Why do People Like Apple?

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Jun 17, 2019

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Comments 915
Samma Vitae
Samma Vitae 2 hours ago
Well I don’t like ecosystems and I don’t really want to like apple. But damn, I am still using a 2009 iMac, grant you my needs are limited and I have El Capitan. But there are videos on YT showing how even 2008 Mac minis can run Mojave’/OS and edit 4K video. Try that with a PC from the same era.
Peter Nese
Peter Nese 3 hours ago
Another awesome video!!!!! Thank you 🙏 ☺️😂
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 4 hours ago
This guy is funny
ludmilla roman
ludmilla roman 6 hours ago
normally i like watching your videos. but today ... apple... no good.
Richard Lee
Richard Lee 8 hours ago
Apple hasn't innovated since Steve Jobby Jobs.
Reegal Beer
Reegal Beer 8 hours ago
This man is hilarious
Borislav Nikolov
Borislav Nikolov 9 hours ago
I rarely comment but you are my favourite youtube channel to have a good laught with sarcastic jokes
Restia Ashdoll
Restia Ashdoll 13 hours ago
Stop using Premiere Pro, use Davinci Resolve. Its as cheap as Final Cut Pro and better.
Kristin B
Kristin B 13 hours ago
I swear these days Apple spends more money on marketing than they do on development. Lol
Kristin B
Kristin B 13 hours ago
I worked for ATT for a while & Apple phones were about 90% of our customer issues. Basically, any of their phones made after the 2G iPhone were pushed into production before they worked out the bugs, and their customers & employees paid for it. Apple products used to be great! However, not so much anymore...
Specialist Perspective
Hey wheezy! Long time fan! Can I get you to punch an eagle for me? It’s been way too long... Edit: autocorrected to lunch? I fix! 🙃
Chen Tran
Chen Tran 15 hours ago
The real difference is in T.C.O. Total cost of ownership. Big difference. Ive support Macs and PCs for decades. PC's have more issues, and the issues are much harder to debug. With my Macs - just never have issues. PCs - always problematic. My support load would get cut in half if all my PC users would hurry up and switch to Mac. On a personal level, im more than happy to pay the apple premium, because time is money and Im too busy to be screwing around with yet another PC issue. www.cio.com/article/3133945/ibm-says-macs-save-up-to-543-per-user.html
Liam Swiggard
Liam Swiggard 16 hours ago
Amazing video! Absolutely worth a subscription
leyshonzi 16 hours ago
I was a forever PC user until I got an iMac, get all the benefits of a PC in one cable, for me I need to some extent portability and my old tower was not cutting it for me, I know microsoft has alternatives now but... meh, too late.
In My Opinion_
Because they're not Google.
Spencer J Elliott
I boycotted Apple in 2006. Bad warranty experience with the video iPod.
Brenda Yolani
So.... your bi-tech-tual?
jatinder saini
People like apple because it is crisp and tasty 😋
bi ari
bi ari Day ago
7:25 so very true, and I'm always annoyed when people downplay that (it's also why a nice design has its worth)
Richard Servello
Saying built in Apple software is "free" is like when people say things are free with a paid subscription.
Dave102693 19 hours ago
Like Adobe Cc?
Pepsolman Day ago
This question tends have me asking why do people like widows? Why can’t we all go with a free OS and screw the corporations? Linux ftw?
Jeremiah Stanley
support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000 It's this kind of functionality that keeps me forking over more money. The computer is a tool, I use the tool to make noise, it is easier to make noise. Apple is certainly not perfect, but the underlying system enables me to work. I've tried, and I literally could not get multiple audio interfaces to work seamlessly with each other on Windows.
Peter Freeman
Either you can afford the money for Apple or you can afford the time for Windows. Personally I cant afford the time for Windows, so I take the cheaper option and buy Apple
I can paste here what I wrote on reddit. Why I prefer macbooks, as a programmer: The hardware is really nice. A macbook is the nicest laptop I have ever used. The touchpad is so good, it's a valid replacement for a mouse. It's also very well integrated with the OS, generic stuff like scrolling and swiping between windows feel very tight. It's kinda magic how you try to do something with the touchpad or an apple mouse and it does exactly what you expect it to do. Applications. While not on the level of Windows, you still have more enterprise level software developed for Mac than Linux. SourceTree is one of the reasons I asked for a macbook at work. Last I checked, GitKraken was ass in terms of performance and stability. Hardware compatibility. I can buy a macbook and expect it to work. A coworker has a ritual that he needs to do when restarting his Lenovo laptop running Ubuntu. You don't really think about drivers when getting a macbook. On the flip side, compatibility with non-apple hardware, like docks, is fairly spotty and the bluetooth drivers are ass, so consider what you'll be connecting to it. The OS itself is nicer to use, at least for me. It's fairly trivial, but you should like the stuff you use 8 hours per day. Feels more polished than Linux and Windows in most places. Small stuff, but I really like the fact that Mac has a dedicated settings shortcut, pressing cmd+',' will open settings in most apllications. Some decisions I consider dumb, but it's positive overall. Managing applications is easier, another trivial point. For simple applications, install and uninstall is a drag-and-drop operation. The ones that have their own system services and whatnot have an installer, like Windows. I generally have a better idea than on Linux or Windows where my applications' files are. To install intellij on a mac, you drag it to the /Applications directory. To install it on Linux, you need to fuck around with a tarball, put it somewhere you decide it's place is and then do some more to get a shortcut to it. I didn't manage to make a proper shortcut for Perforce at all.
