Who Controls All of Our Money?

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The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (1994) - G. Edward Griffin
The Money Masters (1996) - William T. Still
Graham Towers full written interview www.michaeljournal.org/articles/social-credit/item/money-is-created-by-banks-evidence-given-by-graham-towers
Paul Tucker Quote:

Marriner eccles Quote :
James. A. Garfield:
Central Banks put in place after 2000:
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12 июн 2017




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dgaf stfubznatch
dgaf stfubznatch Час назад
Manik Hasan
Manik Hasan 2 часа назад
The Jews!!!
Debi Taylor
Debi Taylor 3 часа назад
18:23.. you say "noble prize".. rather than Nobel Prize" :-/ ?
Rick 7 часов назад
If you talked to Mike Maloney, you should know not to confuse between money & currency.
markwb0 17 часов назад
What a fantastic presentation on the subject of money and who controls it. The recommendations at the end for further information are great. Mike Malony and G Edward Griffin you must watch here on RUvid. Thanks.
hemant gupta
hemant gupta День назад
The way u tell the whole timeline is Great and very easy to understand I watched many videos but no-one's explained like this ever before Thanks bro
Daniel Pavlovsky
Daniel Pavlovsky День назад
“All the motives and activities of the Jewish brain are directed towards obtaining advantage and material gain. And, in spite of this, the Jew imagines that, especially with regard to morality, he is a very exalted being. No one speaks more effusively about ethical values than the Jews, but whoever takes the trouble to examine what they understand by that expression, discovers that they mean the art of seeking their advantage by means of the understanding, under the pretext that they are engaged in some praise-worthy and unselfish effort. If one wished to sum up Jewish morality in one concise phrase, it would read as follows: “All is moral which brings advantage.” The Jew is incapable of applying a higher standard to the values in life than that of advantage or profit. “The Jewish perception can be formulated in yet another way: “Morality is the art of overreaching other people, and of creating, at the same time, the impression of a benevolent disposition - in fact, of representing what is in reality an offence against others as an act of charity.” (During the recent war, we had ample opportunity of admiring with what masterly skill this doctrine was put into practice by the English statesmen, who had graduated in the Talmudic school.) “Sombart quotes one passage from the “Universal treasure house of Commerce”, which presents the sound morality of a merchant of the old school in the most striking contrast to the present day Jewish perception. “If you happen to be the sole possessor of a particular class of goods, you are entitled to a fair and honest profit, that is to say, your conscience must be satisfied that you have not exceeded what is Christian like, and your mind must be at rest upon this point.” The Jew is incapable of understanding a moral summons like the above; it would, in fact, excite his derision. The religious and moral command had always the first consideration in all Christian business in olden times; it remained for the Jew to chase all morality out of the economic world. He regards everything which brings profit as permissible. He has made the mammonistic idea the dominating influence in our life, with his dogma: “He who serves Mammon pleases God” - for the real God of the Jew is Mammon, a fact which, Karl Marx, himself of Jewish descent, openly admitted.”
Samar's Gadgets World
Samar's Gadgets World День назад
Ravi Chandran
Ravi Chandran День назад
Well this striked me very hard You're working and paying loan for a money which they don't even have and created out of nothing
Dreadios День назад
The Automaticist
The Automaticist 2 дня назад
debts will rise, empires fall, the banks made the 2008 cash to remind you of their love dadadada dahhhhh dada dye ah da dada da da daaaaaaaaa da da
Deep Deeper
Deep Deeper 3 дня назад
I am sorry but you said nothing about how they created banks and paper money in the first place. How they switched to paper money from gold and silver?
Malkism M
Malkism M 4 дня назад
Zionist Jewish lobby of the USA who controls the White House, that same Antichrist propogaters control the money & every soul in USA !!! One day they will implode USA and replace it with Israhell as their ruling state of the world....
turan bagatur
turan bagatur 4 дня назад
Great documentary..Love it can u do one on how and who creates Attacks in the world ..So governments can go to war on lies..!
