Who Sang It Better : Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

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He really breathed new life into this song!
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Today we react to compilations of different singers and their different renditions of the smash hit "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish. I Review them and crown who I think made the best cover. I always enjoy hearing what different people do with a song. Sometimes it's a little samey as the original, but other times people really manage to add their own flavor to the track. Enjoy this edition of "Who Sang It Better"!
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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 100
RoomieOfficial 5 months ago
I see a lot of people reacting to something I wasn't expecting: I say "many people can sing it like Billie" - I think Billie is amazingly talented at her style, what I mean is a lot of people can sing it in the ballpark of that (but I've yet to see anyone do "her style" better than her - she's REALLY talented).
RYAN0BLOX 12 days ago
@RoomieOfficial ummmm was 00:8 the noob singer ? Cause I felt that XD
Pacific_Lemon Month ago
lil pitchy merch
Pacific_Lemon Month ago
She obviously won like duh
Mohamed Shaihaan Ahmed Shafeeg
You are colour blind right??? Blue became Green? ¿??¿¿¿¿??
Leah Geary
Leah Geary Month ago
Also... that was a blue bathtub!
SpiralCee 3 hours ago
FYI the girl at 5:58 JFlaMusic has 16.2 million subscribers. So....yeah. I think she's doing okay for herself.
DoraRoblox 9 hours ago
Me i'm the noob guy duh Cool
Katlin Provard
Katlin Provard 11 hours ago
Tony 22 is so good
Alannah Dexter
Ehh..It's was a little pitchy☺️
Mickey Chung 48
Elise Ecklund is my favourite youtuber
D.J.K Day ago
Lol yes Tony22! That video is like a year old, his production has skyrocketed
Blue sky wolf Gaming
You said and I did ✨
cotton candy
cotton candy 3 days ago
You sing really good
Danny Rioux
Danny Rioux 3 days ago
Roomie the first impression actually SLAPS!!!
Tiffany Rogers
Tiffany Rogers 3 days ago
you pull it off you look so weird but your good at singing
Grace Janney
Grace Janney 3 days ago
LOVE to hear you sing!!
Zenith Ann Medrano
*can we switch eyes roomie?*
sp00ky Dankmeme
sp00ky Dankmeme 4 days ago
i like how this channel that puts these together constantly misses amazing covers in other styles, like those done by Leo at Frogleap, or other genre swaps
Ūla Jakutytė
Ūla Jakutytė 5 days ago
I have a green bathtub and used to have a green toilet whats wrong with that? I love my tub ;-;
Marina Marina
Marina Marina 6 days ago
Joel: listen to that beautiful piano! Me: that’s not a piano, that’s a keyboard. Or a digital piano, I can’t tell, but I know it’s not a piano
Audra Sargent
Audra Sargent 7 days ago
Are you color blind? Just asking; because the bathtub the girl was sitting in was blue, not green.
Haru 7 days ago
Martina Boyd
Martina Boyd 7 days ago
Are is eyes naturally that green? Or is he wearing colored contacts?
Hannah Mara-Scott
How roomier sing in the beginning is like rock/ metal/ punk like......is that just me??
Finn Spijker
Finn Spijker 7 days ago
Inmiss the gnome laugh 😭
Kristin fun
Kristin fun 8 days ago
3:15 i love him so much he is so good😍😍😍
The Fake Default
The Fake Default 8 days ago
Kara Blackburn
Kara Blackburn 9 days ago
You sounded like Edward Elric singing in the beginning
Libya Almahadi
Libya Almahadi 9 days ago
Me: presses on video for fun Joel: iM tHe BaD GuUuUuY
Harjit Kaur Malhotra
What Now?
What Now? 12 days ago
I got waaayy too excited at 6:56 cuz it’s tonyvtoons😂😂
Harnnav Singh
Harnnav Singh 13 days ago
I believe that Bianca was the best singer but not for this specific song cause bad guy is a bit deeper
jamm1691 13 days ago
I like the intro
ryuga 13 days ago
Tony 22 was straight up 🔥
Hey, its a blue bathtub...BTW You are amazing
Diana Harper
Diana Harper 14 days ago
He has a crush on Elise for sure
Desmond Nelson
Desmond Nelson 15 days ago
Billie elish better than all of them she does not even need auto toons either
Madz Games101
Madz Games101 15 days ago
28:00 I’m the bad guy going thru puberty duh
Gabriel de Souza Tinoco
Anna Adams
Anna Adams 15 days ago
Too bad we haven't put our arrangement on youtube, my classmate did a gypsy swing type arrangement of Bad Guy for a performance last year, it was very fun and different.
guppymon Games
guppymon Games 15 days ago
Wow it is better
JJ Jet plane
JJ Jet plane 16 days ago
Bro I like that she has will smith in the background
Anndrex Tv
Anndrex Tv 17 days ago
Joel, you must make videos with your girlfriend
Rime Thyme
Rime Thyme 17 days ago
We all know the Ten Second Songs cover of “Bad Guy” in Breaking Benjamin’s style is the best.
Maria Morles
Maria Morles 17 days ago
Im sorry billie is the best ever no convincing otherwise
Renée Kollerová
Renée Kollerová 18 days ago
Omg abbey clover yass
Zachri Bredekamp
Zachri Bredekamp 18 days ago
Me: *watches the first 30 seconds * Also me: I think the video is over, cause we found our victor
Laís R.
