Whose Fried Chicken Sandwich Is The Best?

The Try Guys
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It's time to settle the debate once and for all... who will be the winner of the #ChickenSandwichShowdown2k19?! 🍗 #chickenwatch
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Sep 4, 2019




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Comments 80
Rhys Thomas
Rhys Thomas 3 days ago
We need the chicken Bois back for 2020
Legend Owl
Legend Owl 4 days ago
Chick-Fil-A is absolutely my favorite, and I always get the spicy chicken sandwich. I got the spicy popeyes sandwich and I didn't really understand the hype, it was super plain and dry. I might've went to a crappy Popeyes though.
Legend Owl
Legend Owl 4 days ago
I've never been to a homophobic chick-fil-a though. The one I go to has lots of homosexual workers, and one of them is a manager (He's the sweetest dude ever.)
rachel 5 days ago
at mcdonalds: no flavor in this bread. water bread. horrible at KFC: this bread has no flavor. a classic. A+ bread
Tula Fawbush
Tula Fawbush 5 days ago
Okay but Chick-fil-a’s sandwich is the BEST!!! CHICK-FIL-A =❤️🥰😍💍
Mady Cole
Mady Cole 5 days ago
where i live it’s called hardee’s not carl’s jr.
shahar 7 days ago
whos watching this in 2020? Crazy to see them sharing a chicken sandwich with friends and STRANGERS... gotta miss those pre-corona days
Meredith K
Meredith K 7 days ago
I tried the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and I was honestly under welled . I’m glad people like it , but it’s not for me. Chick-fil-A is better in my opinion.
Frankie Khan
Frankie Khan 7 days ago
I’ve never been to any single one of the places they went to in the video
Indu Rai
Indu Rai 10 days ago
The raps are on fire!
Zuku 10 days ago
boys, *we got the cackle dackle doo*
Pressure 11 days ago
People aren't gonna believe me when I say this I've only had chick fil a once
Joseph Gronski
Joseph Gronski 11 days ago
Why Chick-Fila? Speaking from a gay man and wants to say why that restaurant. There are many other places that sell a chicken sandwich.
Matster Mati
Matster Mati 13 days ago
is nobody talking about how chris pulled rapping straight out of his ass?
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 13 days ago
Popeyes hands down
Phillip S
Phillip S 14 days ago
before corona
Yoongi Wifeu
Yoongi Wifeu 15 days ago
Im craving for a burger right now and tbh i havent tried a burger in my whole life bcuz here where i live we dont have burger places AT ALL now im sad😢😢
Sterkasta Maðurinn
You guys are cappin SO damn hard if your gonna sit there and say the popeyes sandwich is better than shake shack. I've been the most die hard chick fil a fan for years and I couldn't even lie to myself when I tasted that thing...
Ninja Bash
Ninja Bash 20 days ago
Lmao 🤣
Roman 21 day ago
Wow. That was some legitimately awesome intro
Pavle Popović
Pavle Popović 22 days ago
Why so cringe
dara hatcher
dara hatcher 23 days ago
Zaxby’s and Bojangles! Eat it!
healingv1sion 23 days ago
I'm eating the Popeyes chicken sandwich for the first time and I'm impressed. Hell yeah this blows chick fill la out of the water
Letticia Adelynn season
sydney Lehfeldt
sydney Lehfeldt 24 days ago
do a chick fil a menu!!!
yeeaa._. niiaa
yeeaa._. niiaa 25 days ago
Raising Canes is the best next to McDonald’s and Wendys
Latoya Clayton
Latoya Clayton 25 days ago
9:52 19:14
hitchcock scene
hitchcock scene 25 days ago
i only come to this video to admire and stare at jonathan, to satiate my thirst for popeye's, and listen to the rap parts.
Harm C
Harm C 27 days ago
As someone who has never had Popeyes- I’m so gonna try their chicken sandwich. One just opened by my house and it’s been so packed. Once the lines aren’t wrapping around the store I’m so gonna try one
TF 24
TF 24 27 days ago
I like this discount ryan reynolds' rapping
WhatDidEzraDoToday? _
Imagine how awkward it was without the music 1:18
lywo Month ago
Brahhh I love this, thanks for taking me back to 2015 chicken watch times 😂😂😭
Tito Zarate
Tito Zarate Month ago
I would never share my food after I bite it like thts y I buy 2 for me ND my friend 💯is gay both of y'all taking bite at the same time thts hella gay
PB Cuber
PB Cuber 20 days ago
Hey! Did you ever here the concept of buying like 7 chicken sandwiches costs a lot of money? Wise up you homophobe. They are just eating chicken sandwiches don’t take this too far.
bruceliem Month ago
Wendy’s is the worst. The only thing that’s good about their chicken sandwich is that it’s cheaper and the spicy sauce is really good: other than that their chicken are usually hard and dry and Has stringy chewy fat. Chik Fila has the best sandwiches but there’s not much chicken so I’d pick Popeyes any day because it’s also tasty and juicy but it’s double the size.