ToNLiT 4 дня назад
CashGold 24k
CashGold 24k 5 дней назад
amazing video !!! i love this type of information. I love all my gold !!! cash is trash :(
cairo 5 дней назад
And yes, debt is kind of the base of money, because debt and faith (trust of you will give back the money) is in hand in hand with each other. Faith is created when debt is created, a faith that you will actually pay back. This faith is not created out of thin air. It is calculated, when you want to get a loan. If you dont pay back, the minimum is that you will lose the ability to "make faith/trust" in you the next time (meaning you lose your reliability, and credit rating). This is super important, because it is a more advanced way to grow. Do you thing the world would be able to expand in such a speed if every money would based on gold??? In the last 100 years some 6 billion people born, they all have dresses, food, house, sometimes a car, a motor or a bicycle. How is it possible? If one gold would be one dollar, you would need much much more gold now.
liddle deah
liddle deah 5 дней назад
I have the most gold and art
cairo 5 дней назад
Commercial banks do not "create" money when they loan it to you. They calculate a risk, and give you money, but they give a debt with it. So you get a paper what is money, and a paper what says, that you will pay it back. So it is money for present and "negative" money for the future. That is risky, because you might not be able to pay it back. Also, because they do with a lot of people, they calculate how much they can actually loan without risking a fall. Sometimes they miscalculate, and that is called bankruptcy. Which is not good for anybody, because it is a big damage on the faith in the money. Yes, they can land you money, yes, they might not have the actual deposit of it, but they have to do it in a responsible way. Also: the present money worth always more than the future money. This is not about banks, it is the nature of money itself. If you can buy something something now or in 10 years, it worth much more to buy now.
cairo 5 дней назад
Also this is bullshit: "They can do it (print money) because THEY invented the system, but you would go to jail". Who are "they", man??? That is a sad sad day for ColdFusion. Those who invented died a long time ago. This is a primitive thinking that these FED bankers are "the same". Those who control the FED are independent, as you explained, and what they do is that the FED is calculating the momentum and speed of the economy, and adjusting the money according to that. Every central bank is doing so, and thats why you live in a fucking stable economy, where the last big recession was in 2008, and before only in 1930s. FED and central banks are independent so the government have to be responsible to the economics, because you can not really print all the money you want. You can print some but its not a magic machine, after a while the value of money will start to fall, and this happened in some countries, where they thought they can just print as much as they want. Just the fact that some countries start to sell money as their reserve currency shows that you can not do this forever, because it is devaluing the money.
cairo 5 дней назад
Stating that "the whole economic system TODAY is backed by faith" is just showing that you dont understand money. Money was ALWAYS backed by faith. Gold is a good example, why do you think gold is valuable? Because you have a faith in it, with a lot of other people. It was the same when they payed with shells.
cairo 5 дней назад
Its pretty sad that Cold Fusion did this conspiracy level video. :/ Basically what you states, is that you personally know what is good for the whole world (exc. North Korea, Iran,..) better that the individual countries who built their central bank systems. I am sorry to say that man, but I am pretty sure you are nowhere close to understand it, and definitely you would not know a better system.
Jawad Jaddaoui
Jawad Jaddaoui 5 дней назад
Fuck the federal reserve
Shashwat Khare
Shashwat Khare 5 дней назад
This was a very enlightening video. Thank you!
Kone dib
Kone dib 5 дней назад
I dont even live on the us😂😂😂
Ima Realist
Ima Realist 6 дней назад
We need to end the Federal Reserve, then confiscate all the assets & Gold from the small group of INTERNATIONAL BANKING FAMILIES that started and continue the Scheme (also own the IMF, World Bank etc.). Purposely starting wars so they can fund both sides, then loan even more money to rebuild, getting all parties into never ending debt. Then installing the central banking system if they didn’t already have one. Gotta admit it was a brilliant scam, but now the people are awake...... and America has her Trump card! 🗽⚖️🇺🇸 Give the Governments back the power to print their own money backed by GOLD with no interest. Then a bonus! The sinister United Nations will collapse and we can ALL MAKE OUR COUNTRIES GREAT AGAIN! 👍🏼
K 6 дней назад
(((Who))), I wonder.
yamizer0 6 дней назад
such enlightment... thank you for the amazing work
BIG MONEY 7 дней назад
Your money my debt
AttilatheThrilla 7 дней назад
You guys playing A.F.R.O at the start??? THATS AWESOME!! Edit: Amazing video!!... We should be taught these things in school but that will NEVER happen..
Charles Kulvet
Charles Kulvet 7 дней назад
Central Banks.
