Why did Trump abruptly exit his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl?

60 Minutes
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“[Joe Biden has] never been asked a question that’s hard,” President Trump told Lesley Stahl before standing up to exit the interview. cbsn.ws/3omW78V
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

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Oct 25, 2020




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Comments 100
cub35guy 2 hours ago
baby trump. the error ends 11.3.20
bill stack
bill stack 2 hours ago
Gee....I wonder why. You disingenuous scumbags. 60 min IS FAKE NEWS
Akib Siddiki Apu
Akib Siddiki Apu 2 hours ago
Watching Donald Trump is very much similar to watch an Indian television drama.
Inter Yanan
Inter Yanan 2 hours ago
"be careful"
SALZOPYRIN 2 hours ago
Edgar Shelton
Edgar Shelton 2 hours ago
How much wood would a woodchuck...? Never mind. Too hard. Next question.✌
Daniel Hudsky
Daniel Hudsky 2 hours ago
#1 Leslie lives in a world that protects her from real life. #2 Trump is right, Biden was given an interview that was about as fluffy as cotton ball. Leslie came in charged up with the type of questions that can only give a politically appropriate responses. Trump said from the beginning that he is not about being politically correct, but about confronting real challenges that Americans are facing. We don’t have access to political clout like Bide’s or even Trump’s family to get our children inside jobs. We’re competing with the world now to be “one” of the world powers and to have jobs and income to feed our families. I don’t see how Joe is going to do that when the only people he helps are his family. Leslie you remind me of all the HR, and corporate management people that only want to ask “tough” questions but can’t handle any your self. Did you actually read the 3000 or so pages they gave you to review or just proclaimed it had nothing in it because it did not come in Audible format? When did you have time to read it? You’ll say “I had my staff review it”, but what is more likely is that nobody read it, because they already knew what your network wanted to hear and made a statement to fit those expectations. 60 minutes used to be a program I loved, but now it’s just a program.
Silver Ancient
Silver Ancient 2 hours ago
Trump, and the clowns who vote for him are the problem with the world.
Joey Bagadonuts
Joey Bagadonuts 2 hours ago
Trump seen here facing his worst fear: a powerful woman with a brain that isn't buying his nonsense.
Buster Brown
Buster Brown 2 hours ago
I wonder if she’ll bring that same strong woman no nonsense attitude to her favored candidate... lmao
Top5NoQuestions 2 hours ago
Trump has already lost. Who are they fooling with this fake election? The powers behind the scene have already selected Biden. Presidents are selected not elected.
Gabe Goodman
Gabe Goodman 2 hours ago
ok, but he’s actually correct here. The media is overtly in support of Biden and it DOES matter.
SuperAl 2 hours ago
If anyone wants to know the answer to the question posed in the title - then watch the full UNEDITED version ruvid.net/video/video-Kv2l49JFo0k.html
RollForeverr 2 hours ago
MSM is a joke. I’d walk off too. F$%^&$G C#@^S.
YASEER 2 hours ago
Remembering Modi after this interview! Modi's interview with Karan Thapar! Dosti bani rahe😅
Stephanie Ormsby
Stephanie Ormsby 2 hours ago
Because he’s a man child.
Liza Merchant
Liza Merchant 2 hours ago
That whiny old hag! Ridiculous questions and constant interruptions. I would have left too!
Chin Kelly
Chin Kelly 2 hours ago
The lamestream media is just that, lame. It has become nothing less than State Media. It was supposed to be an interview and NOT a debate. When the President stated we have had the best economy, Ms. Stahl acts very childish by saying "no, oh come on...". A real journalist would listen and ask pointed questions and allow the President to follow up. We suffer when our media is so biased. The truth does not get out. Look at how, despite the FBI having his laptop, the whole Hunter Biden story is basically buried. An unbiased press would actually look very deeply into this knowing the FBI has his laptop and investigating him. The media would serve us far better with one simple question: "Mr. Biden, as a life long government employee, how are you able to afford 3 homes and amass such great wealth?". They could ask that of Bernie and the rest of the gang as well. They're all hypocrites and the American people know it.
