Who Was Mother Gothel Before She Stole Rapunzel? | Tangled The Series Theory

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Rapunzel and Cassandra have most recently ventured into Mother Gothel’s cottage in the Tangled The Series episode A Tale of Two Sisters and we were able to get a glimpse at her magical research, lab, and magic mirrors. Slowly we are getting a sense of who Mother Gothel was. Her full story is being revealed to us, and I am pretty sure we will get an entire understanding of what her backstory was. After seeing the last Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure episode, today I go through what we know so far about who Gothel was just prior to stealing Rapunzel and heading to her tower.
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Feb 11, 2020




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Wotso Videos
Wotso Videos 3 months ago
If you would like to support my content and want to begin your own Disney digital collection then consider joining Disney Collect! By Topps bit.ly/2vsl2k5 ! Also, I hope you have been enjoying my videos and Tangled The Series. Definitely let me know what you want to see next and of course have a magical day! ✨
Anton Issa
Anton Issa 3 months ago
Wotso Videos I just got an realization, why didn’t Gothel abounded Cassandra when she was born if she never loved her daughter? Because maybe Cassandra is actually ZHAN TIRI’S daughter, ok hear me out first think about it, why didn’t Gothel JUST give Cassandra away? Maybe because that she was guarding the daughter of Zhan Tiri aka her master and before anyone says “oh but Zhan Tiri was banished HUNDREDS of years ago” but remember that Zhan Tiri can somewhat “communicate” with her followers and that he/she managed to get content with Gothel and gave her the mission to guard Cassandra which was created by Zhan Tiri! Get what I mean? The reason why Cassandra wasn’t already abounded as an infant because Zhan Tiri KNEW that the queen would become sick! Who knows Zhan Tiri even indirectly MADE the queen sick KNOWING what it would lead up to! KNOWING that Gothel would try and hide Rapunzel! KNOWING that this event would make her be capable to come close to Cassandra! KNOWING that Gothel would fail! KNOWING everything! The PERFECT strategist!
Kyla Hartigan
Kyla Hartigan 3 months ago
Wotso Videos I have a suggestion for a video. How do you think Rapunzel will lose her hair at the end of Tangled: The Series? You don’t have to do the video I just want to suggest it.
Anton Issa
Anton Issa 3 months ago
Wotso Videos something I don’t get is why Gothel even KEPT Cassandra, Some one like Gothel should have abounded her after birth
Ms. Honiqualisha
Ms. Honiqualisha 3 months ago
Chances are Cass is still not even Gothel's real daughter just another girl she kidnapped so she could have a servant
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders 3 months ago
What if Gothal was zontri it would make sence
Mark Little
Mark Little 13 days ago
I can't find your profile on the Disney Collect app, also thank you for showing me the magic of Disney, I love watching your channel.
Valari Nastasia
Valari Nastasia Month ago
What if Mother Gothel was at one point the Evil Queen
Shaiane O'Hara
Shaiane O'Hara Month ago
Ricki figueira
Ricki figueira Month ago
I really love this series. It's the best in a long time. I don't follow a lot of Disney movie/series as it's never the same as the movie. But this one was amazing made me feel like a kid again.
Dragon lover1550
Dragon lover1550 2 months ago
I think the reason she wanted to stay alive was because she was self absorbed and she wanted to help Zahan tiri She probably cut the bridge when the guards saw her because she wanted them to take Cass away And when she leaves Rapunzel alone in the tower she goes back to the cabin to try and reveal more about the damanatis scroll which could help Zahan tiri in some way So what I'm trying to say is I don't think she was all evil She had some good in her She took care of Cass and Rapunzel (she wasn't the nicest while doing this but still) She may have not wanted Cass to be alone so she cut the bridge when she did so they would take her But she was definitely more evil then nice
Agneskelly Gross
Agneskelly Gross 2 months ago
I really want this in Disney plus. In fact I need it on there. I really want to watch season 3
Kat Lloyd
Kat Lloyd 2 months ago
I have to wonder who fathered Cassandra.... after all Gothel seems really picky
Rosemary Sibilla
Rosemary Sibilla 2 months ago
Gothel was nothing but a heartless selfish soul
Javier Mora
Javier Mora 2 months ago
why did Gothel die when Rapunzel's hair was cut, she still had the sun-drop, and if thats how it works why didn't she die when they cut the flower and gave it to the queen? the sun-drop only gave her youth her life wasn't linked to it, and why wasn't she brought back to life when the sun-drop came "back"? if her life was linked to the sun-drop that means that any kind of healing that it did before should've been revoked, meaning it doesn't make sense that Eugene was healed. Gothel dying just doesn't make any sense.
