Who is the "SUPREME GUY" Eric Whiteback? | #LIFEATCOMPLEX

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On this episode of Life At Complex, Tony chops it up with the “Supreme Guy” Eric Whiteback. Tony sits down with Eric to discuss everything Supreme, from lining up and copping through the front door to using the Supreme accessories in his videos.
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Rach E
Rach E 5 months ago
He so handsome! Like damn
eric cantu
eric cantu 8 months ago
eric cantu
eric cantu 8 months ago
so do it for free. a priest who does not pay his light bill will not have light!!! tell the truth. YOU DO IT FOR THE MONEY! GOOD LUCK ON Y OUR VENTURE!! ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY BRO
townrumor 11 months ago
Nigga lying 🤥 the front door 🚪
Mitchell Kim
Mitchell Kim Year ago
I called him #ericwetback on his IG And even got others to diss him and left so many vulgar comment about him that he blocked me. In fact, supreme leaks IG also blocked me. What’s the best part? He reported my entire account 😂
Juanma II
Juanma II Year ago
wtf I just saw......total idiot person
NycCigarGuy29 Year ago
GooogleImages Year ago
Eric is a clown
Juan Antonio Reyes
why some much hate to Eric? like dude seems so chill and he just make funny supreme videos destroying and using everything
cubonenineO Year ago
*wow what a loser*
njt Year ago
This guy is a douche
azurite Year ago
looks like a flex for clout like always
azurite Year ago
how are any of those vids authentic ??
Wiz EL
Wiz EL Year ago
My “big” “stragtegic” “brand” thing wus using these meaninggfless products that every cloutwhore wus buying
Three Dog
Three Dog Year ago
Why he look like Baker Mayfield
Michael Silver
Dude uses a bunch of buzz words. Wack.
Reagan Berkenmeier
I actually wheezed when I saw the “5 minute phone call from my Supreme burner” for $50 😂
Crazycarls adventures
This dude makes me embarrassed to wear supreme if this is what it's turning into
Mey Year ago
we want Eric back!!!!!!!
Zex Year ago
This dude is cringe as fuck tbh
jakegetscake Year ago
Dude borrows clothes from dudes like max and acts like there his
Jalen Stevenson
good shit, lets get this dub.
Christian Year ago
idk how i feel about this guy
Pedro Year ago
www.ericwhiteback.com/password i need the password
Jimmy Bacas
Jimmy Bacas Year ago
I saw a black guy wearing Supreme once. It was weird
za00lark Year ago
Cool dude!
1 0
1 0 Year ago
Rich kid dumps bleach on overhyped brand clothing
Pierre Labriel
Saw him once lining up in Supreme at BK, he wasSupreme head to toe! lol
Scott Keator
Scott Keator Year ago
This guy ain’t it
Arnold Jenkins
who cares?
Molo Skate
Molo Skate Year ago
Fuck this guy. Plain and simple.
2 B irie 4life
He is a good guy! Ill beat you at a crossbar challenge any day!
polo bubble vest
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Year ago
Such creative content! tydying supreme tshirts and picking crystals and putting your name on it. We have a renaissance man on our hands people, take note right now.
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Year ago
Long-time collector since 2013 LOL Why put the shine on dudes like him. He's no real influencer.....come on Complex. Also, he makes vids for 13 year olds. Try transitioning that business model into something legit in a few years, not gonna happen.
Steve Croteau
Steve Croteau Year ago
kid is so kooked
Exile Year ago
Fuck this guy
Schmotzky Year ago
Echo Hoody
Echo Hoody Year ago
Eric: I don’t sell stuff, reselling is beneath me. Also Eric: I sell stuff. Eric: I don’t collect Also Eric: makes it every effort to get every hyped item every week and every season without fail. Eric: I am just merely an enthusiast. Also Eric: I am the epitome de-facto supreme figure head and leader of the street wear movement. This duty has been bestowed upon me by Jesus Christ.
liam Schwantes
Fakest wipe out I've ever seen lmao
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice Year ago
Slxxpy is the Supreme guy
Diego Scanlon
Diego Scanlon Year ago
Eric is much smarter than I thought he was
james caramanos
Why people hate him? Every content he post is actually pretty funny
FunkoPopMob !!!
