Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us?
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Sep 2, 2018




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Comments 80
Prince Leader
Prince Leader 3 hours ago
Building a new computer and wanted to save my windows 10 subscription. I tried doing a cmd command to view my product key, and, well, it didn't show. People told me that that was due to my windows 10 being pirated, which kinda sucks/but makes sense since the old PC of mine is a refurbished one. However, in the amazon page, this seller being a verified refurbisher, it says "Windows 10 Product Key & Installation Guide Attached" I remember installing windows 10 and it booting up, but now I can't seem to locate the product key, so I can move it to a new drive/device. I am however reusing my old HDD, it holding all of my data, but I want to move my OS to an SSD, m.2 to be specific, because I got one for a decent price. It would help my new machine run better and boot faster, but without the product key, I can't really do it. If someone could help me out I'd be grateful, because I don't reaaaaaaaally wanna buy a new subscription, I mean it wouldn't kill me, $109.00 is cheaper than the other components besides the mobo/ram/chassis, but I would like to avoid doing that if possible. I do have a Microsoft Account, but it's fickle, and likes to log me out and then tell me my passwords are incorrect. I would transfer it to the account, but I'm not sure how, or if that also requires my key. Any help, greatly appreciated^^
ACE SFS 9 hours ago
My comment: likes -1 heart False Other people comment: correct punctuation, good grammar, *bold text* ߷ fidget spinner for some reason likes 758k heart true
Sebastian Hernandez
What about a bootable USB?
Nihal Hussain
Nihal Hussain 11 hours ago
Im watching this cause i thought id learn how to pirate windows 10 for my very first new pc build and walked out not caring about a single thing this guy said in this entire video
sleorp my melon
sleorp my melon 11 hours ago
I had an ad with linus before the video
OriginalTeo 15 hours ago
Newbie here, but why not using Ubuntu instead? I mean, it's free, so you won't need to buy anything
Melodias 15 hours ago
Hey linus ever heard of network booting pxe and installing windows 10 by just dumping a placeholder clonezilla image on every system ? 🙃 also using the sys prep tools right before you make a clonezilla image to dump on every PC so its essentially faster windows 10 install ? 😁
Jez abell
Jez abell 18 hours ago
lol as if anyone would pay for windows
Hollis Wong
Hollis Wong 18 hours ago
Why I don’t use Windows. Pure BS.
Johnny Rosales
Johnny Rosales 19 hours ago
Can’t believe you had to explain this smh
FineSniper 2188
FineSniper 2188 23 hours ago
Are you Albertan or British Columbian?
I called Microsoft and had to ask about this when I had to change out my motherboard. I got a rep and they told me that the board stores the license.
Ian Day ago
You’re not wasting the license, you can literally remove the license and reapply it to any other computer.
Quility Day ago
Lol i have a app that activitates windows free
David Dunmore
This is why we're 100% Linux.
Comfortable Quotes
I just watched Linus skipable Ad on his own video. It was pulseway company.
Pixel Dude
Pixel Dude 2 days ago
Next video: Linus goes to jail
LemonsAreJuicy 2 days ago
activate windows gives me nightmares
Abijo 2 days ago
I see this as the same as using an emulator, or pirating a tv show that isn't available in your region. Like, I'd pay for it if it worked for me, but since there is no option to pay for it and use it legitimately i might as well pirate it.
Sylvex Dragonskin
Not needed anyway.
Kiril Nedev
Kiril Nedev 2 days ago
Yeah Windows licensing is a tricky thing. I remember a case from 12 years ago where a partner wanted to use Windows XP, and he was told the only legitimate way is to purchase Windows 7 Professional license since they don't sell XP anymore, and with Win7 only the Pro gives you "Downgrade rights". After we purchased the Pro version, we asked them 'Ok now that we have Win7 Pro with Downgrade rights, where can we get Installation media & License key?' .. The answer... after 3 days of arguing with MS: "Just go to a torrent tracker and get a pirated one, that's fine"
Andrey Nikishaev
Andrey Nikishaev 3 days ago
I think having Linus in title should someday force you to move to Linux )))
Justin C
Justin C 3 days ago
I've pirated windows literally hundreds of times for myself and friends and family.
RampageBlizzard 3 days ago
Hope they're enjoying their viruses and rootkits!
