Who Won The New Hampshire Debate? Buttigieg? Klobuchar? Sanders? l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

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The crew reacts to the Democratic Primary debate in New Hampshire.
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Comments 80
Songbird 11
Songbird 11 Month ago
No one stood out .. WTF! klobachar stood out .. She was the winner by far.
Onalos Month ago
Bernie won Iowa and New Hampshire. He will also win Nevada and South Carolina. Bernie is the one to beat Trump, despite the neoliberal media and establishment's "anyone but Bernie" campaign. If his nomination is stolen, Trump will be in office for 4 more years.
P. Hamilton
P. Hamilton Month ago
TRUMP WON IN NH !!! .....The Dem trash belong in a Dumpster.
Verity Month ago
Brian Hildreth
Brian Hildreth Month ago
Today, NH primary day... Amy has gained a lot of support. There is a BIG difference between how political critics feel about debate performance and how average voters feel about debate performance...
Mia Hans
Mia Hans Month ago
Gary Guan
Gary Guan Month ago
Yang effing gang
Alvin Binion
Alvin Binion Month ago
There are no people of color in this group. That being said is fine. Their discussion is interesting. Sorry but Bernie is the front runner and all you main stream media guys are wrong again
BlueStrings134 Month ago
Socialism 2020 go Bernie Yayy!!!! if you don’t win I’m moving to China, Cuba or Venezuela they know how to treat their ppl!!
Martin Rupert
Martin Rupert Month ago
Bernie went up in the polls since the debate Pete went down Bernie obviously won the debate!
Jeffro4kag Month ago
God forgive me, I really hate libs. Bernie's a liar, buttigeg is a greedy liar. Trump 2020
Lee Danger Brewer
Yang smoked the debate. He answered succinctly and directly. They turned his mic off, didn’t call on him, didn’t allow him to answer back when he was mentioned. Wtf are all of you talking about? I am seriously starting the think it’s a fucking racist thing. I didn’t want to think so but there has been SO many blatant voids where Yang should definitely be. Yet here he is left out again. Wtf.
lord reyna
lord reyna Month ago
It’s Yang who is the winner! He made more sense than anyone!
Grounded Unorthodoxy
Yang hands down won the debate
pnczur Month ago
Jesus the female commentator comes straight out of the PBS & NPR political academy
pnczur Month ago
Garbage commentary
Sr68720 Month ago
The debates are shit because the news mods ask bullshit nothing questions.
Cherie Woodruff
Cherie Woodruff Month ago
Isn't that buttigieg bf doing this interview?
fc stpauli lover
Isn't ironic that 538 are reporting from the spin room. As in we've spinned coverage against Bernie Sanders.
Noa Walker
Noa Walker Month ago
Bernie’s performance wasn’t great. Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar did the best since neither was attacked, and both were strong when they were speaking. Pete did absolutely terribly. One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen.
Rover Month ago
So why are 4 people blabbing away for 30 minutes about a debate they all agree doesn't change a thing??-!! So let's talk for 30 minutes about NOTHING!! What a joke and waste of time.
Cleo P
Cleo P Month ago
when is somebody going to ask the other candidates about their record on police shootings in their states under their watch? Klobuchar refused to prosecute a single police shooting and sided with police 100% of the time when she was Henn Cty Attorney.
APPete Bootycheat - Better known as The $HADOW !!!!
Arif Kazi
Arif Kazi Month ago
Bernie definitely had the best debate and also is most trusted person. Pete goes where the money goes and can't be trusted.
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher Month ago
To me, the real question is " Which TICKET can beat trump?" Biden/Amy? Biden/Pete?
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell Month ago
We have been in an upside-down America for the last 3yrs. We have the greatest economy that has resulted in the most hate in America's leadership since the Civil War. We tolerate Trump talking about how corrupt American Leaders have been behind him, and how great he has made America now. America right now is being swallowed up in record-high debt and wallowing in lies. Changes are needed in our Constitution that can protect candidates (not transparent) from the ballot. Let's change from the electoral vote to popular vote. Let's get Trump out and America Back. "Vote for Andrew Wang 2020"...
Robert Corona
Robert Corona Month ago
This sad Dems point blank
Robert Corona
Robert Corona Month ago
Sanders sucks he’s a socialist socialist point blank
pnczur Month ago
Robert Corona all those are forms of “socialism” SOCIALIST!!!
pnczur Month ago
Robert Corona well you are too since you drive on PUBLIC roads and use the PUBLIC police, firefighters, Army, schools
nolbp Month ago
you guys are so fkn wrong its funny
Shane Eckel
Shane Eckel Month ago
I'm very excited for Yang. He was the only candidate that actually stood out.
Anonymous Musician
speaking literally, bernie won iowa. this is due to the fact that he won the most votes and that bernie won the SDE, despite the fact that there are major inaccuracies being reported (which for some stupid fucking reason won't be corrected by the DNC) in the SDE count (a completely meaningless metric that doesn't matter at the national convention and says nothing about who won an election)
Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales Month ago
..let me give you some nuances.. 😏
David Heffron
David Heffron Month ago
Correction. Sanders and Buttigieg haven’t been crowned the winners of Iowa. Buttigieg claimed he won. Sanders did win.
