Why did Chuck Schumer vote 'no' on USMCA?

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Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram breaks down the vote on USMCA and explains why Sen. Chuck Schumer is voting "no."
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Published on


Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 633
chin lee
chin lee 22 days ago
Schumer from the twilight zone
Sonny Naicker
Sonny Naicker 28 days ago
Fox News Networks anchors & hosts understand or know anything about climate change. It's workings it's cycle's. About climate change can never ever be stopped or slowed down or controlled by man. God bless you all God bless America
Ric James
Ric James Month ago
what kind of trash would vote for a democrat
Dallas Seif
Dallas Seif Month ago
When he says that you hear the host say "WHAT "
Kelly & Aubrey Harvey
It doesn’t matter what Trump does.....he could end world hunger, bring peace to the world and be christened by God himself and the pathetic Democrats would still call out against him.....I don’t understand why the Democrats hate America so much. Smh.
Tina Fan
Tina Fan Month ago
Shumer Pelosi Finestien must go
tataw hillman
tataw hillman Month ago
Because he's a Democrat duh!
Koh Teck Huat
Koh Teck Huat Month ago
The Shoemaker a Senate Leader??? More like the Pepsi's puppet!!! Or is the Pepsi the puppet???
terry griffin
terry griffin Month ago
Globalist dumbacrat!!
mark holland
mark holland Month ago
Anything trump, and his administration wants, schumer, and his group of bafoons will apose, weather good or bad for the he u.s., and it's people, he belongs in jail, and out of politics
Ho Chi Minh,
Ho Chi Minh, Month ago
Lloyd Wright
Lloyd Wright Month ago
Chukky is a communist prick!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!
joedsavage Month ago
Shumer is George the snake Soros' main squeeze. Let alone one of over 70 dem communists in congress.
Jazzy Jan
Jazzy Jan Month ago
Chuckie always act like a clown. I surprised he is not "Crying".
loginusername7 Month ago
Because he hates America.
Rick Chapman
Rick Chapman Month ago
Because he doesn't like Trump!!
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes Month ago
Thats easy because he has TDS
R Anderson
R Anderson Month ago
Schumer is a loser ! Trump 2020
Don Alires
Don Alires Month ago
CHUCK SCHUMER.. SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE...EXPELLED.. THIS IS THE MAN THAT IS PUSHING FOR IMPEACHMENT.. Punish this members for disorderly behavior, Article I, Section 5, of the United States Constitution provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, REMOVE THIS THING FROM OFFICE
MrJhillbilly Month ago
F*Xk Chuck!!!!!!! I call him "Sore Butt Chuck" What is Sad is what President Trump has done this ALL under being impeached, Country is doing GREAT!!!. With out the help of the Democrats, Think how much should or could have gotten done if they were to have HELPED?? and not wasted money and time. SAD
Rizz72 Month ago
Because he refuses to give this President any kind of a victory. Even if it benefits our country, he will continue to vote no on everything. Him and his anti American mobsters are a bunch of haters.
Derrick Meade
Derrick Meade Month ago
Because he's a idiot and needs to be put out .
Harold Albert
Harold Albert Month ago
He is an obstructionist. Won't give Trump a win no matter how good a deal it is for America. Clear case of TDS. He hates Trump more than he loves America! POS
Dan Huelmo
Dan Huelmo Month ago
Shumer is. Shamer and an IDIOT Trump 2020 all the way
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Month ago
Because Schumer is a neanderthal moron who is against anything that is from present White House Administration just simply to try and score points ..... selfish narcissistic behavior
Mat Elliott
Mat Elliott Month ago
I bet he's hung like a tic-tac...
torich2live Month ago
Because he knows human health is more important than trade; climate change will be attacked again and mother earth will change for the worse, this is 1/3 what the paris agreement protected us from anything that directly undermines our earths sensitive climate crisis here trump is doubting climate again probly trying to cause catastrophic events. that is y he voted No. smart man mother eartg first, trump later.
danny whitney
danny whitney Month ago
all this does is further show just how corrupt this scumbag piece of trash is he is a communist socialist liar a disgrace to America and nothing but a corrupt piece of garbage this man needs to be removed and when they get done with the investigation he will spend the rest of his life in prison he's a corrupt piece of garbage and a disgrace to America and everything we stand for he's a liar and a scumbag piece of trash time to remove this piece of garbage and put him in prison where he belongs
6870dano Month ago
I love how I’m reminded to keep my comments respectful and to follow the community guidelines....when the left disrespects THE PRESIDENT HOURLY!!!!!!!!!! shameful.
venuerocker Month ago
The posterboy for term limits.
