Why don't perpetual motion machines ever work? - Netta Schramm

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Perpetual motion machines - devices that can do work indefinitely without any external energy source - have captured many inventors’ imaginations because they could totally transform our relationship with energy. There’s just one problem: they don’t work. Why not? Netta Schramm describes the pitfalls of perpetual motion machines.
Lesson by Netta Schramm, animation by TED-Ed.

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Comments 100
molly o
molly o 3 hours ago
Y’all ever plugged an extension cord into itself?
Br1koo 17 hours ago
How is the earth spinning always and staying on the same circle on his way?
FhargaZ 18 hours ago
Maybe we can steal the energy from another universe... 🤣
Sreedev M
Sreedev M Day ago
do motion of planets is perpetua,cause it started a long ago still working
Secret Mission
Isn't the Universe a perpetual motion machine?
Whata Moron
Whata Moron Day ago
Great video, really enjoyed that you did not state that it was impossible, but rather that we are currently unable to.
Ashiexo Day ago
Im curious. What would happen to the capillary action one if The tube was widened at the end? (Like those old cd players)
Keith Mann
Keith Mann 2 days ago
Oops, I forgot to mention friction!
Keith Mann
Keith Mann 2 days ago
Drag, wear,physics, sorry!😥
Jens Nys
Jens Nys 2 days ago
In case you don't wanna see the video like me the answer is friction
phuxuyen le
phuxuyen le 2 days ago
cuối cùng cũng hiểu.
ROHIT SINGH 2 days ago
nice try bhaskar sir. ätleast you tried and devoted yourself for the betterment of humanity .we need to learn from you and does not waste energy uselessly
o No12121
o No12121 3 days ago
Darin B.
Darin B. 3 days ago
I didn't read through all of the comments but perpetual motion does exist .... just have a look at our solar system .... the sun .. the rotation of the earth AND its orbit around the sun ... how about the moon as well ... so perpetual motion it was created LONG AGO
Charles McMillion
What part of perpetual motion MACHINES was too difficult for you?
Yardmaster's Wealth Education Center
Inside the construct of the purely physical, a perpetual motion machine can, of course, not work. But, in the beginning, God did not create just the Earth. He created the Heaven (non-physical reality) and Earth (physical reality). Inside of that system, a perpetual machine can be constructed. It is called a well designed business, which I call a money machine. The infinite supply of renewable energy comes from the human workers who are parts of the money machine. As long as the systems of this machine cause workers to be rewarded when the company does better, they will be well motivated to do their best; not a minimum required effort.
Charles McMillion
This is about science, not magic.
Chetan Naik
Chetan Naik 4 days ago
Isn't earth almost a perpetual motion machine which is going around sun for almost 4.5 billion years which will continue to do so for another 4.5 billion years?
Charles McMillion
No. Look up the definition.
Vandana Agarwal
Vandana Agarwal 5 days ago
Oystor Sauce
Oystor Sauce 5 days ago
then why earth moving continously ?
Charles McMillion
What part of perpetual motion MACHINES was too difficult for you?
John DC
John DC 4 days ago
Gravitational forces from other celestial bodies are actually minutely slowing it down though
Michael Soprani
Michael Soprani 5 days ago
I'l moto genera attrito e l'attrito logora la materia.
Xianne Pol
Xianne Pol 5 days ago
For now the one thing that seems truly perpetual is our search.
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 5 days ago
Physics actually allows it... Just needs the right configuration. Physics are just lines of text in a book. You can get past them!!! The Earth turns with nothing physically touching it and it's been going before man was in the Earth. Please explain how this is happening. The largest object man had come into contact with and it's moving.
John DC
John DC 3 days ago
+Jesse Fritz Unless you have a closed system that does qualify as a perpetual motion machine, the Laws of Thermodynamics stay as the current laws governing thermodynamics, and nothing will change that until someone uses the scientific method on a different idea and repeats all the same processes that made the Laws of Thermodynamics into a law. Which is a real damn lot. So good luck with your alleged perpetual motion machines then.
John DC
John DC 3 days ago
+Jesse Fritz And that's why we have the Laws of Aerodynamics now. Before they were proven to be possible, they were classified as hypotheses, then to actual Scientific Theories. Now we have full fledged Laws about flight. In order to rewrite laws, you NEED TO POSSESS EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANOTHER CLAIM. No one simply says that a law needs to be rewritten, to which the law then proceeds to be rewritten just because of a simple claim.
