Who is the Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

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We're back at the FaZe House today to see which FaZe member is the strongest...enjoy!
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 80
FREDDY Hour ago
kay was the only one who did pull ups correctly
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans Hour ago
None of them can actually bench 225
Scr0Bly 2 hours ago
You guys don't even do full pull ups
ToolCool96 4 hours ago
Big brotha Fortnite battle pass unlock 14:55
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute 8 hours ago
Cheo didn't go all the way down he was just moving his head lol
Aleks Amirians
Aleks Amirians 12 hours ago
Faze Kay every minute HOLYYY
Scary Channel
Scary Channel 18 hours ago
Scary Channel
Scary Channel 18 hours ago
Nikan didn’t help Jarvis at all
Ylli Zyba
Ylli Zyba Day ago
if the competition was who makes the fakes pull up winner is cheo
Skeloboii Gamer
It froze at 0:24 and my friend is like why is James Charles on the right
Bubble Fartz
Bubble Fartz Day ago
Cizzors is literally so weak I can do more pull-ups
Alex S
Alex S Day ago
Why is FaZe clan just a bunch of fuck boi’s
Arihaan Thungathurthi
Apex: I have not worked out in 3 months (bench presses 225 lbs) Everybody else: WTF you liar!!!!!
Tameem Rafaie
Fact:Apex and teeqo were the only ones that did it right
Aiden Breining
15:25 did anyone else see the dog😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aiden Breining
No one: Nothing: Literally not a soul: Apex: I HAVEN’T WORKED OUT IN THREE MONTHS I stole this from Apex
Aka Weekly
Aka Weekly Day ago
In sa we do that if there no chair
Micah Tucker
Micah Tucker Day ago
Did anyone notice the dog in the background hit the ball with its nose 15:24 haha lol so cute.
Αντώνης Γραικός
Dude like teeqo did like double the pull-ups that the others did
Rylan Sayanaly
Rylan Sayanaly 2 days ago
Nice mortal combat scean
Playboii Mako
Playboii Mako 2 days ago
All of them wall sitting together looks like pledges lol
Callum Perkins
Callum Perkins 2 days ago
Form has left the chat
Cata Sposato
Cata Sposato 2 days ago
what type of curls are those
Gabriel Davila
Gabriel Davila 2 days ago
Orba only did 2 pull-ups this whole vid
Roman Gradolf
Roman Gradolf 2 days ago
Most of them pull ups didn't even count
Uqqers 3 days ago
I love how everyone’s form is wrong except cheo
DaRK _Ouzy
DaRK _Ouzy 3 days ago
adapt u got 26 pull ups brp u beat everyone
seher arslan
seher arslan 3 days ago
go tomy
eRupt Srek
eRupt Srek 3 days ago
The bench was so painful to watch I bench all the time and them not going all the way down was killing me. None of them did a rep of bench
William Wolfe
William Wolfe 3 days ago
Apex is so short when they were sitting down on the wall he barley bend down to talk to Alex
Owen Fowler
Owen Fowler 3 days ago
My friend is 9 and he can do 15 pull-ups
roid 3 days ago
UDGE 4 days ago
The amount of cringe I got watching this for going to the gym semi-regularly
Diego Albarran
Diego Albarran 4 days ago
Ok but cash nasty uses 100 dumbbells
Hyperrr 4 days ago
bro cheo got decent form tho
Oliver Martinez
Oliver Martinez 4 days ago
Gavino Gomez
Gavino Gomez 4 days ago
Aursn 4 days ago
I last at least 5 minutes on wall sits lmao
Youssef Ali
Youssef Ali 4 days ago
I think that Kay got it
Unkwonsoldier 4 days ago
Nika holding the bar in the bench stresses me out
Dark Bomber712
Dark Bomber712 4 days ago
Bro I like raiders too soo now Alex is my fav member
GG_Susanoo 4 days ago
Orba 😂
ItsYo Daddy
ItsYo Daddy 5 days ago
The pull ups made me cringe, they were just bobbing their heads half the time
Kaori Devalle
ItsYo Daddy I know right
BRYAN GARCIA 5 days ago
I did the wall sit with u guys I beat u all I’m 13😂
Jack_manning111 5 days ago
Me watching 7 months later wondering where faze cheo is?
TheRealCatalyst -
I have never seen someone cheat so much at lifting besides cheqo
Rey_ Reynald031
Rey_ Reynald031 5 days ago
I can only do 2 reps like orba
HardPony 5 days ago
Damn all the form it just hurts to watch
Robby Kidd
Robby Kidd 5 days ago
skylar milton
skylar milton 5 days ago
Jarvis was the only one to do a good pull up and he still didn’t go all the way down
Yi Yo
Yi Yo 5 days ago
Thehostman 44
Thehostman 44 5 days ago
I have done 2 min in foot ball
SA 1
SA 1 5 days ago
They ain’t proper pull ups wtf
J_E_B_B 6 days ago
Bosco Sticks
Bosco Sticks 6 days ago
Temper is as tall as adapt sitting
JC HEAVENS 6 days ago
everyone besides teeqo lost my respect
Dijon Goerzen
Dijon Goerzen 6 days ago
Yall have horrible form
CalConnTastic 6 days ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Apex: Bro I haven't worked out in 3 months 🤣
Crispy Art
Crispy Art 6 days ago
I like cissors pull ups because he went all the down
mattattack 5135
mattattack 5135 6 days ago
Lol I could see the shadows when Jarvis lifted
Ludwig Loderer
Ludwig Loderer 6 days ago
1/3 reps!!
Shawn Goddard
Shawn Goddard 6 days ago
Definitely nick mercs
sourapple head
sourapple head 7 days ago
We should make a meme about Apex we should call him Mighty Mouse
Techno Gaming
Techno Gaming 7 days ago
I hope teeqo wins
Axl Quilted
Axl Quilted 7 days ago
1:10 had me sleep
SnPz DrDarky
SnPz DrDarky 7 days ago
This why they think gamers are fat and can’t workout
Agany Agany
Agany Agany 7 days ago
R6 J killz
R6 J killz 7 days ago
At the beginning tommy was humping apex
Grom 7 days ago
I’ve never seen so many salty muscleheads in a comment section before 😂
Gold Jade
Gold Jade 8 days ago
I'm going Faze Adapt no dout
Gold Jade
Gold Jade 8 days ago
I hope FaZe Adapt wins
Sebastian Moffett
Closer to 100lbs than 225
Money Soles
Money Soles 9 days ago
When you curl more than a bunch of adults at 14 but they’re gamers lol
Ari Massey
Ari Massey 9 days ago
Ari Massey
Ari Massey 9 days ago
Jackson Hayes
Jackson Hayes 9 days ago
Faze adapt is the worst pull-upper in the world
The Meanite
The Meanite 9 days ago
CEOs of shit form
Abdulrhman Maziad
Mathy’s View
Mathy’s View 9 days ago
Imagine rug doing these challenges?
Tolu Ajisomo
Tolu Ajisomo 9 days ago
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