Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone

Tom Scott
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People keep finding bugs in iPhones, and other people keep asking me to make videos about them. So here you go! Here's a tale of binary, of the Unix epoch, and a date beyond the lifespan of the universe.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH to Michael Monteith, @mike220889 on Twitter, who was able to get me a conference room to film in on a Friday afternoon at very short notice!

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Feb 12, 2016




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Comments 80
Ferko Mikuláš
Ferko Mikuláš 14 hours ago
Hmm last day of 64 bit systems will be in my birthday
rklnuller Day ago
One time in my photos it said July 1945
Tom Day ago
i got negative underflow when i ate some dodgy fish in Bali 😱
Alvie pug Gaming
Alvie pug Gaming 3 days ago
Gandi declares war on everyone?!
Steampunk Sam Perez
That must suck for anyone actually born then
pv szyszel
pv szyszel 3 days ago
YT recommended it me after 4 yrs
pv szyszel
pv szyszel 3 days ago
We need time machine. Oh, I have one! By-ȟșʬ͚̈́ͽΏėƍƕ͌Ɂʧʴ̼ξѾ՞֍ִ֟⁠ԯ҈̿ʤ
E Gostlow
E Gostlow 4 days ago
Dang I can’t go below 2006😭
Republic of pig Mapper and gamer
cuz they know it and change it so ppl can't try
April Gould
April Gould 5 days ago
Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone's
April Gould
April Gould 5 days ago
Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your IPhone undocumented behavior Tom Scott: only if you counted past fifteen quintillion I counted past fifteen quintillion
alex fernando Huenten
pay me young.
TrainGeek 06 AKA Wheelie
But does 2/1/1970 work?? I want to do that if it doesnt «brick» my iPhone 7...😂🤫
That Gamer Girl Lexi
Could it be that time till last full charge is stored as an epoch of the time difference. When the OS checks the epoch time till last charge and tries to take it away from the current epoch to display it in the settings it goes before 1/1/70 and you get your error
Core Nuke
Core Nuke 12 days ago
{\ /} • _ • ) / > Bricks
Adam Snow
Adam Snow 13 days ago
Don't usually watch this type of video but this lad is well easy to watch, short and sweet, with quick clear info 👍
Space Toast
Space Toast 13 days ago
Would a comment on a video say it was posted before the video was made? It could go either way depending on how it works, it’s most Likley it doesn’t though
Rainfong Videos
Rainfong Videos 14 days ago
Also happens in other Unix systems
anonymous 123
anonymous 123 14 days ago
"Gandhi started declaring war on everyone" -Tom Scott 2016.
Retr0 Breezy
Retr0 Breezy 15 days ago
Why 1/1/1970 *Bricks* Your iPhone Don't you mean brake?
Rachelx04 15 days ago
Once when I was on the bus the clock showed 00:00 1/1/70
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
So iPhone's weakness is the 1/1/1970 and Android weakness is the "Wallpaper"
Blast 16 days ago
Thanks for the info, changed my phone date to 1/1/1970 to prank my friend, it backfired.
Me 17 days ago
laughs in android
junnic eel
junnic eel 18 days ago
Everyone who plays idle games already knows these numbers ... - quadrillion - quintillion - sextillion - septillion - octillion - nonillion - decillion - undecillion - and many more
David Bonte
David Bonte 19 days ago
arts'n'crafts I see, I like :)
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 19 days ago
All I know is 64 bit is big compooter and 32 bit is bad compooter.
YzGuysie 19 days ago
BRICKS your phone ummm
The Niwo
The Niwo 20 days ago
using signed int you will loose half of your numbers. Means an iphone can only be dated half of the expected age of the universe
April Gould
April Gould 21 day ago
15=1111 255=11111111 65535=1111111111111111 2.147B=11111111111111111111111111111111 9.223Qi=1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
TheAnimatedKiddo 23 days ago
4 years... And RUvid still recommends it.
SSJB 23 days ago
So I'm building a house out of iPhones now
HECKproductions 23 days ago
me: hey phone its currently 1970 phone: ok me: when did i call john again? phone: about 17 trillion years after the heat death of the universe me: oh
April Gould
April Gould 23 days ago
Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your IPhone
Anythingoes88 24 days ago