Waste of content...
Conner G
Conner G Year ago
djjlc Year ago
Not a fan of supreme but live your life how you want don’t let others put you off your game
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
Also he ripped the dyeing supreme idea from me I tried to give him a bunch of ideas he ignored them until he saw me get a bunch of likes and views with an idea then ripped a bunch of my old ideas didn’t say anything then started ripping the stuff I’ve been doing an claims he’s an artist it just randomly came to him far from true wanna see real dope customs hit up my insta @designerdreams.dgk
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
Buy what he likes as he wants it pffttt he just uses whatever people will let him he isn’t picky
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
This a lame asf he’s not the supreme guy he’s the borough shit for clout and get likes and follows of everyone else’s stuff and he doesn’t get shit thru the front door I’ve talked to people who let him stay with them and they buy most the clothes he wears but he gets the clout lame asf
Farida Aisyah Aminy
eyyyy eric am your fans from 🇮🇩 indonesiaa
Miami305 Year ago
he's a dickhead
Got Hands
Got Hands Year ago
This has to be the stupidest shit I’ve seen ,1500$ for a 2.99 shirt come on guys open your eyes not your wallet
TheBoyz305 Year ago
Dope video !!
newthrash1221 Year ago
Why are we putting on people like this who are just spending daddy’s money to flex on instagram. Fucking hypebeast douchebag. It’s because people like this that supreme will fall off hard,
Shevi Miller
Shevi Miller Year ago
Cringe at its finest.
JayDaJesta Year ago
This guy seems like a major douche to me idk
Fernando Gomez
Y’all tilted for the dumbest shit.
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
Corey Holmes he is he uses other people shit for clout he gets almost nothing for himself everything you see him with or in is normally someone else’s
White people have all the money and time in the world , must be nice
LAnewyork Year ago
Complete clown. Borrows clothes every week to make cringe content for views
Patek Onmakok
Patek Onmakok Year ago
bill strobeck is the supreme guy in my eyes
Mario Year ago
RsLevi Year ago
yea man hes a OG and his filming is just on another lvl
Pop Shuv Front Nosegrind Revert
Patek Onmakok finally someone who knows what’s up bill is the reason supreme is still core
Cabbie DEEjay
Cabbie DEEjay Year ago
Supreme cringe king..
Will LaBuffalo667
nope 2 min in and already one of the most despicable people on the internet...if he cares so much about authenticity why is 99% of the things he does so unauthentic and cringe?
Will LaBuffalo667
@sam graham such a pointless figure.
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
Will LaBuffalo667 really though he steals people stuff and ideas but gets the clout for it that’s cool
David Zafra
David Zafra Year ago
why is millionaire
Jason Trabbold
kinda lame
Yoitsjerald Year ago
A tool
Sean Brown
Sean Brown Year ago
I see your StockX native ad, and I don’t like it!
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor Year ago
Michael Sinenko
Bring back SoleStreet
Jimmy The Saint Collects
Bring back Sole Street Sneaker Co....this jabroni is wack AF!!
sushishane21 Year ago
I respect him more
SIZLL Year ago
i hate seeing this guy. He's called the Supreme guy since he has no personality besides being a sheep to a brand
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
SIZLL he’s not even real he fakes all the crap and uses everyone else’s stuff to get clout
WorldGoneMad Year ago
Supreme is slowly falling off.
Trap god 88
Trap god 88 Year ago
Been fell off 🤣
E 30
E 30 Year ago
The Kids Nice there will always be a core following but the brand is deffo losing hype, no one cares about it atm apart from late hypebeasts and the true core following. Whenever there’s hype around something the price is inflated due demand and when the hype goes those items lose value. 6/7 years ago you could get box logos and rare items cheap and I’m hoping it goes like that again so I can swoop in a buy all the bits I’ve wanted but could never get my hands on.
Justin LA Ye Dra
This prob my last year imma go for shit
Berry Seinfeld
Supreme is for finance bros who live in Williamsburg. It had a good run though! Imagine how hard that is!
