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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 2 569
daviana hill
daviana hill 7 hours ago
Anybody else loved when cj came in
zani life
zani life Day ago
He need to do a part two
Abeer Mitchell
He’s literally wearing orange and black
Drama Clips
Drama Clips Day ago
Clarance kissing queen l feel the love
Suzie Aie
Suzie Aie 3 days ago
I love Cj. 😂
Jay Heart
Jay Heart 3 days ago
Pause.. Cuz i hardly get it???? Sweet homke ALABAAAMAA
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic 4 days ago
Don't know why, but for some reason the energy that comes from Clarence and his sister is SOOOO off. I hope Queen is alright behind the scenes. I sense some real grimmy shit going on fareal. And for those of you quick to say "she just haitn"...BITCH, ain't nobody hatin it's called being woke, and picking up vibes. I know y'all don't give a fuck what I have to say, and that's ok, hell, my comment can get hella dislikes, I don't give a SHIT! I know bad vibes when I feel it!
Winnica James
Winnica James 4 days ago
Y’all just gone pretend he didn’t make a buzzer for them to hit before answering the question .. lmao .. family feud
Truth 4 days ago
Awww Lee is beautiful!!!
JustBrii2k20 !
JustBrii2k20 ! 5 days ago
Chipotle is a restaurant. We cook all the chicken fresh... and all the onions, lettuce, limes, jalapeños, all that is dice and washed like real produce everyday! Lol ... it’s definitely not fast foood. At all... one day in grill cutting meat you gone feel the culinary vibes slightly
Jeanene Barron
Jeanene Barron 5 days ago
Clare's sister is so beautiful. I love her dimples
Marc Powell
Marc Powell 5 days ago
You hear cj in the back yell youngboy😭🔥
K City
K City 5 days ago
"Y’all should talk more"😭😭💀
Staxx B
Staxx B 6 days ago
That's crazy cause I went for your sister all that time Moe
Desani Smith
Desani Smith 6 days ago
“ Black and Puerto Rican”.. one is a race and one is a nationality, you’re just a Black man. you could’ve said American and Puerto Rican 🤷🏿‍♀️
random 7 days ago
I love the cj commercial part 😂😂😂😂😂 while they arguing in the back
Ciara Ansine
Ciara Ansine 7 days ago
me getting the how many stiches did i get question right-
Kgaugelo .M
Kgaugelo .M 7 days ago
"If it's a tie, you lose"😂😂😂😂😂
Wen Rey
Wen Rey 7 days ago
Bruh clare face expressions are hilarious 🤣
Cookieee J’
Cookieee J’ 8 days ago
CJ solo got me dead 💀😂
Andrea Bryant
Andrea Bryant 8 days ago
With my microwavable bacon lol Clarence crazy hilarious. lol
Ronnieimvu_baddie 2
Just notice how they talking and there son just comes in and stars dancing😂😂
Sha H
Sha H 9 days ago
Lee pretty much confirmed what we all knew queens has lost herself and is caught up in Clarence whole world his family his friends, while she distanced herself from her own. Lee is shady af but I get it she wants one on one time with Clarence, she shouldn’t even have to ask, Queen should know she gotta falll back
Bunny Boo
Bunny Boo 8 days ago
Seek help she hadn’t seen him cause the virus and then When she finally got to atl she had to work on the album. And if you think what you said Is right I hope you don’t get married anytime soon. Queen is his family that he made. It’s literally in the Bible leave your parents house and make your own.
Morgan Thomas
Morgan Thomas 10 days ago
We love Cj’s dance break
Slim D
Slim D 10 days ago
He had a Orange phone case and he in full black which is his favourite colour☺
Arran Vid
Arran Vid 10 days ago
What are* my 2 favourite colours
Adrienna Ojeda
Adrienna Ojeda 10 days ago
The party CJ came in made me laugh so hard idk why lmao 😩😂
Charranda.Heart 11 days ago
It’s the, “Shawty’s gettin’ married and a daughter”, comment for me! 🤣😭😩
LifewithLIQUE 11 days ago
He got a whole ORANGE phone case & wearing all black. They missed that.