Lisergiko 8 дней назад
The total World Debt is over $250 Trillion. Who do we owe it to? Jupiter?
TheTechOasis 7 дней назад
Mostly the Bank of England and those who reside in the 1 square mile
Lisergiko 8 дней назад
FIAT is going to vanish sooner rather than later. Why use a currency that is backed by faith, or better say, a lie? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero are backed by open source software that can't be manipulated; we know exactly how much is produced and how it is distributed!
Lisergiko 8 дней назад
No bank has enough capital to cover all the accounts they have. If everyone went to their bank and asked to withdraw every single penny, the banks wouldn't be able to satisfy their customers and panic would ensue, the economy would collapse and governments would fall!!!
Lisergiko 6 дней назад
+TheTechOasis Cyprus had it worse. During the 2012-2013 crisis, the government order banks to freeze people's funds and even seize a portion of them. There are pictures of long lines of people all rushing towards the banks and ATMs to withdraw their money before the Cypriot government stole it. This is why we need cryptocurrencies; this is why we need a store of value that can be kept safe in a smartphone or computer and can't be touched by governments, banks, corporations and other malevolent entities. The world economy will completely change when people finally dump all their inflated FIAT for Bitcoin and Monero; we'll witness a total destruction of the central banks and all the corrupt politicians and billionaires that control them. You'll see...we'll be free at last :)
TheTechOasis 7 дней назад
Lisergiko 8 дней назад
Please, you should make a video about the War on Drugs and how the conservatives (Republicans) perpetrated this incredible plan to imprison African Americans and use them as slaves to benefit corporations, while also stripping their right to vote to seize a huge advantage in all future elections... Not to mention their obvious goal to ban every psychedelic substance in a desperate attempt to stop the "awakening" that ensues when people experience a psychedelic trip. There's a lot to say about the matter; how governments have misinformed the masses about the effect of psychoactive substances; how they've kept poisons like alcohol and nicotine legal, while natural and beneficial compounds like Marijuana, LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, DMT etc. were categorized as the most dangerous; how pharmaceutical companies have dictated this entire "war" by buying politicians to keep people sick and addicted to their expensive chemical substances like Benzodiazepines, Opioids, Anti Depressants and other non psychoactive compounds, while many (even lethal) illnesses can be cured or contained with medically-groundbraking illegal drugs. MDMA-Assisted therapy is the best way to treat PTSD in one or a few sessions. Depression and Anxiety have also been cured or treated with MDMA, Ketamine, Psilocybin, LSD etc. Schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses could be treated with psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, DMT but the US government stopped every study that was being conducted in the 60' (Search Timothy Leary, John K. Lilly, Terrence McKenna). Marijuana is able to treat Glaucoma and used as a painkiller and sleeping medication for individuals with lethal illnesses (AIDS and Cancer), while CBD oil has been proved to be a groundbreaking medication that can CURE and treat all types of Cancer, Epilepsy, Parkinson's and so much more. Addiction can be overcome with Ibogaine in one or a few sittings, while at the moment, they are given similar compounds (Replacement Therapy) with harsher side effects and withdrawals (Methadone for Heroin, Benzodiazepines for Alcohol etc.)....
Supernova 8 дней назад
A lot of fear mongering regarding the FED. Its funny that you state at the end that you only know of 4 people that know this. Most business majors know this information plus many others that are simply curious. The problem is not the FED. The problem is the corrupt politicians that are in the pockets of corporate America. The financial crisis of 2008 for example has its roots in the government policy as GSEs guaranteed home loans and banks were forced to lend to people not qualified to own a mortgage.
Alberto Corrales
Alberto Corrales 8 дней назад
The rothchilds, they control all the central banks of the world.
K 6 дней назад
No they don't. They only control the banks in the West. The bank of China is fully controlled by the communist party, though the model is very similar to Rothschild's bank.
Day Drive
Day Drive 8 дней назад
The mrs!
nicholascremato 8 дней назад
You need to go back over 7,000 years to see where it started but one world can explain who controls the money, the jews.
Nick Sofialakis
Nick Sofialakis 8 дней назад
How many US Presidents have been assassinated by the Banking Godfathers?
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis 9 дней назад
All money is God's Money ,Book of Malachi.
prosle3 9 дней назад
ألف شكر للأخ صقر العنزي على ترجمة المقطع
Jessie James
Jessie James 9 дней назад
Ron Paul wanted to get ride of the Fed for a long time nobody in congress wanted to back him.