Blue_Rosa _art
Blue_Rosa _art 2 months ago
I still don't understand why she bothered to have a kid then? Like she didn't seem the person to get into a relationship with someone, and she clearly is a sh*t mother so why did she put herself in a position to have a kid in the first place? Like it feels that someone like her SHOULD have a reason for doing it, like to pass down her knowledge, but if the sundrop was making her live for so long she didn't need to since she'd always in a sense, life forever as long as she had access to the sundrop. It just doesn't make sense to me, and kind feels like they shoehorned Cass into being Gothel's daughter to create tension between Cass and Raps.
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 3 months ago
Eugene rapunzel pascal magic aw poor Eugene Eugene the lost prince of the dark kingdume Eugene moon drop
just a fan
just a fan 3 months ago
So would this make them half-sisters?
Virgo Ro
Virgo Ro 3 months ago
Considering Rapunzel is the only princess to have to deal with a real-life demon, I think that makes her the most badass princess😊
BBwife 11
BBwife 11 3 months ago
“Mother knows best” has all got her past... written by Serena Valentino
Heather Holmes
Heather Holmes 3 months ago
my comment is that reponsel and consdra. were best friends before the evil villain got to her and I still think that she be friend with her now because I know in her her heart might change her mind because I know she a good person and to be her friend again if she just say that she was sorry and and asking for governess and I hope that reposel would for give her to because she has a heart of gold and my name is Heather holmes from west Virginia and I am your biggest fan
Genevieve Hoskins
Genevieve Hoskins 3 months ago
There is actually a book called "Mother Knows Best" that tells the tale of Mother Gothel's backstory. It's an amazing read
Doggo Dreemurr
Doggo Dreemurr 3 months ago
So I have this theory: We all see how self-absorbed Gothel are/were...then WHY, get a child? When you CLEARLY don't want one...!? So I thought what if Cassandra and Rapunzel were kinda connected by destiny from the beginning? So assuming that mother Gothel were able to see Zhan Tiri as well, in the same way that Cass can. Then what if Gothel were ordered by ZT to get a child, who would become the holder of the moon stone, or the sundrop. The main goal is to get ZT back to the real dimension, to take over the world. And ever since he/she were revealed, it seemed like ZT knew a LOT about everything. a little more than a being who has been locked away in another dimension should be able to know. He/she knew exactly how to get back to the real world. By the clash of the sundrop and moon stones full powers. Which ZT achieves through manipulation from both sites, by deviding Cass and Raps. The two holders of the sundrop and moonstone. so what if her plan was to have Gothel get a child (which as you can see she really enjoys the duties of motherhood). Maybe ZT knew a child would be born soon after in Corona who could be used as well, and then ZT manipulated king frederick, in a dream like he/she does to Varian, to find the sundrop and use it to save his child and wife. Well knowing the child would get the powers from the sundrop. Which is much better since a flower would not by it's own design be able to use its powers, and are very fragile. So a human host would be better for the plan. Then when Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel I could imagine ZT telling Gothel to leave Cassandra behind, knowing Cass would be left with some emotional scars, that later could be used. All of what have happened could be because of the masterplan of Zhan Tiri. Clearly a very powerful and clever being. I don't think ZT knows EVERYTHING but, I think ZT are clever enought to look at situations and make plans accordingly, then manipulate the situation to go his/hers way. As we see in the episode ' a tale of two sisters', you see ZT knew all along exactly how Gothel felt about Cassandra, and even knew about the mirrors and memories. So I personally think ZT and Gothel have been communicating together, also working together to get ZT back to their world. ZT may not have told Gothel everything about his/hers plan but, I don't think Gothel would care about using her children as pawn, since we clearly see her doing that all by her own will.
Payge Hemken
Payge Hemken 3 months ago
I agree with you 100% and I completely understand how Cass feels!!!!!
Nicholas Bloom
Nicholas Bloom 2 months ago
cass should of been thrown in jail for awhile she left rapunzel to die i don't care if she had regret in her eyes her actions spoke
Carol Carlson
Carol Carlson 3 months ago
When I was watching your Following Dreams Tim Calloway interview he mentioned the man he met that worked on Bambi. That made me want to hear a theory on this long loved movie. Isaac, would you do it please? BTW, Following Dreams is one of my favorite things to do. The guests are great and your questions really bring out such interesting discussions.
