Who's Most Likely | The D'Amelio Family

The D'Amelio Family
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We all had so much fun playing this game with each other! Let us know what you want to see next!
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Comments 0
noni maqubela
noni maqubela 3 hours ago
The vibe of this vid is so of
noni maqubela
noni maqubela 3 hours ago
The honey add is such a act
Saiyeda Sadia
Saiyeda Sadia 2 days ago
They're awkward and so incredibly bad at acting And they seems so unorganised 😑
Zainab Lifestyle Channel
I'm sorry but look at charli's face at 1:27 it's to funny.
Haely Martinez Molinero
Tell your parents that that's tired of you and that Charlie needs help and you guys are bad parents
B3łlé.fvł Videos
dixie jane or jake either way don’t be ashamed! ✨☁️
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 4 days ago
I think math needs to go solve it's own problems
Tokyo Dices
Tokyo Dices 4 days ago
their acting is so gay
Midnight from dusk to dawn
Wtf why does the dad look like he just snorted Crak in the honey add then dixi and Charlie look like they woke up 2 min ago I stg my 4 year old brother could do better
NANDI SILAMBA 7 days ago
Honey. you guys are great actors LOL
such Gucci acting during the honey add
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 8 days ago
1:04- 1:11: LOl
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 8 days ago
the sponsor sounds so scripted
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 8 days ago
They sound like fricking robots
Addy Rachael
Addy Rachael 8 days ago
Seriously Dixie has her reality show now!
Martha The great
Martha The great 8 days ago
The honey video hahahahhahahhahahhahah I like charlis energy
Rowen 8 days ago
Fatmah Sultan
Fatmah Sultan 8 days ago
It carli. Ceut
Dancing Patato
Dancing Patato 9 days ago
Hi Charli and dixie
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson 11 days ago
I am sorry but when Hedi said "She said her real name" Mark did the biggest eyeroll i have ever seen if you wanna check it out it is right here 2:32
I love u guys❤
Amiah Atkar
Amiah Atkar 15 days ago
2:49 tho look at dixie (no hate towards you) love you guys
French_Fries 16 days ago
Dixe just like why am I being roasted
No Name
No Name 17 days ago
Love how they asked who would fall in love with their bestie and all 4 of them did😂 Heidi and Marc, Dixie and Noah, and Charli and chase
Yup I practically do everything
I loved the intro
Valery Fernandez
Valery Fernandez 18 days ago
Jesus is coming back soon ❤️🙏🏿✝️
Valery Fernandez
Valery Fernandez 18 days ago
Jesus is coming back soon
Johl Garrett
Johl Garrett 19 days ago
Their acting for honey made me laugh and laugh and laugh so much.😂
- THE CHARACTER - 19 days ago
Charli don’t worry I laugh at people falling too 😋
Strong Team
Strong Team 20 days ago
Can I play at home
მარიამი ლობჯანიძე
AI LAVIU Dixie end Charli
no c
no c 28 days ago
I love this family
kevin herrera H
kevin herrera H 28 days ago
wants to be part of your famili charli
Zara Aquino
Zara Aquino 29 days ago
heidi sounds like dixie
princesa edith
princesa edith 29 days ago
17. 19
Claudia Messina
Claudia Messina Month ago
charli just casually eating her food bracelet
XxHeartXx Month ago
Charlie Kerrigan
I feel awful for Mark cause no-one laughs at his jokes and he looks so sad when he gets picked
Ben / berivinia ✓
I used to think the browser "Honey", now I see Mr Beast and the D'amelios make the ad I believe it. LOL
faith skillin
faith skillin Month ago
I love their family frfr
t h a t. g i rl. y o u. l o v e. a n d. h a t e.
7:30 I bet nobody is gonna suspect her now? (Btw she picked her ear-)
t h a t. g i rl. y o u. l o v e. a n d. h a t e.
“Who is most likely to cry over a sad movie” Me: *Heidi,because she cried when she talked about Charli sitting in the back of the class* 😌✌🏽
Librada Vargas
Librada Vargas Month ago
They suck
التصميم Month ago
Little Mint Cows
Savir06 Month ago
Heidi gives me monica vibess
puppy pup
puppy pup Month ago
its okay Heidi your not alone with the horror movies lol
Anaya Serrano
Anaya Serrano Month ago
Anaya Serrano
Anaya Serrano Month ago
mrak seems like a nice dad to them and Charli, Dixie and Heidi are so pretty love you d'amelio's!!!