Manimations Month ago
This is how many people think the rap was fire ⬇️
ace Month ago
me watching this in 2020 knowing i can't go to most of these restaurants after the list of restaurants that donated to trump's campaign got released
Quinny W
Quinny W Month ago
Chick fil a is a hundred times better than Popeyes. I respectfully disagree with you
Samazar Chimera
Samazar Chimera Month ago
Church's chicken is so good though 😢😢😢
Hugo S.
Hugo S. Month ago
I just had Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich on Sunday and our chicken sandwiches were so bad!! So salty!! The location must have fucked up... i may have to go another location... 🤦🏻‍♂️
AJ Month ago
What it boils down to is this: if you are paying money to a franchise that not only supports, but helps to finance program's that promote intolerance, then you are, indirectly, paying into this and supporting this intolerance. Is it worth it for a chicken sandwich? One can make the argument that it's not THEM that chooses what Chick Filet does with their money but that's a cough out, I'm sure multiple people say much the same thing; that adds up.
itsrainyfaye Month ago
how does Keith not way 500 lbs
joshua montgomery
Omar Munir
Omar Munir Month ago
These guys might not be gay but they act like they are and that’s weird as fuck, otherwise good video
PB Cuber
PB Cuber 20 days ago
It’s also weird as fuck to be a homophobe. Grow up they are just eating fried chicken sandwiches
Amara Grace
Amara Grace Month ago
Chick-Fil-a is still better 😂
James Berryhill
James Berryhill Month ago
“I’m watching the new blue’s clues guy?”
Jay Davis
Jay Davis Month ago
I have to like just cus of Chris’s rapping
Gadget Girl66
Gadget Girl66 Month ago
They bleeped cock but were totally good with motherfucking. 😹
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop Month ago
I shaved the back of my head and cut three inches off soo pretty enjoyable video
Ally Brooke FanBoy
I love keith and his group.
Are you sure?
Are you sure? Month ago
3 guys standing shoulder to shoulder sharing the same sandwich is so 2019
Emma Gerety
Emma Gerety Month ago
Y’all don’t have a Zaxby’s? WHAT???
byaw13 Month ago
so nobody signed the image release waiver at all. lol
Bhavesh Bingo
Bhavesh Bingo Month ago
The rap at the end took it to heavens......Chris is very good at rapping
Briana Landeros
Briana Landeros Month ago
Does anyone else think Chris is high as fuck🤣🤣🤣 God he's so adorable🥰
Max Batchelor
Max Batchelor Month ago
that one lady tho
riley alvero
riley alvero Month ago
i like how they’re eating carl’s junior in front of a weight loss center
Alejandro Alonso
Who’s watching because of quarantine.
Johnathan Gurganus
Y’all go dayummmm after chris spit the first bar
Jane C. M.
Jane C. M. Month ago
Keith and Chris, please do your chicken wars 2020. We need it
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Month ago
God damn these people are annoying
PB Cuber
PB Cuber 20 days ago
Then don’t watch them
shiddity Month ago
This is the whitest white ppl thing I’ve ever seen but I’m here for it
Truthful Lord
Truthful Lord Month ago
Keith is part african doe :/
Allison Guillory
Ok idk if there is a T22 near you guys but you NEED to try the hot/wimpy OG chicken sandwich (BTW I’m not say the sandwich is OG that’s just what it’s called on the menu)
weeskle2 Month ago
I really want a full version of that rap
Mo AA Month ago
Mcdonalds in the US for nothing on Mcdonalds in Asia we got a spicy chicken sandwich named the McSpicy
Cheyenne D.
Cheyenne D. Month ago
Chris is actually an amazing rapper, paired with Keith as the background FIREEEEE.
FlamingShadow1234 213
I like any chicken sandwich but I don’t really like Wendy’s chicken sandwich
uplate derekjames
Everything about this is sus lmao. Why they gotta bite the burger together hahahah
Rob Kroe
Rob Kroe Month ago
What a shame they didnt include jollibee.
missaishah Month ago
They feel not sober during this...
Zachary Freer
Zachary Freer Month ago
The bars that Chris dropped in this video are actually fire, I don't know why people don't talk about them
Hite W
Hite W Month ago
Where is my Arby’s?
Haley Cooper
Haley Cooper Month ago
there are no popeyes near where i live so i eat my chick-fil-a sandwiches
Haley Cooper
Haley Cooper Month ago
@Brandom Castor I mean, it is West Virginia, so you're not wrong lol
Brandom Castor
Brandom Castor Month ago
Haley Cooper peasants
Danniell Loren
Danniell Loren Month ago
i guess they never got those image release waivers looool
You should have done this video in Atlanta... We have all of the places that you tried AND all of the places you listed that weren’t able to try. Plus, who goes to LA to try fried chicken?!
Kat Bowen
Kat Bowen Month ago
well they live in la so thats why they were there
Bryna Thezza Leano
The Try Guys try Jollibee! 💕
Swaggers Unplug
Swaggers Unplug Month ago
They left out burger king???
mitch downing
mitch downing Month ago
Idk why but this was such a feel good video!!
Haley Storey
Haley Storey Month ago
How is Jonathan so sexy 🥵
Jenelle Hernandez
I died of laughter when Chris rapped... "I love chicken sandwiches, F*** YOU BURGER!!" 🤣🤣
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