Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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China airspace time-lapse courtesy FlightRadar24.com
Air China 747 landing shot courtesy ZurichAirportSpotter
China Eastern 737 takeoff shot courtesy PDX Aviation
Tibet railway shots courtesy Steven Chen and PK Long
Music by epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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Nov 13, 2018

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Comments 19 283
ross private
ross private 3 hours ago
probably because the chinese govt is not prevented from doing anything by environmental protection agencies and greenies or NIMBYs .
Marietes Zagado
Marietes Zagado 4 hours ago
gago!!! ulol!!! China!!!
Marietes Zagado
Marietes Zagado 5 hours ago
fools!!! fiction!!!
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter 6 hours ago
China is now the new Boss of the new world!
Peng Wang
Peng Wang 6 hours ago
That's my people who built the Great Wall.
beautynads 10 hours ago
China is good at building railways, among other technologies, because they stole our technology.
JoJo Rox
JoJo Rox 15 hours ago
$1 trillion in railway debt says they are not good at railways.
Ellenor Bovay
Ellenor Bovay 16 hours ago
This understates the problem with the CA high speed rail. The CA high speed rail is never going to be finished, its bogging down due to incompetence and corruption. They ran out of money, and they haven't secured all the land rights they needed to complete the rail. Americans should study the difference between the CA high speed rail and China's high speed rail lines before they go to war with China. A mistake like that could be the end of the US.
Tony Burzio
Tony Burzio 16 hours ago
Why did China build all those passenger trains? To free up their freight railroads to haul locally-mined dirty coal. This explains why Greenpeace said that China's CO2 numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, while the US easily made their Paris Accord numbers.
Tony Burzio
Tony Burzio 17 hours ago
Planes are better. We build planes in the US, which everyone else buys.
黄逸 19 hours ago
Steven T
Steven T 20 hours ago
Because In China its people do not own anything and their government dont have enviromental regulations so it makes it easier to build when they can come in remove you from your farm and just dump their toxic waste in open dumps.
Arole Flynn
Arole Flynn 21 hour ago
Communist China has only 166 airports. Take a train and you have to take a car several hours to get where you are going.
burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames Day ago
Ha stupid capitalist planes lose again blyat communism wins
Isochest Day ago
There are no political barriers. They identify a demand and do it
Rodrigo Correia
They stole tecnology, not paying for development costs, plus the use of underpaid workers and government funding at loss.
Adresse Poubelle
China has as much rail track as the rest of the world combined but it has like as many people to build and pay for it too.
Miroslav Milosevic
Demand is also what makes high-speed rail justified, so is the ecology. Two weeks ago I flew from Delhi to Chennai. The flight was customarily full, ant the ticket cost me almost $200 one-way for what is a low-cost airline. There are some 50+roundtrips per day on the route, maybe even more idk...I saw a huge jam at the departing airport and some people definitely spent much time checking in (I checked in much before the flight so I did not get into that jam) Finally, it took a quite long, let's say 5 km bus ride from the gate to the plane. The whole scene there is starving for high-speed rail service. As for India, there will be a mass expansion in countries from Europe, Turkey, but also across Asia as the countries become richer. The future is bright for high speed tail. I really recommend putting money in companies developing high speed rail and related inputs.
dilip jain
dilip jain Day ago
What stops India from doing this ?
Kommari Kettu
Central planning does wonders. Meanwhile we have people actively and dogmatically speaking against combining resources and using them for a greater plan just because the consumer sector is less prioritized and is hence "not better for the nation".
Bruneau François
French railways are very expensive to build and less used. It's a pity! We are obliged to take buses by night because SNCF stopped the service.
Johnny Guo
Johnny Guo 2 days ago
fuck ,where's Taiwan
TheProfessor Fate
Population density is what drives this nonsense. The US is the same size as China with 1/5 the population. It doesn't make any sense to build a high speed rail between any two cities in the US.........especially San Fran and LA. Those two cities have ZERO in common with one another, save for the fact they are both very expensive places to live and overcrowded. The CA high speed rail is a liberal fantasy that will never be built and even if it was, would never exceed 70 mph average. In other words, it is the very definition of a boondoggle.
Tofi 2 days ago
I remember back in 2009 when I went to China to visit relatives, we took a shitty bus from Shanghai to our final destination. The busride took as long as the flight itself from Austria to Shanghai. Fast forward to last year when I went back to China once again (I know, it's been a while), I bought a first class train ticket for less than 45 dollars and the ride took less than 3 hours. Also super comfy chairs. I'm flying to China again in 2 weeks to attend my granddad's 90th birthday.
