Why Dubai's Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty

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In 2003, the construction of the multi-billion dollar investment project “The World” was announced. The man-made archipelago shaped like a map of the earth was planned to feature luxurious houses and tourist-resorts located all within just a short boat ride from Dubai. But today, more than 10 years after the completion of these islands, there is hardly anything built on them. What happened here?

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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Pitt Kozlus
Pitt Kozlus 15 seconds ago
Beeble Brox
Beeble Brox 57 minutes ago
Climate change is WAY more important to people globally than the disgusting greed that is destroying the climate and millions of sentient lifes homes.
Ahmad Raed
Ahmad Raed Hour ago
I remember when they started with the islands. I was mindblown as a kid. And seeing them actually pull it off and building the artificial island, i was speechless. Fastforward some years, i visited palm juhmira. And once i was there and forgot abt the world island until i saw an old ad for it. I researched into it since i remember once it was anounced. And now, all i remember is the hype around these islands that existed long ago and now theyre underlooked. I just remember seeing the world island from a picture of it just made me kinda sad
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child Hour ago
I splurged yesterday and bought an extra jar of pickles at Walmart.
Pensinseo Hour ago
Playing around with sim city in real life
knight of the sun
knight of the sun 3 hours ago
The stagnant seawater will become polluted and would smell and that's a disaster for a supposedly high-class community.
Tiana Anderson
Tiana Anderson 3 hours ago
POV: this was in your recommended
5thgearouttahere 3 hours ago
10:12 Australia, nature's weird barely inhabited island 😋
Breanna 3 hours ago
Is that fucking Prismo from Adventure Time narrating? hahaha
Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain 3 hours ago
I knew this wasn't a good idea... welp..
fred kelly
fred kelly 3 hours ago
How bloody stupid. A place full of sand and they go and make more sand. They should have done the reverse and brought the sea inland.
Steven Brennick
Steven Brennick 4 hours ago
Dumb people with lots of money doing dumb things.
Bluedino Extras
Bluedino Extras 4 hours ago
zinhle nkosi
zinhle nkosi 4 hours ago
But these were cool ideas, even the palms are so innovative. I wish my country had such ideas for our economy.
Bronwyn Jones
Bronwyn Jones 4 hours ago
lol how ridiculous
Meila Sanwarno
Meila Sanwarno 5 hours ago
20M for celebration?!
Krish Patel
Krish Patel 5 hours ago
This guys has a big lisp hahah
Krish Patel
Krish Patel 5 hours ago
This guy sounds like Mike Tyson
Rukh 5 hours ago
Coronavirus messed it up.
rafael santos
rafael santos 5 hours ago
pit money
Alek Mcmurray
Alek Mcmurray 5 hours ago
Castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually ~ Jimi hendrix
D 5 hours ago
This guys voice is so irritating and the mic picking up every single detail doesn’t help
TrayW 6 hours ago
been there 2 times dubai will be a lost sand city as soon as the oil is emty all the investors and millionares will flea
DerpyWaffle 6 hours ago
I dont get how people say this is ugly or a waste. Jealously I guess
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
UAE carried out numerous air strikes, mostly targeting civilians, in Yemen turning the country into what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
UAE has killed tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians in air raids without any international repercussions
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
There are reports of forced disappearances in the UAE, many foreign nationals and Emirati citizens have been abducted by the UAE government and illegally detained and tortured in undisclosed locations. In numerous instances, the UAE government has tortured people in custody (especially expats
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
UAE is like paper tiger that will be blown by the calmest breeze
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
it will all be empty in 20 years to come, as speculated by economy experts
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
UAE is doomed to fail, it has no trategic location, no resources, no citizens, no fresh water, no minds, nothing but a few oil wells that are depleting in a few years.
