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Let’s discuss why Cassandra took over Corona. In the final episode before the series finale, Once A Handmaiden shows us the daughter of Mother Gothel wrestling with whether she should side with Rapunzel or the ancient evil known as Zhan Tiri, and in the end Cass turned from her sister and brought Corona to its knees. Now Cassandra has taken King Frederic’s throne for herself using the black rocks and the moonstone, and I want to understand why this happened. Today we are looking into one of the final stories in Tangled The Series.
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Comments 80
Karl Rovey
Karl Rovey 4 days ago
When will this season be on the Disney Streaming App?
Guilherme Oliveira
CORONA? is that the viruses origins (sorry i could not resist)
Hunter Gilbert
Hunter Gilbert 11 days ago
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 17 days ago
Cuz of she's got Corona virus...
Lindsey Parsons 😘
Very interesting.
Soupha Inthirath
Soupha Inthirath 23 days ago
Whenever i saw the title i was like Me:WHAT SHE TOOK OVER THE CRONO VIRUS
{•Milkie Pastelle•}
Kingdom of Corona? So does that means Rapunzel and the others live on a deadly virus?
XSugar bunny X
XSugar bunny X 24 days ago
I think Corona should be destroyed because they created the Corona virus
MegaRaffpterYT 26 days ago
am i the only 1 who see the patern?>corona>corona the beer> corona_virus?
SillyChotu 2008
SillyChotu 2008 27 days ago
The series over now I’m sad
Lauryn Estell
Lauryn Estell 27 days ago
Did any one else notice the girl Cassandra disguises herself asked the same girl from the episode Free as a bird
DominiqueReshay 27 days ago
Rewatching this after the finale yesterday and yet my heart is still hurting
princess maria
princess maria 27 days ago
Guys because she thought that rapunzel tried to get rid of her that's why she became evil.
Krysta Moonlight
Krysta Moonlight 27 days ago
Can’t wait for the next video! Looking forward to it!
Dymond Davis
Dymond Davis 28 days ago
I really miss the old Cassandra , she was a kind hearted, a good friend and a loving sister but this new Cassandra has darkness in her heart also is blinded by her rage and hatred
Zillafeet 28 days ago
Hello again from Zillafeet. I have two new questions that have been on my mind the last week. I just saw the three part series finale of tangled and I have been wondering “Is Zhan Tiri related to Ursula from Little Mermaid?” Also, how is it that the merpeople and other sea creatures know what dinosaurs are and yet Aladdin and his friends only call them monsters or demons?” The second question is based off two episodes from the old series. I mean I can understand Aladdin and Iago from not knowing, but why does Genie not call the T Rex by its real name or species?
Dj 28 days ago
Probably has coronavirus K bye
Princess Azula
Princess Azula 28 days ago
corona time!!!!!
zeb jensen
zeb jensen 28 days ago
What if she is trying to redeem herself in her own way. What if she thinks no one will forgive her and now that she knows who zantiri is she wants to fight repubzel and sacrifice herself so repubzel will kill her and take both powers for herself. My idea is what if she thinks the only want to redeem herself is to die giving up her powers all the while pretending to be the bad guy to forced Rapunzel to fight while also making zantiri think she's still bad. If this is how things play out that would be pretty interesting if you ask me.
ZANNATUL ALIF 28 days ago
Corona is also the name of the virus that is making China and some more countries suffer
Inaya Asad
Inaya Asad 28 days ago
I hope Cassandra will sacrifice herself to Rapunzel
Selena Rosalie
Selena Rosalie 28 days ago
I for whatever reason thought this was about the Corona Virus and clicked out concern, paying absolutely no attention to the thumbnail
Samantha Nicole Co
Samantha Nicole Co 28 days ago
I’m so sorry but every time I look at the tile of the video and see “Corona”, I end up thinking of “Corona Virus”
kayla fike
kayla fike 28 days ago
I guess we’ll find out tomorrow
ItsTheUnknown 29 days ago
When cockiness strikes
HRB 29 days ago
I think the writers wanted me to feel sorry for Cassandra, here. Like, "oh look she almost was redeemed!" Except they made her final turning point away from the light so easy that I'm just more ticked off at her than ever. What, these people you've betrayed... kindapped, left for dead, tried to kill and threatened on multiple occasions have itchy trigger fingers because they're scared of you so **** em? Yeah, I can see you were genuinely sorry for your actions there, Cass.