林一 2 days ago
Ted 2 days ago
who cares let losers be losers
Thunderbolt 2 days ago
Michael Law
Michael Law 2 days ago
This is the major different between capitalism country and socialism country. Capitalist country always consider the shirt term profit return. Where as, China consider both social benefit and profit return (internal and external markets)
Tita Dxn
Tita Dxn 2 days ago
that's man made, but God made man, so Greater is God than China,
Nathan Heaver
Nathan Heaver 2 days ago
big country lots of people
varun k
varun k 3 days ago
But Indian train tickets are cheapest in the world. Yaay😀😀😀😀😀
Ted 2 days ago
india is the best!
Freeman Gentlefuck
Russian Ramjet is the best engine
Mark S
Mark S 3 days ago
A billion low income workers
Mark S
Mark S Day ago
@Keepitreal It's the God damn truth. What's the mother fucking average income of the average Chinese pheasant? That's all it takes to put together a fucking railroad. We built the shit out of it back in the beginning using Chinese labor 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Took their experience home it appears
Mark S
Mark S Day ago
@Keepitreal yeah we'll see We are exceptional in the world. If we fail it will be from the inside We may have a civil war to weed the traitors within. The socialist loving liberal faggots. We have a new guy calling you all out. Trade war or more you make the call. I don't know what shithole country you live in so you have something on me Something
Keepitreal Day ago
@Mark S lolololol, disgruntled delusional American, u r going down as a nation buddy, run to china or wherever prosperity is guaranteed
Mark S
Mark S 2 days ago
@Ted Dude it's not the American workers asshole. It's the God damn EPA, regulations and lack of foresight on our fucked up government. Thank God for Donald j Trump Fuck the EPA we're going to build it. I'll race those slopes any day of the week. And be burning a fatty with a beer back. They have lots of nice hits there if you're ballsy enough. We should have a meglev running down every interstate median. No land to buy no bridges to build. Precast the rail system that runs on piers Come on mother fuckers A 400mph train could make it from San Francisco to Valencia in an hr. Fucking idiots I'm thinking about starting a company and lease the medians from the government I'll fucking build them myself
Ted 2 days ago
who make things work; unlike some coffee siping weed smoking losers who just sit idle whole day and get paid 70k a year
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 3 days ago
Ted 2 days ago
haha this retard is simply hilarious; did you get too high that you can't spell or you just never finished elementary school?
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 3 days ago
Ted 2 days ago
haha this retard is simply hilarious
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 3 days ago
Ted 2 days ago
haha this retard is simply hilarious
Wotdermatter 3 days ago
The original "bullet train" as it was known, was invented and introduced in Japan. I was living in China when the first high-speed train was introduced. As mentioned below, the concept to take the idea, develop, expand, and introduce it was because the authorities realised it would be a benefit to all persons who wanted to travel long distances as fast as possible within the country without flying, which was expensive at that time for anybody who lived there. That is forward thinking and could only be achieved by focusing on the problem and overcoming the many problems inherent in it. They took ideas from all over the world and combined them into a viable form of transport that became what it is today. Many people scoff at how cheap Chinese products are made and are on the market without realising that none would be available without central planning. No, I am not in favour of Communism but their politics have gone before the original basic concept, but I am not in favour of that either. 'nuf sed.
Chingling Copyrat
Yu gotta whip dem hard
ip desperado
ip desperado 3 days ago
btw, when you talk about california HSR, simply put, it is more like a legitimate scam than a real project. with over $6B, spent, not even one section built. those companies that got contracts have no experiences, no technologies and no clues what they are doing, yet they make millions of dollars. well that surly made GDP looking great! one of western myths about democracy is "keep government accountable". just look at the california HSR project, nothing could be further than the truth.
