Who Controls All of Our Money?

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The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (1994) - G. Edward Griffin
The Money Masters (1996) - William T. Still
Graham Towers full written interview www.michaeljournal.org/articles/social-credit/item/money-is-created-by-banks-evidence-given-by-graham-towers
Paul Tucker Quote:

Marriner eccles Quote :
James. A. Garfield:
Central Banks put in place after 2000:
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Comments 100
Tim Peters
Tim Peters 42 minutes ago
This was a fantastic view of today's slavery system. It must be changed..... Debt jubilee
Jake Romero
Jake Romero Hour ago
At 16:07
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Notice the country's we invaded past decade all did not have USA backed currency!
Herbal Survivalist
This video explains Everyone TDA accounts theory and operation(s) phantom cash in everyones name for greedy money hungry individuals.
Phantomface Final
Welp, you know what they say...give a man a gun and he’ll rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he’ll rob the world
Phantomface Final
Phantomface Final 2 hours ago
The only 2 professions I can think of that has and will always want something for nothing are politicians and bankers!
Hasham Baig
Hasham Baig 2 hours ago
Rothschild is the father of all Evil in this world. Now the point is, who is Rothschild. Rothschild is a jew born and bred in Israel.
Kazmology 2 hours ago
End the Fed. Ron Paul would have.
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote 3 hours ago
Fuck the joos control r money and trying to enslaveing the world
DaddyMarcusTV 4 hours ago
thanks a lot for the info.. it will shape my responses in future
Eric Knable
Eric Knable 5 hours ago
The 1st U.S. central ban was called The First National Bank of the United States. It was championed in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton and it wasnt vetoed by George Washington. They were either afraid of the central bank's, or there agents. In colonial times, Washington was quoted attributing the colonies prosperity to the congresses control of currency. Considering James Madison abolished in 1811 and had the war of 1812 5 months later, and left the 8th amendment open to interpretation, amd considering we got help from the French central bank in the American Revolution, I think the founding father's knew they didn't have a chance against the central bankers at the time the rothschilds. Also, currency is backed by GDP. As if you cant dilute money backed by gold by printing more? We do not want the government, the same people who essentially licensed the currency monopolies, trading gold. Privately printed currencies in a free market is the best way to keep the federal currency in check.
PolinGuira 5 hours ago
Zionist jews
RealAzTheyCome RealAzTheyCome
President Lincoln knew how to defeat this insane system and they made an example out of him. So this is how it'll be till the end.
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt 9 hours ago
Did not the Brits trick the US to start a Central Bank? they got us by the nuts then. the forking Jews, of course, runs the bank. this was all illegal. no gold in Ft.Knox. all paper. Wars are created to make more $ for the rich greedy bastards and kill the poor suckers that are in the military. Evil since day one.
UR Just Wrong
UR Just Wrong 9 hours ago
So many errors: 1. The currency is not fit. It is debt that is backed by securities that are sold to investors. 2. The failure of the first two Banks of the United States came as a result of political influences from the Executive and Legislative branches of the government. 3. A central bank provides large-scale liquidity. Liquidity keeps you employed by allowing markets to move and the economy to grow. Not to mention economic stability. Don't blame the Fed for the "Big Short" scenarios; that was the banks - the Fed fixed it... as best as they could. 4. The Federal Reserve pays its revenues to the U.S. Treasury. There is no profit therein. The profits come from interest rates paid to investors. 5. The Fed's books are open to the public. Anyone can "investigate" their operations. 6. The gold standard was restrictive. The new standard is a securities-backed system. (See above.) Securities aren't "nothing". 7. You completely misrepresented securities as "IOUs". The "treasury" IS part of "the government". Yes, the securities debt but that debt was paid for by investors using their money. The system supports itself. It's a brilliant design. 8. The Fed doesn't write checks. It buys securities - just like investors do. 9. Loans are based upon deposits, a reserve, of 10%. The other 90% is called "liquidity" and it greases the wheels of the economy. 10. Debt is backed by securities. This is your fundamental misunderstanding. 11. From 1929 to 1933, the Fed reduced the volume of currency in order to protect it from becoming worthless. Just look at other currencies that trade at thousands of times less than a single U.S. dollar. That would have happened here. 12. The Fed is a private organization but that doesn't mean it's privately owned. There is a BIG difference. The reason it is a private, and independent, agency OF GOVERNMENT is to prevent the rest of the government from wrecking it again. (See above.) 13. Your "four years" of "research" were for naught. It appears the only "research" you did was watch conspiracy videos. 14. This note is here because a list like this shouldn't end with 13 entries.
