Who Won My Best Friend's Heart? *REVEAL | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 6 Pt 2

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This is the episode you've all been waiting for!!
Christian Seavey vs. My 4 Boyfriends | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 6 Pt 1 - ruvid.net/video/video--lh5-o5r_X4.html
Through the makeups and breakups, the tears and the kisses, Franny and Nezza have to decide who their perfect match is out of the last four contestants. But first, Twin My Heart Season 1 winner, Christian Seavey pops by for a surprise challenge. 💑💖
Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love. It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
AwesomenessTV 2 months ago
Hi, hey, WHO ELSE IS FREAKING OUT? What did you guys think of the finale? Did you guess the winners correctly?! Are you happy with the winners?! Are you crying like I am?!!?!?!!!!! 😍🙌😭 We've got some liiiiiit content to follow so stay tuned....
Ndatee 14 hours ago
I guessed the winner correctly and I am so happy for who won I watched this long time ago but I was still and I am still waiting for season 3 to come out I'm so happy that Vince and Ryan where chosen i love awesomeness tv so much
Brianna Suazo
Brianna Suazo 4 days ago
Brian Lee Zi Le
Brian Lee Zi Le 5 days ago
@Haleigh Knippinggood I love you
Oyeka Mmachi
Oyeka Mmachi 8 days ago
Yhhh me I was actually rooting for Vince u knw dat wuld be really dope
AvaniBonnie 9 days ago
OMGGG I’m so excited to see what match will work!!
WeR Cubs
WeR Cubs 54 minutes ago
Who else thought that Franny was gonna say that Ryan was not a match for her when she said Ryan any girl would be lucky to have u
WeR Cubs
WeR Cubs Hour ago
Or like them on their channels
WeR Cubs
WeR Cubs Hour ago
I mean awesomeness tv
WeR Cubs
WeR Cubs Hour ago
Who else wants them to make a video with Ryan and Franny
Emily Ruiz
Emily Ruiz Hour ago
But I know they are ok
Emily Ruiz
Emily Ruiz Hour ago
I’m sad
Bhakta Gurung
Bhakta Gurung 3 hours ago
I cry too but it was sosososso go I love your Choice
Ndatee 14 hours ago
I wanna se a season 3 already ouhg what's wrong with you guys
lisli christiani
lisli christiani 16 hours ago
"Im NoT SwEeT Im A BhAd BoI" -ryan prunty 2020
BlazinThreat 17 hours ago
Katherine Tarquinio
Katherine Tarquinio 23 hours ago
Are Franny and Nezza going to stay with Ryan and Vince?
Mei-li Velez
Mei-li Velez Day ago
Wait I’m confused. So the guys that they picked are they together now in an actual relationship ?
Kali Hoffmeister
Alici lilice
Alici lilice Day ago
Please a season 3 !!!!!!! Find love for Aaron or for Veronica ! ( did veronica have a boyfriend ? )
vndy lgn
vndy lgn Day ago
I hope it would be Dustin though.
Aidan burns
Aidan burns Day ago
Im so glad i watched this, thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put into this. I really enjoyed it...( i finally found something cool to watch again)
Dino&saur 2 days ago
Ramen Girl
Ramen Girl 2 days ago
This is how many times Franny said relationship ⬇️
Ramen Girl
Ramen Girl 2 days ago
BTW I think and hope Ryan is going to win
FREAKING IK 2 days ago
This is clear, any wise person can predict the guys the girls will choose,race always plays a role in white mans land
Leanne B
Leanne B 2 days ago
my heart dropped when denzel got sent home I felt like crying
Zeeneth Music
Zeeneth Music 2 days ago
Vanitha Venugopal
We want a gay season!
Marts Abelido
Marts Abelido 2 days ago
is it just me or Vince looks like Gabriel Conte??? ehehe
Simply Chary
Simply Chary 2 days ago
Marissa Ware
Marissa Ware 2 days ago
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you choose vince
Freya Bellingham
Freya Bellingham 2 days ago
In Season 3 you could find love for Alex Wassabi!!!!!!!!
Maddie C
Maddie C 2 days ago
Season 3 please
Myriah Jones
Myriah Jones 2 days ago
Find love for Alex Wassabi and Crawford Collins next!
laya s channel
laya s channel 3 days ago
Season 3 should be Alex Wassabi or Crawford
Dirisipam Kavitha
Am I the only one surprised Ryan has more subscribers than frannny and nezza 😱😱😱😄😄😊
XexenBlu3 3 days ago
DANG IT! I was really convinced it was the brothers
Dalal Dughaither
Dalal Dughaither 3 days ago
Alright fellas
Kaira Conyers
Kaira Conyers 3 days ago
Nezza: Vince, you are the match for me ... Franny: GO hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
ethan asher
ethan asher 4 days ago
the ending where nezza and everyone was so quiet and i have never seen them serious the merrell twins make joy but.....that part everyone nervous not ganna lie
Sarah Stanton
Sarah Stanton 4 days ago
Do season 3 please on Roni
Madison Rota
Madison Rota 5 days ago
They should do a season where girls compete for the guy
Alexandra Hayes
Alexandra Hayes 5 days ago
Do a season three where you have a bunch of girls and one or two guys
Brooke Bonilla
Brooke Bonilla 5 days ago
I feel like Denzel should of won I’m sorry Ryan but I just feel Denzel should of won
Raelin Anderson
Raelin Anderson 5 days ago
Roni: r u crying Every one awwwwwww ❤ 30:27
Brian Lee Zi Le
Brian Lee Zi Le 5 days ago
I love you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wania Ali
Wania Ali 5 days ago
One time she is crying from emotions with vience and one time she is crying from laughter
Zoe Wilson
Zoe Wilson 5 days ago
Labaiq Manganhar
Labaiq Manganhar 6 days ago
30:37 When you and your best friend have the same class 😂😂
Rewa Fashwal
Rewa Fashwal 6 days ago
The show is one of my favorites and quarantine I've watched this show eight times
J Brun
J Brun 6 days ago
Isn’t Roni’s dress at the end was from the make-over that Nessa gave her???