ip desperado
ip desperado 3 days ago
5:54 guess you are clueless what you are talking about. firstly those are infrastructure projects for people's daily lives and business opportunities, profits are not number one priority. it is the responsibility of the government to provide such infrastructure. secondly china doesn't produce a lot of commercial jets. almost all of commercial jets are from the west. in order to accommodate the potential traffic flows with airplanes, china would have to invest a lot of those commercial jets, which is almost exclusive from the west. as you can see the now geopolitical situation, the west isn't a reliable partner in any sense. in the long run, with development of economies in those regions, with potential traffic flows, it would be much cheaper to use trains instead of airplanes to accommodate traffic flow. thirdly, when the first HSR was built in china (between shanghai and beijing), the western media laughed at china, claimed how empty it was and it would never be profitable, blah, blah. just less than three years, it had peaked to its capacity and started profiting (second line between shanghai and beijing is in its planning stage). now its profits start subsiding other lines besides the cost of maintenance. in fact the most of the east coastal lines of HSR are profitable. fourthly, china doesn't view the country as piece meals as the west view their countries. every coastal province (rich) must be responsible to help those hinterland provinces to develop their infrastructure, develop their economies. the long term goal is to eliminate the poverties in those remote regions. remember, those living in the poor regions of china are also chinese. they have every right to live like those chinese who live in the coastal provinces. it is the responsibility of the chinese government to make this happen! in short, most western minds usually short sighted, hardly see beyond their noses.
Chief M'Baku
Chief M'Baku 3 days ago
This is why Captain America is so mad. Long live the Chinese Dream. The developing world is behind you. march on
Walter Wang
Walter Wang 3 days ago
Watching this with envy. Wish we could have a high speed rail from Houston to Dallas/Austin/San Antonio. So many lawsuits from land owners to block any proposals...
4real2me Day ago
Walter Wang I live in Texas I totally agree They built 130 from Austin to San Antonio on private land magically!! they just don’t want done the next generation of Texans must fight for this!!
Jason Learakos
Jason Learakos 3 days ago
Because they underpaid workers, and used mostly slave labor to build the line.
Allen Nah
Allen Nah 3 days ago
Wondering the cost & size factors in terms of labours, materials, time and land (state and/or private) in China compared to the other countries? Also the time recovery of those expenses.
最后之作 3 days ago
Nitish singh Singh
People of west jealous of Chinese development .most of European nations become tiny infront of Chinese big infrastructure.
Ted 2 days ago
india is the best!
Linda Fukuyu
Linda Fukuyu 3 days ago
The Western Media always portray China as a bad communist country .. in reality .. China has better Social Benefit than any other countries in the world by building good infrastructure all over the country for the benefit of the people. China is Not Perfect and so are the Western countries. America is full of BS and just talk talk talk and talk .. never resolve the problem in the world .. in fact .. create more wars and sell weapons to other countries (Military Industrial Complex).
Shasta Graff
Shasta Graff 3 days ago
Google: Chinese train wrecks
Ted 2 days ago
@Shasta Graff haha, so it is good to have a tunnel like that.
Shasta Graff
Shasta Graff 2 days ago
@Ted that is nothing compared to China.
Ted 2 days ago
hahaha, what about boston tunnel?
That's besides the point
Nothing about China makes financial sense !
Ted 2 days ago
@That's besides the point so you admit you smoke it
That's besides the point
@Ted what are you talking about and who said anything about marijuana geez man get a grip !
Ted 2 days ago
you can have competition between an army of stock speculators vs a few hard working indian works. see who make better things
Ted 2 days ago
what the f you understand about finance. human efforts matter more. you think ten million rich dudes sitting idle and smoking weed make better roads than twenty hard working poor guys who do solid work?
Simranjit Singh
Simranjit Singh 4 days ago
Video title is misleading ... video never explains WHY THEY ARE SO GOOD .. just explains why they building .. feels like a click bate
Linda Fukuyu
Linda Fukuyu 3 days ago
Don't you see Why They are so good?
carmelo villena
carmelo villena 4 days ago
because it so good for hacking other companies plan
Ted 2 days ago
haha, loser's talk. "the jewish kid got number one in class because he copied my work" "so what did you rank?" "#30 but my mom said i was the brightest kid she ever seen"
Linda Fukuyu
Linda Fukuyu 3 days ago
because it so dumb for you to be jealous with other companies like in the US for its stagnant plan. Westerners are good in talking but not doing. It's exactly the same like you ! NATO (No Action Talk Only) ha !
Pererika Hekiheki
Because they have the highest IQ in the world, but I ain't jealous.
Joseph Tan
Joseph Tan 3 days ago
you got that info from candycrush?
Jonah Nelson
Jonah Nelson 4 days ago
Still ends up talking about planes
Eduardo Villegas
Eduardo Villegas 4 days ago
Go China. Leading the world to peace and prosperity.
Anton Bruce
Anton Bruce 4 days ago
And the Chinese government has a tendency to execute any environmentalists who disagree with the trains being built.