Laís R. 18 days ago
That Brazilian guy rules 🇧🇷
Hannah Sturgis
Hannah Sturgis 19 days ago
just saying there's a lot of good singers up here but you should really go check out more of Alexander Stewart's songs
Bellavee Aripal
Bellavee Aripal 19 days ago
im sure that is a blue bath tub
Excell nbw
Excell nbw 20 days ago
watch this 1,5 speed, joel rap god
MediaManDan 20 days ago
Where's Halocene!?
Preston Levesque
Preston Levesque 23 days ago
It a lil bit pitchy
TunefulDuck Karate
TunefulDuck Karate 24 days ago
Tony22 was cool
Sherlock Posecion
Sherlock Posecion 24 days ago
Dude you sang better than billie eilish with that sound lmao 🤣
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales 26 days ago
Nice auto tune!
HelloXrancidkitteh 26 days ago
dudeeee, Halocene did an awesome cover and it was unique but sadly it wasn't on here for you to react to. ( an interesting yet sad/frustrating fact about the Halocene cover of 'Bad Guy' is that the TV Show Masked Singer stole it to use in a performance without asking them and getting their permission. it really sucks when this happens when you're an artist or band trying to make it and not even getting credited or even paid for it. yes the original song is Billie's, but it was so different than the original, just with the same lyrics/melody-somewhat, but they also including a lot of the riffs and what not from an original song in it plus wrote all the instrumentals for the cover. ) also, I get that this song is extremely popular and probably had a gazillion covers on youtube, so I'm not mad or anything. I just feel bad he's missed out on it ]:
Sunset Demon
Sunset Demon 26 days ago
I likes Marco
sdevlin69 27 days ago
(\__/) ( • - • ) ( >🍋 Joel...... 🍋 heres a lemon 🍋
Raj Aalim
Raj Aalim 27 days ago
Its blue bathtub
Spicy._.Quesadilla 28 days ago
My favorite was the girl in the tub
Ruel Momo
Ruel Momo 29 days ago
Number 1 is like whispering you gotta go close to the phone or ipad
Αλεξανδρος Μοσχος
Elice is my teacher on ukulele
Iamscared_tobe_ famous_
That is not green that's .... Blue man
Jamica Jay
Jamica Jay 29 days ago
...reacts to my fav people...
ItzRanny 29 days ago
i think Phoebe should sing a cover in the Central Perk
Kurama Muramasa Kirikuma
Not gonna lie but I think Roomie is the winner 😆
Lara King
Lara King 29 days ago
Alec Chambers is a weird choice. He sounds like he hasn’t hit puberty yet.
meong meong miaw
John Koster
John Koster Month ago
It’s a blue tube
mario kart pro
mario kart pro Month ago
Me listening to the intro: I have no ideo whats happening
Suong Phan
Suong Phan Month ago
Um I’m not lying the intro was loud
Pucx Games
Pucx Games Month ago
I wish he got to see Wawad's cover.
Dona Alcaraz
Dona Alcaraz Month ago
The Philippines girl was really good (hehe im filipino so dont take this seriously lol) he oFfEnDeD mE
David Yorg
David Yorg Month ago
Brother it was a blue bathtub not green
Girls On Record
Girls On Record Month ago
Unrelated: I bet you haven’t seen a comment with over a 1k likes and not seen a single reply! I am watching u
Razorect Month ago
10:07, are you colour blind or something. That’s blue, not green
Izzie Month ago
You just dissed Mrs. Elise Queen. Kriff you.
i hid the avocados
lmao 69k likes
King Creeper
King Creeper Month ago
Its tonyvtoons
IMAThriftyThrifter Yeah
Why so many pretty boys?
MLi Andersson
MLi Andersson Month ago
Omg LOVE Maros cover 😍
Anna Grace Schultz
Canada is my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lea Costa
Lea Costa Month ago
Roomies views on Alexander - he sings gud but wen a guy wears chains it's bbeetterr
theegeekmew Month ago
very sure it's blue hah
Bisket Butter
Bisket Butter Month ago
Why does he remind me of Terrance and Phillip from South Park
Faith Joseph
Faith Joseph Month ago
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Oscar Orlando Pia Jr.
This was kinda random and the time stamps don’t mean anything. I am Christian and saw the verses so I checked the time stamps
Elijah Month ago
i vote for Alex Terrible's cover on this song xd
DamonBaily29 Month ago
Geez you are super judgmental of singers and their voices. When yours sounds like mosquitoes in someone's ear.
Pacific_Lemon Month ago
Billie won Duh
Hotaru Tsukishiro
“Green bathtub” ...are you colorblind, roomie? Is your eyes GREEN RoOmie? smh 😔 i guess your eyes aren’t Bahamas Blue then. Just Bahamas Green.
Thia Lee Mae
Thia Lee Mae Month ago
I actually reaaaally liked Bianca thouuughhh
Eva Kiefer-Ferrara
I think the bathtub is blue...
John Lewis Taguibulos
Why do I like them all
Shadow God
Shadow God Month ago
My favorite was tony22
hrithik kumar
hrithik kumar Month ago
Its blue
tillman8807 Month ago
The intro with my favorite part of the video
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie Month ago
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie Month ago
Lol I thought it was “just always one puff guy” like “I’ll take a hit ... but just one ☝️” lol 🤦‍♀️
Jonzke Month ago
11:05 ist so funny because im german and they are saying: "we are fat, and we love being fat" why? i dont know. and i think that i dont want to know
this was a day later my birthday.
kirā Month ago
*there is no D in there tho* -roomie
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