Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us?
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Sep 2, 2018





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Comments 20 236
Jim 9 hours ago
If you use the free version of windows long enough the watermark goes away
Shock Wave
Shock Wave 9 hours ago
This guy does not pirate anything at all. He is talking s**t
Jacob P. Smith
Jacob P. Smith 11 hours ago
uh you can get windows for free and not activate it ever and it is not pirated there is no real disadvantage the watermark does not even show up consistently right now I have no watermark and I have no idea why
mark vietti
mark vietti 12 hours ago
people buy windows?
SgtCage1971 12 hours ago
Who gives a shit!! Jesus
Leah96xxx 19 hours ago
My watermark only appears after my pc has been running for over 2 hours then disappears again after a restart or cold boot (without fast startup) for another 2 hours. I can't remember how I managed to get it to do that but it works for me... EDIT: My friend has never activated his copy but has never had the watermark appear. Neither of us can figure out why...
Ruthvik S S
Ruthvik S S 22 hours ago
Thank God (Windows) is Not Like Apple ✌️😎
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 23 hours ago
Use a Windows 10 Digital License activator program!
Sage VI
Sage VI Day ago
Performance is not impacted he saids Windows updates = am i joke to you?
1Zerotonine Day ago
just over write the cornell
LancePerez 430
I activated windows just to customize the taskbar....
Leah96xxx 19 hours ago
If personalising Windows is all you wanted to do you could have saved yourself the money by customising it through Regedit, that's what I did and it works perfectly. Most of the options in the Personalisation Settings can be found in the registry, you just need to google which keys & dwords to change. You might also be able to do it on Group Policy Editor but I haven't tried that since I'm only using Win10 Home.
Thomas Downes
Someone asks me why I haven't activated windows : coz I broke
Cartoons can be deep too
It’s so many pirated versions of windows that come pre-activated
T1agoDM 2 days ago
*Bill Gates want to know your Location ...*
Hank Woodcutter
Hank Woodcutter 2 days ago
motherboard is hardware identity
keeling18 2 days ago
i have had my PC for 4 years and ive never bothered to "activate windows" lmao
Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu
A RETAIL (NOT O.E.M.) version of Windows can be reinstalled for endless times on any PC. At course it still can ba activated on more than one machine except if isn't a multi-license key.
Joshua Sexton
Joshua Sexton 2 days ago
$5 on ebay and you got yourself windows
DarylHarder 2 days ago
lier heres what I know on company motherboards like Dell , HP ,ACER the license is saved directly too your bios and HDD ...later I figured custom built machines like if you buy a mobo ect you need too buy a license and activate it but it creates a copy too key too bios same thing and HDD but recently I build another pc booted windows 10 pro 64 on it and straight up didn't bother activating it in installation what I did was use my Hotmail on it and it automatically licensed it for me !!!!! crazey right me thought so it just activated through my Hotmail poof wow eh pays too be a Hotmail , Outlook user and guess what doesn't work with Gmail !!!! hahahaha pays too be old school thanks microsoft
Chane Clarke
Chane Clarke 2 days ago
Linus u can download microsoft tool kit and activate your copy of windows 10 bro...
Kyle939 2 days ago
You can change the graphics card as many times as you like I believe, also the hard drives but it’s when you changing the motherboard, that’s when it sees a brand new computer....
Thamor Elf
Thamor Elf 3 days ago
Yeah, I'll just keep sailing the 7 seas like I always do...
john boi
john boi 3 days ago
He got heated in an argument but is Canadian
Vaibhav Kurde
Vaibhav Kurde 3 days ago
Hi Linus, I have done tonnes of hardware swappings on Windows machine. But, that watermark will not poke you until you change your MoBo. I can't understand, as you said, why you got activation mark when you change graphics card from your system!! But technically, its just MoBo, not any other innocent component.
SoloManXD 3 days ago
it is tied to motherboard
Just For Knowledge
I tried liking your channel, but despite using the word Linus you still continue with Windoze. Windoze is always hopelessly unstable and unreliable.
okay buddy
FuaFoa 3 days ago
Pirate Windows lol. Better share some MAK keys for us, Linus. Pro ver. for example Hahahahahaha!
aminekittygirlYT i love kittys
In the thumbnail one of the skeletons eyes has a slight glow
d.ronzo17 3 days ago
damn, probably the smoothest sponsor transition in LTT history, honestly didnt see that one coming
thesuremen 3 days ago
how about the "retail box/version"? OEM is not transferable.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 2 days ago
Box version is not transferable either. You can lose your activation in the same way.
Alexandru Anton
Alexandru Anton 3 days ago
I know that it's weird , but my Windows 7 laptop ( Acer Aspire E1-531 ) Has been around me for 5 years , and just now it has got problems because of the Activation. Both of my internet connections have been disabled for some reason. To be fair , I have reinstalled Windows 7 on it 3 until now , but this should've not be happened.
Nacalal 3 days ago
Should use an OS that you don't need to violate the licensing for to get free.
i kinda like being able to download things and have them just work instead of having to fight with them.
leviemae hilario
leviemae hilario 3 days ago
No need to activate windows! doors is enough!
Eddie Quist
Eddie Quist 4 days ago
Its not the past you don't have to activate windows to use it.
Chase Brannen
Chase Brannen 4 days ago
Linus: The Windows 10 licence will not be here. Oh what. Me: Get caught.
Ammon Krraw
Ammon Krraw 4 days ago
I would have said, "Speaking of saving a buck, You might want to so you can get the soundcore."
Peter Melton
Peter Melton 4 days ago
Im gonna give you 3 easy ways to remove viruses, malware, spyware, scare-ware etc 1. Delete System 32 2. Throw your PC/laptop out the top window and buy a new one 3. Download memz destructive and run it :)
joseph kidd
joseph kidd 5 days ago
I got mine from eBay for 4 dollars from the UK and it works great lol
neyo509 5 days ago
Linus you'd be on the criminal commercial back in the 2000s
Vice City
Vice City 5 days ago
Dude just buy win 7 cds for 20 bucks and update with media creation tool
Twofigo 3 days ago
that would take a few extra hours every time, and inpacts performance for the benchmarks.
Random Pixel Guy
Random Pixel Guy 5 days ago
that steam client bootstrapper at 7:59
Leah96xxx 18 hours ago
So many of us know the pain of the steam client bootstrapper. Our thoughts are with all of you who are affected by this terrible curse. If only one day we could find a cure...
NotSpartaGT 5 days ago
windows is easy to crack it xD i use the getkmspico
NextGeneration 9501
i got windows 10 free upgrade from my windows 8 laptop. home single language edition. i've "pirated" it to pro by changing the product key with pro key i've found on youtube (many has used it) and it works lol 😂
The Many Faces Of Idiots
just get KMS lol
hiddeninthewires 6 days ago
Sign a enterprise agreement get a kms key. It covers retail license keys
Beast 6 days ago
NaNi AcTiVaTe WiNdOwS.
Shadow505 7 days ago
Imagine you change your door and the windows turn into walls again... oops
Black Ceiling
Black Ceiling 7 days ago
Pirating used to be easy, just buy it. Trust me you don't want the viruses
Vault Boy 636
Vault Boy 636 7 days ago
I violate MS's terms on service. MS violates my wallet by 200 euros Pretty fair I think
LiberatedMind 2 days ago
ViliamF 7 days ago
maybe it's because sometimes you buy FPP license, sometimes OEM...
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