Who Knows Their Sibling Better?! "TWINS VS BROTHERS"

Aaron Burriss
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Welcome to WHO KNOWS ME BETTER?! SIBLING EDITION!! Today we find out which pair of Siblings know each other better? Brothers vs Sisters! Twins vs Non-Twins!!

Specials thanks to my friends for filming this video with me so be sure to go follow them!!

ALEX- ruvid.net/video/video-2cRV7uwzey8.html
RONI AND NESSA - ruvid.net/video/video-abEw2w20V1U.html


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Mar 18, 2020




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Comments 5 044
rodney adams
rodney adams 5 hours ago
it MOoOOovie !!!! any mOOoviE !!!!
Kelley Lovejoy
Kelley Lovejoy 5 days ago
10 years
Kelley Lovejoy
Kelley Lovejoy 5 days ago
I can tell the future that you will not be married in 3 years
Kelsey Martinez
Kelsey Martinez 8 days ago
This was sooo hilarious!! 😂
Talia Davidson
Talia Davidson 9 days ago
why it so dark?
It’s rainbow!
It’s rainbow! 9 days ago
Omg they r all so cute together🤍🤍🤍
Cuco Landeros
Cuco Landeros 11 days ago
Nessa talking ab candy Roni interrupting: NO Nessa: huh!
Makayla Santiago
Makayla Santiago 11 days ago
When Alex said if you both get this wrong we have to sit in the middle and nessa was like yeah this gives me Ron Ron and alessa vibes
Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen 11 days ago
Definitely ship Vanessa merrell and Alex wassabi as one couple and then Aaron wassabi and Veronica merrell as another
Akalya Ahilan
Akalya Ahilan 12 days ago
the marriage part was to much for ronron
i would be married if i was 36 now im 9
Njavwa Simumba
Njavwa Simumba 14 days ago
Alvin Veeran
Alvin Veeran 14 days ago
Aaron are you and varonica sister and brother or is she your girlfriend.
Sophie Falteysek
Sophie Falteysek 14 days ago
Well I’m 11 so 18 years from now
Abby Schneider
Abby Schneider 16 days ago
7:19 Roni: My Kiss With Brandon Was SUUUUPPER REAL In Kindergarten! LOL 🤣😂🤣
Ericka 18 days ago
I love when they are all together 😂. I ship Arron and Roni and Alex and Nessa. When Nessa told Alex to sit on her lap, cutest thing ever.
Jewel Faith Gaerlan
Holly Hersom
Holly Hersom 23 days ago
Dayna Pack
Dayna Pack Month ago
ronron pls come true!! whos with me
S u n n y
S u n n y Month ago
The fact that Alex and nessa WERE flirting
•Gatcha Friend•
Lei Sala
Lei Sala Month ago
Notice how the younger siblings try to win, but the younger siblings just try to have fun with it
Abril Saba
Abril Saba Month ago
I would get married in 100 years
love family with me
Alex LOVES 💘 ❤ 💕 💖 💗 ♥ 💘 ❤ 💕 💖 💗 ♥ nessa
Jersey Fisher
Jersey Fisher Month ago
Arron is like the big brother when he was like “ keep your hands to yourself!!!” 😂
Latoya Mhaka
Latoya Mhaka Month ago
Aaron:Thats a dogggg The twins:His part of the Family
Judy Lan
Judy Lan Month ago
What the hell is "nyoki?!" Isn't it "gnocchi?" 😂
Judy Lan
Judy Lan Month ago
I just remembered Vanessa used to date a guy named Aaron. So is Roni's "friendship" with Aaron awkward for her? Lol
crescent moon
crescent moon Month ago
Marjorie Espineli
Do you known some Filipino words? Please do a vlog connected in Filipino
Robyn Boswell
Robyn Boswell Month ago
My mum and dad took 10years
Maria K
Maria K Month ago
If ronron wasn’t already obviously real.... on the marriage question Alex asked: wait do we guess how long for them to get married or separately?
Lindsey Romo
Lindsey Romo Month ago
Roni: your favorite family member is tiger *Starts bouncing in her chair and clapping*
Rhonald Felipe Virguez Alvarado
Alex rally wanted to switch Seat for nesssa
Marie Playz
Marie Playz Month ago
I feel like Aaron and Roni would be a good couple and Alex and Nessa would be to
alison schafer
alison schafer Month ago
Is it just me or does Alex remind you of Carlos from big time rush?
Vashnie 2 months ago
Alex and Nessa were flirting the entire time !!! 😍
Fallible Angel
Fallible Angel 2 months ago
Aaron’s time frame (3 years) makes sense from his perspective given he’s already in his early 30s whereas Veronica is approaching her mid 20s. Either way wishing them both a prosperous future together.
Sarah Sheikh
Sarah Sheikh 2 months ago
When I laugh to much I get hiccups, my night isn't going to be great after watching this vid
Lola Cox
Lola Cox 2 months ago
The wealthy chimpanzee enthrallingly guide because chicory substantively moan since a lively violet. dirty, robust winter
Amupala Aina
Amupala Aina 2 months ago
Anything I can eat is food to me Me: ikr
Donutss Lover
Donutss Lover 2 months ago
#ronron #Alexsa
tarneem manassa
tarneem manassa 2 months ago
Nessa : you are in love with my sister??????? Idk why but it got me😂
Kimberly Sotoy
Kimberly Sotoy 2 months ago
part 2 pls 🥺
Anthony Elliott
Anthony Elliott 2 months ago
I’ve waited a long time to get married, but I’m still engaged
Eva Loskoska-Postolov
I would wait for about 5 years to get married
I’mOnABirdCraze XD
At 5:50 when Ron Ron are fighting Alex and nessa are staring at eachother OMG OMG 😱 😍😍
Avni Vijay
Avni Vijay 2 months ago
I get confused that aaron and Andrew are burris whereas alex wassabi
Simrah Sajid
Simrah Sajid 2 months ago
Katy Scott
