Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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Alec Watson, Andrew J Thom, Braam Snyman, Bryan Yip, Chris Allen, Chris Barker, Connor J Smith, Daddy Donald, Etienne Dechamps, Eyal Matsliah, Hank Green, Harry Hendel, James Hughes, James McIntosh, John & Becki, Johnston, Keith Bopp, Kelly J Knight, Ken Lee, KyQuan, Phong, manoj kasyap govindaraju, Plinio Correa, Qui Le, Robin Pulkkinen, Sheldon Zhao, Simen Nerleir, Tim Robinson
China airspace time-lapse courtesy FlightRadar24.com
Air China 747 landing shot courtesy ZurichAirportSpotter
China Eastern 737 takeoff shot courtesy PDX Aviation
Tibet railway shots courtesy Steven Chen and PK Long
Music by epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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Nov 13, 2018




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Comments 80
pagghr51 25 minutes ago
July 23, 2011- Two trains crashed due to critical defects in design. May 23, 2010- Derailment of a train due to flaws in the track.. they cant even trust their own buildings and bridges to not collapse..pfft. Just do it..never mind the quality.. because.. made in chaina
邱惠强 4 hours ago
jerry 6 hours ago
Move to China. Saleout
June Tong
June Tong 7 hours ago
As a member of the Communist Party of China, I can clearly state that the purpose of China's construction of high-speed railways is definitely not a politics will at all. As we all know, according to the World Bank statistics, from 1981 to 2012,China's poor population fell from 85% to 10%. Do you think that China's poverty alleviation plan is realized by spreading money? Definitely not, we said "授人以鱼不如授人以渔" in Chinese, which means "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; But teach a man HOW to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." in English. As the same principle, "give a lot of people so much money and you only can let them out of poverty for a period; but if you teach people HOW to and CREATE the circumstance to make money, then they will out of poverty for a long time." And the Communist Party of China achieved this goal through infrastructure, road construction and high-speed railway construction,etc.Therefore, more and more people can convenient come to these remote poverty areas from relatively wealthy places. They provide market, wealth and a lot of jobs, etc. which is conducive to the improvement of the local economy. So the real reason of why China is so good at building railways is because they have the one thing almost evey other country lacks--to make the poverty people have a better life and brighter future.
Young Couch potato
Young Couch potato 21 hour ago
They can just yeet the people out and build the infrastructure like a magic
Trains are socialistic. It’s the only way to fund it. The cost vs return prevents American investments.
Robert Miller
Thanks to the French and Germans!
Natsuki Day ago
Ask the Japanese engineer that helped to build that.
Blaze bvcan
Blaze bvcan Day ago
china is so fuckign op people will see in the future and know more about time and enocmics in other countrys like canada brit usa japen russia who dont know as much as china.
tiger phid
tiger phid Day ago
You can fly Hong Kong to Beijing in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
alfredo ibarra
alfredo ibarra 2 days ago
Not only trains. Cars, trucks, computers, cell phones, airplanes, rockets, satellites, tires, skyscrappers, etc. China builds everything you need.
Simon Eminger
Simon Eminger 2 days ago
Not to forget that trains are way better for the climate than an obsession with flying
Bradley Killen
Bradley Killen 2 days ago
Man your marxists undertone is not subtle.. we dont want this here..
押すPUSH 2 days ago
👈CHINA is good at copy 👉
黄某 2 days ago
哈哈 Day ago
My Mundo
My Mundo 2 days ago
What about Japan?
There is a way!
There is a way! 2 days ago
The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 38h 28m. How far is it from Paris to Athens? The distance between Paris and Athens is 2095 km.
Dave Chik
Dave Chik 2 days ago
China is also good at many things: Virus, dog-eating, censorship, and Hong Kong.