John DC
John DC 3 days ago
+Jesse Fritz So you have now proved to me that you are operating in a closed mind and not handling higher values, such as the condition of the Earth millions of years ago. Unlike your miniscule data sample of a few decades living on Earth, scientists can extract data from objects millions of years ago, which completely debunk your claims.
John DC
John DC 3 days ago
+Jesse Fritz Throughout this whole thread, I have actually forgotten a simple fact that debunks Earth as a perpetual motion machine: it isn't a closed system. Perpetual motion machines rely on a closed system where energy is not taken in or given out from an external source. However, the Sun is very obviously an external source of energy that has been feeding the Earth from its birth, and energy has been given off from the Earth from heat being transferred out via radiation. The Earth may be a source of energy that we as humans can exploit in glacial time periods, but it is not a perpetual motion machine, due to the multiple reason said above.
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 3 days ago
+John DC because it really doesn't bother me that the Earth might be slightly slowing down. Not in the slightest.
D Mac
D Mac 6 days ago
The American political establishment is one big perpetual motion machine powered by idiocy. And...we're just about finished making ours up here in Canada; but our runs on maple syrup and identity politics.
Dale Power
Dale Power 6 days ago
Okay, if we define "perpetual motion" in the way given above, then it cannot exist in a finite universe. Full stop. Do not even try to pass go. Nothing lasts forever. IF, however, we look at machines that simply run without external power for a really long time... Then we already have some massive examples. The Moon travels around the earth, without stopping for petrol. The Earth around the sun and so on. Sure, it ISN'T perpetual... But billions of years of motion truly falls into the range of what inventors really mean when they are designing a machine to run without batteries or a waterfall nearby to power it. *Tl:DR There are two definitions in use. The scientific and the common. The common definition might be achievable in time.
Kaloyan Bankov
Kaloyan Bankov 6 days ago
Cause the Chineses haven't tried it yet
Kevin Y
Kevin Y 6 days ago
The Earth is as close to a perpetual motion machine as we will get.
d rouse
d rouse 7 days ago
It seems like that magnet and a ball would work . Maybe an elongated hole .
Charles McMillion
Toys R Fun
Toys R Fun 7 days ago
Isn't the earth in Perpetual Motion? Anyone?
Charles McMillion
What part of perpetual motion MACHINES was too difficult for you?
Toys R Fun
Toys R Fun 7 days ago
+Tiiker i didn't know that Thanks
Tiiker 7 days ago
No. It's orbit around the sun is slowly declining. Same way as satellites around Earth will eventually burn up in the atmosphere, given enough time - Earth would fall into the sun. But before that can happen the sun will burn out and Earth will be caught in the blast.
m smith
m smith 7 days ago
The hydro dam is a perpetual machine
DJ SAVAGE 7 days ago
Fission is a good way to go idk why it not online now why not just make a sun
Brandon Fitch
Brandon Fitch 5 days ago
DJ SAVAGE we’ve tried, the sun isn’t fission reactions, it’s fusion
fartwrangler 7 days ago
Perpetual motion machines don't work because there are Laws of physics. You fight the Law, and the Law is going to win, every time.
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 4 days ago
+John DC sure, once you sign all required documents.
John DC
John DC 4 days ago
+Jesse Fritz That's nice. Do you mind showing one?
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 4 days ago
+John DC I have many methods.
John DC
John DC 4 days ago
+Jesse Fritz Unless you actually have a method, you are talking in 100% speculation and concepts. Again, have you watched the video?
Esequiel Tovar
Esequiel Tovar 7 days ago
Im not a scientist but how are they so sure about the thermodynamic laws
Charles McMillion
Because they have never been violated in 150 years of science.
Esequiel Tovar
Esequiel Tovar 7 days ago
+Gamo Gs are they 100% sure though , is it crystal clear that its true just like 1+1 being 2
Gamo Gs
Gamo Gs 7 days ago
It's complicated, but it can be mathematically proved. (Via Noether's theorem)
remi -
remi - 8 days ago
ummmm......... watch this then.................ruvid.net/video/video-50Aag0J0Qe4.html
riacardi7011 8 days ago
Tobias Pause
Tobias Pause 8 days ago
Well the fact that energy exist means it has to increase somehow. If you only could loose energy everywhere than the universe would be an still unvoving place. Since thats not the case the first rule MUST be wrong. We simply didnt find the source yet. But i would consider to investigate electrons or rotation lines of planets. They never stop moving even with obstacles in their ways. (stones light for planets, other electrons and forcefields like gravity for electrones). To answer why they keep moving forever might answer this question.