Katy Scott 2 months ago
Alex wanted to be by nessa but aaron and roni wanted to be together
J.P. 2 months ago
Alex really a bitch 🤣
When roni says "let the kids have it Aaron " Lmfaooo
Alex kinda cheated on the celebrity crush one lmaooo
Alex so wanted to sit beside nessa lmao
This just just ronron and alessa flirting with each other😂I love vava squad sm😭
Anna Leibowitz
Anna Leibowitz 2 months ago
Actually technically a crush only lasts four months and after that it means your in love
xXBlack Girl MagicXx
did anybody else pep Alex or- 1:38
Valeria Glass
Valeria Glass 2 months ago
roni is aggressive 😂🤣😭😙
iniya siva
iniya siva 3 months ago
Anything I Can Eat Is Food To Me -Alex Wassabi 2021
Abby De La Cruz
Abby De La Cruz 3 months ago
Roni: you kissed someone BEFORE ME!.. Aaron: has she never? Nessa: NO shes an angel
AUBREYANNA MOUA 3 months ago
Y’all idk but I ship Alec and nessa but u don’t think nessa likes him
Crazy PandaKitty
Crazy PandaKitty 3 months ago
Well as of right now I've been dating my high school bf for almost 7 years now. I want to get married in like 3 years
laisha Shah
laisha Shah 3 months ago
ok I can't stop laughing on Alex he looks so funny
kimberly vu
kimberly vu 3 months ago
lol it’s called CaNdY iS dEsERt
Uni👍 3 months ago
I ship all of you 😍😁👍
Ella Carrillo
Ella Carrillo 3 months ago
Is it only me or do I ship besas and alex....
Caligula Fergie
Caligula Fergie 3 months ago
You should've split the siblings more like boy-girl-boy-girl, that way siblings aren't sitting next to each other & cheat. Probably better if you & Roni were at opposite ends so less distracted/flirting.
Hiba Fatima
Hiba Fatima 3 months ago
Its funny how protective aaron is for nessa😍😂😂they are like real sis and bro❤️
alandr 3 months ago
Roni: *you guys were flirting the whole time* (alex and nessa) Alex: We werent flirting!!... Also Alex: We were texting...
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 3 months ago
5:35 5:45 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣🤣...
Logan Arakaki
Logan Arakaki 3 months ago
Wait if roni an Arron are dating but wasabi and Veronica like each other and there both twins then what
Kimberlee Valenti
Kimberlee Valenti 3 months ago
i remember watching this like if it was yesterday but it’s been a year ... wow
sassy 3 months ago
Roni literally so cute and Alex so funny
sassy 3 months ago
I love the twins so much💟
April Rose Malarayap
I'm starting to ship Alex and Nessa but I don't want to lose RonRon 😭
Maegan Myhia
Maegan Myhia 3 months ago
nessa: there's lots of things that could be considered candy that she likes but I don't know- roni: *looks at nessa* no! nessa: *looks at roni confused* heh?
Constance Knight
Constance Knight 3 months ago
I love this video
taylor brand
taylor brand 3 months ago
i like how in all of these videos, alex and nessa are always flirting
Vanesa Burkevica
Vanesa Burkevica 3 months ago
Vanesa Burkevica
Vanesa Burkevica 3 months ago
i ship grayson and nessa
izzy 3 months ago
izzy 3 months ago
aaron: that's a dOg roni and nessa: HE'S PART OF THE FAMILY alex just sitting there like 'they scare me'
MJ Price
MJ Price 3 months ago
Who else watched this again because its filled with alessa and ronron moments 3 times now
featkjh 3 months ago
i love how alex became so clingy with nessa after they moved to sit tgt they are so cUUUUTE
Olivia Najera
Olivia Najera 3 months ago
where nessa and alex dating back then or were they just playing around? ship roni and aaron sooooo hard
Ok 3 months ago
No Alex and nessa never dated., they flirted to tease Ron Ron
Rebekah Brocato
Rebekah Brocato 3 months ago
Claire Harkey
Claire Harkey 3 months ago
Alex saying “if I couldn’t have 2 I’d take 1” is so funny for some reason 😂
Dezerae Dumlao
Dezerae Dumlao 3 months ago
Jackie Genteman
Jackie Genteman 3 months ago
I love how when Alex was saying “no bridge, not todayyy.” Nessa was so unfazed by his flirting 😂
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 3 months ago
also i think that this video proves that alessa and ronron are real
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 3 months ago
11:47 nobody: alex: It GoT A lItTlE JuICy In HerE
Nora Stoefen
Nora Stoefen 4 months ago
alex and vanessa both flirt with eachother, but nessa says she doesnt wanna be with him- poor alex. LOL
Madison Abreu
Madison Abreu 4 months ago
this is by far the funniest video ive ever seen in my life. no cap. the amount of times i choked on my food while watching this is uncountable!
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 4 months ago
Joel Stoyan
Joel Stoyan 4 months ago
Roni are you dating arran
Isabelle Gonzalez
Isabelle Gonzalez 4 months ago
tbh roni was really annoying in this video.... sorry but it is true
Smiley Moreno
Smiley Moreno 4 months ago
We need a part two already.
Drink77 4 months ago
2021 n alex n Lexi are a thing 😤😭
Olivia Simpson
Olivia Simpson 4 months ago
What if Alex’s favorite food was wasabi...get it?
Addison Gotcher
Addison Gotcher 4 months ago
Alex wassabi.....
Lauren_charlotte 4 months ago
I'm watching this for the fourth time it's still so funny
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