Howard Liang
Howard Liang 9 дней назад
Money is belief, money is desire.
James Bravoh
James Bravoh 10 дней назад
Every revolutionist who tries to change the money system end up dead. Take a random example like John F. Kennedy or Muammar Gaddafi. It is simple they want to remain in control of the world but it won't last forever and that is why some nations like China and Russia are buying gold. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE
musicisbrilliant 10 дней назад
Crazy stuff. Really appreciate you sharing this info. Its important for us all to know.
[RW]Robi 10 дней назад
Now i get it that's Why They don't what Crypto They can't control it
X-ians stink
X-ians stink 10 дней назад
Wait a minute.....where's all the conspiracy theorists whining about "The Illuminati?" Has that theory now fallen into disfavor?
X-ians stink
X-ians stink 10 дней назад
I control all of my own money. I've got $7,468, 833.57 under my mattress & it'll last me until I'm 97 years old.
Nash Sequilibrium
Nash Sequilibrium 10 дней назад
Quite a few factual errors here, although it seems like you did do some research. Unfortunately, as is the case with most people trying to understand economics. It can get very difficult... It sucks that there just isn't enough laymen's economics out there at a level that actually applies to reality. I can assure you that economists know what they are doing and are highly talented. We tend give up high paying jobs for the sake of helping people! I've cited a few laymen's articles that might be useful! You framed the video as if gold or some commodity backed currency was more beneficial, although that is factually untrue. Also, Central Banks, by literal mechanics, cannot control inflation AND the money supply. Its one or the other. Most CB's are inflation targeting, inherently this means that the growth of the money supply cant be controlled. ( www.quora.com/Why-is-it-possible-to-control-either-money-supply-or-interest-rate-level-but-not-both) In your "why we should care" bit you say that commercial banks loan based on nothing, this isn't true. They require reserves at the central bank as well as secured funding in order to generate loans, this is usually done by issues bonds. Also CB's don't necessarily 'create' booms or recessions, these are mostly based on the credit cycle, which you can think of as like a natural cycle of human behaviour, something that just happens. This is a bit complicated to explain, but in laymen's terms, IF a CB acts in a way that sends a negative signal to markets - hinting that the economy or liquidity or whatever is bad, markets panic and a recession occurs. Its a self-fulling prophecy in a way. (www.investopedia.com/terms/c/credit-cycle.asp) The reason CB's are independent from government is due to the propensity / chance of governments of abusing these economic tools to benefit their short-term political goals. You could print as much money as you'd like to support your government without interest, but this will and always has led to rapid hyperinflation. (www.economist.com/the-economist-explains/2016/01/20/what-are-market-inflation-expectations-and-why-do-they-matter) You got quite a few things wrong in the video, building strawmen and misinterpreting actual economics, although i can understand, this is a very common mistake. Mainly on the part of economists being horrible at communicating...
Nash Sequilibrium
Nash Sequilibrium 9 дней назад
+bilbojumper yeah it was a bit shocking hahaha
bilbojumper 10 дней назад
Thank god someone understands. I was like watching this video and couldn't help but think how ignorant this dude was. It's like bro you just fucking researched some shit on the internet and read a book and think you know what you are talking about. When in reality anyone that has taken a basic level macroeconomics course knows why most of this is bull shit. That aside Even if you take history you'll realize a lot of the reason for the 2008 financial crisis is because of deregulation of banks. Yes the republicans are at fault. This is absolutely ridiculous and I am really sad people are watching this and think this is like the truth or valuable content.. like dude study a fucking textbook and then make your arguments based on flaws the current system. Like I literally got into an argument with a dude because his only source of information is videos like this and he thinks its the truth lmao
Marshall T.
Marshall T. 10 дней назад
The claim that regular banks create money out of nothing is untrue. In economics 101 we learn that financial institutions hold reserves in the form of their clients deposits. They then loan out a certain percentage of those funds to businesses and individuals. This does effectively “create” or “multiply” existing money. But it’s highly beneficial in that those who receive the funds get them when they otherwise couldn’t. Now, as long as depositors don’t run and pull all their money, this system works pretty well. That’s why the bank runs before the Great Depression has such a big impact.
j n
j n 10 дней назад
Why not create a system that makes enough money to support a certain population number, and make that the population never go past that numbet or come near it.
