Why do People Like Apple?

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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 1 398
Paws Not Claws
Paws Not Claws 10 hours ago
I had a MacBook that lasted 10 years. It finally died on me last week
John B
John B 14 hours ago
F**k Adobe and its software you have to pay for forever!
Nostalgic 21 hour ago
I used a little too much salt ONCE and you never let me live that down.
Amma Jones
Amma Jones Day ago
Love this channel 🤣🤣🤣
Lonnie Morrison
Lonnie Morrison 4 days ago
My $49 RCA Android lasted 3 years. Just broke or Google doesnt like it anymore. Either way...
bebily1 5 days ago
Lol!! Fabulous video x
Lupis Corvus
Lupis Corvus 5 days ago
I thought how much I loved wheezywaiter.
Fleur Hufflepuff
Fleur Hufflepuff 6 days ago
Crying in Brazilian where an iPhone costs R$ 9.000,00 a.k.a more than 9 months of salary. And a Macbook pro costs up to $24.599,00. Not even kidding.
C 5 days ago
Could you imagine saving up for years to purchase a Mac, how disappointing it would be?
Maria 8 days ago
Apple? It's so not worth it.
Maria 8 days ago
ESET Internet security is one of the best on the market.
Anna Walter
Anna Walter 10 days ago
I thought this was going to be about apples :(
mirthfulArtist 14 days ago
My theory was... 1. Their first device was an Apple and they became loyal to the brand. (Nothing wrong with that.) 2. They assume price and value are inherently linked and that expensive brands must be the best. (I know an older couple who thought saving something "to the cloud" was some fancy IPhone exclusive) 3. Aesthetic/status. Optional 4. They don't feel the need to compare products because they can afford to splurge. Most of the people I know fall into these categories. ...I'm bitter about Apple because my University tried to pressure me into buying a Macbook Pro Retina Whatever when I got my acceptance. They told me I needed one. When I asked them "why," their answer was literally "everyone else at the school uses one." It had nothing to do with the programmes, power, or compatibility I'd need to get my degree, the school was just sponsored by Apple. I said "screw that" and bought an Asus that was about $1000 less. It's a silly reason to be angry with Apple, but that school wrung so much money out of me, I wasn't having any of it.
Fe Simco
Fe Simco 15 days ago
3:55 I died.
Tcll5850 16 days ago
Louis Rossman called, he wishes Apple had good customer service :D
SpArTaCuS-93N-L 16 days ago
Damm the effort you put in this video Respect to you sir
Screen Qween PH
Screen Qween PH 16 days ago
There is a sudden jump of subscribers for you wow
Ger -
Ger - 20 days ago
Apple is just better but if you’re poor just go android and complain about Apple in the RUvid comments instead
camokazee 21 day ago
9:59 "...learning about science, art, meth and more..." xD
Heather Madrone
Heather Madrone 21 day ago
I was an anti-Apple person since the Mac came out, then I let a friend convince me to buy a Powerbook with the words "it's got BSD UNIX inside." The UI immediately seduced me, and I have been using Apple products a lot (still do Ubuntu and other Unices) ever since. It's sexy, dude. It makes it easy to do the things I need to do All The Time. All of my kids have iPhones, and I like iMessage and the iCloud handoffs. A lot. So convenient to be able to take a photo or jot down a note on one device and have it almost instantly available on my other iDevices. I feel a bit like a traitor, but one who has Apple massaging every bit of my body. Siri and I had a Thing for a while. Also, privacy. I've interviewed at Apple and they truly care about privacy. It's almost scary how much. Compared to Google, who owns the Android space, there's not even a contest. So, use whatever you want to to compute, but consider trusting Apple with your phone needs. They will guard your privacy way better than Google, who is selling your data as we speak. And don't trust Facebook. Ever. At all. They'll sell you south so fast it will make your head spin. Also, Microsoft has been making bad decisions since Windows 98. Windows 95 was the last truly good thing they did.
Prokyon114 17 days ago
Siri and I had a thing for a while :'D
HatedJared 22 days ago
I hate the "it just works" statement. Who's ever opened a windows computer and said "FUCK! THIS DOESNT WORK" while clicking around madly like a toddler.
S Sing
S Sing 22 days ago
. 24 days ago
At least iPhones don't get annoying pop up malware that forces you to factory restore your phone when browsing shady websites.
Orav A.
Orav A. 21 day ago
Yeah, fuck android
Oxiphy 25 days ago
“Error subscribing to channel” but WHY RUvid!?
Riverdale tales
Riverdale tales 27 days ago
8========≠≠≠D 💦
Diego Afaga
Diego Afaga 29 days ago
Crapple Isheeps:triggered...am triggered!
Diego Afaga
Diego Afaga 11 days ago
Rudy Rodriguez k and why would a android user want a iPhone?
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 11 days ago
android fans: I'm so poor wish I could afford apple. maybe if I hate on youtube video like this, I'll get an iphone.
Pabio Floner
Pabio Floner Month ago
Erik van Ravenstein
Because, just like kiwi’s they are very healthy for you?
