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Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100
softiebxlla 7 hours ago
Nobody: Bryce shaking his legs the whole time:
unwxnted strxnger
unwxnted strxnger 10 hours ago
Omggg it's obvious that Bryce doesn't like Elle
unwxnted strxnger
unwxnted strxnger 10 hours ago
Elle looks rejected in the last part
Galaxy OREO
Galaxy OREO 14 hours ago
Take the l
Gray Gamer
Gray Gamer 18 hours ago
What the hell why do I have you on Snapchat pls answer I’m confused
Sunrise Ellie
Sunrise Ellie 20 hours ago
So Um you kissed Amelia oooo
Mina Ann
Mina Ann 11 hours ago
Sunrise Ellie when this part
Elise Myers
Elise Myers 22 hours ago
Elise Myers
Elise Myers 22 hours ago
U know u smip when u say b daddy 😂
BonnLight Bunwolf 2
BonnLight Bunwolf 2 23 hours ago
My birthday is Jan 9th :0
Elle Huhsmam
Elle Huhsmam Day ago
hey my names elle
Thats._. Andrea
Bryce Michael Hall❗️❗️❗️😩
Isobel Loxley
I find it cute how he put 'bff' instead of just 'best friend'
La-Passion PENANI
Blake dates girls with big blue eyes. *me- crying cuz mine are brown
Girl in polyester. . .
1:23 what was that sound 😂
tryin to stay alive
"Thats my last name" DEADDDDD
Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-3JynpAVcaKQ.html They were so cute
zaina noor
zaina noor 2 days ago
elle tells a wrong answer and bryce wins blake: im kinda disappointed bryce tells a wrong answer and elle wins blake: im kinda disappointed me throughout the video thinking IM STUPID OR THEY MADE ME ONE
Ala V
Ala V 2 days ago
The girl is so sweet💚
영무개 2 days ago
뭔 목소리도 잘생겼냐
Rhye Ann Sanchez
Rhye Ann Sanchez 2 days ago
Blake: I feel like a f*cking therapist with the sh*t Me: 😂😂😂😂😂
Juliana Sciarrotta
Addison watching this be like:👁💧👄💧👁
Paula Marinić
Paula Marinić 3 days ago
Paula Marinić
Paula Marinić 3 days ago
The "take the L pussy" sent me😂
Mac GrayMcDonald
Mac GrayMcDonald 3 days ago
This kids 19.... let that sink in, Hollywood privilege you can publicly underage drink, and get in no trouble for it
Alex Kefali
Alex Kefali 3 days ago
Did they both date her?
Ella Ankargren
Ella Ankargren 3 days ago
I need to say this Elle is sooo gorgeous🤩
kaireen sekhri
kaireen sekhri 3 days ago
thats his fake number
The LOL’s
The LOL’s 3 days ago
She’s prettier then Addison
Rachel Gibbs
Rachel Gibbs 3 days ago
Omg!! We have the same birthday!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amanda Rodríguez
bryce is so annoying lol
Brooke 4 days ago
Jesus 2001?!!!
Amber 4
Amber 4 5 days ago
Daddy gray not daddy Bryce here 😂
Fenna Schulz
Fenna Schulz 5 days ago
You're both not daddy. Jaden is daddy
Blesiv 5 days ago
that girl thinks shes all that
ItsJust Nicole
ItsJust Nicole 6 days ago
She looks kinda like Nessa with blonde hair
Claudia Landolfo
Claudia Landolfo 6 days ago
They are funny, but if I was her I would never go through all that awkwardness
Moriah Frankel
Moriah Frankel 6 days ago
I feel so bad for Elle when bryce said that. He’s so mean lol
minties xox
minties xox 4 days ago
what did he say
Keziah Ramirez
Keziah Ramirez 7 days ago
His birthday is before mine
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh 7 days ago
Elle is actually so sweet and simple ✨ Edit: Until I knew how much problematic relationship she had with Bryce 😂😅
Rashi Deulkar
Rashi Deulkar 7 days ago
Elle: mmmmmmm Bryce : stfu don't you even start the shit *To me it seemed like some drama series going on 😂😂😂
So these two are a gay couple? What is this shit supposed to be... why does it even have so many views...