Ted 2 days ago
yeah, according to undisclosed sources
Jie Yao
Jie Yao 4 days ago
do you have evidence , if yes. post it
Joshua Coronel
Joshua Coronel 4 days ago
They should do more train because they cant afford all the citizen of china to have cars because they are over populated. It can worst their traffic rapidly
dzello 4 days ago
I mean, the answer is simple. It's a very populous industrial country meaning trains are worth it because they move a lot of people. And when trains are worth it, you build a lot of them. And when you build a lot of them, you get good at it. And because the contry is efficient with its authoritarian government, they can push the project of building a lot of railways they're good at making. But really, the big answer is it's a very fucking populated country with a good economy, not the uniting people... That is just a side effect the government really appreciates and it's easily seen when you check the railway system: it connects very populated place and there's only a few lines that accomplish the goal of uniting. and it's not just this, basically every project made by the Chinese is based on the fact they have a fuck ton of people and need to create enormous projects to either sustain that population or just give them jobs.
Som G
Som G 4 days ago
Check out my experience here: ruvid.net/video/video-ScplHBIRh1k.html
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob 4 days ago
The most bizarre part is that Americans paid for all of China's awesome infrastructure. :-/
Delta Tango
Delta Tango 4 days ago
Becuase they have a big ass country and to be honest its much more convenient and less expensive compared to Airline flights..lol
D O 4 days ago
Money is dumped into imperialism growth, infrastructure, and the ghost cities......not to the people. For example, where's the social security income for the elderly? Or the supplementary income for ALL of the disabled? It's communism, the most inhumane of civilizations. United states, on the other hand, takes care of the people and the land......a very difficult balance to achieve.
Roland Fantasia
Roland Fantasia 4 days ago
D O You talk as if US’s healthcare affordability crisis doesn’t exist…every country has its own skeletons in the closet.
Jeff Stryker
Jeff Stryker 5 days ago
I wish we have high speed rail here in Australia. I tried the rail system here from Sydney to Canberra which is under 300km too over 3 hours.
Dminoz Fu
Dminoz Fu 4 days ago
As a chinese who lives in Sydney for over 10 years, I would say it’s hopeless to have it here. Look at the light rail drama we have in the CBD.
River Wang
River Wang 5 days ago
我们就解决一下区域间发展不平衡,解决贫困人口温饱问题,md就说我们搞再教育集中营?你搞笑呢。我真的很同情美国土著印第安人,国家以保护当地文化为由,从来不修到那里的道路,让他们世世代代困在那里。文化间互相影响是必然的,学习先进文化,与外界沟通是他们穷困人口和我们一样的权利,支持藏独的国家真的犯贱,自己从不帮助自己本国贫困人口从根本上解决温饱问题,有脸出来bb别人,心里扭曲到这种地步? mdzz
Ted 2 days ago
印第安人is the best, i love india!
the nut brothers
the nut brothers 5 days ago
Because Siemens and other western companies best employees work for Chinese. Wester corporate governance and stolen technologies from EU and USA was used, that it.
Cathy Lee
Cathy Lee Hour ago
I am sure China paid very well to Siemens n other western companies for their technologies n if so it’s not considered stolen from them.
the nut brothers
the nut brothers 2 days ago
@Jie Yao Siemens develops the most promising products and solutions in China, for China and also for the world. The company focuses on digital innovations and combines the global R&D systems and extensive network of innovation centers with local business needs. By fiscal 2018, the company had 21 R&D hubs, nearly 5,000 R&D and engineering staff, and nearly 13,000 active patents and patent applications in China. Siemens’ topnotch innovators are working in world-class innovation labs in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Wuxi, Qingdao, Chengdu, etc. to contribute to the high-quality and sustainable development of China’s economy
Jie Yao
Jie Yao 4 days ago
do you have high speed train technologies in USA. shame on you, you do not have1 inch high speed rail in USA, you only have high speed shit on RUvid
Lord Blackwood
Lord Blackwood 5 days ago
Rail roads should not be build for profit. They should be built for social benefits. You can not measure benefits of a project by merely seeing profit made by rich people. In order to see true benefits of a project just check how many people are lifted off poverty!
Lord Blackwood
Lord Blackwood 5 days ago
Why instead of talking purely about efficiency of Chinese Railway you are concerned about Politics?