Charles McMillion
Charles McMillion 6 hours ago
+Tobias Pause "The first Rule says it is impossible to create Energy." The First Law of Therm, like all the laws of Therm, apply to CLOSED SYSTEMS. Our universe is a closed system. That means energy is CONSERVED. It is not created or destroyed, just transformed. "It always loses more than it creates." Wrong. Energy is conserved in closed (isolated) systems because there's nothing to transfer energy *to*. The total amount of energy in our universe is a constant. In your words - Whats so hard to get here? "The solution is to find that thing, recreate it and than you pot it in your closed System." In which case it would NOT be a closed system. I'm sorry - did you ever actually take Therm1 at university??
Tobias Pause
Tobias Pause 19 hours ago
+Charles McMillion What do you want with that? The first Rule says it is impossible to create Energy. It always loses more than it creates. And I said in that case the Universe wouldnt have any. It doesnt have anything to do with the size of your System. (The Universe is yust an big one) If there is a Reason why Energy is still a thing in the Universe, than there must be something which actually create energy. The solution is to find that thing, recreate it and than you pot it in your closed System. Whats so hard to get here? Looking at Nature to check if your rules are really correct or apply to everything is the very basics of Science. I lokked at the Universe saw that as an closed System and said, no, there has to be an exception to the Rule, since it still has energy.
Charles McMillion
Which part of CLOSED SYSTEM is too difficult for you?
Just another Starco shipper
Physics makes life boring...
Charles McMillion
Physics makes life possible.
MechGyver 9 days ago
Please fix the title of this video. Don't = do not Read it with me, "Why do not perpetual motion..." Do you see the problem? I would like to believe that a TED video would have a proper title.
Yeetus McGeetus
Yeetus McGeetus 5 days ago
English isn't that simple. The way you are describing it is the way it SHOULD work, but it really translates to "Why do perpetual motion machines not ever work."
scyle 9 days ago
videos like this are why i shouldnt read the comments
Davidjune1970 9 days ago
The entire universe disagrees
John Snow
John Snow 9 days ago
What was the. 1 dude built a machine and said it worked and fooled abunch of scientists but wouldnt let them take it apart saw a docu on it was pretty funny
Donovan .T. Card
Donovan .T. Card 10 days ago
Then how does the earth keep producing gravity
Rofl Mayr
Rofl Mayr 8 days ago
I would say the earth doesn't "produce" it. It's just there, it exists because of earth's mass. That's how I would explain it.
Donovan .T. Card
Donovan .T. Card 10 days ago
What about a symbiotic relationship
Mafia 10 days ago
What if you use the second law for your advantage for example one machine that uses the external energy which is lost (Heat and friction) to produce energy?
Hamish Buchanan17
Gooooood Point, however that process would be working whilst the energy is being produced hence using energy with out an equilibrium source, so the energy source would burn out before the ratio of output to input is correct. Sorry if i've said that in a confusing way
randomclover 10 days ago
If even the universe itself will one day stop and essentially be out of energy(bc of heat death, entropy, etc), how is it possible that we could ever make a perpetual motion machine?
Donna Dabbs
Donna Dabbs 10 days ago
A body in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an outside force'''...Newton. So isn't all motion perpetual?
Broncosfan6752 8 days ago
No because friction would stop the object.
rob Semprini
rob Semprini 10 days ago
Because of the first law of physics. Kinda fun to watch people try , though. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing , like the song said.
Rocket Rooster
Rocket Rooster 10 days ago
The chaos sign made me think maybe that’s the piece for perpetual motion
MaWilliz 10 days ago
I'd like your comment on this ruvid.net/video/video-jsxroTt9IhY.html
Defaulty BoI
Defaulty BoI 11 days ago
Because it’s against the laws of physics and physics is a depressing *#*# so no,we can’t
Sparkes TV
Sparkes TV 11 days ago
Still can't have it.
Sparkes TV
Sparkes TV 11 days ago
john ny
john ny 11 days ago
1=turns energy into electric 2=turns electric into energy 3= battery 4=1 but accounts for Heat lost And or friction 3214 21
S.E. Sander
S.E. Sander 11 days ago
What if we can harness the power of an electron spin, converting that into a self sustainable system as long as it's in spin-up? Idk I'm not good at this. I'm an orbital mechanics guy lol. But it definitely has me thinking.
the_gaming _ranger
the_gaming _ranger 11 days ago
Mate ever herd of en atom
know the truth
know the truth 11 days ago
I still believe it's possible.
