Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson

Jordan B Peterson
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Podcast available in two parts at bit.ly/2XPkmii and bit.ly/2R2pyN5
Joe Rogan needs little introduction. Host of what is perhaps the most widely known podcast in the world, the Joe Rogan Experience, he is also a former martial arts champion, a TV star (Hardball and News Radio, Fear Factor), a UFC commentator, and an exceptionally successful standup comedian, with several Netflix specials under his belt, as well as numerous comedy CDs.
He's a very effective and engaing interviewer. He asks tough questions. He has his own point of view. But he listens, and he treats his audience with respect. They return the favor, with hundreds of millions downloading his podcast and watching the Joe Rogan Experience on RUvid (bit.ly/2XmYcXP) with more than 5.5 million subscribers.
He's been a great friend to me.
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Jun 16, 2019

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Comments 6 773
mattrg470 8 minutes ago
2:33:30 - Is this the first F-Bomb caught on camera from JP....
Jeffery Hinchey
Jeffery Hinchey 4 hours ago
in 2013 in Banff I was urban camping in Banff Canada, and I had forgot that I had a small tub of hummus, that was empty but still scent. I woke up around 5am and heard grunting, and this massive black bear was literally 4 inches from me, he was on other side of tent, so close I could feel his body heat heating up my tent. I was froze, I dared not move, he was grunting away licking the hummus container I suspect, what do you do? So I very gently cleared my throat, and he kind of jumped up, and grunted, and then drug my duffle bag with all my shit down into the field, then proceeded to eat the handle off, tear all my shit up as in spite. It is literally one of the scariest things i ever experienced, being alone inches away from this 300 lb bear, I would not even want to come across a grizzley, but i have just missed them luckily, and they did not notice me.
Jacques Johnson
Jacques Johnson 4 hours ago
Finally a good suggested video...
Kevin Maloney
Kevin Maloney 5 hours ago
Thank you.
B3HEMOTH 44 12 hours ago
an interview with Joe Rogan's nose intresting video format lol
Giant Asparagus
Giant Asparagus 15 hours ago
Worth millions Records w the D cam and built in mic.
joaquinmojado 17 hours ago
You probably won't read this but would really like the source of you statement on the pathological out comes of teens experimentation vs non-experimentative drug use results with projected future life issues.
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 18 hours ago
Peterson-Rogan podcast. Once per month... yup, that seems good...
Matthew Ault
Matthew Ault 20 hours ago
An unflattering angle of Joe Rogan lol
T. 20 hours ago
I'm pretty sure Jordan Peterson doesn't have pants on here
Alfonso G
Alfonso G 6 hours ago
thats ok
K Skarsgård
K Skarsgård 21 hour ago
Dear Dr. Peterson and Joe, I’ve been a fan of both of you for years. I’m not here to complain about Joe’s equipment quality for I am just happy this conversation happened. I was wondering if it is at all possible to get captions on more of the videos as I’m getting more hard of hearing. I am fine as long as the volume is very high or have certain headphones in. I’m sure there are tons of people that have legitimate hearing impairments who would love to see this with captioning. Or perhaps those who have sleeping kids and cannot wear headphones because they need to be able to listen for the baby. All kinds of scenarios where captions could be useful. Thank both of you for the thoughts, laughs, and tears. 😊🙏
LKaramandi 21 hour ago
45:00 I experience this exact sorrow on the daily. It is mainly when I am around older folks who show me too many true signs of intellectual appreciation, where I feel bad for my generation fucking up their paths to wisdom so hard that people are surprised when they encounter someone who is still very hungry for knowledge with 24..
Archer 23 hours ago
I came back into my room, at this moment, and I was like JOE! WHAT THE HELL BRO! lol! 45:23
Luke Morgan
Luke Morgan 23 hours ago
44:25... Joe casually dances the five knuckled shuffle whilst on a a live stream
mattrg470 Day ago
Its a shame this couldn't have been done at Rogans place like his normal podcasts, just with Jordan being the interviewer. Some good old fashioned conversation going on there.
Crade47 20 hours ago
Jordan is travelling
Tbeezious The great
You can really tell peterson Is a psychologist when he interviews. Also I think the minimum word requirement on his website is really cool. The opposite of the mindless shallow comenting Twitter has.
Sylvia Bremer
at 1:51:16 Cosby quilty? no...
Sean Bres
Sean Bres Day ago
A liberal.
steele polk
steele polk Day ago
My name is Steele im 23 years of age. During the years of 2015 - 2018 I was in and out of jail and addicted to oxycodone and eventually heroin. My father was addicted to heroin as well and was out of my life at age 7. I used to tell myself when i was younger i would never become like him. Along the way i became so lost i tried to take my own life and woke up in the hospital. I never had any guidance or encouragement. I was detached, dispassionate, apathetic and the list goes on. I witnessed 2 of my closest friends pass away and lost another 4. I hit rock bottom by definition. Then by the luck of God or whatever omnipotent figure you choose, I found Jordan Peterson and he changed my life. I'm now re-enrolled in college I have a stable job and have been Clean for over a year now. I owe my life to this man. I never leave comments on youtube and this is out of the ordinary for me. I needed to share my story, protect this man.
