago
That lady was so irritating. Pac-Man theory!😂😂😂
Giavonna Stinsman
"Mom that comment makes me believe it is impossible we even share the same DNA". I FELT THAT IN MY SOUL. These people can vote? We're the same subspecies as them? How? Have we officially become so intelligent as a species that the universe decided we need to back track a little bit?
Aecetus 6 days ago
petition for nasa to send flat earthers to space, whoever if the earth is round they cannot return to earth
With Rash
With Rash 6 days ago
U re fools if u believe in science of NASA. The earth is huge and great. Ask them about antarictica and other unknown areas of the universe.
Joe McDonald
Joe McDonald 2 days ago
There are scientists in Antarctica though and the universe is infinite
Tyranitar 3 days ago
antartica isn't unknown.
With Rash
With Rash 6 days ago
Why don't u ask naza to provide u with clear videos and photos . Then flat earth people won't put earth under this question
Jeebus23 5 days ago
Every time one of you imbeciles asks for a photo or video, the moment we provide you with one you just claim it's 'fake/CGI' Why should we even bother?
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 5 days ago
embarrassing rash We have weather satellites taking hundreds of photos of the earth every day. Flattards just pretend they're fake.
Leonque david Rondón
flat earth is not real, pac man is not real the flat earther people have to see in space and 3D to 2D or 1D ererything is 3D. Sun in the land earth no, no life will live in the earth it to hot the moon is the gun to flat earth is outside the earth and it flat but wrong apol 13 and 11 saw the moon and it 3D
gg gg
gg gg 6 days ago
bruh lol
hebrew 92
hebrew 92 7 days ago
Space is a vacuom how is their a sun also the earth is suppose to spinning 66,000 mph on a rotation of the suns cycle at a 1,000 mph while the moons spinning around it how did the rocket get to space when space is Vacoum also there's no sound in space yet the man on the moon Is talking
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 3 days ago
tyra Sorry. I didn't read that thoroughly. My apologies.
Tyranitar 3 days ago
@happy muttonchop i was trying to add more to your reply by debunking more of this guy's comment.
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 3 days ago
tyra I can not wait to hear your moronic "reasons" for your baseless assertion. Entertain me with your ignorance.
Tyranitar 3 days ago
@happy muttonchop also, earth is not spinning 66,000 mph, days would be MUCH shorter if that was the case
happy muttonchop
happy muttonchop 6 days ago
heb Space is not a vacuum cleaner.
Papple40 7 days ago
I legit lost brain cells watching this
NCPOS Tack 5 days ago
@Ye Zayya They have brains, but their brains are just dysfunctional
NCPOS Tack 5 days ago
@Ye Zayya yep
Ye Zayya
Ye Zayya 6 days ago
Youre a flat earther Flat earthers=idiots idiots=have no brain No brain= not human
Bryce Deng
Bryce Deng 7 days ago
everyone shut up its a triangle alright???
Meghomalyo Moitro
👁 👁 👃 👄 What type of argument was this?
MOXXII MOXXII 7 days ago
I dont knoooow, i dont hate flat earthers or anything but its really getting cringy when they start explaining that the earth is flat like every explanations or proof they make is just so untrue like i dont know if they are serious or what? Or just trolling like come on, even my mom believes its not flat and she didnt even finished school.
Hotdog The lucky one
Gravity is the answer
Outlaw Immortal
Outlaw Immortal 8 days ago
That ice wall, I bet it's Jormangandr, the world serpent.
Bowgamer 100
Bowgamer 100 8 days ago
Poor mum...I think she forgot her medication
Bruh Teresi
Bruh Teresi 8 days ago
It would kinda cool if we were being carried on a turtles back tho 😂
Airsoft maestro
Airsoft maestro 8 days ago
Just got banned from a flat earth discord server because they cannot take fact, got extremely defensive then insulted me. This is a pretty accurate video 😂
Roblox4 life13
Roblox4 life13 8 days ago
This Chick needs to watch a vsause video
TRAVIS WTH 8 days ago
When i see a coment of a video thait says the earth is flat i have a metal breakdown lol cuz i think the earth is ROUND
NCPOS Tack 5 days ago
You KNOW* the earth is round 🌍🌎🌏
NathanZPlayz NZP
NathanZPlayz NZP 8 days ago
1st of all, why would NASA try hiding the "fact" that the earth is flat They are DEAD wrong
Pela 10
Pela 10 8 days ago
The way that we rotate make the stars go in different directions depending on which hemisphere you are.