Lord Blackwood
Lord Blackwood 2 days ago
@Bobon Meiknob In China there is no "me" there is always "we". In our country no one remain homeless like in yours. We build cities for the homeless and you do nothing. We are the builders and you are the destructors. Our leader is a Chemical Engineer and your President is an idiot who inherited his family business. We don't want American Dream. We want Chinese Dream.
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob 2 days ago
@Ted I'm too busy pimping out all the women in your family, they have a marvelous work ethic so i don't have to beat them much.
Ted 2 days ago
@Bobon Meiknob you seems to be better off with factory job. making burritos and cheeseburger
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob 2 days ago
@Lord Blackwood LOL.. You aren't very good at this, maybe a factory job better suits you. Shall we say... .50 cents per day?
Pharrell Jeong
Pharrell Jeong 5 days ago
胡胡世浩 5 days ago
So where did tagwam go?
Andy Peek
Andy Peek 5 days ago
Did he say' High speed rail in NZ' HaHaHA, our rail system is an international joke. We don't even have a rail link from Auckland to the bloody airport. Considering this country was built by the railways, its a bloody disgrace.
無名 5 days ago
Christchurch's cathedral: hold my L&P....
ShouldYouCare 5 days ago
A good video but somehow the owner just have to bring some political propaganda and mix them in it. Why building a train from Beijing to Shanghai is not political cause but Beijing to Tibet is? And that imprison camp is totally bullshit. I have been there last year and specifically asked local about it and they never heard of it.
RailWest Walk
RailWest Walk 5 days ago
Mr Know-all, why have you bitten a province out of China's map?
Mwangi Irungu
Mwangi Irungu 5 days ago
Your kidding ...china is really rich
Xiaohu Zhu
Xiaohu Zhu 5 days ago
永远不会客观实事求是的描述中国,哪怕是对于中国的巨大进步,也会以观察异端的眼光去加诸恶意,我也是服气。whatever ,你高兴就好。
Xiaohu Zhu
Xiaohu Zhu 5 days ago
The map of China Include Taiwan Island
Vin D
Vin D 5 days ago
China and Eastern Europe have neither the highways that we have in the USA, nor the privately- owned automobiles to make travel practical. Still, more trains her would be nice. Wake-up, California!
Jerry D
Jerry D 5 days ago
中国人都知道:要想富,先修路 All Chinese know that:if you want rich,build a road first
Amet Alvarez
Amet Alvarez 5 days ago
per capita 16 k
Its ASetUp
Its ASetUp 5 days ago
They dont have to go through years of trying to get land. They just take it. How communism works.
ShouldYouCare 5 days ago
They do have to pay way more money than market value to those who needs to move. In China we consider lucky to be asked to move since we know government pays a lot. It’s like a lottery win.
Philong Nguyen
Philong Nguyen 5 days ago
easy. becuase they live in condense area.. millions and millions people craped up in 1 small area. ratch video and understand that make sense to build so many railroad: safe money, travel efficient, less traffic etc..
patrick B
patrick B 5 days ago
impressive !
Because the people are slaves to the communist party.
Ted 2 days ago
he needs a leash on the dog
Ted 2 days ago
where is your master?
Hacker neo
Hacker neo 6 days ago
Don't forget human rights differences
root z
root z 6 days ago
Chinese gavenment always do more and talk less.
Linda Fukuyu
Linda Fukuyu 3 days ago
The US government always talk more and do less. hahaha
nikanaughty 6 days ago
No need to pay middlemen to get building contracts. No striking as soon as the project gets going. Not so much talk, more work.
