Why "Cortana" Is Such A Hard Mission (Halo 3 4K 60FPS)

Luke TheNotable
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Why is the Halo 3 Mission Cortana so difficult? In this video, Luke TheNotable is going to tell you! Recorded in 4k at 60 fps on Xbox One X.
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 years ago
I will for sure be doing more of these types of videos. To make sure you don't miss them SUBSCRIBE! Hit the read button on this video or on my channel's home page! -LTN
JOHN-117 Year ago
Actually, it is called flood biomass not flood bits
Eric Leimbacher
I found this level easy and got it done in about 25 min
Jujuverse 101
Jujuverse 101 Year ago
I still cant beat this mission
gaming kitten same i played it since XBOX i just need to beat halo 4 and 5 on legendary and im done with legendary gameplay
PotatoBean Gaming
I completed that in 30 minutes now I'd you think about it Halo I had played halo for 3 years before that and loved it
Master Chef
Master Chef 4 days ago
It gives me agony when those gates open in that level ugh
Zombielinc1980 TTVZombielinc1980
Playing with skulls makes it so fucking hard. Its worse woth the right skulls
Transformers and more!
I fount this mission to be fairly easy, and I managed to kill all of the enemies in every area, except for the tiniest
capplayz 7 days ago
I played this mission with my big brother and let just say we both were and still are scared of flood
strange plant
strange plant 7 days ago
I tried this level an legendary and after 8 attempts I killed all of the flood that I saw
Exeledus Prince
Exeledus Prince 8 days ago
I recently picked up the master chief collection for my xbox one, and I had beat reach and 3 on legendary solo. despite this difficult level, I figured I got through it easily enough, and I was ready for halo 2! ....oooooooh boy was that one a doozey....
Sandy Cheeks
Sandy Cheeks 9 days ago
When I was like 5 and tried this mission I started camping because I was so scared and started crying. Like if you were scared shitless
HALO The Journey Of War
In cortona i make sure all flood are dead!
Commander Gio
Commander Gio 9 days ago
Try and beat the whole game with no grenades me and my best friend did we noticed that we had grenades during Cortana and still did not use them
Slirpy Dirpy
Slirpy Dirpy 10 days ago
anybody else thought it said corona ?
zzzxxc1 10 days ago
lol I thought that was some big ass flood centipede at 5:32
Rolofunk 11 days ago
The hardest halo mission is the arbiter tank mission in halo 2
ZillyDaPunk 11 days ago
Flood levels are always hard as shit
Devil543 XC23
Devil543 XC23 12 days ago
"At the End of the mission not only it's difficult but you also have the Arbiter with you, The Arbiter is your flood shooting buddy that can never die" *Meanwhile at Co-op mode* 2nd Player(Arbiter): *Dies Everytime from Needlers and explosions* 1st Player(Chief): Bruh
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker 12 days ago
You talked about normal like it's an absolute cakewalk. That's, like, my capacity.
Jesse12489 12 days ago
Plasma rifle comes in handy on legendary.
Good Ol Yuro
Good Ol Yuro 12 days ago
Look we don’t have to beat around the bush in order to cater to those that don’t think it was the hardest mission , people disagree with facts all the time , it was the hardest and scariest mission period
ShatteredAce 13 days ago
All these tricks...I just killed everything cause I'm a stubborn bastard
Jayy Sama
Jayy Sama 14 days ago
Flood aint shit if you got a battle rifle and aim at their shoulder that has its long tentacle
Crsdf5 / the box studios
Never shoot the blob things on the walls if they movin dont shoot them flood things will come out i learned that in the hard way
INFINITY2291 23 days ago
This mission is way too easy, just duel wielding plasma rifles to take dowm combat forms and energy sword to take down pure infection forms
Mason Nix
Mason Nix 24 days ago
I found it to be more confusing than hard. Confusing because alot of it looks the same and I was not sure where the exist was.
Colton Uribe
Colton Uribe 28 days ago
tsavo highway is the hardest tbh
My strategy every time I play this level: Energy Sword and Grav Hammer. Sword for single targets like tank forms, and grab hammer for larger groups of enemies, resort to shotgun if desperate.
Gage Johnson
Gage Johnson Month ago
Hardest mission in the Halo series? I couldn't survive the Library in the first game on normal and I ran through this entire mission with out dying once. I barely shot my gun for most of the level.
SorinHalo Month ago
I'll tell you why it was hard, because of the flood always multiplying and making my life harder.
VampCorp UK
VampCorp UK Month ago
8 hours I have been playing this sodding level (on easy) I have wiped out the flood and have been wondering around looking for her, and at hour 8,i still haven't found her, I reckon she stood me up. 😒
Dino Maniac
Dino Maniac 2 months ago
Is it possible if elites and brutes that were made for halo and halo 2 are in halo 3? Cuz that would be awesome
halo3odst 2 months ago
Ive been playing solo legendary for the past few nights, i just finished level 8
z0om 02
z0om 02 2 months ago
I thought it was hard because I got lost for 20 minutes and didn't know what to do
Styla X
Styla X 2 months ago
Hey... not to stop you from the comments or anything but that thumbnail kind look like Vilgax from Ben 10
DatBoyBOI 2 months ago
I can imagine a sweaty controller when he is done..
ONYX Frans
ONYX Frans 2 months ago
It’s a shame bungie makes absolutely crappy games now like destiny and not great games like halo
your jefe
your jefe 2 months ago
The arbiter is a Better teammate than all of the red team in halo 5
cosmicmelon 2 months ago
I remember my first broken controller attempting this on Legendary.