1/1/1980 is also another common start date; When on Windows 3.1 in the year 2000, it went back to 1980 creating havoc with when I last saved my files!
Random Tidbits
Random Tidbits 24 days ago
So the limit is 1/2/1970
sm2154RBLX 25 days ago
effective. Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗
Dave MacDonald
Dave MacDonald 26 days ago
I thought you were going to prove it. I'm disappointed
ItsMeFrost 28 days ago
When Gandhi gets a negative underflow: “Peace was never an option”
[サンダー] Month ago
bricks my iphone
Tariq Month ago
Who's watching this in 1940?
Verxy Month ago
That's why discord calls sometime glitch and show the date 1/1/1970
TheOfficial Fox
TheOfficial Fox Month ago
TheMZicMaster Month ago
Mark. Month ago
Boo, right to left binary.
Ali Razi
Ali Razi Month ago
Gandhi: peace was never an option
Rot Z
Rot Z Month ago
So, they couldn't move the epoch further back? If they can make the clock last longer than the universe, they should be able to allow it to display December 31st, 1969.
The TrEnds
The TrEnds Month ago
iPhone: *this bug exists* Android: 𝘐𝘮𝘢 𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘯'𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘳
Willy Ouyang
Willy Ouyang Month ago
ddont u mean breaks dumb sh
Fated Mite 一人で
I didn't understood a t single thing...
Crow •
Crow • Month ago
Anyone know if this is still possible?
Derek Valentino Metz
if unix time is an integer and my calculations are correct, on 47 or 48 years, digital time will bug out
ThrowAway Month ago
I "don't need this video."
David Reid
David Reid Month ago
I shouldn’t have watched this. It is making me want to set my date on my phone back
April Gould
April Gould Month ago
The overflow is 9.223 quintillion
gal tacmanz
gal tacmanz Month ago
this is similar to the video posted on 1969
ThingyDo Month ago
Hmmm I wonder how big is the number now?
Dank_ Cheemer
Dank_ Cheemer Month ago
I get it on discord when I leave a call and rejoin and I use a tablet
DaBot 5634
DaBot 5634 Month ago
3:02 oh that's what people mean when they say robots will take over earth
Visual917 Month ago
bunu izleyen kültürlü Türkler de varmış
Normal Minecraft Lets Play
What ios version is this
Tzu Chu
Tzu Chu Month ago
Okay anyone else confused because they weren’t paying attention and instead reading comments-
The Dank Dev
The Dank Dev Month ago
I understood the terms at the beginning! :DDDDDD
max_asdfghjkl Month ago
plit twost: the inuverse got creetad in 1/1/1970
james yeung
james yeung Month ago
o heta thos cimmont
Stefano Siclari
Stefano Siclari Month ago
This reminds me that I own a Sega Dreamcast and as a kid I found out I could set the date to 1/1/1955, and I never figured out why they'd want to allow that
George Collins
George Collins Month ago
I actually once got an email on my iphone on icloud and it said that the email was from “31/12/69”?
based bothadeez
based bothadeez Month ago
net historian
Mickh 279
Mickh 279 Month ago
That wallpaper from 1970s
Mr.Lewis Month ago
Goggles Tigerkhan
i tricked so many people into this by telling them it would make their phone faster
SofusEast04 Brink
Well done
Devin Blair II
Devin Blair II Month ago
everybody gangsta until the time becomes 4/12/292277026596 because of an integer underflow
Jylle Perez
Jylle Perez Month ago
I have one question. I’m my Minecraft PE world, there was a time beside it, where it was last played. (I played since 12.0) For some strange reason, after the 1.10 update came, my world date was resetted on 1/1/1970. Could someone explain this? I also have another issue with world generation, but that is besides the point
Christopher Armstrong
The apple 'geniuses' didn't think of that one
-skuaz- Month ago
Why does it brick my phone
Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*
If everything according to 0:15 goes to plan: *Those who understand integer underflow caused by the unix epoch have left the chat* (no offence)
Sullo Month ago
Clickbait. I tried putting it to 1/1/1970 and my phone didn’t turn into a brick. But it’s now unusable.
Rev. James C
Rev. James C Month ago
I watched the video from beginning to end and I’m none the wiser.
QuazyDonut Month ago
I don’t get what you are saying
Richard chapman
Richard chapman Month ago
That wallpaper damaged my eyesight.
Lars Hermsen
Lars Hermsen Month ago
So... does it still work?
ً Month ago
Lars Hermsen idk
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