Why Does Lionel Richie Not Like Nick Merico? - American Idol 2020

American Idol
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Nick Merico comes back asking Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie for a second chance. Will his cover of "You Say" by Lauren Daigle win the judges over?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2019
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.


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Feb 16, 2020




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Comments 80
Bree Stephens
Beautiful voice
Cryptic Elite
Cryptic Elite 2 days ago
Daniel miller ( like if you know )
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 5 days ago
This guy was on a Nickelodeon show 5 years ago. I’m not fooled that your acting career failed
Gary Brabbs
Gary Brabbs 7 days ago
When a super positive home life raised young man meets Hollywood.
The Playlist Queen
Why didn't he just sing "It's Always You"? Singing your own song would've made your ego even bigger.
The Playlist Queen
He is acting like spider-ceal-jerky Daniel
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 9 days ago
Wait wait wait I saw other videos of this kid and he was being nice, like when he first came on and at the finales and everything
iiiEllxrie 9 days ago
They made him look like an idiot when he was dancing- *LMAO*
Zage 16 days ago
He’s like a mean Bo Burnham
Mudd 16 days ago
wait but i genuinely don’t understand how he is being cocky? he does seem a little confident but i’ve seen some comments mentioning it may be nerves and him trying to come off as someone he isn’t which is totally plausible. he didn’t do anything wrong here, he seemed respectful to the judges and listened to them. i don’t understand why everyone is being so negative? the judges seemed to be overreacting way too much..he was not offensive nor showing off. a lot of you are saying ‘it’s his body language’, ‘you can *tell a jerk when you see him’...lmao, that’s so judgey. stop judging people based off of appearances, this man did nothing in this audition that was overly egotistical at all, nothing he said was rude. if anything to me his body language conveys he is in actuality quite awkward and doesn’t know how to act to come off as confident to others.
Mary Chela
Mary Chela 21 day ago
He look like Elvis Presley , not as talent as Elvis but he maybe get better, he need to practice his voice because it is not strong or maybe the right songs not sure, but he is definitely super super handsome wao yep whatever that is not enough in that world
rihvaldi 21 day ago
When he entered the room. I'm likw nope, this attitude needs to be removed. The previous audition is better.
R i c k
R i c k 22 days ago
R i c k
R i c k 22 days ago
Total package 💯%
Renaldo Roshan
Renaldo Roshan 24 days ago
Why he look like Daniel from “every witch way”
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne d'Arc 24 days ago
Yes some people must learn and the truth is important ☝️
Donna G.
Donna G. 27 days ago
Personality stinks. But has some talent...
Fran Cooper
Fran Cooper 28 days ago
Lionel Richie my name is Frank Cooper I'm from Philadelphia PA Darius his father and daughter duet. They sing beautifully spiritual songs that brought a lot of people through the pandemic they have five thousand people that have seen them Kelly Clarkson had them on a talk show that she has but it was from her home I just wanted to see if you could help them in any way you will cry at some songs and I would appreciate it with all my heartalso have the video of you and Stevie Wonder singing you are the world and you and Kenny Rogers it's on my Facebook page
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick 29 days ago
I can't take this anymore, I gonna go watch the cosmonaut variety hour.
Shablayne1 29 days ago
He looks like the next Superman. playing nerdy Clarke Kent might bring his ego back down to earth.
Swiss Choklate
Swiss Choklate Month ago
AND HE DIDN’T WIN oh w e l l
Joseph Nieves
Joseph Nieves Month ago
I want all of you to answer a very important question. Who is worse? This guy or the guy in this video ruvid.net/video/video-TdjBiNPT-bQ.html
Haruka Machiko
Haruka Machiko Month ago
Okay i read the comments before i watched the videos,at first i was so scared of what he’s gonna do. But after i watched the videos, i was like “wtf?! What’s with the comments tho?” Because he did nothing wrong! The comments are too much, it is like he did the same thing like what logan paul did. He didn’t even talk back the judges. Everybody deserves second chance right? So everyone needs to chill
Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill Month ago
If Lionel doesn’t like you, you know you have to go toward the EXIT sign.