James Matranga
James Matranga Month ago
When you guys where talking about honey that was so dramatic lol
Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper Month ago
where is Guppie
cool_kid_101 Month ago
I love charli's smile
Cooper Mack
Cooper Mack Month ago
The entire damelio family except marc: “marc will go bald first” 10 years later… Charli: *has cancer*
Cooper Mack
Cooper Mack Month ago
3 minutes in and they still aren’t done with the intro 😂😂😂
Cooper Mack
Cooper Mack Month ago
4/10 for the honey sponsor. I prefer the man, the myth, the legend, MRBEAST!!
herminecraft_cat KItty
This is so cringy
Hermana GAMER
Hermana GAMER Month ago
no entiendo ni una mrd😍😈👺
10G 11 Chanith Dulnitha
Ok here we go the next generation of the Kardashians Much more worse though
S TV Month ago
Daniela Santos
Daniela Santos Month ago
It’s so sweet hearing Charli and Dixie cover for each other, and it’s funny when Dixie like... there r so many things u don’t know 😆🤭🤪
τεα clουβΖ🍀
Charlie d, melio usa bots?
xrisoula avgi
xrisoula avgi Month ago
Charli is soo crazy ?
Polly y Ally
Polly y Ally Month ago
they all seem like they don´t like each other aand are just pretending to be a lovely family
Nevaeh vlogs
Nevaeh vlogs Month ago
I can not take a joke either
Alina Le
Alina Le Month ago
5:00 keeping up with the D‘Amelio‘s
Clarissa Angulo
Clarissa Angulo Month ago
whos watching this when dixie got her reality show
Megan Davis
Megan Davis Month ago
Omg why did the mom put h
Megan Davis
Megan Davis Month ago
Her and I'm Charlie's nose and mouth
aalpkingg Month ago
Dixie rated on her self. the moms face said it all.
Finley Rush
Finley Rush Month ago
that add tho
It’s lovely Me
Charli surprised: charli20? Go us it now!
It’s lovely Me
I love the attitude at the beginning😆
lya sings
lya sings Month ago
wow there are "SUCH GOOD" actors in the honey ad and "totally not" showing sarcasm in their ad plz tell them how bad they were in the ad b/c that ad was so bad I do not blame honey for not putting this as a real ad b/c that would rin there company so BAD
anayasaimtoo :
anayasaimtoo : Month ago
no one: the damelios: ooooooooo
guythatsuxatbw Month ago
ew so cringe
party spirits
party spirits Month ago
Well damn, Dixie wouldn't make a good criminal she just openly admitted to stealing a car 😂😂😂
Die besties
Die besties Month ago
lina parnadziski
charli with her candy bracelet
•୨୧ iimaxyx ୨୧ •
Nobody: Me watching Charlie eyes: The honey comertial: SUPRISE SHAWTYYyyYyYyyYyYyY😚
Jenna Robbins
Jenna Robbins 2 months ago
mg this is the first time i sin charlie sweet
Aesthetics With Chloe
Yaya _JG
Yaya _JG 2 months ago
Ok but i can’t be the only one who thought the ad was so cringy😫
Derick Quezada
Derick Quezada 2 months ago
Ooh burned lol
Mimoun Bou
Mimoun Bou 2 months ago
Everyone :lets weer black and do not tell heidi
evilbish 2 months ago
I also laugh at people falling especially 2yearolds
evilbish 2 months ago
I'm with Charli and the spider thing
Samson Celleste
Samson Celleste 2 months ago
Melisa Petric
Melisa Petric 2 months ago
Who’s here in 2021 after Charli hit 100 mil? Just me? Ok 🥲
salma salmoun
salma salmoun 2 months ago
when charli was on the floor when dixie pushed her.......,my memories came back...
S.S Vlogs
S.S Vlogs 2 months ago
The fake laugh 😭🌚
Charlotte BRICOUT
Charlotte BRICOUT 2 months ago
2:01 Did u guys see Heidis face when Charli interrupted?
Libby Davies
Libby Davies 2 months ago
No one: Charli: what camera do i look at Mark: hi im heidi Heidi: hi wlecome back to the - starts laughing - Dixie: be like wtf Also dixie: does the intro in one take HEY GUYS ECT...
•ᴇxᴛʀᴇᴍᴇ ᴇᴍᴇʀʏ•
i swear when they made the ad for honey thats the happiest time dixie and charli were with each other😂
Ifrah Sherwani🌷
Ifrah Sherwani🌷 2 months ago
Omg the brown dog that came up to Heidi at the end!!🤣🥰
Manasvi Ettadi
Manasvi Ettadi 2 months ago
Room tour plssss
A S Squad
A S Squad 2 months ago
Where are you guys sponsor that at the beginning of the video cracked me up because I know you guys don’t act like that it’s just so funny to me
Daisy Lopez
Daisy Lopez 2 months ago
JustLizzy22 2 months ago
Lmfao 🤣
Sprider-man Mj_peter
It’s the honey ad for me😂
Penelope Dragotta
Penelope Dragotta 2 months ago
like you would actually make good content, well... yeah.
Penelope Dragotta
Penelope Dragotta 2 months ago
oh,but like i think u, in a fun way, but like no,just ur just annoying😳🙄