Andrei Curtean
Andrei Curtean 3 days ago
"Now I'm going to basically burn this license fpr the purpose of this video" The video generated way more money than the price of that license
Maont 3 days ago
windows pro costs like 8 euro
Extra Toast
Extra Toast 3 days ago
I've haven't activated Windows yet, and it's been a w h i l e
T Kayra S7 Edge2
T Kayra S7 Edge2 3 days ago
linus, you spent 2.5k to play hl alyx, but you dont spend 179 for a windows license, amazing
Kory 4 days ago
thank god for linux
Guru Jimmy Ryan
Guru Jimmy Ryan 4 days ago
I bought it and I own it. They deactivated mine for a MB swap so I use KMSPICO. Tit for tat!
Jovan Vitanovic
Jovan Vitanovic 4 days ago
Dont take this wrong, i love Linus Tech Tips ive been a fan since 2012,,, but you just cant trust Linus anymore🤣 i mean at any point during the video he'l say like "This GPU is great, BUT THIS SPONSOR IS EVEN GREATER". And i constantly get jump scared by all these sponsors🤣🤣
Red Dead
Red Dead 4 days ago
kmspico ;)
Grey 4 days ago
There is no point in activating Windows on a test bench or if you burn a lot of VMs. I miss my WindowsXP x64 VLK 😊
Mo Ode
Mo Ode 4 days ago
Linus: "Got into a heated argument with a windows rep" Me: "Laughs with the linux community" Edit: Wrote linus as linux (auto correct :p)
DexterTheNerd 4 days ago
This dude is in a ad
Panda Jarcor
Panda Jarcor 4 days ago
Ok. Now HOW do I pirate it tho.
Panda Jarcor
Panda Jarcor 3 days ago
@StevoBP nvm I already did it thx c:
StevoBP 3 days ago
Panda Jarcor google
Korgo 4 days ago
It's shameful that he needed to "justify" it in a video because idiots keep pestering them with these remarks ...
Jonathan Cipriano
the point why Linus does this ... ive encountered this more often with Win7 and below versions.. im in the impression that WIn10 no longer requires this as much but still there is a chance of having it deactivated specially if you change the chipset or one platform or another like Intel to AMD.... before if u used up all your online activations with your legit key.. it will have you to call MS hotline just to convert the Key to a manual code activations... as ive mentioned win10 is no longer happening on to that because or maybe Microsoft decided to shutdown the call center for activations just to save their bucks and invest it on something else
Migs Pagatpatan
Migs Pagatpatan 4 days ago
Funniest transition for the sponsor of this vid! HAHAHAHAHA!
Mr Tee
Mr Tee 4 days ago
Just use Windows 10 LTSC after using this I'll never go back to Windows 10 Pro !!!
Vishnu Sudarshan
Vishnu Sudarshan 4 days ago
0:25 Linus is the only person who can sneak in a sponsor like that.
Joe Zipperer
Joe Zipperer 5 days ago
Someone: Installs pirated windows Microsoft: Keep up the good work!
Rogomerlin Gameboy
Who the fuck is gonna buy a new Windows? That's a 3 second video...
Dragonax 5 days ago
Imagine having to activate system This meme was made by Linux gang
Narcis Mario
Narcis Mario 2 days ago
Penguin gang?
Bobby G4M3R
Bobby G4M3R 5 days ago
Bc, we are human, we need music and games that no longer sell, or don't have a DVD for your listening entertainment, anything else?
Sim Jans
Sim Jans 5 days ago
Imagine paying for an OS -this meme was made by GNU/Linux gang
GrinberGG 5 days ago
windows 10 is free you just dont get every feature the watermark means nothing idiots
Random Shitposter
DS Creations
DS Creations 5 days ago
you got my like on that creative promotion
Danielle Miller
Danielle Miller 6 days ago
maybe a dumb question since I use Windows myself but...why not just use Linux? maybe I'm wrong but isn't linux free and you should be able to test hardware function regardless of OS?
Yuthoob 6 days ago
The ads are lit 😂
Blunt Politics
Blunt Politics 6 days ago
because fuck microsoft, for gary kildall.
MPG187 6 days ago
I'm against activation for the whole reason that legit users get locked out. The cost outweighs the benefit, I guess unle$$ you are M$.