LadyRuelleyn 3 months ago
Can I just say that Frollo and Gothel would have been THE WORST parents to have together. Both mentally abuse the children they raise so horribly omg qwq
Belinda Enata
Belinda Enata 3 months ago
Wait no one is going to talk about how the kingdom is called CORONA ?
D. Grady Penna
D. Grady Penna 3 months ago
You should read the villain series. I especially think you would like the mother Gothal book
Nada Colić
Nada Colić 3 months ago
You deserve more subscribers, man..
Chizy Nzeribe
Chizy Nzeribe 3 months ago
Magic mirrors u say that reminds me of some else or maybe the same person
G G 3 months ago
Mother Gothel is just the Katherine Pierce of Disney (Katherine Pierce is a minor and reoccurring antagonist of vampire diaries that has a very sad and ironically beautiful backstory)
Damon Moles
Damon Moles 3 months ago
heres a bright idea why didnt mother gothel take the magic flower and plant it in her gardenat her house?
Joanna Bevan
Joanna Bevan 3 months ago
I think she's one of Zhan Tiri's followers.
Marisa Faith
Marisa Faith 3 months ago
Lol she was nicer to rapunzel because a speck of hair might fall out.
Jeanette C
Jeanette C 3 months ago
I’m going to miss this show when it’s all over! 🥺😭
Layla Ellis
Layla Ellis 3 months ago
I hope gothel is alive she awful but I would love to see her in the show
Samuel Lev Khusidman
I believe Mother Gothel has OCD with her physical appearance because she repeatedly comes up with ways to remain youthful and pretty-looking.
G 173
G 173 3 months ago
Has anyone noticed that Cassandra doesn't care how she almost killed the people or has anyone thought that if Cassandra keeps on doing this by trying to kill any innocent people that gets in her way that at the end she won't get what she wants, but will become a monster for her actions
Zuzey Gurrola22
Zuzey Gurrola22 3 months ago
Do you have to pay for collect
Grace Chapman
Grace Chapman 3 months ago
"Gothel had magic mirrors, that pretty much just used to chronicle all the amazing compliments people gave her about her youthful looks. King of a selfish way to use home video..." Did you mean: *Social Media* ?
Autdumb 3 months ago
Their should be a frozen series or beauty and the beast series, I would watch that
singer2be 3 months ago
Gothel cared about Cass... enough to not want to hurt her feelings by showing she didn't really love her.
warren byrne
warren byrne 3 months ago
The evil Queen.
5:26 I think that is meant to be a moment where she has a very brief moment of hesitation because she looks a little dismayed, but then looks at Rapunzel and chooses her youth over Cassandra. The latest episode makes it very clear she considered Cassandra a nuisance, but that scene there does at least imply that for a split second Gothel felt a brief moment of guilt. She might have been trying to make it to the cottage hoping she'd have evaded the guards and planned on picking up Cassandra to take with them which is why she has that brief moment of sadness. Just like abusive parents often are they (To varying amounts) do sometimes hold small bits of affection for their children. Whether that affection is enough to compel them to change and become better parents/people depends on how much that affection matters to them. In this case, Gothel probably did have a small amount of affection for Cass (The same small amount that she likely had for Rapunzel), but she's lived so long thinking only about herself that her ability to truly care about the well being of others is stunted and doesn't matter to her if it gets in the way of her quest for eternal life. Gothel has probably had many children throughout her centuries of living and likely started off as a good and loving person (As everyone does). With the long amount of time that she's lived for herself she's more than likely lost the ability to truly love and care about anyone else but the innate desire to love causes her to have small bits of affection for her "children". This affection is however warped and distorted by selfishness, narcissism, vanity, and just caring about herself more than anyone else. Her "affection" is limited to what they can do for her and how great it makes her feel about herself. She loves Cass and Rapunzel the same way way a child loves their toys, superficially and expend-ably. She has a slight enjoyment of their company and enjoys the feeling of thinking she's a good mother (Thus fooling herself into thinking she loves them), but her love all comes back to how it makes her feel about herself/look to others rather than genuinely caring about the well being of her children. She'll "keep them" so long as it isn't inconvenient to her goal of remaining young and alive forever and be amused by their company, but the second keeping them comes at the cost of her own pursuits she'll either get rid of them entirely (Even if with a moment's hesitation), or be willing to imprison them forever because she cares more about that than them.