Alexia Alfaro
Alexia Alfaro 7 days ago
The fact that Bryce and Ella stood up at the same time at 5:21 😂
Anisha haha
Anisha haha 7 days ago
bryce is mean but v cute
Kalena H
Kalena H 8 days ago
i have size 10 and i am a girl in grade 5
Brisilda Sulaj
Brisilda Sulaj 8 days ago
Brisilda Sulaj
Brisilda Sulaj 8 days ago
G a c h a t e a
G a c h a t e a 8 days ago
2018: blake and elle dating 2019: bryce and elle dating 2020: bloah
Emma S
Emma S 8 days ago
Asya Caliskan
Asya Caliskan 8 days ago
Why can Bryce just sit normal he is sharking like he is nervous
Anezah Waii
Anezah Waii 8 days ago
when they both say it's our ex girlfriend i was very confused and then i know that they both dated the girl
Re Potato
Re Potato 9 days ago
Bryce: wearing nessas merch Josh: 👁💧👄💧👁
Misty Sharp
Misty Sharp 9 days ago
he said he’s gonna Upload every week homeboy uploaded a month ago..😂
Sophia Henick
Sophia Henick 9 days ago
this girl looks exactly like ameile. blake has type
Lilybeth Cordero
Lilybeth Cordero 2 days ago
Sophia Henick ikr
Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright 8 days ago
I don’t see it . But she’s drop dead gorgeous u should see her with dark hair ruvid.net/video/video-lfLBmT1Sarc.html
Poopiburger 10 days ago
I had no idea that Blake and Elle dated
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore 10 days ago
1:27 best moment of the whole video lmfaooo
Mary Wiggall
Mary Wiggall 10 days ago
“Bryce just blames his farts and blames it on everyone else” 😂😭
Udovicic Ivana
Udovicic Ivana 10 days ago
your weeks are quite long but whatever
Tori Amos
Tori Amos 10 days ago
Blake gotta type
chelsey gabrielle
chelsey gabrielle 10 days ago
who is the last girl i kissed: bryce: amelie blake: 🧨
Kourtney Gripp
Kourtney Gripp 11 days ago
The way Bryce said “jean” had me dead 😂 2:14
TikTok things The stars
Blake we're still waiting for the RUvid videos
Rockstar raquel Rocky
How do people not like them
-Hey Deinert୭
-Hey Deinert୭ 11 days ago
Noah vendo esse vídeo: eu sou uma piada p vc 🤡🤡
rocky lala
rocky lala 12 days ago
This dude definitely has a type. Big eyes girls. Amelie, Ariel, and this girl have similar features
anya kositz
anya kositz 6 days ago
Gigi L definitely
sophia long
sophia long 7 days ago
Jaia Skye
Jaia Skye 9 days ago
So true
Gigi L
Gigi L 10 days ago
I don’t really see it but amelie is hands down one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen
Andrea Maldonado
Andrea Maldonado 12 days ago
Blake: new videos erry week Its been a month😐
Atharva Dixit
Atharva Dixit 12 days ago
How the hell is blake born in 2001 bro like wtfffffff howww
Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright 2 days ago
Ik He looks 22
Carolina Aponte
Carolina Aponte 13 days ago
Tell me elle isnt a copy of amelie
Munavlogz 13 days ago
Omds they were being so mean tffff lawwl
Nykesha Thomas
Nykesha Thomas 14 days ago
My big brother shoes are a 13 and hes 13
MS Jemini
MS Jemini 14 days ago
Blake: What is my middle name? Ex: Robert Bryce: (Remaining silent) Blake: Dude, what the fck? C'mon (Disappointed Blake) Your own best friend doesn't know your middle name?😂😂😂😂
Leni Iacovidou
Leni Iacovidou 14 days ago
hi daddy gray
ali sadaghi
ali sadaghi 14 days ago
Edie Mortlock
Edie Mortlock 14 days ago
My sister want's to date you and she in love with you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nancy Habr
Nancy Habr 15 days ago
blake you need to post more often on youtube
Emma Kusi
Emma Kusi 15 days ago
Muflihah Nasir
Muflihah Nasir 15 days ago
dude...how cute the way blake touch her exgf hand 😍 they are really call me single in everything
Shir Tahar
Shir Tahar 15 days ago
I missed elle
Renuka Aradhya
Renuka Aradhya 15 days ago
I'm confused
Renuka Aradhya
Renuka Aradhya 15 days ago
wait did she used to date both of you?
Natali Nika
Natali Nika 16 days ago
None me :coming from tiktok seeing the video being confused me going to Hollywood fix me now trying to find picts for edit
17 Nisha Rani 10-A
17 Nisha Rani 10-A 16 days ago
New video every week....... I don't see it😂
raveena hoosein
raveena hoosein 16 days ago
Congratulations to bryce ♡ , love you all and stay safe yall ♡ , I'm new to yr CHANNEL ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Maryam Abass
Maryam Abass 17 days ago
Amelie & Blake Shipper! 😍😘🥰
Ria Roy
Ria Roy 18 days ago
It took me so long to realise that she's elle
Ocèanna Lemoigne
Ocèanna Lemoigne 18 days ago
I ship Blake and amelie tho.....😃👍
Tinley Cowan
Tinley Cowan 18 days ago
ill marry Blake
Alyssa Santora
Alyssa Santora 18 days ago
Blake is so fucking attractive.
Antonella Pigorini
Antonella Pigorini 18 days ago
😂😍 Please subtitles in Spanish!!!!!
Clair Maleno
Clair Maleno 19 days ago
Any one here waiting for him and Noah beck to post 🥱
Jayda 19 days ago
Marcia Figueiredo
Marcia Figueiredo 19 days ago
Anna Christou
Anna Christou 19 days ago
I have same fear like blake xD
Samuel Stein
Samuel Stein 19 days ago
Who’s here after they got back together?
iris v.
iris v. 19 days ago
they were kinda mean to her tbh😭
Elizabeth Smyth
Elizabeth Smyth 19 days ago
Good she punched Bryce in the face over a juul 😤😤
Belalay Lima
Belalay Lima 20 days ago
O meu coração 💓
Tasha Marie
Tasha Marie 20 days ago
his voice is so deep😛
Jada Wellman
Jada Wellman 20 days ago
no one: no one at all: bryce: “I sAiD iT dOeSnT mAtTeR iF tHeY hAvE a PuSs” 🥴🤣💀
Jada Wellman
Jada Wellman 20 days ago
elle: “mmmm” bryce: “ShUt ThE fUcK Up! DoNt yOu EvEn!” I CACKLEDDDD😂🤣😭💀
Tatenda Madziwa
Tatenda Madziwa 20 days ago
I’m so dead bryce is so funny
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