Kpop Is Life
Kpop Is Life 29 days ago
so y’all are just gonna ignore that the kingdom is named after a deadly virus?
Jun Talya Shamun
Jun Talya Shamun 29 days ago
Akame Halo
Akame Halo 29 days ago
Corona you mean corona virus 😉😂🤣
Tom Whapits
Tom Whapits 29 days ago
shorty (the old man) is definitely that old wizard damanicus.
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 29 days ago
Eugene Rapunzel pascal max varain
Lovely Tojan
Lovely Tojan 29 days ago
Maybe Cass dies in the finale. As she is not shown in tangled wedding.
Sunspot Mill
Sunspot Mill 29 days ago
Cass is such a tragic character and her possible road to redemption is just giving me mixed emotions so far!
Monika 29 days ago
Love the comments on this video
Kevin Lashley
Kevin Lashley 29 days ago
"Petri, your mother's right. We must all be accountable for our actions". -Pterano, The Land before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire.
Mariah Nieves
Mariah Nieves 29 days ago
Cassandra is madly in love with raps the princess because from the first season Cassandra was playing hard to get with the princess . Both of them was starting to know each other . Then second season Cassandra grow deeper love for the princess . I think one episode Eugene and Cassandra was fighting for the affection of princess . Then prince Eugene and princess anniversary episode princess raps didn't spend it with Eugene . Princess wanted alone time with Cassandra . I think one episode Cassandra said I love you princess raps . Really hope and prey that Cassandra confront and convince her love for the princess fight and protect her again 🙏😇 ❤️ please Cassandra wake up remove the moon stone in ur chest and all ur romantic memories resurface again remember princess raps won her love in return again.
Ever Forward
Ever Forward 29 days ago
Why did it take her so long to figure out it was Zhan Tiri? Who else would it be?
GianMarG. Hermosa
GianMarG. Hermosa 29 days ago
It’s Disney so Cassandra would obviously be redeemed
Rachel Camaish
Rachel Camaish 29 days ago
Everyone can be redeemed no matter what they have done. It’s one of the benefits of being human. There will always be harsher consequences the further you go into the darkness, but you can always make your way back to the light. Once Upon a Time showed this perfectly with Rumplestilstkin/Mr. Gold and I Hope Tangled does the same thing with Cassandra
Disneyfan82 29 days ago
They better or I will be pissed.
Anton Paulson
Anton Paulson 29 days ago
When I saw the thumbnail, for a second I thought it was about the Coronavirus
ramy nasser
ramy nasser 29 days ago
I just love the irony:this fairy kingdom that has a magical princess with beautiful long shiny glowing hair and has a interesting story is named CORONA Meanwhile :Hey there i am corona virus 😂
Omega What If
Omega What If 29 days ago
Its because she tought varian shot her on purpose
Damian Davis
Damian Davis 29 days ago
Anyone else notice how Zhan Tiri is a female version of Emperor Palpatine,and Cassandra is the female version of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker,Zhan Tiri is manipulating events while Cassandra is struggling inside,fighting the darkness inside of her
Damian Davis
Damian Davis 28 days ago
@Nicholas Bloom I am kinda curious,does Zhan Tiri have powers?we haven't seen her use any,at least not directly,or onscreen
Nicholas Bloom
Nicholas Bloom 29 days ago
yes cass will be redeemed
Tyshawn Stubbs
Tyshawn Stubbs 29 days ago
Corona: we live peacefully Coronavirus: *enters* Corona: who are you Coronavirus: allow me to introduce myself. I'm your worse nightmare
Irina Maria
Irina Maria Month ago
Very unfortunate timing for the thumbnail, mate xD
joanna kosakowski
What’s gonna happen to Cassandra when the next or final episode comes. I hate Zhan Tiri who else hates Zhan Tiri? 😈👻💀
Elemtal Elemtal
Elemtal Elemtal Month ago
Looks like Corona just turned into Corona Virus xD
Lylia Lilo
Lylia Lilo Month ago
Lol when i read the title i thought he was talking about the virus 😂
when i saw it I was like yaaas she is turning good again!! then zan tiri had to ruin it. DANG IT!! also another thought i had is, where did the real faith go when cassandra was disguised as her? did cas capture her in hide her somewhere
Eriquo Playz
Eriquo Playz Month ago
Tommo Hud
Tommo Hud Month ago
I looked at this and I thought it said *how Cassandra got the corona virus 😭😂
Broken girl
Broken girl Month ago
Corona Virus 😏
kill meh
kill meh Month ago
Dam this corona virus is getting worse.