Damuarth 10 дней назад
OMG stop!!! this has to stop!!! the most important thing is that US DOLLAR IS BACKED UP BY OIL! that changes all the assumptions on the video, I'm tired that good channels like yours follow up on stupid conspiracy theories just because you claim to understand something that you DO NOT!
Damuarth 10 дней назад
Also one more thing about Lincoln's quote just the idea that there must be a central bank is a terrible one, the way is set up in the US having the FED independent from the banking system is not perfect but is the best we know, considering that, when central banks are directly controlled by the government leads to more inflation due to the bureaucracy, corruption and personal interest of the ones on transitional power, if you actually understood what the FED does you will see the checks and balances in pace to avoid such a thing!
j n
j n 10 дней назад
Shouldn't the governments of countries create money, and spread to the people for use in services
bobshenix 10 дней назад
Henry Ford tried to warn us. JFK too, among many others. That Ford quote in the beginning was actually taken from "The International Jew", just sayin...
jmm1233 10 дней назад
Turns out Lincoln was bit of socialist , lulz
Roger didit
Roger didit 10 дней назад
Why would you want our currency to be backed by gold, when Russia holds the largest gold reserve in the world? If THEY are so "rich", why do our poor live better than their Middle class? Debt is one times GDP. Just like you making 60K a year and owing 60K on your home. Now, ask yourself... How many people in Russia own a home like you?
Roger didit
Roger didit 10 дней назад
Money is ONLY a means of exchanging wealth. Rich people don't have lots of cash. Only the poor wish they had more, and if gotten its usually wasted quickly. We could exchange sea shells, or written notes and it wouldn't matter. When SHTF I'll trade you a can of Tuna for your bars of gold. THATS if I'm in a good mood. Think about what your gold is worth now. Without the federal reserve bank, we get soup lines. Here's a fact.. The TOP 1% PAY 40% of all taxes collected, the top 10% pay 70%. Is our system so unfair??
Thomas March
Thomas March 10 дней назад
Thankfully there is now an alternative Monetary system available to the masses - www.goldmoneyonline.com
wide awake
wide awake 11 дней назад
our belief the next fool will accept our
wide awake
wide awake 11 дней назад
money is the matrix.the system is the matrix.step out its all fake.no man has authority over any other man.
A Reha
A Reha 11 дней назад
Very informative
Pro-Rocks 11 дней назад
I'm sorry to say, but ColdFusion fell prey to the "sky is falling" doom mongers. I suggest you read some real trusted books on economics by written by established professionals, instead of getting your information from silly youtube videos. Better base your reasoning on stone cold facts, than on unprovable conspiracy fantasies.
a64750 11 дней назад
all Governments print, tax, issue debt 24/7/365
Joe Eagar
Joe Eagar 11 дней назад
By the way, it’s absolutely not true that fiat money needs ever more debt. That’s what inflation is for, it makes all debts smaller, debt increases decreases are driven by trade flows (I’m looking at you Germany) not money creation.
Joe Eagar
Joe Eagar 11 дней назад
This video is why the economy sucked for so many years. Thanks, paranoid Germans! You really did a good job with the ECB!
Audun Wilhelmsen
Audun Wilhelmsen 11 дней назад
I'm very disappointed in this video. While I'm no fan of the current system, this video is very one-sided and does not give a complete understanding of the situation. There's not even really a mention of any realistic alternative. The gold standard is not better. Bitcoin is a joke in this context. A debt based economy does have some benefits, but the video just pretends they don't exist. No normal person can buy a house without debt. With a debt based system *you* have the power to decide if you want to go into debt to buy a house. The bank just facilitates that. Without this system, someone has to lend you that money, so you better hope a large part of the population isn't stuffing their money or gold under their mattress. This is a gross simplification, but hints at some of the nuances that the video glosses over.