El Chapo Audits
El Chapo Audits 9 hours ago
They will print another three TRILLION next year to keep the bubble up BEWARE WHEN THEY LET THE BUBBLE BURST THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL BE PREPARED
El Chapo Audits
El Chapo Audits 9 hours ago
Audit your Government this video proves thier corruption they are not to be trusted pick up a camera a film police or Government employees !!!!😀😀😀
The Michael Anderson Show
Burn the fucking system to the ground
The Michael Anderson Show
I fucking hate our government
The Federal Reserve was created by a group of Jewish Bankers.
DJ GOTT 11 hours ago
Crypto currencies are useless with no electricity ... Crypt or dead currency ☠️☠️👻
maeta Charly
maeta Charly 13 hours ago
Everything it’s corrupted 👽Désordre 😎Contrôle it 🌎What’s you saw you harvest 👽Were you are in darkness 😎Will be In Light one day ✝️✝️✝️✝️
Tilly jow
Tilly jow 13 hours ago
The choice of who controls the money is either (1) the technocrats of the Fed or (2) the politicians. I'll take #1 over the idiot politicians.
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo 14 hours ago
Good People believe in money. Better people believe in credit. Better people beilevvss in bitt ccoinnxzzzzzz [ ERROR}
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo 14 hours ago
subliminal message - 'check' . 1 min in, you have statement saying: + music background = target audience
Viktor Hill
Viktor Hill 15 hours ago
1 world.
Don Mooney
Don Mooney 15 hours ago
Moral of the story? Its not the federal reserve or capitalism that failed. Yet another example of a govt having the ability to grant a power. That it shouldnt have to grant in the first place. Its the govt that failed you. Lets hurry to give them more power for them to use against the people.
CRD1993 15 hours ago
Very good job with this video. Great information presented accurately. I wish more people would watch this and be more aware of the disaster of the money system.
Don Mooney
Don Mooney 15 hours ago
Some of the most disgusting people in human history.
secdefds 15 hours ago
This is what kids all over America should be learning instead of the different gender identities!
Jason Lionbar
Jason Lionbar 15 hours ago
All the open feilds and plains are were Evry thing we need is grown ... All we have to do is step out side our worthless brick houses and go with seeds and supplies in our masses and take it All back .. Let's see how Dracula rothchids and its 1 percent can stop that ... A time and ditermination is All this will take .. Even the police army and all those who are puppits will see the freedom ... And join the masses ... Then and when ? Is All that is Needed ".
Bz 16 hours ago
All country’s are in cahoots ALL. Everything otherwise is theater and smoke and mirrors Nazi Swiss 100% , Not Switzerland population but oligarchs and politicians
boo boo
boo boo 16 hours ago
Right after they make the Federal reserve came the great depression.
Bz 16 hours ago
Money was created to suck the Human Resources out of man kind !!! Jeckyl island 6 dudes are servants for the Nazi Swiss ( not Nazi germans ) and it’s Switzerland stealing all the resources Use Jews cause they served indirectly got paid but not the Jews Nazi Swiss 100%
bipola telly
bipola telly 16 hours ago
Spineless people are "the backbone of this system"...boom boom.
Joseph Marton
Joseph Marton 16 hours ago
yet the most bankrupt country , England has the highest value dollar ?? how is this ?
bipola telly
bipola telly 16 hours ago
A Titanic reaction.
David Wordsworth
David Wordsworth 16 hours ago
You want to do something to break this system, it is easy. 1. Do not borrow any money, stop using debt. 2. Go to the bank and withdraw all your money. If every American did this the whole system would collapse. The banks would not be able to create any money. The banks do not have the physical currency to be able to pay all their depositors. Or you can wait until Trump destroys all your trading agreements and cuŕrency stops flowing because of it.
bipola telly
bipola telly 16 hours ago
Do you study at a left wing university?
bipola telly
bipola telly 16 hours ago
All of it? Nah.... I'm in control of $9.11.
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 16 hours ago
Yeah yeah we're fucked we know
hulk sterr
hulk sterr 17 hours ago
This is why the us has wanted to go to war with these counties over money and control.
Curious Observer
Curious Observer 17 hours ago
You would have more credibility if you gave credit where it is due - to Edward Griffin and before him to Eustace Mullins.