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
UAE has destructive and malicious policies. Look at their atrocities in Yemen, killing people and taking their seaports and islands
Taz Beet
Taz Beet 6 hours ago
As they fail now they try to steal other countries islands like Socotra island in Yemen
honey 6 hours ago
I hope these all sink under water some day soon ngl. Earth doesn't need that
Renaud Chomette
Renaud Chomette 6 hours ago
I used to travel to Dubai for business, loved the old town (best food by far, great drinks and cheap clothes), despised the new one. Ironically back in the 2010's all the businessmen were touting 2020 as the big year for Dubai bc of the universal expo, big boom in perspective.
Josh Kelley
Josh Kelley 7 hours ago
That coastline is Dubai's version of the Tramp Stamp.. yeesh
Alayla 7 hours ago
Humans: lets make islands God: hold my galaxy
TBG Guy 7 hours ago
In genewall....
Puppa 7 hours ago
Curse of unpaid wages of poor exploited workers from South Asia are the reason of Dubai and UAE doom
L F 8 hours ago
It's not like they have thousands of km2s of useless desert right?
Elias Tavakoli
Elias Tavakoli 9 hours ago
Let's build some shit to attract alien! 🙄 Alien: 👽🤣🤣
Alpha Mike PH
Alpha Mike PH 10 hours ago
Za Warudo
Lady Stardust
Lady Stardust 10 hours ago
Karma is working
Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch 11 hours ago
They didn't make, the custard properly
MAL 11 hours ago
whats the name of song in the intro?
Kalki Avatar
Kalki Avatar 11 hours ago
Also Burj Khalifa is Empty
Armani Fan
Armani Fan 11 hours ago
One big wave and it’s over for all of them.
Keith Miller
Keith Miller 11 hours ago
They just look awful
Samuel Flores Sanchez
Melanie Mota
Melanie Mota 12 hours ago
This was talked about in The Princess Diaries series! I didn't think it was actually real!
Muyun牧雲 12 hours ago
Haha,not So many rich people go there😊
Joaquin Philip Tandang
twistoffat 13 hours ago
Money never could by taste and Dubai lacks any sense of style. Like Disney land for the wealthy who have finally realized they are being taken for a ride
Shannon 13 hours ago
I'm not shocked it has failed.
House0399 13 hours ago
Nice video. Good job
Gough's Bastard
Gough's Bastard 14 hours ago
backslash68 14 hours ago
Dubai: a Disneyland for adults, built by workforce from poor countries forced into semi-slavery by the local people. Oh and by the way, it's not even a democracy, in case you did not notice.
Vivek J
Vivek J 14 hours ago
Human greed has no bounds. Destroying nature and pushing the planet towards destruction.
Lara K Sul
Lara K Sul 14 hours ago
Om Choramle
Om Choramle 14 hours ago
4:47 she was Priyanka chopra Am I right???
bakamono 14 hours ago
King Lukluk
King Lukluk 16 hours ago
Dubai - the fake city in the world! What they want is your money... to satisfy the Emiraties lust for luxury...
Dr ZipZwan
Dr ZipZwan 6 hours ago
if only lust for luxury could be satisfied.....
King Lukluk
King Lukluk 13 hours ago
I was on expat assignment for few years in Dubai. 1st year itself was enough to understand what Dubai is all about...
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
simple absolute TRUTH
R Lumière
R Lumière 16 hours ago
Man-made 'Islands' are all Not empty entirely. May be not 100% occupancy, but there are people living in some of them.
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
only 3 have buildings, onlyol are have habitation, 1 of them was for DEMO for SALES, another has some government crap on it, nobody but one person was dumb enough to actually buy Pay for one and build anything on it...The good thing for them,they do have a PRIVATE ISLAND,but its sinking shores just like the rest,has to be maintained and they Pay for it. Theres about 40 sucker ships all uout there on both coasts,sucking up sand 24hrs a day,to build crap,re inforce there little marinas,small boat Traps with a tiny entrance to control every boat that comes in and out. Some of them is 3... actually you can see 2 of them in Google Satelite now,from 2years ago, theres actually 3 built partially being maintained. I heard theres actually about 8 sold, but the idiots that bought the others where not DUMB enough to build on them,they bought them as an Investment,to FLIP....Thats fine for dubai,all they care about is the MONEY anyway,they where paid, they dont care if they sink.