Trent Chung
Trent Chung 11 days ago
me too
Lee Joseph Common
Lee Joseph Common 11 days ago
This Draconian conflagration of thermodynamics applies to four dimensions... What has been done is limit ourselves and thermodynamics to three dimensions. So one may find that by facilitating energy and identifying a boundary between the 3rd and 4th dimensions which much as water powering the windmill provides the force necessary to design a machine that from our 3d frame of reference is indeed a perpetual motion machine. Anyone who investigates this from or with access to military R&D is well aware of this and can name several of the 50 individuals who have in modern times received patents for such a machine. (To receive such a patient one must demonstrate it works). *** I have designed such a device utilizing quantum mechanics and neodymium magnets and multiferrioc materials. Unless we as a scientific community raise our perception beyond the demensional limitations of our 3d human condition the powers that control this realm will continue your enslavement and control through this type of false shortages in the energy of our economies. Researchers (*Adeptus Seekers) will isolate the time of thermodynamics alterations to the early 1900's when Lorentz and Heaviside removed Maxwell's original 20 Quaternion equations from his Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism written in 1856. Even today the only place one may acquire this original copy of Maxwell's treatise is digitally from www.archive.org QUESTION EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY IMPOSED LIMITATIONS OF ANY SO CALLED AUTHORITY DERIVING IT'S NECESSITY FROM THE PEOPLE.
CoolCreeper39 12 days ago
*Humans: Builds perpetual motion machine* *First law of thermodynamics: I can’t defeat you... But he can* *Second law of thermodynamics has joined the chat*
Bennie Owens
Bennie Owens 10 days ago
I can! Too damn easy
Ashutosh Shukla
Ashutosh Shukla 12 days ago
Is'nt moon revolving around Earth a perpetual motion (by gravity though - Zero energy in Zero energy out)?
Tim M
Tim M 9 days ago
nope. The moon is parasitic and feeds off the rotational energy of the earth, slowing the rotation of the earth down. Ever notice how those days at work just never end?
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos 12 days ago
Perpetual motion machines can work you just have to rethink the way you go about doing it. You can keep a 12v 300w battery charged with a small stator and an electrical motor. The battery powers the motor, motor spins and stator picks up the magnetic charge, and in return powers the battery. Should work until the battery goes bad or the parts wear down. In theory you can also do away with the battery and just jump start the machine. Instead of trying to get more out of a machine than you put into it, get another kind of energy altogether and convert it back into electricity. It's a very simple concept.
Justin Schubert
Justin Schubert 12 days ago
Yes I know its called entropy bacic physics a body in motion tends to stay in motion a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Efficient energy transfer has always been a problem with pmm... Even running an alternator with a DC motor your generation needs to be about 5time as much as you actual need and you also need sufficient storage for that energy.
Bora Bag
Bora Bag 12 days ago
Bruh Stanford pines did it
Vikas Asware
Vikas Asware 12 days ago
Great video. Can you please explain this videos? ruvid.net/video/video-jsxroTt9IhY.html ruvid.net/video/video-waQUEly4kPw.html
Axis Chinese God
Axis Chinese God 12 days ago
*builds a cobblestone generator and breaks physics*
Ashleah RedStone
Ashleah RedStone 12 days ago
you do know free energy is not the same as energy made from batters and you do know you can have both negative and positive magnets mixed
Apt Albatross
Apt Albatross 12 days ago
yall ever hear of the infinite water technique in mc?
PMcCul4486 12 days ago
Vibrating strings in string theory would be a form of perpetual motion, right?
Jim Van Der Poll
Jim Van Der Poll 13 days ago
Super fluid has totally no resistance and is perpetual
Marccernary 13 days ago
Perpetual motion machine? Pfft! Just shoot a bullet into zero gravity space since the bullet will never slow down till it hits something
Marccernary 13 days ago
I tried to do this with my battery bank (spoilers it didnt go well and i was sad)
Hmmm. I have a theory. Some perpetual force is keeping my father from returning ever since he left 15 years ago. This perpetual force keeps him away with no external effort from him put in whatsoever
Kunal Sahu
Kunal Sahu 13 days ago
Bhaskar not baskara...😑😑😑
Rocky Vela
Rocky Vela 13 days ago
Why is their something called a perpetual machine?
