Why Does Lionel Richie Not Like Nick Merico? - American Idol 2020

American Idol
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Nick Merico comes back asking Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie for a second chance. Will his cover of "You Say" by Lauren Daigle win the judges over?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2019
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.




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Comments 80
ian mcdonagh
ian mcdonagh 14 hours ago
I have to agree with mr. Richie on this one
Arielle Mendez
Arielle Mendez 17 hours ago
Omg he's from every witch way😳😳
A A Truth Be Told
A A Truth Be Told 20 hours ago
It really is a thing where people treat attractive people bad. It's a new but very old "ism." And it's sad.
M Grace
M Grace 20 hours ago
How did he make it to top 20!!!!
IMakeContent 22 hours ago
Is there really a question?
Bailey Winter
1:15 wth
Radiant Day ago
He’s overflowing with arrogance that you don’t need to get to know him to know it.
Samoa L
Samoa L Day ago
DOES ANYONE NOT KNOW HE WAS IN THE SHOW “Every Witch Way” THATS why the girl chose Jax over him (Daniel) 💀💀
Nur Ikhsani
Nur Ikhsani 2 days ago
He is handsome... tahs why he can be model... He has a good voice but for americal idol ? Owww no no no way babe. You just typical and worse by your coccy attitude
Malak Husein
Malak Husein 2 days ago
every witch way
Nope gal
Nope gal 3 days ago
I remember him on every which way BEHAAHHAAH
Mojamoja Mujaden
Mojamoja Mujaden 3 days ago
LR is a true sage.
Sarah Murdock
Sarah Murdock 3 days ago
He could make it as an actor honestly
blove9387 3 days ago
He's really not that good of a singer. Guarantee you he won't win
All Might Junior
All Might Junior 3 days ago
I love this song! and then it's sung by this cutie? Oh wow
Playlist For Me
Playlist For Me 4 days ago
I'm not really a fan of his. His voice is mediocre. But, I thought he left last season because of a family emergency. So, should him leaving last season really be held over him?
Jesse Dwight Hernandez
Di mo kami maloloko Kellin Quinn.
Drexter James
Drexter James 4 days ago
Votes denied 🙅‍♂️
Taylor Wiler
Taylor Wiler 4 days ago
His personality is gross
Henry Mathews
Henry Mathews 4 days ago
Lionel literally loves him but wants him to be the best he can be, just if he could be a little humble........I love Richie ❤
Henry Mathews
Henry Mathews 4 days ago
They just said hollywoo y'all like in Bojack Horseman 7:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Buknoy Da Great
Buknoy Da Great 4 days ago
Now l see why Lionel hates this asshole.
Nathan Stanish
Nathan Stanish 4 days ago
He came in with a lot of arrogance maybe, but I felt like by the end he was starting to grasp what he needed to do and where he really stood.
MythicalPlayz 4 days ago
ilbs ilbs
ilbs ilbs 4 days ago
He never gonna make it with that attitude
Dale Brown
Dale Brown 4 days ago
I don’t like lonnie anymore I love this dude
J yao
J yao 4 days ago
He should just model
Jordan Mocus
Jordan Mocus 5 days ago
“How bad do you wanna breathe”
Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
I want Nick to win
Lynn-Nicole Gatien
That’s just cause Katy Perry lived hell and back without those stupid costumes that now she’s saying to kids to loose « ego ». He doesn’t have ego, he’s smart enough to deal with his personal issues & come back. That’s the way to go. Those judges are wackos moulded by a system that plays them like stringed puppets. What’s Lionel Richie latest tube? Erh none maybe he produces now who knows. As for the 3rd dude, who the heck is he!
Glacian 5 days ago
Garbage guy is much better! We need to let him win for his daughter Also all these ads when I’m trying to read the comments 🤦🏻‍♂️
lukaboy82 6 days ago
It’s very good 👀, but I think your insecurity make him looks arrogant. And looks a kind of guy who grow up with grandma. Btw every deserves a second chance . And sure is very younger. And I love the song and him version was horrible .
swagderugge 6 days ago
This Is the guy of every witch way?
TheThomas888 6 days ago
Nic will not make it. Such an attitude won't get you far. I was surprise to see the judges are so 'kind hearted', but lets move on, he's not worth your invaluable time.
Kenji Crespo
Kenji Crespo 6 days ago
Those who believe it's real, well, it's not because it's only scripted.
Emily D
Emily D 6 days ago
Why is everyone trashing on him he’s not a terrible person nobody knows what happened last year and he’s not a terrible singer
Zoey Martinez
Zoey Martinez 6 days ago
They are the best three judges! This is constructive criticism that actually is aimed to make a difference. I hate his ego as well, i was so annoyed by him. The reality check was much needed. lol
Kelley Elizabeth
Kelley Elizabeth 6 days ago
I'm so happy that Katy is engaged and happy, but I miss her flirting😂
Mijah Vernon
Mijah Vernon 7 days ago
Omg I remember having a crush on Thai guy when I was like 8
Bruce Beznet
Bruce Beznet 7 days ago
Lionel is such a nicest person I have ever seen in Hollywood.