Über Kirbeeh
Über Kirbeeh 3 months ago
You don't have to beat it around the bush, we all know by now that she was a decades old follower of Zhan Tiri.
n ziom
n ziom 3 months ago
I believe she was a Zhan Tiri deciple who betrayed her for immortality
Samuele Bincoletto
Samuele Bincoletto 3 months ago
I'd like to know who Cassandra's father is and why Gothel hate Cassandra so much, perhaps she reminds her of her father who abandon her or something?
Lisa Griffiths
Lisa Griffiths 3 months ago
Mother Gothel is a horrible woman!! How dare her she’s just self obsessed and acting like someone who wants something for her own gain
Joshua Strittmatter
Joshua Strittmatter 3 months ago
What if Tangled and Frozen take place not in the past but hundreds if not thousands of years in the future, and Gothel is from the present day? As in- she’s been around for THAT long?
Zack Paul
Zack Paul 3 months ago
This makes me hate Gothel more now
Strawberry Tall
Strawberry Tall 3 months ago
rapunzels country is corona ? wtf 😂
Kai Vaughn
Kai Vaughn 3 months ago
So... I'm just now is season 2....been trying to NOT watch ur vids (not b/c I dont love ur content, but b/c of the spoilers) LoL. But I finally gave in yes shoot me. I can't wait to see how the series changes it's characters & I absolutely love the depthness of each character & see how they grow &learn. Such a good series for Disney!
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Tzisorey Tigerwuf 3 months ago
Wonder how old Gothel was. When Rapunzel's hair is cut, Gothel's age catches up with her - but she turns completely to dust, not even bones left. How long does it take a body to decay that much? And clearly the flower had been around for a long time, given the age of a lot of the manuscripts and stuff.
DaftDogeBawse 3 months ago
gothic would of raised both of them if Cassandra didn't grass if she didn't grass she would of hated rapunzel as a child because rapunzal would of had the attention
Magic Fantasy Animation 23
WotsoVideos could you please do a theory of who was the previous owner of the tower in tangled and how did it accord to the tower that we know and love and miss today ever since it got destroyed by the black rocks. And who build it and what was the purpose of it.
EmberTheWitch666 AminoUsername as well
You should look into the aristacats and who the kittens father is
Anthony Hutchens
Anthony Hutchens 3 months ago
Gothel: Lousy little pest. Me: Wow. You talk about your daughter like that? 😲
M. Elias Dueker
M. Elias Dueker 3 months ago
Org13fan1 3 months ago
My personal theory may make Gothel a thousand times worse than we think she is. First off, I think in the beginning she was one of Zhan Tiri's underlings who traveled to Corona in search of the sun drop for her dark master. After many years she eventually found it but after realizing it could restore her youth, she betrays Zhan Tiri to feed her own vanity and live forever. This worked out and after a few centuries, Cassandra was born. Considering Gothel's personality, I find it hard to believe she would ever keep Cass, she only kept Rapunzel cause she became the sun-drop but Cass had nothing that Gothel would benefit from save being able to do chores. I just couldn't see Gothel going through that much effort for something so trivial as a servant. Then it hit me, Cass was Gothel's plan B if the Sun-drop ever failed or Zhan Tiri ever came a knowing. I bet she was waiting for Cass to grow up then swap bodies with her Orochimaru style. However the sun-drop was stolen before that could happen and she just threw Cass away. Poor Cass, she's reverted to that little girl wanting her mothers affection unwilling to admit the truth.
Valentin Schweitzer
Valentin Schweitzer 3 months ago
Hello, can u make a video where u explain if rapunzel can still use the healing spell/the power of the sun drop or if she can't do that anymore and the last of the sundrop's power was used when Eugene died.I am really curious because in one of the first episodes when rapunzel went to Varien to research her hair, she tried to use the sun drop's incantation again it didn't work
Valentin Schweitzer
Valentin Schweitzer 3 months ago
Japan Daisuki TTS
Japan Daisuki TTS 3 months ago
Why would Gothel have an explosive alchemy collection in her house?
Cookie Lilac
Cookie Lilac 3 months ago
I was like ahhhh corana kingdom more like a kingdom full of Corona virus
Crystal V
Crystal V 3 months ago
Question why does everyone believe Cassandra is Gothel’s biological daughter? Couldn’t ZT have not told the whole truth? Cass and Gothel are so similar and look alike what if Cass is her clone or replacement vessel? Gothel made her so “technically” would be her biological mother. Thoughts?