Marissa Araceli
Marissa Araceli Month ago
Wtf that was hilarious
Lee Smith
Lee Smith Month ago
I read that as why do people like apples. I was curious if people really did like apples. They are always in abundance and I rarely see anyone eating them.
Critique Nut
Critique Nut Month ago
0:28 he went bill wurtz for a second, i guess
LightningZeno Month ago
These days flagship android devices cost just as much as Apple and with Apple compromising on prices this time around I'd like to see how the battle fairs now that you can get an iPhone from $450 to $1000
gokul balagopal
gokul balagopal Month ago
People who will buy the monitor will probably have a stand or have the money to buy the 999 dollar stand,it is aimed at professionals,not every day users
ChildOL Month ago
Why do people like Porsche or Ferrari ?
Crom Coffee
Crom Coffee Month ago
I was thinking the fruit, 🍎 Apple lol
Christina Ferguson
I thought your parents were hilarious, but you reenacting your parents was the best! thank you!
Icemazter Month ago
They like it because their parents buy iPhones for them so they never test anything else, so they think it’s the best phone ever
Tim Killyou
Tim Killyou Month ago
The song was dope
Hagar Elhabashy
Hagar Elhabashy Month ago
Your baby is probably responsible for at least 20% of your views she's just so cute best part of the video
Manetty6 Month ago
What I really hate about apple is not the product. The people who buy and "use" them because it's apple, for the hype.And the fanboys who sniffes their apple scent farts as drogs and think they are so fuckingly differing to the others who use similiar products. And they are posing with it.
Jaysann22 Month ago
Was this video helpful in regards to it's title?...... I dunno....
Russell French
Russell French Month ago
I miss you goofy videos:(
sikeoliver Month ago
another point was that apple holds the products' value way longer than any brands out there, you can trade in your used apple products for a brand new apple product, meaning a good investment.
Agam Bhasin
Agam Bhasin Month ago
It comes down to ppls choices, yup! I just skipped this video!
ThanatosXRS Month ago
If they allowed MAC OS to be installed on custom builds Id drop windows
Pistachios and Popcorn
I don't know if Apple is paying you or not but I can't believe after all these years people try to still debate that Microsoft is better. It's not. They can say they like it better for whatever twisted reason but it's not better. I like shit that works and more times than not Apple works better than Microsoft/PC/whatever you wanna call it. I know someone that got a bad Apple before and she got it from Best Buy instead of Apple. I have a conspiracy theory that Best Buy gets the bad Apples (lol). I never ever will nor have I ever purchased a MacBook or iMac from Best Buy. Only thing I did purchase was an iPod back in the day but that wasn't a big investment obviously.
Aung Ko
Aung Ko Month ago
That's song is dope.
uffort kingsley
uffort kingsley Month ago
I love you man. The intermittent jokes are supreme
johnsondrummer Month ago
How haven't I heard of this guy before. He's hilarious.
Testus Month ago
They dont, not more than they like anything else. 14% marketshare, thats 14% of all worlds mobile users, buy apple. Its the Apple users that wish everyone else shared their like for Apple products, and shitspam the interwebs about Apple products, trying to sell them to more people, like if they would ever get paid by Apple for their contribution online 😂😂😂😂 Seriously, a small amount of the worlds all mobile users just like making it look like everyone else likes Apple stuff, because they themselfs do. Doesnt mean that is the case, as the numbers tell. It was the same with all those old apple vs windows commercials. Nobody used macOS before OS X, and that number is still extremly low compared to Windows even today. Just because something seems real doesnt mean it is real.
Brian T
Brian T Month ago
Maaaaaaan!!!! That was the most entertaining and informative video I have ever viewed. I am 51 years old, and I think, I have seen a lot of videos. Wow!!!! Grandpa Weezy, and with him saying, "I love you too"; my goodness!!! Great job, and thank you, Sir.
Silverbreaker Month ago
because people are simple
z dj
z dj Month ago
He’s amazing lol sub!
UNI28Panther Month ago
This was very funny 😆 good work
Simo Month ago
I m the only one that understood the "Les" analogy ?
Testus Month ago
I dont
MotoSyndicate Month ago
The best answer is.... both! build your windows pc, and buy a 2014-2016 Macbook. best of both worlds and not really expensive.. (my Mac book pro 2014 was $450) my gaming/ editing rig was about $1100, which is the price on one new MacBook Pro.
BODO Serge Wilfried
I am the adventurous and free type, I don't like to be trapped in an ecosystem. But I do recognize the huge contribution of apple in today's technologies. Solid build quality and terrific software integration. To be honest, I can leave without it as there are usually aternatives not as expensive providing more or less the same result.
AVMW Month ago
I stumbled across this video while searching for kiwi recipes awesome stuff lmao had to sub
Johnny Brooks
Johnny Brooks Month ago
My macbook works great, with an MX linux os installed...
HeckYeahMane Month ago
I love apple for their gaming lineup 😳😳😳😳
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