Jake Ryker
Jake Ryker Month ago
If it helps cripple Trump... Anything! 😆
scott in Ohio
scott in Ohio Month ago
UPCHUCK is a socialist,communist!!!! He thinks the Constitution is a flawed document!!!!! Most socialist feel this way!!! They want to fundamentaly change our country!!!!
Darth BigOlo
Darth BigOlo Month ago
Smuck Schumer 😂
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Month ago
One word.. Politics!
james herbst
james herbst Month ago
Don’t you remember Chuck “Grandpa Munster” Schumer chastising Obama for not renegotiating NAFTA and U.S. trade agreements with South Korea, Japan and China? Me either! Schumer and his Polygrip Pinup in the House are everything that’s wrong with politics today!
Arizona infidel
Arizona infidel Month ago
Because he is a idiot
BadBoyJR Month ago
He Voted "NO" coz he is a DEMOCRAT that hates AMERICA, HATES AMERICANS, HATES the FARMERS!!
zamo8 Lamora
zamo8 Lamora Month ago
Chuck Schumer answers only to the Kremlin!
Jon Hubbard
Jon Hubbard Month ago
Of course he didn’t he hates America 😂
Harry V
Harry V Month ago
Becuase Schumer is an A-hole!
r.w. chambers
r.w. chambers Month ago
Wtf do you think?
MrAlphagolf Month ago
Because He Is just a third rate politician 😂
abe linc
abe linc Month ago
wow! he hates America
Alan aka FANG
Alan aka FANG Month ago
So many trojan horses inserted into this agreement by the Dems. Certainly hope they removed them all before they agreed to it.
LectronCircuits Month ago
Funnyman Chuckles is a joke. Cheers!
just me
just me Month ago
Ummm, because he is a traitor 🤷🏻‍♀️
D Zimo
D Zimo Month ago
Why? He is a schmuck
George Washington
Chuck knows they plan on removing trump and bringing in the UN to gain control
Cody Kays
Cody Kays Month ago
Chuck Schumer voted no because this new deal will help millions of americans instead of his own personal interests
Fintastrophe Month ago
Because he hates America
Bob Seger
Bob Seger Month ago
Is anyone else tired of politicians choosing climate over humans? Its got to stop.
Dan Customer
Dan Customer Month ago
All you have to do is see what state he's elected from and that'll answer your question ! Traitor !
Deneze .C. Lujanen
schumer isnt for the people at all hes anti everything like his sidekick pelosi ..and we need that yes vote for the Canada ,US and mexico trade agreement..its got nothing to do with climate change...[no one can stop the earth/sun from changing the climate]..sheesh
John Pham
John Pham Month ago
Bunch of Democrats lazy and sit there and waste tax payer money and tried to impeach President Trump when the economic went well and American people having good life under President Trump. People should have one party not it! No Democrats because they have no agenda or plan for our people . Just like there candidate for 2020, bunch of loser and bozo and they are no match for President Trump!
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Month ago
Because he is an arrogant, ignorant useless obstructionist Democrat. Why else?
alwaysopen Month ago
Because...Schmuck Joomer is a dickhead. Any retorts or questions? Too bad, the fact remains. He would light his house afire to collect the insurance.
Joeh1154 Month ago
Schumer?! I suppose it was to be expected. Anything pro America, the left simply doesn't want. Anything put forth by President Trump, the left simply doesn't want. They would rather have a crushing recession under the current administration than to help their own Country and the voters who elected them to do the will of the people. The left is a cancer on America.
Mr Breeze
Mr Breeze Month ago
Cuz he's a Schmuck
Greg Morgan
Greg Morgan Month ago
Schummer is a trader to the country and should be in prison with Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler right beside Hillary.
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