Gilbert Bean
Gilbert Bean 6 days ago
Crystalina -thepinkfluffyunicorn
That’s cool
Lama Bean
Lama Bean 6 days ago
Nessa did not deserve dustin anyways
Cathleen Ginno
Cathleen Ginno 7 days ago
Cool, cool. Is when is Roni’s turn? ;) ;)
xžxhəərxhx 7 days ago
i love awesomesstv
Isabella Kiijnk
Isabella Kiijnk 7 days ago
I’m kinda disappointed but it’s not my decision for who they pick but I’m rlly sad Dustin and Denzel didn’t win :( but I hope they find someone cause they were really great guys
Jay Flores
Jay Flores 7 days ago
And You guys have better come through with that next season 3 and 4 plus 5 and 6 with a sprinkle of 7, 8, 9 and to top it up with the 10 on top and you know what how about throw in that 11 for good luck and 12 for good measure That’s 12 seasons
Jay Flores
Jay Flores 7 days ago
Of course I agree with the winners you couldn’t have one brother but not the other you can’t break them up and separate them it’s a two persons deal But I felt the connection between the winners The brothers made y’all laugh and stuff but is the relationship gonna be built on a foundation of laughter what about the deeper emotions and connections that’s what Vince and Ryan have with nezza and franny They both make them feel safe and secure and most importantly happy and that’s the most important things and what matters the most
Jayda Parangan
Jayda Parangan 7 days ago
I told myself to not look into the comments before the vid bc i knew their were gonna be spoilers. I also glad how it ended because i wanted this to happen
Get Bobby and Sydney a gf/bf
Chibuikem Nzerue
Chibuikem Nzerue 8 days ago
everyone; woah ryan just said a bad word, he doesnt do that on carter sharers channel me; woaaah yankee with no brim
Tasha Morgan
Tasha Morgan 8 days ago
who else has been rooting for Ryan with Franny and Vince with Nezza?
Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur 8 days ago
Did anyone find it weird that Denzel and Dustin dressed so casually and Ryan and Vince really dressed formally.
Raudhwa Azzan
Raudhwa Azzan 8 days ago
Wohoooooooooo i was right
Ashlyn Mccammon
Ashlyn Mccammon 8 days ago
I'm a little mad that I watched this hole thing just to see the brothers leave😡😭
Lily D
Lily D 8 days ago
Ik Vince and Nezza are still together but I wanna know if Fran and Ryan are, bc I love this sooooo much, please awesomeness tv can we see if they are still together
Evangeline Gray
Evangeline Gray 9 days ago
I wanna meet Dustin
Madhavi Sawant
Madhavi Sawant 9 days ago
Like seriously! I feel very good for Franny that she chose Ryan ...Like he is the right guy❣️❣️💟
Naor Hayot
Naor Hayot 9 days ago
wow seriously? ryan?????? over denzel??????NAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
Kaitlyn Dias
Kaitlyn Dias 9 days ago
(Just a disclaimer I'm being sarcastic) Yay it only took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to watch every episode and give full commentary to my friends (Who I'm fangirling with).... (Also I'm mildly under aged to be watching this)
Julia Guerra
Julia Guerra 9 days ago
why are the eliminations always on the STAIRS
Fouda Mourtchi
Fouda Mourtchi 9 days ago
Gabby Maberry
Gabby Maberry 9 days ago
OKAY DENZEl AND DusTIn are too sweet ! They need to come for the next season!
Heydee Lemus
Heydee Lemus 10 days ago
Nooooooo dustin should have won u made a horrible choice
Jco TV
Jco TV 10 days ago
I think u should get Alex wasabi to do this like be on a dating show!
Who else is worried if Franny and Ryan are still together... ...... Cause Nezza and Vince always are making tik toks together
Bella Life!
Bella Life! 10 days ago
Tanajah Young
Tanajah Young 10 days ago
Find love for Alex wasabi
Sarah Kodama
Sarah Kodama 11 days ago
Denzel seems so right for Franny. Even though she is tough, Denzel was able to get her to lower her walls.
Maria Gutiérrez
Maria Gutiérrez 11 days ago
Who else wants Roni to do the next season and hope Aaron comes on the show and competes
Clarice Monzon
Clarice Monzon 11 days ago
I’m so happy franny picked Ryan and I’m also happy nezza picked Vince
jk savege
jk savege 11 days ago
Find love for Alex 🤭🤭🤭😁
When Neza chose Vince to be with I was like, I screamed at 4 am in the morning
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