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice Year ago
Ppl have been saying that for fuckin years... like literally the past 7 years. The problem now is more 14-18 year olds are getting into the brand using their parents money to buy shit and resell it for under retail because for them it’s all profit if they were playing with house money to begin with. Supreme isn’t going anywhere. Don’t buy it then if you don’t like it, the more people that lose interest, the more likely the chance is the brand bounces back from the depths of hell all these retards have driven it.
Drake Year ago
Walking Ad for supreme
A N Year ago
Fun fact: Eric is also a virgin, shocking but true
Max 7 months ago
Because I think he's Christian
Ozzy Armstrong
Ozzy Armstrong 11 months ago
A N how do you know lol 😏
1 0
1 0 Year ago
Not shocking
NickWavvy Year ago
A N wait what ? Is he one of those bouls that waits till marriage?
6 Years Ago • 9 Years Ago
The Kids Nice how do you know ;)
AW Year ago
Fucking pussy
Steel Year ago
Genuine dude
KK Vlogs
KK Vlogs Year ago
a clown
FORCE DonK Year ago
dude looks and sounds like baker mayfield lmao
Alejandro Marin
i respect his hustle
Felix Year ago
He is so chiLLLLL
saavaa Year ago
Daddy's money well spent
Yeshua Carrasquillo
@Fernando Gomez no point lmao I'm doing good on my own Idc of I go broke I'm not scared like these other people its easy to bulid up. School is just a big waste of time and money you dont even get good jobs as they promise just a lot of debt
Fernando Gomez
Variety Snkrs bro go to school hahaha. But good shit making your own money broski.
El Fuego
El Fuego Year ago
Variety Snkrs you reselling has no value to them or you’re dumbass if you died tomorrow they would sell everything and put ur picture up
Yeshua Carrasquillo
Man yall are so jealous you cant believe someone young making money? I'm 14 dont go to school I'm just a reseller and I have more money than my two sisters combined and mom
2 B irie 4life
His family does have money but he is a smart kid and has mad sponsorship well over 20k a month just in IG sponsers. He is a hustler.
Zach Billy
Zach Billy Year ago
Excellent Guest
Morgan Year ago
The supreme guy
He seems pretty kind. For me he always looked kinda arrogant on IG :)
Josh Lee
Josh Lee Year ago
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
MAGGSICH cuz he is he’s a good actor and he’s acted and fakes his way into getting famous lol
Ian E
Ian E Year ago
Baker Mayfield
Dilbert Doe Fanboy
This nigga followed me twice, I followed back and he unfollows after lmao Tip if you want followers: follow a bunch of randoms on your explore page and unfollow 💀
Maurice Valle
Maurice Valle Year ago
This was Lame
C Year ago
I love eric voice and how he talk
Knockout Noda
Knockout Noda Year ago
I was waiting to see the supreme douche bags. Nvm
demitre Year ago
Donny 5000
Donny 5000 Year ago
Supreme loser! I hate this hypebeast ass channel. ..... except Welty and AK
BigMoney Sonny
This guy is a tool
robitussin Year ago
Ayjay Gee
Ayjay Gee Year ago
Eric is a mad nice dude
Tyler Lufkin
Tyler Lufkin Year ago
Whole brand is based around wearing and buying stuff from supreme. So sick😂
Supreme Tez VLOGS
4REE OnlyFans
4REE OnlyFans Year ago
I'm the supreme Bitch!
Joe Salazar
Joe Salazar Year ago
eric whiteblack followed me on ig once when i made a post with #supreme then shortly after i followed him back he unfollowed me the next day blocked him right after too
Ozzy Armstrong
Ozzy Armstrong 11 months ago
Joe Salazar why
sam graham
sam graham Year ago
Sounds right he’s fake as can be
Don Dada
Don Dada Year ago
naa he had just deleted it and made a new one @_yktre
Joey A
Joey A Year ago
What a douche come on eric!
Integrafreak1 Year ago
People like that most of the time do not follow you genuinely lol
Jae Riddle
Jae Riddle Year ago
Check out my music if you get the chance, it would mean the world to me 🙏🏽 ruvid.net/video/video-QDUA2Uxixaw.html
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