Archie 2 days ago
OK,politicals is much more important than economy,lol
林逸杰 2 days ago
项不曲 2 days ago
Lisa Lam
Lisa Lam 2 days ago
To foreigners, Chinese government does everything about politics, for Chinese people who really live in China, we do think Chinese government is trying to solve problems, such as environmental issues, massive people migration, travel convenience(poor people are able to travel now) , jobs, increase skills and technology of building high speech train and economic growth etc. We appreciate Chinese government did that and not just looking at profits in a short period. I lived in San Francisco and studied In UCSD, 8 hours drive or 1and a half hour flight, made me feel guilty of producing so much carbon dioxide, it also cost time and money. In China, I take 4 hours high speed train cost 435 hkd, less time and doesn't cost much. China is upgrading; it is the fact。
Lin Chin
Lin Chin 2 days ago
The railways are for military purpose mainly.
Patrick X
Patrick X 2 days ago
0:55 The map of China is wrong.
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 2 days ago
What’s wrong with the map?
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
no its not
李长歌 3 days ago
Taiwan is part of China
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
@李长歌 不,但要继续自欺欺人,因为您没有欺骗世界其他地方 😉
李长歌 2 days ago
@Verentur Nil 无论你说多少,台湾都是中国的一部分
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
Caп¡s Aпuв¡s
is this channel in the CCP payroll? 😂
Nelyrion s
Nelyrion s 3 days ago
If a authoritarian regime tells you to build a train track.. you build a train track. West is so burdened by bureaucracy, expensive labour, lack of political cohesion and trains makes less economical sense for us. And even if we approve for a highspeed long distance train track.. the total cost always doubles magically once construction has started. In some ways.. our freedom and more capitalistic systems burdens us.. but it's better than living in a authoritarian state in the end.
Pokmat Mekba
Pokmat Mekba 3 days ago
3 best place in USA for China 350KM/H High Speed train..the ticket price must be under 30% of flight average economy ticket FIRST CHICAGO - PHILADELPHIA - NEW YORK ( 4 Hours ) SECOND PHOENIX - SAN DIEGO - LOS ANGELES - SAN JOSE ( 4 Hours ) THIRD DALLAS - HOUSTON - SAN ANTONIO ( 2 hours 30 minutes )
Ganapathi Srinivasan
look deeper and you will see the rot these guys cannot do anything without harming humanity and the environment
David Bach
David Bach 3 days ago
At the end of the maglev line in Shanghai is a museum. It tells how the maglev was developed. It used German patents.
darwinism14 3 days ago
Their engineers are first class copiers. Without paying the inventors, of course.
Othman Hassan Majid
That's called getting an education.
Xeng Huang
Xeng Huang 3 days ago
CCP is Best
Prodromos P
Prodromos P 3 days ago
1:36 This sentence makes absolutely no sense. Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia all build High-Speed Rail and they are not rich, small countries.
Prodromos P
Prodromos P Day ago
@Ali 26.000 per capita is not rich at all. It's middle income country. Oil is worthless nowadays and the Saudis know it.
Prodromos P
Prodromos P Day ago
@Flipbook. VN Play the video again. It talks about existence not the type of technology used.
Ali Day ago
Saudi Arabia is not rich ?GDP per capita is around 26000 dollars .Let's not forget the amount of money they get from oil and Muslim pilgrimage in mecca .India only has 12 cities with fast trains .Most of those trains are no comparison with China .India only have only one bullet train .
Flipbook. VN
Flipbook. VN Day ago
And they use japan or china train tech..
SomebodyHere 1
SomebodyHere 1 2 days ago
Prodromos P “traditionally” and this was in 2018
Mahendra Dhiman
Mahendra Dhiman 3 days ago
Because they copied the Japanese trains!
hjohnso248 4 days ago
Zimmer some tough people
hjohnso248 4 days ago
Wow 16000 ft that's up here I wonder did the people that built the railroad have to wear oxygen masks to do the construction.
Simple being
Simple being 4 days ago
A country of miracle. Although a communist, but benefitted from the east and west cold war mainly due to its difference with USSR. Despite west having very stern policy against the socialist states, china was granted most favoured nation trading status by the US for so long. People may argue about freedom and rights in China but evolution of human history is not perfect anywhere and anytime. Hope prosperity will gradually bring change and will help world become a more stable, safe and secure.
Gopala Krishnan
Gopala Krishnan 4 days ago
Why don't this channel create another video on "Why china is the biggest killer nation of the century? "
Dua Kali Lima
Dua Kali Lima 4 days ago
By stealing others' technology.