Lyric Jay
Lyric Jay Month ago
She was pulling her punches, she could have easily seriously harmed or killed everybody, but I've never seen her use blunt rocks before
Nik Month ago
If only the REAL LIFE corona will fall. But well I guess I'll have to wear a mask and watch Tangled the Series whilst I'm self quarantining myself.
Jazmine Dassios
Jazmine Dassios Month ago
All people make mistakes. So I think Cassandra will come back onto the good side when she understands what she has been doing and that said Terry was messing with her/ taking control of her and back on the good side to stop Centenary.
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins Month ago
Even though she might be forgiven, she still needs to be punished for what she did. All actions have consequences
Queen C
Queen C Month ago
Cassandra is really stupid and I hope Rapunzal defeats her and she gets what she deserves.
Disneyfan82 29 days ago
Guess again, I believe Cassandra can be saved. She's not stupid, she's lost and shattered inside.
Chaylynn Petherbridge
Rapunzel will forgive her, because that's who she is as a person. But she will not let her back in her life. Cassandra will live, and she will leave Corona. That would be the biggest thing Rapunzel can do, and it would greatly influence her ability to lead. She will be a queen after all.
Georgi Stanev
Georgi Stanev Month ago
I think we will see Demanitos again.
Lexie Reilly
Lexie Reilly Month ago
One of my favorite lines in this whole series so far is when Cass echoes her mother and says: “You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy.” Chills.
Kerrigan Swinney
I'm going to beat zahn tiri up
Tyleah Morales
Tyleah Morales Month ago
“You want me to be the bad guy? Fine, now I’m the bad guy.” - Mother Gothel AND Cass.
I really don't like what they did to Cassandra. I feel like they just randomly made her evil. I feel like she was such a strong character to be easily manipulated and forget the strong relationship she had with Repunzel.
Carissa Flores
Carissa Flores Month ago
*Zhan Tiri laughs evilly* Shorty: *Laughs* "What are we laughing about?" I died!! Overall a good video!
Melle Mads Woestenburg
6:52 CHILLS!! 😱😱
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders Month ago
What is goshel is really is on Zoin tiri And when she touched zon tri that reminded me of sunset shimmer
Kai Vaughn
Kai Vaughn Month ago
Crap crap crap spoilers!!! Noooo!! & I JUST started season 3 last night!! Ugh!!
Suni Glow
Suni Glow Month ago
Karma please hit Cassandra first b4 u hit Zhan Tiri and if possible HIT UPSIDE HER DUMBASS HEAD!
Disneyfan82 29 days ago
What are you Cass haters that stupid? Do you really think Zhan Tri doesn't deserve to be taken out first? Boy people are so dense.
ILoveJapan28A Month ago
Yes please though I don’t believe I’ll be satisfied with what they do
Crazy Icicle
Crazy Icicle Month ago
Cassandra has done it now. Gonna be hard to come back from this one.
Anouk Neeleman
Anouk Neeleman Month ago
Chorona virus!
NS moh
NS moh Month ago
She took over corona because she had to save the sick people who are dying from that disease, Cassandra is the nicest character I have ever known, love you Cassandra! ❤️❤️ Everyone:
ILoveJapan28A Month ago
DaftDogeBawse Month ago
*This has to stop now*
DaftDogeBawse Month ago
I got theory, Was Rapunzel the reason why Anna and Elsas parents died I mean, when she touched the rocks for the first time there was a strong wind and the strong wind sank the boat.
Michelle Ten-Bokkel
This is a good video 😈zhary teary
Mine Poki
Mine Poki Month ago
Corona virus?!
Um Nobody
Um Nobody Month ago
i wish they make tangled 2 movie would be very intresting :)
Holly Brewer
Holly Brewer Month ago
Love your Oozma Kappa T shirt under your hoodie😂😂😂😂
FinnMacCool Month ago
Cassandra is a dumbass
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