Rdfelic 2 hours ago
Yeah we all ready saw the whole unedited video. Nice try 60 minutes.🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️. TRUMP✊🏿🇺🇲2020
Aprill Davis
Aprill Davis 2 hours ago
Wow... Hard questions it wasn't even hard questions you're supposed to answer hard questions as a president!
sertarris 2 hours ago
The way this woman interrupts the president is mean.
Bransen 2 hours ago
Trump is a boss
Abbyrose M
Abbyrose M 2 hours ago
Lesley is as fake as her sincere interview. President Trump called her out as she attempted to play victim and President Trump shut her down. The American people applaud President Trump 👏 🙌 for being the BOSS that he is. Lesson taken: When your host start bashing and accusing you to push their narrative, you have a choice to walk away from their abuse. At her age in her career, she can die unrest knowing she failed to complete a 60 minute interview with President Trump. Lesley you're fired.
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 3 hours ago
Who needs 60 mins of blah blah blah anyways.we need truth
davivu 3 hours ago
fake news. Nice try Lesso, nice clip editing.
johndee759 3 hours ago
He needs to go. Never have I ever heard mentioning that he cares for the people. Probably when he got elected president he was shocked and you feel that he did not intend to win. He wanted Hilary to win.
drgreenhands 3 hours ago
To all the Democrats that left comments and then come here to read get ready to cry for four more years trump is killing it at the polls the voting 🇺🇸🧂TRUMP 2Q2Q
Johnny Bones
Johnny Bones 3 hours ago
I can say that he was not ready for tough questions
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 3 hours ago
Honestly I'd miss his presidency a little bit, there was never a better real life satire before. This, I thank.
Peter Rabot
Peter Rabot 3 hours ago
Congratulations Lesley! You just ensured four more years.
Stephanie Castaner
Stephanie Castaner 3 hours ago
Because he’s a big fat orange baby that cries for anything
terrazasjr 3 hours ago
This old lady looks like is about to cry.
Asad Masav
Asad Masav 3 hours ago
If trump not win.biden will start a new war with a lot of deaths!!!
RBW WBR 3 hours ago
She's the worm the worst kind she keep keeps boring into Trump and interrupting she has no respect thank God he walked out he has enough self dignity
J Taylor
J Taylor 3 hours ago
Love it!
SlickRick4EVER 3 hours ago
This is 2020 and all the Trump-hating Biden supporters act like children/teenagers. I can also bet that they either are on welfare, live with their parents, or are too lazy to even get a job. I thought as time passes evolution transcends the past. So far, it has regressed. All you lazy POS leftist need to get a reality check and a huge dose of self-reliance. Unfortunately, you leftist suck at life.
Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook 3 hours ago
You'll all hate me, but I vote for trump
natkangol 3 hours ago
"History is a story, agreed upon, by a pack of thieves and liars." Click the links below, scroll down to 'PDF'. Adobe Reader must be instslled: 'Propaganda', Bernays, 1940 archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.275553 'The President Makers', Josephson, 1928 archive.org/details/presidentmakerst007117mbp 😇😈?
Viviana Facio
Viviana Facio 3 hours ago
Fake news! Or media
Smoothboxnailer 3 hours ago
Good for President Trump! Majority of people are sick & tired of the one sided fake news! God Bless Trump!
Phillip Zhou
Phillip Zhou 3 hours ago
Politics aside, this man behaves like a child, he really does. Imagine knowing a similar person in your normal life, how irritating and frustrating it’d be, not to mention counterproductive. His temperament is entirely inappropriate for public service of any capacity.
Thomas Buchovecky
Thomas Buchovecky 3 hours ago
Trump is such a triggered snowflake
Lori B
Lori B 3 hours ago
She's a discrace to our country!!!