Skoota DaShoota
Skoota DaShoota 12 days ago
queen get finer everyday😩
Mapalo Mulenga
Mapalo Mulenga 12 days ago
😭😭😭❤CJ in it for the commercial break
Charnell Williams
Charnell Williams 13 days ago
Need to try Air frying bacon 🥓😩 it will change your life
Erika Encarnacion
Erika Encarnacion 13 days ago
I thought his favorite movie is Love and basketball
The Gem Bezle Effect
I don't like how lee throwing shade at queen she got a little attitude".
Bunny Boo
Bunny Boo 8 days ago
I don’t like how y’all can’t tell when they’re playing the lady literally said she was about to throw the competition so Queen can get the baby and a ring. This is literally how all of them act when they’re competing go watch how Queen talk to mod when they were playing the music game.
KAIARRA YIXING 11 days ago
Joycelyn Faith
Joycelyn Faith 14 days ago
Queen seriously 😍 want her daughter Nala ❤️❤️❤️
Kai Rose
Kai Rose 14 days ago
Lee: “cause you sleep with her” 😂😂😂
Cristina Storm
Cristina Storm 15 days ago
This was a great video man i was cracking up the ENTIREEE TIMEEEE lol
Yakeema Taleem
Yakeema Taleem 15 days ago
Make sure u record that
Yakeema Taleem
Yakeema Taleem 15 days ago
That was so cute that all his sister wanted was alone time with her little bro...
Marlene Martinez
Marlene Martinez 16 days ago
🤣🤣🤣love y’all ❤️
Kareem King
Kareem King 16 days ago
i'm not even gon hold you home alone my childhood favorite movie.that and the mask.
Poursche Strong
Poursche Strong 16 days ago
😲🤣😂Yoo either the 😎“Tina” 🍃💨blowing or lil man Cj just came through hitting them moves 🤣😂🤟🏽
Spiritual Cat
Spiritual Cat 17 days ago
Is it just me or I don’t like Lee. The way she be coming for Queen. I don’t like it.
Spiritual Cat
Spiritual Cat 17 days ago
Queen really want to get married lol she trying hard asf for a daughter
XoXo Texas
XoXo Texas 17 days ago
As i was watching this ; I was just wondering how would my husband's sister and i would get along. My husband and his sister were younger by 3 years apart. She was really really close with her big brother. She died at the age of 5. Sometimes moms and sisters can be a jealous of their relationship with their girlfriend/wife like they're use to getting their way of spending time with their son or brother. I notice my mother n law is always in a competition with me. Whatever i get ;SHE HAS TO GET THAT IN NEWER AND BETTER. I be hating that too.
rissa maddox
rissa maddox 17 days ago
Look at Queen face when lee said she wanna go out to eat with her brother she low key don’t like that Smfh
Jade Landry
Jade Landry 17 days ago
There’s such a cute couple
Tony Muhammad
Tony Muhammad 17 days ago
U should have put your favorite artist is me the one and only queen naija
Hey Melani!
Hey Melani! 17 days ago
I couldn’t stop laughing when CJ came in the video 😂😂
Saira Espino
Saira Espino 17 days ago
6:18 😂🤣 2 fav artist .. “musical?” “Painting Lee” 😂😂his face 😂😂😂 IM DEAD 💀
L A 17 days ago
Why is she so loud and aggressive to the both of them when talking. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
MamiWata 17 days ago
Y’all funny as hell. Beautiful family too. 🙌🏽😊
Blue Team
Blue Team 17 days ago
It’s so crazy to hear you talk about prospect, I’m from gunhill
Trinity Hall
Trinity Hall 17 days ago
There relationship is amazing I love them I aspire to be like them they are so happy and quirky and cute I love it 😁
Jasha Lashay
Jasha Lashay 18 days ago
queen : that’s what you should want , it shouldn’t be no bargain wit you cj: amen i love them 😭😭😭😭❤️
baybeecee 18 days ago
clares questions be like “how many strands of hair do I have and how many have been cut off” 💀😐
Life of Deseray
Life of Deseray 18 days ago
The elevator music when CJ started dancing 🤣💀
Inspire With Kay
Inspire With Kay 18 days ago
This was hilarious
Gracious.24 18 days ago
This video had me dyinggg😭😭😭😭
Heatherlee Hidalgo
Heatherlee Hidalgo 18 days ago
“I’ma get my daughter” LMAOAOA
Bri and Ness
Bri and Ness 19 days ago
This was so cute!