Audun Wilhelmsen
Audun Wilhelmsen 11 дней назад
To add my own proposals at improvements: - Yes, central banks should be part of the government, not private. But they should also be independent like the courts. The sitting government should not have freedom to do whatever they like with the money supply. - All creation of debt should be tied to creation of value, like building a house or a factory. And heavily regulated to make sure it's for creation of *real* value, as much as possible, not just bubbles. - Debt for consumption should be banned, including credit cards. - The monetary supply should be regulated so there's no inflation or deflation on average. All currencies should be fixed so 1 unit is a reasonable amount (about a 10th of the price of the smallest thing you can buy) - There should be more currencies, not less (Euro and Dollar should be broken up).. the creation of value is different from region to region. For money to be stable it has to be local. - Maybe in the future we could have a global currency based on blockchains, if it could be guaranteed to be stable. Bitcoin is not a candidate. Local government regulated currencies should still be the default though.
Dirty Slav
Dirty Slav 11 дней назад
Bankers created federal reserved bank, created a prison. The prison is for everyone, including the creators.
ujjwal kumar
ujjwal kumar 11 дней назад
It's one thing to criticize a system and another thing to offer an actual better solution, Central Banks also keep a check all private and public sector banks that they are following proper lending rules, The amount of money in the system is decided by the amount of GDP growth, No central Bank in their sane mind would start printing money without any real change in growth of the economy, Credit is needed for the companies to grow their business otherwise we would still be in stone age. The very reason you are able to post this video is that someone took some credit created a video streaming service and paid back the principal and interest.
K 6 дней назад
Bullshit. America had 2 central banks before the Fed and they were all taken down, because people back then understood it was bullshit. Americans were living find until some Jews decided to create anothet central bank, and the country has gone to shit since then.
Pro-Rocks 11 дней назад
very well said. the type of reasoning spouted on this video and most of these comments here is based on populist rhetoric of late NINETEENTH century. Its shameful that so many people in the 21st century can still fall for such disporven BS.
G Money
G Money 11 дней назад
Being broke (got $20k in retirement $4k in precious metals) and almost out of debt ($1k in credit card, except for house) I’ve decided since I recently heard that 401k’s are expected to grow 2% I’ve decided to start putting whatever $ I have into gold. Considering my government has continued to devalue the money supply (95% so far) its inevitable but eventually the US dollar will be worthless like the German mark(?). It sounds like it’s a safer bet to buy gold (and silver) then to sink it all into a retirement which may not be there 30 years from now when I go to collect it. I’d love some advice or some confirmation bias? 😂. I did open up a 529 for my twins but based on the expected market growth vs rise in tuition I’ll probably be able to buy both of them a book or two and maybe a pencil to share.
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner 11 дней назад
bear in mind the logic of the debt based system is that it's against all parties' interests to call in debt because it would shrink the economy. I'm not saying the system is right or wrong, but there is a certain logic to it. We have a weird moral obsession with debt being "bad" which is somewhat arbitrary. Check out David Graeber's writings on this.
Vivek Bangar
Vivek Bangar 11 дней назад
We want new video for leaders opposing this economic system !!!! Pls we r waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ineedmoney 11 дней назад
Is there no way to reset the system or would we just have to trash the system all together and make a new one or redo it again?
Nawaz khattack
Nawaz khattack 11 дней назад
Nice video my dear
Avery Hayes
Avery Hayes 12 дней назад
*reads one conspiracy book on the money system*
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
chasing dreams is an amazing producer
John Smith
John Smith 12 дней назад
You're a good speaker. But you really need a much better understanding of economics than you possess.
Eelz 12 дней назад
This is anti-Semitic. Hope antifa bashes in your head with a bike lock
Mungai Kihanya
Mungai Kihanya 12 дней назад
The model shown at minute 11:00 is not correct! It is actually misleading.
Kunal Mondal
Kunal Mondal 12 дней назад
Eye opening🙏
Kunal Mondal
Kunal Mondal 12 дней назад
Tuscan 12 дней назад
Isn't the only other alternative to a Central bank system having the government itself issue the currency like Lincoln tried? Problem, is that not Communism. The federal government would then have control over all money and distribute it in the pursuit of helping the people, and yet the few at the top of the government would have control over the money, just like the Central bank system. It is not a better system, just the same system but with it being state controlled instead of private controlled.
woodsboy 12 дней назад
so what do the people do - fuck all - so the people of America deserve everything they get - simple as
TheLegendaryGeno 1
TheLegendaryGeno 1 12 дней назад
13:36 I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! 😠😠😠
billy giles
billy giles 12 дней назад
Die zionist juden
ClassicExampleBand 12 дней назад
I have known about how money works since I saw two youtube documentaries: Money as Debt by Paul Grignon and the Money Masters by Bill Still. These two documentaries tell the whole story about money.