Root Fukushima
Root Fukushima 17 hours ago
I'm feeling a dollar crash coming
MathPhile 18 hours ago
So....The Federal Reserve runs the wealth...and is above the Law, and they answer to no one....Right ?
DeMaun Stanford
DeMaun Stanford 19 hours ago
Very Accurate..Time to Invest in some Heavy Ass Gold and Silver!!
shahzil umer
shahzil umer 19 hours ago
Imagine if they announce that all paper money is cancelled from now what we will do? I mean what the exchange system of the services or product. Everyone is not producing the things alot of people engaged in services. Its mean they are with empty hands. We should purchase gold as much as possible but it can work for some time or days because THEY will captures all food all crops and manufacturing industry very soon so what will common people do at that time we do not have any other thing but slaves.. beleive me
Avitar Magnus
Avitar Magnus 19 hours ago
rothchild, marxist commie jew, masonic pedophile child killer, rockefeller oil and the petro dollar!!!! time to destroy the synogogue of satan as God tells us in REV after the devils jews killed Gods only son!!!!
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 19 hours ago
What is the proper relationship between the head of the federal reserve and the president of United States they asked Alan Greenspan. His answer, the federal reserve answers to know governmental body or agency for oversight. The Federal Reserve answers to no one there for the relationship is immaterial.
Keke Jonhson
Keke Jonhson 19 hours ago
Close all banks take all your money out and don't invest in nothing pullout shut the Fed's down a bunch of CROOK what happen ,to the law of the land our father land sovereign🙏 Lords land sovereign wake up humans your not people that means you are corporate slaves to your governments police controlling country 🐄 🐄 cow's cow's 🐖 pig's pig's to your governments to Fed's FBI CIA state all OF THEM CRAZY CROOK Need To be in PRISON For TREASON I mean TREASON need to out of office today
Keke Jonhson
Keke Jonhson 20 hours ago
Narses Rodriguez
Narses Rodriguez 20 hours ago
Rabble Repository
Rabble Repository 21 hour ago
Where does the taxes come from in the first place clown?? modernmoneybasics.com
Daniel Cashion
Daniel Cashion 21 hour ago
The Zionist Jews sect called the Khazars & they do it for the 1%
Cloudman326 22 hours ago
so basically these jews are a bunch of pricks !
David Harbuck
David Harbuck 22 hours ago
Now, for a deeper understanding check out what James Corbett has to say on the subject he has a RUvid channel, and also read the book the war on Gold by Anthony Sutton
GJC 0621
GJC 0621 22 hours ago
It's JewSA all day. It's pathetic watching "Patriotic" Americans promote their own enslavement. The "Chosen" have the silly goys fighting and dying in Zionist wars.
Bernd blabla
Bernd blabla 23 hours ago
Bernd blabla
Bernd blabla 23 hours ago
National socialist Germany had the answer Europe wanted it and welcomed Germany bringing freedom..
Nash Avi
Nash Avi 23 hours ago
THANK YOU for making a video that explains the basics of who controls our money instead of using a scapegoat and perpetuating anti-Semitism. Now, what we Americans, and other nations, need to do is figure out a way to escape the CBS enslavement of us.
nyk31 23 hours ago
Iduno, those laughing people on the front of the pamphlet the bank gave me look pretty happy
Boss Dogg
Boss Dogg Day ago
11:57, "they are writing a check from account, that has no money in it". Wow...
darryl juhasz
The public has all the money! The Central Banks and the governments have no money. We are in control, people just don't know it.
#SelJeMi Tobi
The feds/khazars controls the money. its that simple. I don't even have to watch the video.
Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad
Hate central banks? Re-live the chaos of 50 different currencies....one for each state.....and the uneducated rubes and bumpkins that never got beyond a 5th grade mentality will stop writing utter shit in the comments section, and you will see the foolishness of those who oppose.
Greg Wells
Greg Wells Day ago
Lincoln - greenbacks= assassination , Kennedy - printed 8 billion dollars= assassination do you see the connection.
Robert Hannah
Somebody has to call this out for what it is. This video is an incoherent lot of conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo.
Dmitry Day ago
The jews.
jj Cross
jj Cross Day ago
Your opening musuc gives your video many dislikes .
Aziz N
Aziz N Day ago
nothing is permanent
Peter Tvp
Peter Tvp Day ago
Have you considered a video on a resource based economy or the venus projects proposal for one?