and i oop-
and i oop- Month ago
Brennan J
Brennan J Month ago
This man has no attitude I don’t understand the hate. Poor guy. His song was vulnerable & he was clearly ready to do what he needed to this time
allie Month ago
well i was team daniel but now i’m team jax
Zayn Month ago
0:08 that's really cringy
XD Month ago
Him in every witch way 👍 Him here 👎
negatron Month ago
he seems to be a different person last season. He is cocky and like an ahole now. or he was always a douche but he was shy last year because he was auditioning for the first time, and now he is cocky because he knows the judge will pass him like they did last year.
Markus T
Markus T Month ago
I follow his music since 2009, because I absolutely love his voice. I'm singing bass in some choirs, and wish I had such an incredible talent. I feel he was quite simpatico & congenial but recently started growing his ego - I don't like to watch this any more. Sad to see such a brilliant singer developing in the very wrong direction. Hope he understands his problem and fixes it.
The Awesome Dude
Came to see this guy's toxic personality but couldn't digest Katy Perry's. Used to love her before idol.
Jw William
Jw William Month ago
he must have shi**T in his pants when lionel said i do not like you.
Silva Surfer
Silva Surfer Month ago
He looked like Dylan Sprayberry.
Anonymous Hacker
He’s a really good singer I don’t much care about how he acts he’s young lol .
alex jomain
alex jomain Month ago
How much cringe do you want ? HoW bAd dO yoU WaNt To bReATh ?
Nicholas W
Nicholas W 2 months ago
This dudes a full on cringe fest
Chase Nerbonne
Chase Nerbonne 2 months ago
Fying Fish
Fying Fish 2 months ago
I don’t think he’s cocky.. he’s just socially awkward i mean i think he thinks that’s how a cool person acts and he acts weird like that. He is acting as if he’s in a movie
Mudd 16 days ago
i completely agree, the comments on here are so negative for no reason
Pops Poppin'
Pops Poppin' 2 months ago
right, I thought he was only messing around but it came off with the judges. Had probably something to do with the editing of AI too.
neoncity baby
neoncity baby 2 months ago
His voice is mediocre and he’s not that cute lmao
Lionel Raoul
Lionel Raoul 2 months ago
The same reason America didn't like him. He comes across as arrogant.
Kaylie Macy
Kaylie Macy 2 months ago
I literally CHEERED tonight when they revealed that he’s NOT in the top 10. He is way too cocky. Please don’t let him come back next year! I think it’s so weird when losers show back up to try again. You lost. Let someone else have a chance.
TheWeekndFanX0 2 months ago
Nick is a sore loser. He’s the type of person who can’t accept the fact that there are other people who can sing better than him. Such a turn off
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas 2 months ago
What got me is how when everyone was eliminated they all had a good attitude and were waving and saying thank you, and then he was just sitting there shaking his head with his bad attitude...
Nancy Henson
Nancy Henson 2 months ago
Nick you do not need American idol or Lionel. you can make it on your own. not this candy a** TV show.
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 2 months ago
He doesn’t deserve it for real
Kiana Werre
Kiana Werre 2 months ago
and i thought i had a huge ego..
Victor Ajah
Victor Ajah 2 months ago
Daniel Miller is QUAKING
Su Hugo
Su Hugo 2 months ago
Omg I thought this song sounded familiar. the song is constantly played on a Christian radio station I listen to. Shout out to radio station Spirit 105.3 FM. ❤️❤️❤️
Jamyia’s World
Jamyia’s World 2 months ago
Does anyone else know Nick from Every Witch Way or just me?🥱
Bruh I feel like I’m the only one who came cuz of every witch way
Jamyia’s World
Jamyia’s World 2 months ago
No you’re not alone...
Julie Victoria
Julie Victoria 2 months ago
Nick already explained his reason for leaving in 2019. Why being so harsh with him? Lionel, your words are too mean!. I thought that Lionel was insulting him. Kathy, Lionel, and Brain were all contestants at one time. Why they did not understand that contestants get nervous?