Kanard Beaubrun
Kanard Beaubrun 8 days ago
I dint understand how people can just beleive the earth is flat without seeing for yourself🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 yall brainwashed asf
Crabidad 8 days ago
Someone: The earth is flat small brains Mountains: do i look fake to you
Phoenix 9 days ago
Earth is just built different
MrHistory808 9 days ago
Why does there need to be a conspiracy Why does this need to be a big secret If we knew the earth is flat it would be so incredibly hard borderline impossible to keep the secret under wraps
just a penguin
just a penguin 9 days ago
If the world was flat water would tip off breaking the rules of gravity, when Earth is spinning the world would be going up down side to side.
BaNaNa Penguin
BaNaNa Penguin 9 days ago
Me, who hates flat earthers: *y o u v e y e e d y o u r l a s t h a w.*
Marc Hathaway
Marc Hathaway 9 days ago
You people are mini brain idiots. The Earth is obviously Waluigi shaped you pea brains.
Advaith Nair
Advaith Nair 9 days ago
This is the most frustrating thing to argue about.
Mr Nooberton Gaming
Flat earthers: it's all lies! *Goes to a rocket ship* it's still a lie!
Aryan Sayyad
Aryan Sayyad 10 days ago
In future when space travel would be cheap send some flat earth executives for a ride
my super killer sjdejdhs
And don't bring them back down
Larry 10 days ago
people who thinks earth are flat are the most stupidest human beings on earth know that
SharkodileSingun 10 days ago
Make the flat earthers fly up the earth and revolve around it
S Play and vlogs
S Play and vlogs 10 days ago
The reason the earth is not flat beacause it won't have mangetic field now if the sun is the same size as the moon tell me how other planet will keep orbiting
Willox 10 days ago
Wrong the earth is clearly a xbox controller look at the facts land is the buttons water is the rest and the reason we don’t fall of is because when people rage it stops you from falling of because it moves you and all land is superglued on that’s why chickens don’t fall of and we have magic powers so we don’t fall of
A Minecraft Family
A Minecraft Family 10 days ago
Wait i got it, the conspiracy is not that there trying to make us think the earth is round, there trying to make us think the earth is flat!! See it its true!
Jude Anderson
Jude Anderson 10 days ago
ZM YT 11 days ago
appolo 11 is fake bye
skinny norrys
skinny norrys 11 days ago
wrong, didnt you see how tom hanks almost died?
Mukta Pandey
Mukta Pandey 11 days ago
@loveforthegame3 Bro why did we started to travel by water ,when we had starving people . But it still benefited The whole earth , same with space
xd Peozilla
xd Peozilla 11 days ago
flat earthers be like:oh there nothing called gravity what do you mean the earth is flat
Mari Styles
Mari Styles 12 days ago
"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" , "But the highest form of intelligence". Someone give this man a comeback award!!!
Mimikana HD
Mimikana HD 12 days ago
I sure do hope this story is real
GMRGaming 12 days ago
Honestly, just take a bunch of flat earthers and send them to the international space station...eh nevermind. They would just claim that all the windows either A: Have a curvature to them which distorts the view or B: All of the windows are actually screens.
fbmitachi ripdareal
I actually do believe ice wall
Herlina Halim
Herlina Halim 12 days ago
if you encountered a flt just say this : why would nasa keep it a secret if the world is flat?
nicholas howell
nicholas howell 12 days ago
Wow these flat weathers are dumb!
MrAizaz 12 days ago
one thing flat earthers go the space at the space station
Random guard From Henry stickmin
Tsk tsk don’t ask me wrong is earth is round why all games maps is flat and everything straight not round 99999 IQ that Albert couldn’t suprass
Mukta Pandey
Mukta Pandey 12 days ago
4.2 K dislikes from flathearthers
DIGIart 13 days ago
The plane won't be able to fly the muggnets will pull the plane if the earth was flat like she said there is giant muggnets
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 12 days ago
Muggnets? Are those Muggle magnets?
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