El Sucio Federali
El Sucio Federali 3 hours ago
Dan Rather Lieutenant Bobulinski Bank of Moscow Wife of Mayor of Moscow $3,500,000 US Dollars in a potato sack - stuffed in the overhead compartment, Airforce II - seat 2 A Lesley Stahl CBS Bush Memo 60 Minutes
Ugonma Kalu
Ugonma Kalu 3 hours ago
Trump is such a childish baby who refused to answer bc he had no good answer and why is he so obsessed with Biden is he afraid
Talandila Barnabas Kasapila
MSM you brought this on your own. You cant be biased all the time, rude and hatred always and yet expecting to be treated well by the same guy you hate. Never! You have to reap what you sow Trump2020
Lori B
Lori B 3 hours ago
Sounds like 60 minutes hates America!!!!!
George Ramirez
George Ramirez 3 hours ago
You dont like it YO MAMMA.. LOL
George Ramirez
George Ramirez 3 hours ago
Joel Dodenhoff
Joel Dodenhoff 3 hours ago
What a child.
LJMason Jermaine
LJMason Jermaine 3 hours ago
And what were the inappropriate questions asked, other than the normal questions that he couldn't ask for the last 3 years!!! This is classic narcissism at its best!!!!
Donna ML
Donna ML 3 hours ago
As ALWAYS taking out of context. Fake news at its best.
Project1X 3 hours ago
Liberal tears taste soooo good! TRUMP!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 3 hours ago
I personally am not a trump supporter and hate him, but I know that I agree on him that who tf is like "Ready for tough questions?" As an interviewer??? thats weird and messed up to ask and is no way to talk.
LJMason Jermaine
LJMason Jermaine 3 hours ago
I believe he was desperately trying to stay calm, which is a new behavior for him, as he tried in the 2nd debate; as well as it was a woman who asked questions that he would commonly get from men!! This is supposed to be a positive, historical event that turned into a disaster because he couldn't control the interview the way he controls his rallies!!! WOW!!!
Paul G
Paul G 3 hours ago
Because she's a shill
slimebouncy 3 hours ago
Spreading love ❤️Love from Slimebouncy
pct87 3 hours ago
So, the question that was too tough for him was when she asked if he remembers a comment that he made. Man, you’d have to be a super genius of something to answer that question.
Luis Cantu
Luis Cantu 3 hours ago
This guy wants 4 more years and can’t even handle 45 minutes of questions. What a coward.
Jagath Jayasena
Jagath Jayasena 3 hours ago
Sometimes you need to put an end to unfair questions this way.
Manueal Gonzalez
Manueal Gonzalez 3 hours ago
mrb905 3 hours ago
I can't even articulate what I just saw...this man was serious...it blows my mind!
Jrebar Hernz
Jrebar Hernz 3 hours ago
Damnn this is crazy
Chad Michaels
Chad Michaels 3 hours ago
Trump is the Man!
Morris Dunbar
Morris Dunbar 3 hours ago
He's not accustomed to strong intelligence women. Great job Leslie 👏. She G check his arse
Patti Gibbs
Patti Gibbs 3 hours ago
Child. How can anyone support such a crybaby. Mind-blowing
Palle Kuling
Palle Kuling 3 hours ago
Who needs to spend time with a silly journalist when there are so many other nice people in the world?
Roger Guzman
Roger Guzman 2 hours ago
Only crybabies like Trump surround themselves with sycophants and suckups
destroy Jevin
destroy Jevin 3 hours ago
trump is so fake
Bj 3 hours ago
Lesley...when you disrespect the President you lose... very unprofessional and you shouldn’t be working for such a popular network .. I won’t be watching anymore of your interviews and you owe President Trump an apology- on camera!
jp cia
jp cia 3 hours ago
60 mins is a joke
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 3 hours ago
😆 #Triggered
victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 3 hours ago
Crybaby trump he's so tough !!! He's not smart he's too soft always whining little boy be quiet go suck on a lollipop
Kenia Cruz
Kenia Cruz 3 hours ago
He isnt gonna win this election. Im calling it now
Debora Goldstein
Debora Goldstein 3 hours ago
#media only wants to discredited President Trump by treating him with disrespect and underestimating all what his government is doing for Americans. What a disappointment! All Americans are watching this. She should leave her political view aside and make a wonderful interview with all the experience she has
Trump shows what a baby he is here, as expected.
