Who Knows Veronica Better? TWIN vs BEST FRIEND w/ The Merrell Twins and Lazyron

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On the set of the new dating competition show, Twin My Heart, Veronica Merrell challenges her identical twin sister Vanessa, and her BFF Aaron Burriss (aka Lazyron), to a game of Who Knows Me Better? 😝 Comment below who you think is going to win!
💕 Twin My Heart premieres October 1 only on AwesomenessTV. 😍
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Creator, Supervising Producer and Director: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren
Executive Producer: Vanessa Merrell (@VanessaMerrell)
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Executive Producer: Paul Merrell (@ThePaulMerrell)
Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez

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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 971
Walid Salah
Walid Salah 59 minutes ago
They were doing twin my heart that was after the date with Brandon
Dancing and educational Man
I would date Veronica
Yeet 21 hour ago
If this was 1 month ago, and on the set of twin my heart then.. does nessa have her boyfriend yet?
Liv’s Magical House
Tatyana Goyco
3:07“Tacos is important”
Areej Adnan
Areej Adnan Day ago
Aaron + Veronica = ‘best friends’? 😊🤔 Everyone knows they are a couple
Ofa Vanila
Ofa Vanila 2 days ago
I don't really feel bad fo r ronis boyfriend ✌✌because he's only known her for 2 years
Ann-K Seraphin
Ann-K Seraphin 2 days ago
Roni: What do I look for in a guy? Me: First name starting with A. Plot twist: it's Alex (no I don't mean Alex W.)
Eddah Kimani
Eddah Kimani 2 days ago
"My eyeballs, they're like so cool" 😂
Olivia Hastings
Olivia Hastings 3 days ago
when the next episode out the dating show
4XK9 3 days ago
Mark the dum truck in the
Kaliya Billy
Kaliya Billy 5 days ago
I ship Aron and Roni 😍🤣😊💖❤️💞💕🔥❣️
Princes Rose
Princes Rose 6 days ago
6:23 she called Aaron “babe” did anyone else catch that?
Gina Sengeri
Gina Sengeri 6 days ago
Aaron is 30! I'm shocked
ckwilli 7 days ago
A good heart... THATS NOT BRANDOONNNNN... Just kidding I won’t judge a guy’s character from 3 episodes of a show, but I still don’t like him lol.
AnimeLover_2021 7 days ago
Who else noticed that this was filmed on the same day of the 3rd episode of Twin My Heart
Kylee Koroheke
Kylee Koroheke 8 days ago
Vanessa Wil know more
Sindre Kristiansen
9:40 I think Aaron was expecting a hug....his arm went for it but slid to the chair instead...
Ro-ee Yap
Ro-ee Yap 9 days ago
"best friend" my a**
Chezelle Avie
Chezelle Avie 9 days ago
I hate Aaron
erwin esguerra
erwin esguerra 9 days ago
Do you mean twin sister vs stranger
Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose 9 days ago
when Roni had to remind Aaron "MY favorite part of my body" lmaoooo
Sarai Size Estelles
I love summer aswell!
Sarai Size Estelles
My favourite colour is purple aswell!
coco sato
coco sato 10 days ago
Isn't that the house of twin my heart
IMAN AHMED 10 days ago
I love how Veronica and Aaron probably had a massive fight after this 😂😂😂
do i smell drama?
do i smell drama? 11 days ago
The title needs to be changed
Jaleigh's World
Jaleigh's World 11 days ago
Awww man I thought this was another dating show episode 😢
Onlyzoe 59
Onlyzoe 59 12 days ago
friend zoning
chivas flores
chivas flores 12 days ago
twin vs boyfriend not best friend
Joey Sampson
Joey Sampson 12 days ago
My is purple to
Seyushka Pillay
Seyushka Pillay 12 days ago
Doesn’t listen well wHaT ThE HeCk HiTs HiM😂
it’s me Maryy
it’s me Maryy 12 days ago
6:22 if u listen closely, it sounds like roni says “bAbE” to Aaron.
Amy D
Amy D 13 days ago
Y'all spelled boyfriend wrong its spelled b o y f r i e n d!
Marty And Heart Dance Show
Romeo Walk
Romeo Walk 13 days ago
Dont be mean to aron if she dose that again leave😑😑😑😁😁😂😂🤣🤣
Scarlett Scammander
this is prob the first video titled "twin vs my best friend" which is a very good way to hide boyfriend. cmon roni, you and aaron are sooo close
Claudia Elaro
Claudia Elaro 15 days ago
Nessa: I’ve known her for 2e years Eron: I’ve known her for years
amelia 15 days ago
why can’t they just say boyfriend lmao
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 15 days ago
Me: *sees thumbnail then the title* Me: *laughs* "Best Friend" funny typo Me after Veronica says Twin Vs *Best Friend* : Funny way to say boyfriend Roni! *Laughs*
Belle Smith 12
Belle Smith 12 15 days ago
3:12 shouldn't they be switched....?
Isabella M
Isabella M 16 days ago
Veronica my favourite colour is purple too
xX Novyana Xx
xX Novyana Xx 16 days ago
Aaron is the cutest thing ever around roni
xX Novyana Xx
xX Novyana Xx 16 days ago
I think they spelt “Boyfriend wrong”
Allan Maravilla
Allan Maravilla 16 days ago
twin vs best friend "cough cough" boyfriend
MNG Productions
MNG Productions 16 days ago
Who knows Veronica more? VERONICA her self
Sade Nunes
Sade Nunes 16 days ago
Hey I made a new video it’s on my page if anybody wants to check it out thanks and have a good night ❤️🤗
Cam Beth
Cam Beth 16 days ago
Aaron tries to say butt Roni: “MY favorite part of my body”
Happy_BeePlays Games
Bestfriend or boyfriend?
jake smith
jake smith 16 days ago
Aaron is not your best friend he is your boyfriend he make video about you is indouce my best friend to my girlfriend
Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan 16 days ago
This whole video is Aron being salty towards nessa
Karen Morales
Karen Morales 16 days ago
I was going to say fav
Karen Morales
Karen Morales 16 days ago
My fast color is green and blue
Athena Lois Ngipol
Athena Lois Ngipol 16 days ago
'What do I look for in a guy?' Answer: Aaron
Girls Outlet
Girls Outlet 16 days ago
Dua Muskan
Dua Muskan 16 days ago
I know Aaron like Roni but look how he is looking at Nessa at 0:07
Patnala Vivekanand
Patnala Vivekanand 16 days ago
Yeah, yeah, yeah.... they were " best friends "
loraine alcs
loraine alcs 17 days ago
boyfriend? pshh
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