Daniel Liu
Daniel Liu 4 days ago
I want to squeeze “Square Space” nuts, that’s exactly how I felt when I finally realized that you unabashedly seamlessly switched to ads at the end of each video, you son of beach lol
Daniel Liu
Daniel Liu 4 days ago
Here in Boston, we have been talking about having green line extension (subway) for years, thank God, finally, the project started and is scheduled to operate by 2021. I am not complaining, as I know many projects in US never seen the light at the end of tunnel (pun intended). I love USA, but China, is amazing in her excellence of infrastructure building and super efficiency
China Travel V-Log
you pretend to understand china that politicizing of building high speed track even wearing masks in pandemic. The main purpose of building high speed rail to integrate the region along rail into developed economy area but profit. and we will build 600kph Maglev which was made by China in coming years.
Joey L
Joey L 5 days ago
It's amazing that something titled in chinese could reach 0.7 million plays.
Road construction has economic and political purposes in every country.
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson 5 days ago
As a Vietnamese, i say that China is so good at building railway. So good that it has been 10 years since the Cat Linh Ha Dong railway project start, and we still not have a chance to use it.
林逸杰 5 days ago
Taiwan is a part of China forever.
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
@林逸杰 我不是中国人,但它说明了中国如何不欺骗世界其他地区 😂 不要说谎,你是政府机器人
林逸杰 2 days ago
@Verentur Nil 我沒有被任何人洗腦,我是炎黃子孫,也是華夏民族,我更是堂堂正正的中國人,我不像你們這些人明明就是中國人,卻總是甘當淪為漢奸走狗。👿👿👿
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
@林逸杰 我既不是台灣人,也不是美國人,但您一定是另一個被洗腦的中國人
林逸杰 2 days ago
@Verentur Nil 中國的台灣,美國的狗🐶
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
brandon shorkey
brandon shorkey 5 days ago
If China is so big why does it have such restricted airspace when the US doesn't, even though both are large af countries?
yangtian wang
yangtian wang 5 days ago
how do you know this fake information?
brandon shorkey
brandon shorkey 5 days ago
I wish America was good at building railways... FUCK lobbying. It's ruined this country. Fucking wealthy cunts.
wilson ip
wilson ip 6 days ago
you have no idea of Hongkong, which is part of the China... idiot
kosopet 6 days ago
In the mean time Indias fastest train 18 is starting to break down in the first set itself.
Egg Gaming
Egg Gaming 6 days ago
omg u get sponsord so much ive heard squarespace and skillshare so much reeee
China:要想富先修路。Translation:”If you want to get rich, build a road first.” Western: politics.
Rowan Fernsler
Rowan Fernsler 6 days ago
Because they shoot anyone who tries to defend their own sovereign land
Rowan Fernsler China doesn’t have the right to defend its sovereignty? A separated China is what you guys like.
Dono Oetomo
Dono Oetomo 6 days ago
Ives Jesus Nisce
Ives Jesus Nisce 6 days ago
Internet: china bad Internet: the world = usa, western europe, australia
liping zheng
liping zheng 7 days ago
Verentur Nil
Verentur Nil 2 days ago
adil mae
adil mae 7 days ago
america is the "overthinking guy" china is the "just do it guy"
yamiaboomer yt
yamiaboomer yt 7 days ago
Ive been on the paris 2 Barcelona route and sncf use the double decker tgvs since they can carry a huge amount of passengers
Duntao Li
Duntao Li 7 days ago
Why? Because China is good at stealing. And that's why the US has no high speed railways - China stole every mile of them.
Duntao Li 老香蕉了
annfokker 7 days ago
t really is fascinating tho one thing lacks... the high speed rails are not just so expensive to build, but also expensive to maintain... money isn't infinite not even in chinese state banks... 20-30 years later the mega projects that require constant huge boosts from goverment to operate could be serious pain in the a
When war starts, this will be the most efficient military transportation method in the world. Chinese troops, weapons,resources can reach any point at any time requested domestically.