Pro-Rocks 11 дней назад
you gather knowledge from youtube documentaries? especially on a subject like economics? LOL.
Athletes x Culture
Athletes x Culture 12 дней назад
16:10 you got it misunderstood In 2001! Not 2000 Interest rates were lowered to obviously spur economic activity. President Bush ran his political platform on lower taxes. What else happened? Oh yeah 9/11! So in order to fund this “war on terror” without increasing taxes. The administration figured that the lower taxes will aid in increasing the AGGREGATE tax base due to the improved economic activity. Private mortgage bankers took advantage of the lax lending practice brought about by previous administrations And the “war on terror” took longer than expected. Arguably the plan would’ve worked if not for the miscalculation.
Athletes x Culture
Athletes x Culture 12 дней назад
11:05 this video basically outs itself and PROVES that the FEDERAL RESERVE DOES NOT PRINT MONEY. The TREASURY does the Federal reserve only assists in the transfer of money from the Securities account to the Reserve Account. It’s from the reserve account at the Federal reserve, Private Banks get that “printed” money to loan out to the public.
K 6 дней назад
Stop lying Jew. Everyone sees through your lies.
Athletes x Culture
Athletes x Culture 12 дней назад
The FEDERAL Reserve does NOT print money. They just move money From the Securities account to the Reserve account The GOVERNMENT (U.S. Treasury) PRINTS money Private Banks(JP Morgan, Wells Fargo Etc.) PRINTS money when they issue out Credit cards, Mortgage Loans, Student Loans etc. People need to Understand this and leave the fear mongering dooms day antiquated thinking alone.
EddieSezPhukYu 12 дней назад
thanks for making this, but yer, people just don't care, or they're scared because they can't conceive an alternative that doesn't resemble Marxist utopia, and that's the ultimate American nightmare. My hope is for society to evolve towards a Trotsky styled government utilizing automation and A.I to free everyone's time to focus on the future pathways of humanity and the biosphere.
Arno Wisp
Arno Wisp 11 дней назад
Aren't we headed towards that with Universal Basic Income due to automation creating less demand for workers?
KCI investments
KCI investments 12 дней назад
Someone below here asks the question "how we can destroy the system". I believe it is answered in the video, Cryptocurrency.
Arno Wisp
Arno Wisp 11 дней назад
Not if the control the exchanges, also banks are starting to get into crypto currency ( cashless) as well.
Tin Can't
Tin Can't 12 дней назад
Short answer: the jews
Matt Orfalea
Matt Orfalea 12 дней назад
19:08 great Lincoln quote. If money issued by gov and distributed to people. Money will no longer be the master of humanity but serve it.
defialpro 12 дней назад
And then you find out that this is an exploit that gets patched and inevitably groups of people break the patch again to go for this exploit, due to capitalism naturally gravitating towards it. You point this out, but then you're a "communist". It's just one level deeper. You can only temporarily fix this problem, for maybe a generation, but it always comes back.
Michael Kummer
Michael Kummer 12 дней назад
gold based BS .. by confused minds... waist of time..
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 7 дней назад
Yes, the waist of the bodies isn't worth our time.
444suse 12 дней назад
Is "our money" actually about 99,9% just fantasy of being real money at all? What is the connection in west between so called "money" and real economy? How many people in western world is actually doing clearly productive work and how many of workers are just pretending doing something "important"?
Alejandro Gallegos
Alejandro Gallegos 12 дней назад
Most FOREX traders don’t know that they’re going against the banks when they trade, which is why most struggle to succeed as traders
Mengharap Syafaat
Mengharap Syafaat 13 дней назад
lets get gold and silver its currency from almighty God Allah azza wa jalla .. if you have saving money maybe half from your saving money you can buy gold or silver for backup anytime when the paper money collapse
mehmood mayet
mehmood mayet 13 дней назад
Sephardic Jews set up the Bank of England in 1694 and helped Cromwell in eliminating the King
Andy Joubert
Andy Joubert 13 дней назад
Might not be true for all places. Where I come from, certain Banks had not allowed to loan out certain amount because not enough money
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
dig deeper, how does so called government money injection go into economics? by what means? and you will find you answers, who prints money who gets the printed money at what terms do they get it etc.
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