Spense Jay
Spense Jay Month ago
"Is the other one out." They really don't like Bernie....
Spense Jay
Spense Jay Month ago
The worst opinions of the day. You pundits are losing all merit with the people because we don't live in your condescending elitist bubble. Bernie is going to win this nomination. We will not let you people control the narrative this election. Donald Trump won the presidency the last time you feed us your bull. We will not let you people controll the narrative.
iamthinking2202 _
I came here to see what Micah was doing. I did want to know. It was... ok
Austin Slusher
Austin Slusher Month ago
Amy did the best 🤣🤣🤣 what Nate Silver has the worst takes. Bernie definitely won!
Jones206 Month ago
Coke reference at 20:53 ... lol
Elliot Smith
Elliot Smith Month ago
People in the comments legit do not understand that "Who won the debate" and "Who is my favorite candidate" are not synonymous questions Seriously -- half the comments are about how "pete said nothing of substance" or "sanders laid out the strongest plans for working people" etc --- that's literally not the question 538 is asking. They arent commenting on whether or not that is true because this is a podcast about politics.
daryl H
daryl H Month ago
BS ... Bernie WON !!!
Meta-Postmodern Month ago
Waste of time. Unsubscribed.
Brett Robinson
Brett Robinson Month ago
The SPIN ROOM!?😳......that's GOTTDAMN RIGHT!😠
jake08311 Month ago
My God, these four people are beneath contempt. Their "I have a lot of opinions but no factual information because it doesn't go along with my own bias" is despicable. They talk about their "model" which somehow is known, reliable, or relating to any concrete data. Feb up with this FiveThirtyEight nonsense and won't be following them anytime soon.
Cian Mc Donagh
Cian Mc Donagh Month ago
Pete won
Tnn Dll
Tnn Dll Month ago
Who cares?! the whole party is the problem. They even rig elections against other Democrats.
Talk Sense
Talk Sense Month ago
Do these jokers actually get paid for this crap? Policy holds no weight with these guys the same way it doesn't with uninformed voters. People like this allow candidates like lyin', no policy Pete to exist. I always wonder what their motivation is. I think, simply put, they're just sheep. Pathetic.
Skaroosh Month ago
Title is almost as big of a joke as the primary itself. Buttigieg and Klobuchar were probably the biggest losers. Bernie absolutely crushed it.
David Segal
David Segal Month ago
No mention of Yang. Even when discussing the polls. Come on people. Thought I was watching MSNBC
Robert Covarrubias
The commentators are just guessing and are full of Crap. You stupid commentators Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang won, you guys are dreaming and idiots. The elections are rigged and controlled by the DNC so you commentators are acting stupid.
zaxx19 Month ago
Let’s talk about race....but let’s never talk about the failings in huge portions of the black community, how unfettered illegal immigration kills wages and how Asians are somehow killing or even with supposed systemic white supremacy hanging over every aspect of our country....
Every Generation
Bernie2020 ruvid.net/video/video-m8z4q6E5WsI.html
jNewell Month ago
It's hard to win a debate if you get asked only 3 questions, don't forget about Yang.
Brownino06 Month ago
Thid panel is delusionnal
Mana King
Mana King Month ago
Maybe if you ask yang more than a couple of questions and not have his mic turned off.Maybe.
chrisguy9017 Month ago
I like how all these white people are judging all the other white people on their response to race. Maybe add some people of color to your panel before you start judging.
Michel McGinity
Michel McGinity Month ago
so slow....
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Month ago
I appreciate Tulsi Gabbard for shining a light on how completely corrupt the DNC is.
r f
r f Month ago
Biden flew home 🏡 and is having problems. Now it is a Corporate mayor vs a life time advocate for the people.
Joanna Hampton
Joanna Hampton Month ago
Buttigeig was exposed for lying and they don't even acknowledge it, is that having a good night?
Linda Kelly
Linda Kelly Month ago
Were you watching the same debate as me? Buttigieg rambles on but i cannot understand at all what he actually supports, it seems like double speak to me.
Corbally Cobwebs
Show your paycheck...guessing Pete “the app-maker” Buttigege is stamped somewhere
Burnya Bro
Burnya Bro Month ago
As usual, 538's anti-Sanders bias revealed. Bernie's gained +3 points on Buttigieg in both Suffolk and Emerson polls in NH since the debate, and it's fair to expect this slump to continue. Pete's campaign highwater mark was that debate, it's all downhill to eventual obscurity for this empty suit from here on out. Sorry you missed it, better luck next time.
L B Month ago
I am no fan of Buttigieg, but it drives me crazy that two of these professional political pundits are still mispronouncing his name. There is no judge, it is edge. It is not that hard.
Nazli Malik
Nazli Malik Month ago
Bernie won. Steyer did well. Every one else lost. Butigeg did not do well at the debate. A takeaway is that he doesnt do well with minorities.