Arora LAU
Arora LAU 8 days ago
bruh chinas econamy is so good wdym look on lrgit everything you have it probaly says made in china
Y K 8 days ago
Ravi Ahuja
Ravi Ahuja 8 days ago
Conclusion of the video : China isnt good at trains... it is just bad enough at planes...
Masood Khan
Masood Khan 8 days ago
Action is louder than speech and by the way Toronto is a biggest city in Canada have population of 3.2 million???
Masood Khan
Masood Khan 8 days ago
Before this Russia and now China American have always complex problem to any up coming develop country ????
Bayugan Green City
Northern Filipinos are so allergic of this kind of Video, everything in Northern Filipinos about china is low quality and fake that's why Southern Filipinos always laughing about the mind setting of Northern Filipinos.. Northern Filipinos believes that america is ther God unlike Southerns that is Pro Philippines, Pro Asian and has a wide analysization about China products.
Dan Blain
Dan Blain 8 days ago
Simple, here in the US to run new lines is next to impossible. You have to acquire all right a ways not to mention the lawsuits from all the California tree huggers. That takes up to a decade and billions wasted before you might get to start construction. China, no worries about "relocating" everything in their way. They have no choice, move or possibly die. I'm quite sure there are no tree huggers in china.
Dan Blain First of all, in China, every inch of land are own by government. Farmers only have the right to use their land for farming. Only the local government have the right to sell it for real estate companies. Therefore, keeping farming land is useless as many Chinese moving from countryside to cities. And there are plenty of land can apply to use for those who want stay at countryside, while others moving out.Meanwhile, one can get a great number of money since the government don’t want create social issues.
Abdullah Ajmal
Abdullah Ajmal 8 days ago
🇨🇳 🇵🇰
Thwee Htoo
Thwee Htoo 8 days ago
American don't want train they want free on wheels ..
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 7 days ago
uh huh... "freedom"
Ramakrishna Babu
Ramakrishna Babu 9 days ago
they are experts in stealing others technology..... they looted railway technology from japan and europe
Bryce Wakefield
Bryce Wakefield 9 days ago
Let me guess, you are from India right? China leads the international mathematics and science Olympiads and is leading in terms of nuclear technologies. Learn to respect greats.
Henry YANG
Henry YANG 9 days ago
high-speed rail plays a very crucial role in eliminating the development imbalance between different regions in China
Henry YANG
Henry YANG 9 days ago
Westerns are always focusing on the politics, but for China, the economic development and improvement of life quality is the most important thing
darwinism14 3 days ago
The West is waking up. The factories will leave China and turn back to their respective countries, otherwise there will be heavy taxes on the greedy corporations and shareholders.
Henry YANG
Henry YANG 9 days ago
America has Nike, China has "Just do it". Correct itself during gradual progrocessing
Danny 9 days ago
Wow subject is trains yet you make this a political vid ???? Thumbs down for this sneaky political brainwashing !
S W 9 days ago
Another major and more apparent reason for China's national urge to build High speed rail is the Spring Festival (equivalent to Christmas) where people working in big cities in the east returns to their hometown. About 200 million people needs to travel during spring festival EVERY YEAR and it is just impossible to fulfill it any other way.
Mid9TKilLeR 9 days ago
Chinese government really doesn’t use economy mindset for this infrastructure decisions. Just like Japan, cities get developed near train stations. The cheap and eco-friendly trains can of course bring tons of opportunity to less developed areas, which is indeed Chinese government’s top priority (rather than those BS evil “political will”) .
sc5252 9 days ago
China is not the poorest country to have high speed rail now. Morocco, Uzbekistan had high speed train, they are much poorer than China. Turkey also have high speed train, its GDP per capita is about the equivalent of China
Frank L
Frank L 9 days ago
It’s easiest to be the best when you steal ideas and have them built on slave wages..
Frank L
Frank L 3 days ago
Othman Hassan Majid 💣
Frank L
Frank L 3 days ago
Cool man Is that not what they do?
Othman Hassan Majid
That's how the Wild West was won....or did you forget.
Cool man
Cool man 6 days ago
Frank L narrow minded sore lemon
Navaraaj Kumar
Navaraaj Kumar 10 days ago
Yes train is good maybe but Xi president not so ! China a land of slavary and virus
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