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 17 hours ago
People who want to commit suicide should be allowed a free stay here. Even they will crave for living longer.
VULTUSPRIME 17 hours ago
Who wants to live on a patch of sand?
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
if they have buildings with Air Conditioning MANY DO, look at vegas. its nothing but a patch of sand in the middle of a desert.,they where smart enough to at the TIME,manage FRESH WATER though...those islands are surrounded by SEA WATER,everyone has to have there own REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT onsight,for Fresh Water, so each island is kinda like a little boat...
Ayub Said
Ayub Said 17 hours ago
Bring Syrian, Libyan and Yemen Refugees help them out
Marcus J
Marcus J 18 hours ago
People in the comments are insufferable. It was a bad idea by Dubai and every one in the comments makes it about evil greedy one percenters. Cry me a river. Do the world a favor and throw away that phone created by the one percenters
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
@Jack Tate Im sure your a BANKER...
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
@Jack Tate yeah,you smelled the Palm lately, ever been on it? looking at or selling a house, seems your either a BANKER or a REAL ESTATE or INVESTMENT BANKER, because you people are the only ones that stick around that TOILET...you ever smelled the Air, on the Palm...its fully Built out, I wouldn't pay $100euro to park a kayak on the palms,stagnent,non moving water, because the designers where dumb enough to lock all the water in,with there little circle, dubai is full of STUPID IDEAS,that seem great on PAPER in a PRESENTATION, but they are too STUPID to listen or get Scientific Advice about Cause and EFFECT of what they have done to there SHORLINE,WATER,WATER MOVEMENT.All they care about is the MONEY,INVESTERS,MONEY,BUILDING,INVESTORS,MORE MONEY,MORE INVESTERS and BUILDING crap that is NOT Smart or Function, or is just plain STUPID... Those Islands are DUMB, they always WHERE DUMB, and the only reason you like them, is your a BANKER or a REAL ESTATE GUY, PROFITING....
Robb Skipper
Robb Skipper 14 hours ago
it was a bad idea by dubai, one of many bad ideas, and unsustainable. not everyone is on a phone, some people dont use one...only thing 1%ers is who Dubais Propaganda Machines where aimed at, getting to invest...1%ers are the only ones with enough money and STUPIDITY to INVEST IN DUBAI...period.
Jack Tate
Jack Tate 15 hours ago
Ive been in Dubai since 1999 and 99% of people commenting here have no idea of what they are talking about. Much like most of YT’s adolescents. At the time it was a good idea and if the sub prime fiasco that leaked to the rest of the world from the US hadn’t of happened then the islands would be built on by now but many investors pulled out. Many are sold to developers and will one day have hotel groups setting up on them but not for a while, maybe a long while. You should look at the Jebel Ali Palm that also crashed because of the 09 melt down.
tony huckip
tony huckip 18 hours ago
so dangerous what happenn when a tsunami or a high tide comes ??
Sam Aberdeen
Sam Aberdeen 19 hours ago
Face uncondisioned
Face uncondisioned 19 hours ago
The only thing left is to buy a 3BHK apartment on moon...
J G 19 hours ago
Whats that do to the local flora and fauna ?
Ruben 19 hours ago
Give this man a Netflix show.
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick 20 hours ago
Slave labor. Dubai is a human rights violator.
FoeSama 20 hours ago
Can’t believe I got 7 mins into this video with this mans speech impediment
Republic of Peaceminusone
4:48 was she priyanka?👀
Blackdog 20 hours ago
This is the ecological and architectural equivalent of cosmetic facial surgery. Seems great on-screen and in the brochure but in reality, just messes up the original and inevitably looks uglier than when you started.
You Wish
You Wish 22 hours ago
Can I buy one of those for cheap? I'll live like a king!
K I W I 22 hours ago
Jamus LaCimus
Castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually!
Rob Cocco
Rob Cocco Day ago
I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rich people losing money!!!!!! What is any better?
David Ho
David Ho Day ago
With the sea level goes up, it is unsafe even on land.
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