National Security Agency
Damn I just beat this level back in the day on legendary with no guides or nothing
Robert Leslie
Robert Leslie 2 months ago
Long Night of Solace is harder
The Seedy Waffle
The Seedy Waffle 2 months ago
arbiter always dies immediately for me in this mission lol
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle 2 months ago
It’s hard at first because you have no allies, it’s hard to see, and the enemies can climb up walls and jump behind you. But once you run through it, it is pretty easy and generally not very interesting.
ZanyPaper03499 2 months ago
The problem is a lack of a mouse and keyboard
DeltaPhoenix180 2 months ago
Are we talking structurally or mechanically? Because mechanically I can think of a couple Halo 2 missions that are harder on Legendary. Structurally, yeah, maybe.
Ben Foley
Ben Foley 2 months ago
I killed every single enemy because it didnt really occur to me that i could run past them lmao
Rwy801998 2 months ago
Either MCC reeeally dumbed down the difficulty or I'm really good at Halo
Adam Lane
Adam Lane 2 months ago
One time I set up this mission for LASO as a joke while my friend and his 8 y/o brother were afk, but he told me to start it after seeing my terrible idea. I have no idea how, but we made it through in about 3 hours. The greatest highlight from that was the pure desperation for collecting equipment and hording it in the reactor room, and we were trying to find the last active camo after piling up all the deployable covers only to see his brother say, "you mean this?", while turning invisible.
Kenvy 2 months ago
i'm watching this on 2160p60 .... how ???
Lars Lovgren
Lars Lovgren 2 months ago
I kept getting lost
Hydromaestro 2 months ago
library halo 1...
Baconator8071 2 months ago
It’s nice to know that LTN still does halo vids into his fortnite year.
You Always win4 Gomes
I beat it in 12 minutes on legendary
Gadiel Gonzalez
Gadiel Gonzalez 2 months ago
My strategy. Keep running and killing everything as fast as possible. If you get tired keep going, and if you die. Walk it off.
Bri-Bri Twins
Bri-Bri Twins 2 months ago
Dunno about you but other missions were definitely harder for me than this one
CaoPapaSmurf 3 months ago
Yeah, Cortana tends to make things hard, specially halo's 2 remastered Cortanas
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 3 months ago
I found it fine on heroic difficulty
Mushroom Stew
Mushroom Stew 3 months ago
So this is pretty much Doom
uR Wack
uR Wack 3 months ago
It has nothing on the library tho
Thinblueline 21093
Thinblueline 21093 3 months ago
There's actually a very easy way to beat this level.
Ëtre Galactike
Ëtre Galactike 3 months ago
dude you repeated yourself 3 times in 20 seconds
Mark Michalek
Mark Michalek 3 months ago
5 year old me playing library was the scariest thing ever
wave runner
wave runner 2 months ago
From Halo 1?
connor 3 months ago
I had a harder time with halo reach laso
Brendan Thompson
Brendan Thompson 3 months ago
The Library from CE: “Am I a joke to you?”
Tanner Smugala
Tanner Smugala 3 months ago
Pft this is a walk in the park. Try playing 343 guilty spark or the library when you're 5 years old.
Evan Everett
Evan Everett 3 months ago
6 minutes and 31 seconds is close to the Tranzit speed run on cod zombies.
Gilbert Perez
Gilbert Perez 3 months ago
I mean, I was scared shitless, but I did it on legendary once and have only been able to do it on heroic ever since, I think it took me like 2 hours on legendary
Internet Drifter
Internet Drifter 3 months ago
*internet space girlfriend* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ElZamo92 3 months ago
I always played campaign in co op with my bro. We would play the entire game on legendary in one sitting once every couple weekends.
Sparkles100HD 3 months ago
so.. cheif went through all this hell alone and survived. how in the f does he get disrespected like that in halo 4!
SeLFlo 3 months ago
too bad the pc players can not experience the difficult OH WAIT!
Mitch Chilladin
Mitch Chilladin 3 months ago
The only reason this mission is even hard is because on harder difficulty the Bone needle shooting pure forms are a bitch to kill, especially with trash weapons, god forbid you don't kill those crawlers or a tank form retreats to shoot you.
Andrew Hayashi
Andrew Hayashi 3 months ago
That level was easy if you speedrun it and use the multiple cloaking devices in the level...
Shady Sohel George
Shady Sohel George 3 months ago
So nobody gon talk about his thumbnail with that ballsack wielding "flood"
John Smith
John Smith 3 months ago
I feel like Cortana is one of the hardest missions across all Halo games.
the 3 months ago
My brother and i played a lot of cortana when we were like 8, very nostalgic
Denis Tacim Metin
Denis Tacim Metin 3 months ago
Because i playd whit my brother but just me was easy but lonely
Denis Tacim Metin
Denis Tacim Metin 3 months ago
True easy peasy
Yes Man
Yes Man 3 months ago
Becuase Cortana makes me hard
EurekaStriker 3 months ago
Flashbacks doing this mission in Legendary triggered.
MR FREEZE-98 3 months ago
Nah Halo CE is harder
woosh me if ur gae
woosh me if ur gae 3 months ago
This level deadass gave me claustrophobia
RIKI TIKKI 3 months ago
Beat it on legendary myself. Very difficult, but I beat it by charging it and killing everything
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