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders 3 months ago
What if Gothal was zontri it would make sene
Ruth Alber
Ruth Alber 3 months ago
Sorry sorry Isaiah but I don't think that is a it all true I saw Tangled the movie and she was vain shallow sadistic and heartless and had no soul so how can you say that that she was not just pain she was just evil there wasn't a good site to her at all
Ruth Alber
Ruth Alber 3 months ago
There's another video other than this one to ask who could be cast his real father my question is who we want to sleep with Mother Gothel who yeah uuuu uuuu yucky yucky yucky yucky yucky yucky yeah
Ruth Alber
Ruth Alber 3 months ago
No I am not new here I have seen some of your theories and now this one so could you please just get to the fixed point now and stop delaying
Megan Shaw
Megan Shaw 3 months ago
As for what Zhan Tiri's plan is, I'm mostly not sure however, with what she warned Rapunzel about with an eclipse coming, it's possible that she meant a double meaning. One interpretation being the take-over of Corona (remember Cass is after everything that Rapunzel has) and another centering on Zhan Tiri returning to her true (final) form or maybe even both at the same-time.
DJ Adams
DJ Adams 3 months ago
Hey for your next video can you tell us how mother gothel got up in the tower when Rapunzel's hair wasn't long enough for her to pull up mother gothel
Drew Pearce
Drew Pearce 3 months ago
Could you please do another Harry potter video?
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco 3 months ago
Nothing really to say but the fact Gothel pretended to love Casdandra does not surprise me one bit. How nice to go deeper into a witch's fatal flaw. Only wanted something more but at the expense of a heart not big enough for others or oneself. I do fear Gothel will play into these last few episodes. Something i feared for three years now!
Nicolas Mendoula
Nicolas Mendoula 3 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if she is revealed not to be Cassendra's real mother
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink 3 months ago
It’s interesting how that lady was able to easily tricked her and made her believe her mom loved her
Kamran G.
Kamran G. 3 months ago
Where can I see season 3 full episodes? Disney Plus only has season 1 and 2 and Disney Now is locked
Kamran G.
Kamran G. 3 months ago
@my life as beth Thank you
my life as beth
my life as beth 3 months ago
This channel all the new episodes in 16 parts every sunday. ruvid.net/video/video-Y6hVa18GOAc.html
Kayden GryffindorKitty1
Contestants for worst Disney mothers!!! Cinderella's stepmother and Malefi- *Gothel walks in* *Throws Gothel trophy* WINNER
JustMyVoice 3 months ago
I want to know how the hell did she have a daughter... I mean she surely never wanted to have Cass... so... maybe Gothel fell for someone? I mean seriously why does she have a daughter... there is no reason... and where is the father?
JustMyVoice 3 months ago
Just some hipster with an iPhone to me it seems like she had her by accident... but I can be wrong... my theory is that Gothel fell in love with someone and then became evil (or more evil) or... you know... she counted wrong... I mean... since she’s a beautiful woman it is probably that she could have various guys all over her... and maybe she... you know... and then something went wrong...
Just some hipster with an iPhone
JustMyVoice Gothel prob had Cas to benefit herself
Elison Holace
Elison Holace 3 months ago
I honestly wonder why Gothel had a kid. If she just wanted someone to do chores she could've easily gotten someone she didn't have to take care of to do them. Maybe she wanted to turn Cass into a follower of Zhan tiri when she got older.
Jack McDonnell
Jack McDonnell 3 months ago
7:28 aw cmon it’s so obvious Gothel is the Queen from Snow White
Spacecest.Slimes 3 months ago
As shitty as it is, most likely cass is NOT gothels only biological child.. Gothel was HUNDREDS of years old.. Chances are she had tons of children out there..
Hellbound Iscariot
Hellbound Iscariot 3 months ago
Some people think Gothel is the Evil Queen from Snow White because of the magic mirrors. Yes, the Evil Queen has magic mirrors but so does Beast.
DragonKing 57
DragonKing 57 3 months ago
I’m really curious why she had Cassandra because she seems like the type to abort a child because it would ‘ruin her figure’ so I’m curious why she even had her
Samantha 3 months ago
From reading reviews of the app they might ask for your social security number Do NOT SHARE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER WITH ANYONE I learned that in school unless you want your bank account or something to be hacked only share your social security number with your work boss or banks not with anyone with an app. Your identity could be stolen if you share your social security number with the wrong people.
ANJA 3 months ago
Scoutpower1 3 months ago
We still don't know about her time with Lord Demantius and her eventually double-crossing him to Zhan Tiri, who she MUST HAVE had an affair with and... Being a strong sorcerer, Zhan Tiri can be both genders
Scoutpower1 3 months ago
There is a book about her, which shows that she had two sisters; one whom was Primrose
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