Kefira Jones
Kefira Jones 19 days ago
That “shawty getting a daughter & married” sent me 🤣🤣🤣
Nyaira 19 days ago
when cj ran past the camera i lost it 🤣🤣🤣 4:58
Ayanna Barrett
Ayanna Barrett 20 days ago
😂😂😂 they keep arguing
Life With Eva
Life With Eva 20 days ago
when he said “ shordys getting married and a daughter” that made me happy
Life W Dior vu
Life W Dior vu 20 days ago
Clarence questions be like "what was my breath smell when I came into the world?"
Chasenia Patterson
Chasenia Patterson 20 days ago
Omg I’m on my cousins yt but I was born 2011
Natara Lee
Natara Lee 21 day ago
All we need is a kiss sometimes from the one we want it from queen calm down rq ❤️
Nasharra Jordan
Nasharra Jordan 21 day ago
😅😅😅😅😅😅 Cj was y'all intermission
Tyneisha Young
Tyneisha Young 21 day ago
”if it's a tie, you lose”😂😂💀
Anisah Ellis
Anisah Ellis 21 day ago
lmao I even know his fav brand is Louis Vuitton
Leana McKenzie
Leana McKenzie 21 day ago
Queen: WeLl MaYbE u SoUlD aSk Me AbOuT mY sCaRS !!!!! Clearance: Muah😭😂
4Ever Crystal
4Ever Crystal 21 day ago
When CJ popped up dancing I hollered😂😂😂
4Ever Crystal
4Ever Crystal 21 day ago
When CJ popped up dancing I hollered😂😂😂
Ally Boo
Ally Boo 21 day ago
Cj said Amen! ♥
Ally Boo
Ally Boo 21 day ago
Clarence super difficult! Lol
Merveille K
Merveille K 21 day ago
“Had to get outta there safe “ weak asf🤣😭
Shekinah Bombo
Shekinah Bombo 21 day ago
its cj's dancing for me LOLLLLLLLLL so cute
Desiree Taylor
Desiree Taylor 21 day ago
Lee is absolutely breathtaking...
THEREALLOLA 22 days ago
Cj hilarious 😂😂😂
Nigel Mcmillian
Nigel Mcmillian 22 days ago
Get Your Lil Shine On Clarence p.s SHINE MORE
jahnia branch
jahnia branch 22 days ago
I knew what tiktok cj was doing 😂😂
Christel Sainrival
Christel Sainrival 22 days ago
9:47 that was cute 😘
GUSHO M 22 days ago
CJ got me dead
Deja Lu
Deja Lu 22 days ago
I replayed the kiss back like the happy sister I am 😭 I was a little skeptical at first but I love him for my good sis 😌
dairis martinez
dairis martinez 22 days ago
Ohh shitttt that was smoooth, @ “ you supposed to be my wife “
dairis martinez
dairis martinez 22 days ago
Lmaoooo leeee dique idk 😭😭😭😭
ThaRealMoshaye. 22 days ago
orange is my favorite color too omg!
Summer Del Rey
Summer Del Rey 22 days ago
When Lee said “ cus you sleep with her ” that killed me 😭
therealshaya 22 days ago
awww cj
Hermosa Lv
Hermosa Lv 22 days ago
Lol Queen Want Her Daughter .. Ik Thats Right Girl
Kei Marie
Kei Marie 23 days ago
more videos wit yall omg😂😂
Dimples 23 days ago
"WITH MY MICROWAVABLE BACON? YES I DO, YES I DO"....LMAO the way he said that shit was funnyyyy
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 23 days ago
Shawty on the left too fat and pretty to be acting like Young MA. It's like you clearly posed to be a nurse.🤦🏻‍♂️
Sherda Gelin
Sherda Gelin 23 days ago
CJ needs his own channel, the kid is hilarious 😂
Aubreana Noble
Aubreana Noble 23 days ago
CJ is the best part of the video
Micah Renea
Micah Renea 24 days ago
9:47 was too cutee😂😭😭
SORAYA SMITH 24 days ago
“With my microwaveable bacon” 😂😂😂😂
Aaliyah Mena
Aaliyah Mena 24 days ago
Love the random CJ dance break 🤣🤣🤣
India Marie
India Marie 24 days ago
It’s the “microwaveable bacon” for me😂😂😂
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