MPG187 6 days ago
4:22 What's he saying there over heavy metal? Did he call her a stupid whore?
Artem 6 days ago
F*ck windows! Updates can stuck your computer. Even you update system - is not guarantee to you be free of viruses! Use linux instead! Forget about this issues!
Birby Studio
Birby Studio 6 days ago
Me: *Uses different monitor* Windows: I've never seen this man in my life.
ArtisChronicles 6 days ago
lmfao I already watched this and youtube recommended it again
Konrad Goliński
Konrad Goliński 6 days ago
Hey Linus, you can now purchase a Visual Studio subscription, which works the same way as TechNet, here: visualstudio.microsoft.com/subscriptions/
Abdullah Bashir
Abdullah Bashir 6 days ago
*changes motherboard* "windows will say that my computer is not activated with a license" windows: you got a license! Linus: oh fucc how did dat hapen
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 7 days ago
Honestly i find that Microsoft software policy is pure bullshit
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 7 days ago
Piracy The name cannot be said
Ludovic Carceles
Ludovic Carceles 7 days ago
Hmmm according to European laws, the $20 licence are 100% legal to use
MrMan314 7 days ago
6:04 dead menes...
D_r__n Y
D_r__n Y 7 days ago
Based? Based on what? 2:20
Mihael Tominšek
Mihael Tominšek 7 days ago
How stupit is that video. IT guy myself I knew wy you do not activate (since it is only legit and yet sane way to use Windows as you do), but was waiting to the end how you would put it. Meh, you really could do it with less drama. Microsoft activation methods ara crap. I once changed HDD to SSD and was end of story. But another time I activated Intel based laptop with key of 5 years older destructed AMD based PC. And it activated in 1st attempt. Go figure.
I replaced my motherboard last year and had to re-activate windows 10. But every time I tried to it kept popping up with an error, or said the key I had for my old MB was invalid. So I spent about a year with the windows activation water-mark in the corner. I tried activating it with exactly the same key a week ago and it did it without a problem
jorge morera
jorge morera 7 days ago
kmspico is laughing rigtht now lol
TheStatistnr27 7 days ago
i recently swapped hardware (mobo and cpu) now my fucking windows isn't "activated" anymroe i even bought windows keys went to "change product key" still doesn't fucking work windows hotline: you need a new key because you MADE a new computer (which i fucking didn't as my SSD is the same) cd key sites: the error comes from windows side my pc: ACTIVATE WINDOWS (with aids watermark covering even games) me: get cancer windows
Luna 7 days ago
download windows 10 and then buy a key on ebay very easy.
Nikola Perkovic V-1
why is there an add with you in your video?
Mason Marcucci's Ministry Of Mixes
If you were in the "upset" group, you are an IDIOT. Either because you KNOW what hes about to explain and are making some idk passive agressive virtue signal? OR more likely, you have NO experience in working on these things so actually the fact you even have some emotional moral stance towards something you are completely ignoraint of is, well, ignoraint lol
AgentCorgi 8 days ago
Okay but nobody listens to EULA, look at Minecraft
Eva Langley
Eva Langley 8 days ago
If you don't feel okay at night, you can just send a 100$ check to MS at the address below... if the address seems to be strangely similar to my address, it is because you are overthinking. Just send that check!
Coupar Fortier
Coupar Fortier 8 days ago
i have a custom pc and when i first got it, it said i needed to activate windows, it operated perfectly the only thing that annoyed me was that i could customize my back ground so i basically found a command that would activate windows entirely for free.
Animal Instync
Animal Instync 8 days ago
How wotk digital licence
DangerDucking 8 days ago
Thought it was 1:1 for motherboard, so it's a mystery how it still worked after motherboard swap
Mark Ratajczak
Mark Ratajczak 8 days ago
keeps companies honest
zosa6player 8 days ago
My sister die it LOL!!!!!!
Grinsekatze De Cheshire
You can get rid of watermark by editing Registry
HeadsandTails HeadsandTails
Lol...wow I never realised Microsoft were that Greedy🤪
2A Has'san
2A Has'san 8 days ago
i like the way linus does the sponsorship transitions 🤣 also the whole software side of my computers are pirated 😂
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