Tom 7 days ago
Touch flat
happyhappyjoyful 7 days ago
5secs in ...im not a fan..arrogance
yacine aouimeur
yacine aouimeur 7 days ago
They handled him very well
Mary-G 7 days ago
i cast a spell it takes a hold of you i see my dreams and theyre all coming true
Tara Briggs
Tara Briggs 7 days ago
First off......this kid could seriously be Elvis’ son (if Elvis had a son).......yes he’s that handsome! Yes he’s very good looking and he has a pretty good voice but if he’s going to make it and have all the woman falling at his feet.......being humble IS one of the most amazing things!!!
Kayla Jordan
Kayla Jordan 7 days ago
I don't think he deserves all the hate... so he's young, cocky, and a little cheezy about it.... he'll learn.
I'm normal
I'm normal 4 days ago
He’s pretty too maybe he’s just a bit too confident
kimmy dora
kimmy dora 7 days ago
I love you LUKE😍😍😍
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 8 days ago
Y’all are telling me no one remembers him from every witch way
Brianna Elizabeth
I had the biggest crush on him when he was on Every Witch Way, hes still attractive too
Sara 5 days ago
Brianna Elizabeth no way its him
Vivian Brubaker
Vivian Brubaker 8 days ago
He looks like a bad boy for girls
Ghita Najid
Ghita Najid 8 days ago
this guy is a sociopath, his eyes let you know just what he wants yo to
macaronnieyatco 9 days ago
is it just me or these judges love each other, they blend so well and their feedbacks dont just prove how they're legends, but also theyve got hearts, theyre intentional and they care about the contestants. i love this batch of judges i hope they wont get replaced.
Ava Jennifer
Ava Jennifer 9 days ago
he's a disgrace to nickolodean.
What’s The Deal?
I was ready for Daniel last year, but I’m kinda over Nick now...🤷🏾‍♀️
TheAsmaaAttack !
TheAsmaaAttack ! 9 days ago
Lime Direction
Lime Direction 9 days ago
Ok yeah, you’re watching the video, but how badly do you want to breathe?
G.I.SouL 9 days ago
dude lowkey look's like Elvis
Bree Anna Rollins
His vibe reminds me of the “The Ripper” Stefan in vampire diaries lol
elle Lister
elle Lister 9 days ago
Daniel from every which way and still a few years on looks the same😂x
Ava Davis
Ava Davis 10 days ago
every witch way looks different here
HOT NEWS 10 days ago
Don't judge people's attitudes only from 10-minute videos. different people's characters. For you is not polite, for people who are close to him normal. this is a singing competition not an attitude-testing competition
Juicemon 10 days ago
Honestly I really don’t see anything wrong with is personality. He is just confident in himself
Silver Fritz Reah
Silver Fritz Reah 11 days ago
we want Lionel Richie to be our dad
Prabesh Khati
Prabesh Khati 11 days ago
Looks like elvis Presley lowkey
Jacob L
Jacob L 11 days ago
You just telling that man to be fake
Lolis Manzo
Lolis Manzo 11 days ago
Alguien me puede traducir lo que dijo Lionel
Mishagoddess427 11 days ago
Lmfao at all of the social rejects dogging this guys personality... 15 years ago you would have paid for him to give you one second of attention.
Leah Candia
Leah Candia 11 days ago
Daniel every witch way
jael lugano
jael lugano 11 days ago
He’s from Every Witch Way!!!!! The 3 or 4 season show from Nickelodeon
Dwain Thetub
Dwain Thetub 11 days ago
If a skid mark in tighty whiteys had a face
Mick Mo
Mick Mo 11 days ago
I like him he's nice, not cocky just confident. I've known like 1000000 x worse. His voice is ok
Joseph R.
Joseph R. 11 days ago
This was the dumbest shit ive ever seen. He came in completely normal and didnt do anything arrogant. Intro was cringey af and clearly forced.
Shells74 Shells74
Shells74 Shells74 11 days ago
Cant blame him, I just want to Gibbs Slap him.
Bryant Corvera
Bryant Corvera 11 days ago
he was a nick star why he on American Idol ?
AIRYN_MORGAN 12 days ago
So no one remembers him form every witch way on nick
-Tyrese 12 days ago
The guy from Every Witch Way.
Mariana Lehnertz
Mariana Lehnertz 12 days ago
look he might be cocky,,, but those eyes
Dakota Skye
Dakota Skye 12 days ago
He acts like he’s so entitled, and it’s terrible. He got his first chance, now his second. He needs to listen and grow up.. I swear...
Reeva Blank
Reeva Blank 12 days ago
I think he just wanted to appear confident and it came out wrong remember he’s also an actor. I just don’t wanna bade a judgement on a person and spread hate. Just wannna day he learned from his lesson and hope to see improvement with his potential
starsgirl0414 12 days ago
Piano is superb, vocals nah.
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