No Name
No Name 12 days ago
Tom Saxton
Tom Saxton 13 days ago
Atoms are perpetual motion machines They all have electrons continually orbiting the nucleus.
Albell Scb
Albell Scb 12 days ago
atoms decay over time, it's the same as magnetism.
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 13 days ago
is earth consider one giant perpetual machine?
Alyssa Townsend
Alyssa Townsend 13 days ago
Um, gravity?
Robert Rafil
Robert Rafil 13 days ago
What if we broke every law tho
NKVD 1940
NKVD 1940 14 days ago
Thank you for free lessons.
Will Meadows
Will Meadows 14 days ago
Even though perpetual motion isn't viable when put into it's own energy, couldn't we build a sustainable thermonuclear system that could possibly create energy? We already have nuclear power plants that create nuclear power by harvesting pressure by heat from nuclear fission, which in turn creates electricity by spinning turbines. Why not have the same idea, but instead of creating electricity, make a different design so that the whole creation makes perpetual motion instead. In a small operation, of course. Not with actual power plants. I mean i'm no expert in this by any means but i'm just throwing out an idea.
Lindsay Spankins
Lindsay Spankins 14 days ago
Wouldn't the Earth or any planet for that matter orbiting around the sun or any star be considered perpetual motion of some type? If not, why?
mick mccrory
mick mccrory 14 days ago
In 1942, Dr. Oppenheimer opened a lab in Los Alamos, NM. He hired the most brilliant group of Scientists & Engineers, to try & develop an unlimited source of power. First they tried hooking the generator & starter motor from a 1938 Studebaker together. . That didn't work. Then they tried hooking soda bottles onto a bicycle wheel. That didn't work, either.
Mathieu Lemieux
Mathieu Lemieux 14 days ago
Is the Universe as a whole a perpetual motion machine? Nothing coming in or out, yet flows of energy and matter allowing for civilisation(s) to flourish...
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos 12 days ago
Omega Ultra
Omega Ultra 14 days ago
Just make a 4x4 water.
Ikram Qureshi
Ikram Qureshi 14 days ago
That’s impossible
Max Eubanks
Max Eubanks 14 days ago
I no a perpetual motion machine, ur kids asking u for a game and u saying no, that just makes them more more mad, so they ask again
ליעד כהן
ליעד כהן 14 days ago
you didnt say the third law
Bill Jewell
Bill Jewell 14 days ago
Hi. Peops. Basically, the reason we cannot create a perpetual motion machine is because Energy COSTS Energy.That is why NO machine will EVER run at 100% efficiency. You all take care out there.
Russell Lee
Russell Lee 14 days ago
Perpetual motion free energy generator open-sourced: Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope)-overunity.com
Jeremy Low
Jeremy Low 14 days ago
Is it just me or does everyone thought it was Bhaskara the learned (learn in past tense) instead of Learned?
No Name
No Name 12 days ago
Only you I guess
Bách Vũ
Bách Vũ 15 days ago
tawfeek safadi
tawfeek safadi 15 days ago
the secret is how to make 6=7 ? We must give number 5 power = 0.008333 ×5×100 to reach number 4.1666 until we reach number 1/6 = 0.16666 In this case the circle doesn't stop
notoriginal video's
Jesus just active anti cheat
Eleven X
Eleven X 16 days ago
Um, no. I think I just found one that works. See for yourself. It's at 1:28 ruvid.net/video/video-d10SgzsV_Yw.html
Ju 16 days ago
How strong earth magnetic field is despite billions of years affected by heat of the sun ?? Isn't that perpetual
GhettoArabSage 14 days ago
I see what you're saying but it is THAT big (proportionally) that maybe it's lifespan (as it pertains to us, humans) might last for another 2 billion.
Chris Patrick
Chris Patrick 16 days ago
I give this 3 beans out of 2 lemons
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon 16 days ago
The universe is a perpetual motion machine
Solymossi 16 days ago
what about Nicola Tesla / Victor Schauberger / Thomas Henry Moray ? Please explain these inventors, TED...
Mick Ardon
Mick Ardon 16 days ago
Joshua Norris
Joshua Norris 16 days ago
Am I the only one here who thinks i can prove this video wrong?
Xx_Sunlight12345 YT
Humans: Can I? Physics: No Roblox: Can I? Physics: Yes
русский человек
Humans*exist* Physics*exist* Humans: Am i a joke to you
Jay Gasper
Jay Gasper 17 days ago
Homer: Lisa, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!!
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