Jojo Gonzalez
Idk but this is old news. At least to me. Bet you money is printed out like the news paper everyday. Ppl lack common sense tho so i get it
aggie Day ago
Why can the queen off England print her money, pound. She knows...who are the rest
Ambra Carr
Ambra Carr Day ago
Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi in our Congress!! Now if that don't scare the living shit out of you I don't know what will!!!
Soleh Soleh
Soleh Soleh Day ago
Paper with a value by faith, not backed up by something that actually has value.
Per Milli
Per Milli Day ago
Yes this is an interesting theory but the US owns more gold than any other country. Over 8000 tonnes like twice as much as germany # 2 on the list. Im not sure what good this does the average taxpayer but as a country we still have the gold even if our dollar per say is backed by nothing? ruvid.net/video/video-lCnSBHhV7Go.html
Chuck Dellano
The owners hide behind corporate names and non profits.Think about Bartel and James beer ,those 2 old guys were faces for the comercial.Probably same as Page and Brin from Google ,faces of the corp.Just a feeling because the fed is just a face but the real owners are stock holders of the fed.Do you think people would be comfortable using google if they knew the pentagon helped fund it via stanford and used 2 students as front men to say they did it all ingluding google earth and search engine control.And of cource a record of all internet activity and gps tracking.Just a hunch.🐑😎😵
Vernon Christopher
WHO CONTROLS MONEU - What happened to Trump auditing Federal Reserve??
MrKD7711 3 hours ago
Asen asenov
Asen asenov Day ago
Well I took a personal loan, from my bank. And now they making loads of money, from thin air from my interest paying! How is possible that!? In what kind of sistem we live!?
Bighorn44 None
Thus knowledge has been out there for a long time. Man kind just don't give a crap. Only till its all over and hell is to be payed will foolish mobs want to hang them. But it will be late.
Helga Gaines
Helga Gaines Day ago
How long can that go on ???? I feel very desperate at. what you are saying..to keep this scam going what are these irresponsibly manipulators willing to do???
faustino juliano
Most people still don't realize they are living to serve Jews
faustino juliano
Criminal jews control the world thanks to people like yourself
Zokx Zoranovski
Bill Still and his film "The Money Masters" :) explain everything...
David Brandenburg
you do know that the federal reserve bank is not owned by the US government didn't you, but buy the Rothschild's if you follow the money back far enough.
Capt. Day ago
"In Debt We Trust" Never again "A penny saved is a penny earned." All your saved pennies are losing their value as we speak.
David Brandenburg
they don't print, they own the people who own the people who hired the people to print the money!.
David Brandenburg
one family: Rothschild's
Wajid Raza
Wajid Raza Day ago
I love Iran and Islam
Rat Poison Squared
*buy bitcoin*
kareem carzan
Nationalization means allout Starvation in the streets and homes alike.
Iran with no central bank? Hmmm let’s check out what our news is saying about Iran nowadays.
el franco
el franco Day ago
Say whatever you want about capitalism, but you gotta admit that it's a system created by brainstorms who knew how to play with and manipulate the psychology of people, just like the ones who came up with religion. Imagine, a system where the slaves are paying for their own slavery. If that's not genius then you tell me what is!
Dirk Simmang
Dirk Simmang Day ago
he who controls the Money CONTROLS THE NATION. ...
Jerry Okoli
Jerry Okoli Day ago
if this Federal Reserve and Central Bank can mint/create money 💰 from no where, then I wonder why some Governments go into loans and debt 🤔
Jose Cortez
Jose Cortez Day ago
Rich people control your life. Who cares !!!
Ken Lawrence
Ken Lawrence 2 days ago
It's crazy how so few people understand or know about this!
David Wagner
David Wagner 2 days ago
The currency of the UNITED STATES is backed by the only thing of true value. THE LABOR OF THE PEOPLE...
SEEKER 2 days ago
Money is for sure Evil ❗️There needs to be a new world a form of happiness NO Religion ♦️NO Countries ♦️NO Higher Ups ♦️ NO Money. As these things create division and bad vibrations and fear. But one comes to mind is the humans race evil ? Created by someone or something to be set into motion we must take a stand on a NEW way of looking at things as technology grows will we be slaves to another so called evil. ❗️wake up people the universe did not create money, countries, religion!!
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop 2 days ago
((who)) controls all our money
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