Who Knows Veronica Better? TWIN vs BEST FRIEND w/ The Merrell Twins and Lazyron

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On the set of the new dating competition show, Twin My Heart, Veronica Merrell challenges her identical twin sister Vanessa, and her BFF Aaron Burriss (aka Lazyron), to a game of Who Knows Me Better? 😝 Comment below who you think is going to win!
💕 Twin My Heart premieres October 1 only on AwesomenessTV. 😍
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Khushi R
Khushi R 7 hours ago
No no no, it's twin Vs boyfriend correct the typoo also who is here in the lockdown/coronavirus/quarantine????
Aarzoo Khan
Aarzoo Khan Day ago
after every single question Roni looks at Aaron in such an expecting way.She doesn't look at Nessa at all
Maria Axinte
Maria Axinte 4 days ago
Uhh, thats not how you spell boyfriend
Alli Xm
Alli Xm 8 days ago
On the cover she looked like Ruby’s mom from On My Block
Oriella Nema
Oriella Nema 9 days ago
It’s actually “twin vs boyfriend”
K Harvey
K Harvey 10 days ago
I’m a twin as well and this is my second time watching your channel and I can already tell you both apart.
Liara's Princess Toy Castle
my favorite color is pink
Dhayyans WRLD
Dhayyans WRLD 14 days ago
I like The flash from the Flash
autumn eure :3
autumn eure :3 14 days ago
LOL im wheezing🤣✨ 1:18 ..
Shelly B
Shelly B 15 days ago
Aaron and alex just need to be their new boos
Marshmallow Mimi
Marshmallow Mimi 16 days ago
You and Aaron suit each other
Valery Mendoza Patlan
yeah sure, " best friend "
PrixcessPixkie 17 days ago
“Twin vs best friend” *And the whole time I saw it differently..*
Eva A
Eva A 18 days ago
Best friend vs stranger?girl that's harsh 😂😵😵
Sofia Cyril
Sofia Cyril 18 days ago
Kailey Osborn
Kailey Osborn 18 days ago
Roni: “you haven’t gotten any wrong” Vanessa: “because I know you. You’re my best friend and my sister” ❤️
Ryleigh K
Ryleigh K 18 days ago
6:23 “babe”
Jennifer Vanmeter
Jennifer Vanmeter 18 days ago
BLUE_ PJ 19 days ago
Mr. Perez the follow
BLUE_ PJ 19 days ago
What does that say I’m making is freezing powers
BLUE_ PJ 19 days ago
BLUE_ PJ 19 days ago
Being clean because your room
BLUE_ PJ 19 days ago
APL Refined Official
Wheres their accent from
Wolf Nation
Wolf Nation 19 days ago
When I Realize that they were in the movie like a boss 😶🤭🤭
Champ 8309
Champ 8309 20 days ago
I knew about the eyes. Never doubt and second-guess yourself!
Flare StaAtic
Flare StaAtic 21 day ago
I hate these girls voices its so annoying
Cady Alsubaiel
Cady Alsubaiel 21 day ago
I love this video !!
Ashley Ruiz
Ashley Ruiz 21 day ago
Veronica wants her bf to win so bad
Marquita Hux
Marquita Hux 21 day ago
Hi 👋
Is best friend she means boyfriend 😇😅
Epsiba angelin
Epsiba angelin 22 days ago
Roni : whats my fav part of my body Aaron : butt/hair Nessa: birthmark Me: eyes Roni : not atall.. Its my eyes Me🤗🤗
MikayelPlays YT
MikayelPlays YT 22 days ago
You mean vs boyfriend
CRX IKON 23 days ago
@ 6:22 did anyone hear veronica call aaron babe????
Op Chicken nugget
Op Chicken nugget 23 days ago
Chicken nugget knows best c;
Op Chicken nugget
Op Chicken nugget 23 days ago
amandakenney 24 days ago
At this point it’s just getting silly that they just refer to each other as best friends...