B G 3 hours ago
And there goes ur career . U dumb dumb lady
Sarah's Cool Stuff
Sarah's Cool Stuff 3 hours ago
because she was disrespectful, completely a bit$$ watched the real unedited one and yeah I'd like to see big guy get questions like this.
daniel 559
daniel 559 3 hours ago
She should of said "you're fired"
Rebecca Hazzard
Rebecca Hazzard 3 hours ago
love this guy! Trump 2020
Matteo Carta
Matteo Carta 3 hours ago
He's done.
Lynx 3 hours ago
I think he meant that he felt like her questions were her attacking him personally
Nelson Nguyen
Nelson Nguyen 3 hours ago
They should temporarily change the show to 60 seconds
Paul V
Paul V 3 hours ago
Omg, he's such an idiot! He has to go, we can't do another 4 years of Trumpism!
Nicole Kobela
Nicole Kobela 3 hours ago
I don’t think this is real, especially with the be careful, hard to believe. I guess she meant the lights. Well............ still. Lol
T AA 3 hours ago
Donald Trump UPSET because he is being asked questions that will expose the TRUTH about him. Thats why he is scared...he is COVERING ugly secrets about him.
Tanner Hutchings
Tanner Hutchings 2 hours ago
No thats what bidens doing
Kassity Gromer
Kassity Gromer 3 hours ago
This is what a sociopath looks like.
Skooma Cat
Skooma Cat 3 hours ago
Go watch the actual interview before typing you sheep
DjGhost718 3 hours ago
I really want to like this guy so much but he can't stop himself from being a clown
Ibadat Kaur
Ibadat Kaur 3 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-t8KHQ2HkiNk.html must watch...
Kyle Elam
Kyle Elam 3 hours ago
All, seriously look at the unedited version. 60 Minutes obscured the whole interview; they're in the wrong. I'm not for the guy, but it ain't right.
chaz 3 hours ago
60 min is pathetic they used to be unbiased and actually reported news but they hate Trump so much they cant even think straight its sad
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 3 hours ago
😆 #Triggered
Fuh Fgh
Fuh Fgh 3 hours ago
Lmao what a giant baby
DjGhost718 3 hours ago
What a Snowflake
nwmnjy 3 hours ago
You all can hate on him all you want but none of you can take the amount of BS that man has to put up with. To have nearly the whole world hate you and continue to do a damn fine job, that speaks volumes of a resilient character.
Ziah Solis
Ziah Solis 3 hours ago
The Orange Grease Stain ran away because he can't handle tough questions. He is a weak and pathetic p.o.s.
Mario Eden
Mario Eden 3 hours ago
How can they be okay disrespecting the president like that. I get it you don't like the guy but there should be a common moral imagine how we are seen by other countries. Its sad that our own reporters don't even show respect there is a proper way to ask questions and conduct interviews. She started this interview wrong point blank and she was very disrespectful its sad man im not for trump but I also see the wrong in this
SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins
thank you. this is why you are our president. Done with debate moderators and interviewers. He has taken enough abuse already. it must end
Gary Steinly
Gary Steinly 3 hours ago
Trump is.the man
Gary Steinly
Gary Steinly 3 hours ago
Yo momma is
Gary Steinly
Gary Steinly 3 hours ago
@Roger Wilco who, your mom?
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 3 hours ago
😆 cultist
ra15899550 3 hours ago
As the adage goes, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!" "Get Out" Run Rabbit Run!!
Dom Mination999
Dom Mination999 3 hours ago
I support you Mr.Trump.
Judy Bargenquast
Judy Bargenquast 3 hours ago
These kind of stunts make Trump feel powerful. He knows inside how weak he is. This is the only way he can feel powerful. What a zero he truly is.
Anton Van Etten
Anton Van Etten 4 hours ago
What a loser
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