Bella R
Bella R 2 months ago
this guy is from st. louis, i met him once when i was younger and he was on every witch way. he was quite rude to me and my friend who said hi at the neighborhood pool because we were big fans
Dadrienne Nelson
Dadrienne Nelson 2 months ago
So igs i'm the only one who dosen't think he was that bad. He came off a little cocky and confident but whats wrong with being confident in yourself. I feel the judges see obviously he's a good looking guy (as good looking guys are stereotyped to be over confident) were confused as to why he wasen't nervous in front of them (which most people are) so they took his confidence as him being cocky. Just because they are celebrites dosen't mean he has to be nervous as if they're superior human beings.
Jessica P
Jessica P 2 months ago
Cocky. But once he gets on that piano, he softens. If he were humble, he’d be a star. I’m surprised he’s not a Disney star already.
Lauran Thomas
Lauran Thomas 2 months ago
i’m dead. he thinks he’s the crap
firefly 0118
firefly 0118 2 months ago
Ok guys I didn't know he was terrible before I read the comments. So I was watching American idol reruns and spotted him. I knew him before bcz he was in tric or tri halloween. OOOOOPS I didn't have a slightest clue he was hated by the viewers. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
SunnyD 8116
SunnyD 8116 2 months ago
Wasn’t he on Every Witch Way?
Zifen Huang
Zifen Huang 2 months ago
Like I understand why people, thinks he’s entitled, but most the time these show are producers.
Randy Gaines
Randy Gaines 2 months ago
Who remembers him from every witch way?
Diana Jacobs
Diana Jacobs 2 months ago
Silvana Heitner
Silvana Heitner 2 months ago
I don’t like this guy no matter what
NissaDaBinks 2 months ago
this guy was ok, these judges so full of themselves. to make on these shows u gotta come with a sob story!!!
Kev Louie
Kev Louie 2 months ago
What a fake personality.
Ssj Arop
Ssj Arop 2 months ago
Jax is better
Ashley Murphy
Ashley Murphy 2 months ago
I understand Lionel putting this guy in his place . He said it because he does like/care about nick . But there’s another contestant who needed an attitude check too yet she got nothing? Maybe it’s because he’s actually more talented than she is ? But it’s annoying that he gets all the hate for his ego and being “cocky “. Yet when a girl acts the same way it’s “confidence” .
Jean Edouard
Jean Edouard 2 months ago
Not saying this for everyone cuz i dont know u personally, but good looking people have horrid personalities.
Russo Swerve
Russo Swerve 2 months ago
This is the type of person who does tik toks
Math Gineous
Math Gineous 2 months ago
Low key don't like him either
S4ndyMu551n 2 months ago
His voice is great but he needs to learn to be humble
tasneem. a.
tasneem. a. 2 months ago
The fact thattheydidnt edited any music in when he said that 😂😂
Junwille Albon
Junwille Albon 2 months ago
Tall, Handsome, and sensational! He aced the cry feels of the song! Darn!
Grace Rodriguez
Grace Rodriguez 2 months ago
Can someone please tell me what this man did wrong. He’s cute, he has confidence, & he can sing. Why is everyone mad about it.
Ben G
Ben G 2 months ago
Nah, too arrogant, just hovering on the notes.
Maiya Karki
Maiya Karki 2 months ago
He is handsome. I don't know about his personality
I don't think he has an attitude problem or an ego problem..He just seems like a nervous kid...I'm lost
yuriabcdms 2 months ago
He lacks the hardwork cause everything goes so easy for him: women, admiration, etc. He needs to be challenged.
ixotia -
ixotia - 3 months ago
Roland A. Pirade
Roland A. Pirade 3 months ago
I think Katy was offended after Lionel interrupted and grabbed the ticket from her. Look at her reaction after that !!!
K018274910 3 months ago
his personality........ cringe
laila sanchez
laila sanchez 3 months ago
i always liked jax better anyway... iykyk
Leonard Richards
Leonard Richards 3 months ago
I was Team Jax for a reason....
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