Katie Coady
Katie Coady 24 days ago
John McDonnell and his wife samantha are in a good
CrAzY_ Koala
CrAzY_ Koala 25 days ago
Who else wants RONRON to happen?!
luvs to bake
luvs to bake 25 days ago
Anyone else recognize Aaron’s reference to blues clues 😂
Genesis Chang
Genesis Chang 25 days ago
She said "it should be bsf vs stranger" yet the title says "twin vs bsf" so it would mean nessa is the stranger
The tta squad!!! FMM
Hey the people that use it in, they’re ugly for real because not me I want to says well played her boyfriend
The tta squad!!! FMM
I don’t judge them OK honey boo-boo
Julia Towers
Julia Towers 27 days ago
Lol for the celeb crush question Ronnie looked at Aaron like mmmhmmm you know it’s you😂
Divya Chatra
Divya Chatra 29 days ago
Who else wants Nessa doing this challenge with Roni and Christian
Gemma 29 days ago
My favourite colour is purple
Gemma 29 days ago
I love this people.
Makayla Clark
Makayla Clark Month ago
They misspelled boyfriend
lovely insfires
lovely insfires Month ago
No one: Awesomeness TV : Szn
Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman Month ago
I accidentally clicked on this video while scrolling Worst accident in my entire life 🤢
Vlogs with Me
Vlogs with Me Month ago
twin vs “bestfriend “
Niamh Mc Menamin
Analeya Gray
Analeya Gray Month ago
I feel like it'll be Aaron because he knows everything
Lilliana Torpey
Lilliana Torpey Month ago
I am doing weather in since I haye it
Mish muna
Mish muna Month ago
I laughed so bad when Veronica said that the video should be retitled Best Friend vs stranger😂😂😂😂
Nandini Daswani
Nandini Daswani Month ago
Same I also like my eyes
Hanging with Care
Veronica: what do I look for in a guy Me: anything that looks like Aaron 😏🤨
Syeda Zehra
Syeda Zehra Month ago
When Roni said also this question is directed towards Nessa, Aaron was hella confused lol.
Rimsha Iqbal
Rimsha Iqbal Month ago
My fav power is also speed like Flash♥♥♥
Zaheen Ali
Zaheen Ali Month ago
Do they not know how to spell boyfriend??
janjan Month ago
bestriend? or should I say "boyfriend"?
Melani Evans
Melani Evans Month ago
subscribed to my channel 🙃
Stefanie’s ADVENTURE
Did they film this the same day they filmed the second episode of twin my heart finding nessa a boyfriend, i wonder where the boys are
Riya_ Riri
Riya_ Riri Month ago
Am I the only one seeing this after watching season 1 and 2 of twin my heart
gianne sabangan
gianne sabangan Month ago
6:00 omg i actually said eyes like no kidding yayyy i know her 😂😂😂
GabThe Unicorn9
GabThe Unicorn9 Month ago
Is it Best Friend or just the B and the F =BF= Boyfriend
Rae Blanchette
Rae Blanchette Month ago
Aaron is being shady
Grace Izworski
Grace Izworski Month ago
8:39 Roni: what do I look for in a guy Me: SAY AARON!!!!
Nayelys Lopez
Nayelys Lopez Month ago
Alex and Aaron are brothers Veronica and Vanessa are sisters I ship Roni and Aaron I also ship Alex and Nessa Who agrees
Sayantani Halder
I love how Roni wants Aaron to get all of them 😂❤️
Tanisha .T
Tanisha .T Month ago
“Best friends” Me: ;-;
Abz M
Abz M Month ago
The one in the black dress. Ou la la
Aesthetic Edits
Aesthetic Edits Month ago
How does he know how clean her room is OOOOFF
Saara Ahmed
Saara Ahmed Month ago
aaron: i'm gonna say it and it's pg veronica: MY favourite part of my body in her head: MY favourite part of my body not yours
Mahnoor Qureshi
Mahnoor Qureshi Month ago
It should be twin vs boyfriend
Viola Girl
Viola Girl Month ago
I think Vanessa will win
Nylah Dotson
Nylah Dotson Month ago
Mmm I’m lonely
Ariya Vazquez
Ariya Vazquez Month ago
Angela Anguiano
Angela Anguiano Month ago
Why do they always say “best friend” instead of boyfriend? Like it’s not a big deal and everyone knows already....
nicola anna
nicola anna Month ago
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