ByWhatDesign Month ago
This is the moment you missed, you out-of-touch privileged assholes: ruvid.net/video/video-DyYDVaIGdQA.html
Ellen X P
Ellen X P Month ago
Only watching Nate - 538 - to understand how these eggheads think. Down in the weeds - missing a bird's eye view. My opinion: This was the 1st debate they all did their best; and some were even moving (except - false flag Pete). (not in order of preference) 1. Yang (too in-love with one idea) a broad, deep thinker, visionary - ahead of his time - BUT can't build the future on - $1000/month; but I'd vote for him. B+ 2. Biden (crumbling - Pre-Dinged by Trump) made good old fashioned arguments for experience, weakened by his judgement to stand with Military Ind Comp, etc. Best moments: Hugging Bernie (unity) and "They're ALL "our children"; if need be, I'd vote for him. C+ 3. Klobuchar (boring- canned) stronger than the head shaking mess of old - she didn't take the bait to diss Bernie, she's a distraction; but I'd vote for her. C+ 4. Steyer (cheerleader/mediator) made a great case for Sec of State - the healer without zing; but I'd vote for him. B- 5. Warren (Flappable - Misleading) she's a wash rag, and she lied again (re: being a or taking from Billionaires), responds to every point, not steady. Her ground game: return to "when I was a girl..." Warren will wither against Trump (full disclosure: She was my #1 in 2014) disappointed, but I'd vote for her. C+ 6. Bernie (he's a Duck, who Trumps showers - golden or other - will simply run off) Ready - Steady - Constant - messenger who won't waiver. Authentic - the real deal. No buts. He's the one I'd get out and campaign for, and will vote for. A- 0. Buttigeig - planted, someone's idea of a winner, ticks boxes, slick words - Trump will devour him. W/D And Bloomberg waiting in the rushes KNOWS this. Believes he can swoop in on Super Tuesday, save the day? Really? He thinks he's the perfect combo of Yang's money smarts; Biden's old white guy - I'm able; Klobuchar's conservatism and statis-quo, Warren's plans - but with a track record - tackling some imp. issues; much wealthier than Steyer; and hey? if you still prefer Bernie... a Jewish mensch. Yes, Mayor Pete is a false flag, to distract from Bloomberg's BIG plan. Imagine how he'll simply steal the mantle, charm us all - that charismatic guy; and march us in unison down the aisle, to be crowned King, in perpetuity - forever. He'll be our first Benevolent Dictator - FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. He'll tell us what and how to think - because: Bloomberg Knows Best. You may not like him, but he'll lock up the bad guys before they commit crimes, he'll write the news you WANT to hear, and he'll take on the really important fights for you - BIG GULP. F A VOTE FOR MIKE isa VOTE FOR TRUMP Because all we really want is to be told what to do, right? @mmflint - Michael Moore gave a better overall in a 2 min seg on MSNBC.
FTW ALL DAY Month ago
Scumbags all of you
lalachan etuc
lalachan etuc Month ago
This podcast is... 😑 😴
JJ Y'akov PhD
JJ Y'akov PhD Month ago
TRUMP beats them all. WWG1WGA
Mikey mike
Mikey mike Month ago
Private EU polls have Sanders at 65% and growing. American msm polling is just poppycock.
Stephen Davison
Stephen Davison Month ago
Who are these hacks.?
Charisma Hornum-Fries
To anyone with a dash of humor. The Klobe said that Trump is blaming the king of Denmark. Denmarks last king died in January of 1972. Trump doesn’t blame him, but the PM who said that Greenland isn’t for sale. And that whole debacle was incredibly funny in Denmark.
Activated Oxygen
God had the freedom to create or not to create, this quality of freedom is bigger then life.. Freedom comes first, not socialistic doctrine
Richard Hatfield
Fivethrityeight analysis is fundamentally flawed. What substance did butigieg had out other than typical consultant bs. He didn't address his 44 billionaire donors. Didn't address the issue that DNC screwed up IOWA and impact on polling. Nat needs to get a life.
apt420inc Month ago
I'm sitting here watching a bunch of white panelist. Talk about how The subject of race didn't play to any of the Democratic candidates strengths. The fact that All of them said no. Continues to reinforce the fact that none of the mainstream media or moderate analyst get how much people of color dislike. Pete buttigieg. We're also not particularly find them Joe Biden despite. The Obama history. You folks better wake up. It's Bernie Sanders for black voters 18 to 38 male of all genders
tim murray
tim murray Month ago
26 minutes of my life. I'll never get back.
Kentucky Democrat
"Spin Room" = "Disinformation Room"
Robert Middleton
Bootygig is as phony as a 7 dollar bill. He says nothing, but babble around questions and repeat tired platitudes. This panel is very boring and lame. Amy and Pete can't win a single super Tuesday state, so why pretend. Senile Joe Biden is toast.
Avro Arrow
Avro Arrow Month ago
How did Pete have "a good night"? He got completely exposed as the lying shill that he is!
Robert Middleton
The talking heads never see or report reality in the same light as it's viewed by the rest of society.
Robert Middleton
@iamthinking2202 _ i disagree. Online commentary is direct voter commentary not speculation
iamthinking2202 _
Robert Middleton nor do online comments honestly
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