Ohh you want to make something apple does cheaper on IOS...let me check... No
Campbell Zero One
Why don't you have a GAZILLION subscribers? Only found your channel today and plan to Love It Every Day For a Month! 😉👍🏼
Harry Irvine
Harry Irvine 2 days ago
You should have talked to Louis Rossman.
serg10x 2 days ago
F@ck apples, hate them.
T.R TOM 2 days ago
cant play vedio games? Bye~
Skippy19812 2 days ago
Macs are no more durable than a PC. My last rig survived 8 years of constant abuse before it finally carked it and I only ever had to replace the mouse. Apple is known to gouge people on repairs because the closed ecosystem prevents customers taking their products elsewhere. I understand people not wanting to get to technically involved and just wanting their product to work, but you can save yourself a hell of a lot of time and money on the PC platform with just a little research. I'm a total layman with absolutely no training and even I can build and maintain a PC. It's not like it was in the 90's when every part you picked was a total shot in the dark as to weather or not it would be compatible with everything else.
L 2 days ago
I’m so glad this channel popped in my feed, you sir are hilarious and I needed a laugh.
Stefan W.
Stefan W. 2 days ago
Great video and no Apple is not worth the higher prices.
TrueLies 2 days ago
Haha you had me at the fortune 500 joke subbed !
Tim Renney
Tim Renney 3 days ago
I agree apple is more user friendly, but ounce you get use to the more complicated workflow of windows computers and Android phones, you see how much quicker and more efficient the operating systems can be and going back to Apple products is frustrating.
Ombro 23 hours ago
Yeah I got my technologically bad mother an Android and turned it onto easy mode, then she got used to it so I turned off easy mode and she got used to it. Then her partner have her an iPhone and she called me on it asking me how to do the things she got used to on iPhone and was amazed to hear iPhones can't do those things. She then bought a newer Android and never touched Apple again. That's the thing. Apple is easy because it doesn't do much. Once you spend a few minutes learning how to use another system you'll wonder why Apple doesn't let you do basic things like use widgets or swipe texting. You can't leave Apple because you bought all the stuff on it already. You won't leave Android because it does so much more. Apple is a cage, Android is freedom where if you're a dumbass you can walk over a cliff and they'll watch you do it and laugh because that's the price of freedom.
T Blank
T Blank 3 days ago
Should have watched more Louis Rossman, Snazzy Labs, and Linus before finishing this video. But basically Apple is never worth it.
Mark Hinman
Mark Hinman 3 days ago
The next WezzyWaiter: Why do people like breathing.
Anirudh Kumar
Anirudh Kumar 3 days ago
Apple is overrated & sucks! People who want to show off buy apple products.
Skye13 4 days ago
ruvid.net/u-rossmanngroupabout it's all there
Violet McDade
Violet McDade 4 days ago
You are gonna lose all of your subscribers at vid con!
sahana reddy
sahana reddy 4 days ago
I don't know why RUvid recommended your channel but I m very glad it did 😁 your content is quite entertaining and I love your sense of humor
Mary Carla
Mary Carla 5 days ago
I like Apple because for me it's like driving a Lexus vs. a Toyota Corolla. Nothing wrong with a Toyota Corolla. Great car, good for commuting and errands, but it's not a Lexus. I'm a graphic designer and for me it's worth it to spend the extra money, but if you just need a computer for email and searching the web, then a cheaper PC is fine.
HotlantaAnon 5 days ago
Apple has always been hackable. They are liars. The first virus in the wild wa written for the apple II gcn.com/blogs/tech-trivia/2011/08/first-computer-virus.aspx
Violet McDade
Violet McDade 6 days ago
Thabo Mboneni
Thabo Mboneni 8 days ago
I don't think any of the "free" softwares are free
Javelin434 8 days ago
I want the song darn it
Twatical 9 days ago
Nice video, probably more entertaining than if you would have given a clear cut answer, but I'll try to theorise for those of us who want closure in this. For many, apple is hardware and (to an extent) software technology. It's not like they don't know that androids exist, it's just that they look at them as foreign and niche. Apple has done everything in its power to get off of the mainstream playing field and essentially make their own, which is understandable when you make products that are outclassed in value by nearly every other consumer tech company. They've done this by trying to minimise their association with other tech companies in their products, it's why they made safari, apple maps and IOS, the only reason safari runs off google is because Google hands apple a fat check every year for it. Their consumers consumers see less and less of their competitors which makes it seem like Apple is the only player (and option), even if it isn't. Android and windows just seem too foreign to loyal apple users, which keeps them from jumping ship when Apple makes brash decisions (like removing the headphone jack to make the jump they deemed necessary). TL;DR Some people like Apple because everything else seems too foreign and complicated.
Rei San
Rei San 9 days ago
I'm happy with my Galaxy note FE thank you very much
Rei San
Rei San 9 days ago
"American dreaaaam"
Blest Martian
Blest Martian 10 days ago
Showing a picture of Les Claypool when you said less was really pushing a joke that I assume when over a lot of peoples heads but I respect it
Jay Mitra
Jay Mitra 10 days ago
funny video!
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