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 5 days ago
Chinese workers are mostly thankful for their bosses to risk their pride and money to create work for them, and hopefully have a job for life. Western workers often do nothing other than demand a share of the profit from the risk that the Boss took alone, and won't work unless they get it. Unions were a good thing, and still relevant, but they just got stupidly greedy over time, and often only as good as the most useless of the workers.. I must admit though, the average Chinese worker is well below Western worker's lateral skill levels and thinking, and if it's laboring work, Western men are far stronger, no question about it, but the Chinese work 10 hours with a one hour lunch break, whereas the Western worker is about 8 hours with 2 or 3 breaks, so kind of balances out. Oh, and you are completly wrong about no need to pay a middle man to get building contracts, often more than one ... The amount of licencing for building stuff in China is insane, one apartment building I was a part of required 140 separate permissions or licences, many involving graft or the application stays at the bottom of the pile. It's not the graft money that's the problem, as much as the loss of time you suffer getting them all sorted. Put yur application in for say the water pipes, a few days later get a phone call, "Oh there's a small problem with your application, we should talk about this over dinner ... which reads, take me to an expensive restaurant and we will discuss how much you will pay me under the counter for a smooth processing)
elli003 6 days ago
It's not why China is so good at building railways. It's why they have them at all. "As a benevolent but active means for the government to control the movement of the mass population concentrated mostly in the coastal areas." They tout it as an achievement ........ fine ! They brag that they have an advanced high speed rail system and the United States doesn't ................. fine. We don't have the population density that China does either PLUS, we like our independence too ! Bet you can't drive a 69' muscle car pulling wheelies in your neighborhood, then - get in your truck, go to the ranch and shoot birds, or feral hogs all weekend ? Can you do that in China ................. hell no you can't ! Freedom of movement, independence, radical engines, and guns ! Our Constitution allows for that. Case Closed.
Fonzy Aiyez
Fonzy Aiyez 6 days ago
No wonder the west is so afraid of china. imagine what they have done to their military in 10 years
27 keiko
27 keiko 6 days ago
1:50 和 2:07 的台湾省去哪里了??
Gaming Champ
Gaming Champ 6 days ago
*america hurry up and make more progress on your railway before china decides to make trains capable of shooting nukes at countries*
Happy Hands
Happy Hands 6 days ago
wonders if this guy and Mustard are the same
realmiker 6 days ago
But why would you go from Paris to Athens?
The last Petrol bender
you dont , but you really need to go from shanghai to beijing
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 6 days ago
Ey asshole ! Why you didn’t mention Spain 🇪🇸 high speed railway?? The biggest in Europe , and only second to China 🇨🇳 may be you are so lazy and racist that you though that Spain 🇪🇸 was Mexico 🇲🇽 and though “ nah! They all are spicks any way México 🇲🇽 is dirt poor and so do Spain 🇪🇸” you gringo shit !!!💩
Ted 2 days ago
haha, this dude is drunk. get his some ice water
Alex Fursov
Alex Fursov 6 days ago
Why China is so good at building High speed railways? Well it helps if you have a free slave labor force, and you can just tax people at whatever rate you want. It's good being a dictator.
赵云 6 days ago
China railway is for political, America railway is for what?
mortaché de muerte
short term profit only
jy536551 6 days ago
snoopy 6 days ago
Because china got balls. China just steal america technology. Opps, do america have railway? Obviously...
John De Sousa
John De Sousa 6 days ago
propagandist forgot to mention "carbon emission" estimates of $500,000 savings...more phoney saving figures,,,let the luciferian globalist cabal including the democrat party/socialist/fascists/nazi's/islamist's/communists/liberals pay for the san fran-seattle rail project for the people...is this not what these criminals tell the citizenry public...WOW imagine the savings for this luciferians..WOW.. project, almost a $billion dollars savings. Surely these usa and globalist NAZI's can afford this...a free gift to humanity. democrats love free,,, right,..wrong... they love stealing your money by any means possible. President Trump saw this piece of DUNG HEAP GARBAGE...pulling federal funding from this rail project. no more...sorry liberals and progressives whatever you want to call yourselves. illegals should ask for a refund from the demorats party, socialists liberals and progressives...FUND YOUR OWN PROJECTS...WWG1WGA.
Hailstorm 6 days ago
TL:DR: Because communism
The last Petrol bender
China has 0 communism expect the name of the party
parsi zaban
parsi zaban 7 days ago
Whenever I hear about the LA San Fransisco high speed train i laugh. It is actually a laughing stock.
Min Lee
Min Lee 2 days ago
parsi zaban wait until you hear about the Higgs boson particle lab in Chicago!
王木 7 days ago
Gary Guo
Gary Guo 7 days ago
the tibet -Beijing railway is most difficult railway project, really impressed that Chinese they managed to do it.
陈伟 3 days ago
Vash Stampede well explianed
Vash Stampede
Vash Stampede 5 days ago
@@Jeff Gibson , Why don't you Google maps of the "Republic of China" and "Qing Dynasty"? Both are before communists took over. See if Tibet was on them or not. CIA sponsored Dalai Lama to rebel against the newly established PRC in order to destabilize the communist rule. You fools are brainwashed to believe China invaded a part of itself.
Jeff Gibson
Jeff Gibson 5 days ago
It was easy after China invaded Tibet and killed the opposition.
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