Mike Mentzer
Mike Mentzer Day ago
Good on you, man. Stay the course. Make your life better every day, even if it is only %0.01 a day and be amazed where you will be in 10 years, physically and mentally. "And why not, eh? It's not that you have anything better to do!" (J. Peterson)
Bob Harris
Bob Harris Day ago
Jordan Peterson technologically ignorant, but the interview was more than great!!!!
Matthew Lubonski
I like Joe's podcast but his stand up is trash. Not funny at all.
JoMa44 20 hours ago
i thought so too until i saw his most recent one. to me, it was very different from his past specials and much more creative.
MyCatFooed Day ago
Rogan has become a master of comedy, precisely because he won't release crap to the world. Domari Nolo *III*
DragulaROB Day ago
This video should be called "Joe Rogan Talks About His Career In The Porn Industry". Perfect context twist video xD Have fun...
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 2 days ago
I've lived in Orlando, FL for 21 years (my whole life) It was hilarious to hear their thoughts on Florida. Ngl shit _is_ pretty weird down here 😂
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 10 hours ago
@Robert Landry one of my friends in college took acid and but through a cop's Kevlar 😂 I remember thinking "oh shit... he's Florida man now "
Robert Landry
Robert Landry 13 hours ago
Florida, home of legendary "Florida man"
Zachary Trammell
Zachary Trammell 2 days ago
My least favorite part of a three-hour-long podcast is the last 10 minutes when everything's dying down and you know that the great conversation is coming to an end
Moritz G.
Moritz G. 18 hours ago
it basically just was an advertisement for a new thing he creates. Though it really made me uncomfortable because Joe Rogan doesnt really seem to be interested in it and as a result just seemed inappropriate at the end. just my opinion though
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 2 days ago
Joe looks a lot like Heavy Weapons Guy here lol
Shane Faulkner
Shane Faulkner 2 days ago
it's probably not something that would capture a usual JRE'S fans attention
Alistair Gomes
Alistair Gomes 2 days ago
Joe Rogan is my idol.
SVHMJ 2 days ago
This guy should start his own podcast!!!
Athletic Aesthetix Fitness
Brilliant and insightful video! Jordan should get Keanu Reeves on, THAT would be unprecedented...
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore 3 days ago
"no sarcasm rule" Wow, that's the best rule I've heard of. Damn, I sure as hell didn't last long.
Matia k
Matia k 3 days ago
Sounds like therapy. Great fan of both
Dice Hazard
Dice Hazard 4 days ago
You guys are men of exception. It gives me a faint glimmer of hope that sanity may one day prevail over this mad world.
Josh Daviault
Josh Daviault 4 days ago
44:28 was joe rubbing one out?? =D
Argjent D
Argjent D 3 days ago
Tinsa Harding
Tinsa Harding 4 days ago
lol JBP is hilarious edit: and so nice
Dutch Boss
Dutch Boss 4 days ago
not a fan of Joe.. lets see if this changes my opinion..
Dutch Boss
Dutch Boss 3 days ago
@SNAPTHEBEAST no, i just feel like he is fake.. still feel that way.
Did it change your opinion?
Boner Condoner
Boner Condoner 4 days ago
Well, he is a guy who puts his efforts into machismo weight lifting so he can lecture people on being manly while hanging out with guys with big boners. He thinks he has a free thinking podcast, but in reality it is a blue pill shit house for conformists. He can't bare to accept that anything is a conspiracy and plays the "middle of the road" card in order to diffuse anything that might be controversial.
Tiaan De Swardt
Tiaan De Swardt 4 days ago
Jordan Peterson psycho-analyzed the hell out of Joe Rogan here hahaha
Physio- Polemicist
"Well, I've seen your Netflix specials, and they're pretty damned funny," says Jordan B. Peterson with a straight face.
King Brilliant
King Brilliant 5 days ago
So Joe owns at multi thousand dollar studio and chooses to use a Fukucunt f200 mic. Peterson is worth a fortune and decides to broadcast from a crack house.
Sandeep Menon
Sandeep Menon 2 days ago
Cheapass comps coffee
CyborgManifesto 5 days ago
At 45:22 you can hear Rogan typing away on his keyboard during this convo. lol
J Hood
J Hood 5 days ago
JP is at 2.1 subs?? The dude literally had 300k like 8 months ago
Razumikhin Jones
Razumikhin Jones 6 days ago
I wish dr. P wouldnt do this cringey shit :/ I'm sure joe is an interesting guy, but not so interesting that it warrants today's greatest minds doing a 2 hour interview with him? wtf. It diminishes Dr. P, wish he would stop this kind of stuff.
Meito J
Meito J 6 days ago
Jordan, what do you think of the goat in the background? Id love to know....
Winston Leg-Thigh
Can someone explain to me Jordan’s logo?
Sam Han
Sam Han 6 days ago
I like listening to them talking to each other and thanks to Jordan Peterson for what he had done and do for the future.
alaricmo 6 days ago
From Meathead to Master... the Joe Rogan origin story.
Zodiac Black
Zodiac Black 6 days ago
2 1/2 hours of looking at Joe’s boogers... what is this, Tinder?
JustSomeSound 6 days ago
You think Jordan listens to Tool ? :D
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen 6 days ago
He's someone who isn't censored. In a time when all good men have been that isn't a good thing.
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