Who Are These New Hampshire Voters Deciding Who Should Run Against Trump? l FiveThirtyEight

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Plus, Galen gets a tattoo.
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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 81
Maru telléz
Maru telléz 18 days ago
Love your program
Maru telléz
Maru telléz 18 days ago
Samuel Gorman
Samuel Gorman Month ago
Such good video
smeggysmeg Month ago
Galen looks like he's having too much fun.
Marlon Barlow
Marlon Barlow Month ago
Matt Lang
Matt Lang Month ago
Oh alright I'll subscribe, buttering me up with trivia is the way to my heart.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Month ago
This is the best.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Month ago
Vincent Wetzel
Vincent Wetzel Month ago
Galem on a swing is now forever stuck in my memory.
Kingsford Month ago
Galen looks so pleased with every transition, he's adorable.
Harrison Month ago
I could watch Galen explain the demographics of all 50 states
Adrienne Sugarman
This gives me so much joy
14miki Month ago
Big nose, Ayn Rand, atheist,...every. single. time.
Jozef Hands
Jozef Hands Month ago
538ers love Galen!
J F Month ago
Subscribed for more of this. Multi-correspondent version for super Tuesday would be epic.
Kurt Smith
Kurt Smith Month ago
Ouch, you had to go to the one tattoo parlor in New England with a dude wearing a Lakers hat??
Kurt Smith
Kurt Smith Month ago
@Bitcoin Motorist Lol you should go see if that guy will give you a free tattoo!
Bitcoin Motorist
I am a Lakers fan and a New Hampshire resident. I thought I was the only one until now
PhoenixDQ Month ago
The real question is: What percentage of those pancakes were soggy by the end of the shoot?
Jerry113 Month ago
weird energy
Jeff Dunne
Jeff Dunne Month ago
pretty obviously fake
Michael Coryell
Michael Coryell Month ago
I used to think that fivethirtyeight was just a bunch of mega nerds... I still do, but I used to too.
FiveThirtyEight Month ago
Yeah, you're not wrong.
Siempre Mina
Siempre Mina Month ago
I loved the vid
clementinesm Month ago
I love statistics already, but Galen managed to make them so adorable and succinct
Stephanie Luff
Stephanie Luff Month ago
I'm joining all the others in saying this is perfect content.
Deuszada Month ago
This series is amazing! Please keep it up for the rest of the states!
Kat Scheid
Kat Scheid Month ago
Wait... So the tattoo is real???
Hope Tate
Hope Tate Month ago
I love you Galen
jgyuri Month ago
Is this a temporary tattoo?
Alan Givré
Alan Givré Month ago
Did he really get the tattoo? I got worried
Maybe I should move to NH. I've been registered as an Independent since 1996 when I turned 18.
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez Month ago
Was anyone else expecting him to take a handle pull from the maple syrup growler?
dudemanfellabra Month ago
Ok but I need to know if he actually got the tattoo or not.
NH's state vegetable would be a white potato.
Do this again (for Nevada and SC)!
Omar Pachecano
Omar Pachecano Month ago
More of this
c c
c c Month ago
Please more video content like this!
Marina Kh
Marina Kh Month ago
Needs more fleece
Jacob Eckroth
Jacob Eckroth Month ago
This is the most interested I’ve ever been in New Hampshire
Elliotgn Month ago
Great video Galen, I really hope you do more of these for Nevada and SC!!
Anagh Mamadapur
Anagh Mamadapur Month ago
GALEN!!!!!!!! He easily is the most adorable reporter/podcast host ever!!!!!! Got a tiny crush on him
Keen Invent
Keen Invent Month ago
Please please please do a video like this on every state. I know it's super unlikely that ya'll have the time to visit each one this primary season, but getting a snapshot of the state's voting profile is really fucking dope.
poochyena Month ago
Did he really get a huge tattoo of the word Independent? Thats extremely cringey. why would you do that
poochyena Month ago
@dogfredify I thought so, but tattoos are so trendy right now, and i've seen so many awful tattoos lately.. idk.
dogfredify Month ago
poochyena seems like a joke tbh
Edward Giordano
Edward Giordano Month ago
I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would haha
Yeshaya Amichai
Yeshaya Amichai Month ago
Loved this! Quirky and well produced.
Papa Est Perpetuam
This is great, combining FiveThirtyEight’s reliable data journalism with visual hooks.
Fitzy77 Month ago
Papa Est Perpetuam same tho
Papa Est Perpetuam
Plus, do I have a crush on Galen?
Amanda Idberg
Amanda Idberg Month ago
This is adorable!
Devin Delaney
Devin Delaney Month ago
Tom Morrison
Tom Morrison Month ago
Like Galen getting his moment in the sun. Claire would be good at this, too. I think hers might be longer, chattier, & less visual, tho.
Erin Schwartz
Erin Schwartz Month ago
inject this content straight into my veins
Derek Dunlap
Derek Dunlap Month ago
This was great. It was interesting, informative, and short. I think they should do more content like this😊
Caroline Thompson
538 is really milking the youtube Galen thirst and I am HERE for it
Yousef AlNafjan
Yousef AlNafjan Month ago
Alright, this is brilliant. You better do something like that for every early state (then one video for all Super Tuesday states).
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
it is literally the greatest place on earth
Epic Brian The Historian
I love this video format. Galen, please do one for as many states as you can. As a non-american this videos are really informative about the state by state characteristics. Also, if this is what being a journalist reporting presidential elections is, I think I've found a new calling for what I want my career to be. It's never too late to try something new, is it?
david beneš
david beneš Month ago
This is very good content. Galen is good.
queuebit Month ago
Thanks. Great video, Galen.
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
can I move to New Hampshire? 😀😍
Bitcoin Motorist
I moved to New Hampshire 4 years ago. Highly recommended
Fitzy77 Month ago
Aw Galen is so cute
Mort Jones-Ellis
Keep it in your pants, Debra. He’s gay. And the data research is done by other people.
14miki Month ago
Are you his first cousin?
Glenda S. McKinney
I mean really, could he be any cuter? A data-driven dream!
Jeremy Banks
Jeremy Banks Month ago
This is weird and I love it.
Filchmeister Month ago
well I guess it's time to get some 538 merch now that you guys have started pumping out youtube content!
FiveThirtyEight Month ago
☺️ cottonbureau.com/stores/fivethirtyeight#/shop
Eladio Mendez
Eladio Mendez Month ago
Need to see this same type of video for Nevada with Galen doing some crazy stuff in the Strip and talking about how Nevada might be the "swingiest" state.
clementinesm Month ago
FiveThirtyEight omfg you responded to this ☠️ please have Galen do videos like this for every (or at least the most major) primary elections. I’d love to see NV and SC as well as for Super Tuesday states (not solely CA and TX, but their diversity of voters should be included) and beyond. I love y’all
FiveThirtyEight Month ago
Going to show this tweet to our boss as evidence for why we need to go to Nevada.
Leonardo Mitchell
amazing video
Elliott Stiles
Elliott Stiles Month ago
This was an amazing video, thanks Galen!!
j.kenneth fraac
j.kenneth fraac Month ago
new hampshire. it's what's new
Theo Prineas
Theo Prineas Month ago
This might be the best video FiveThirtyEight has ever made.
Mort Jones-Ellis
Theo Prineas True. Though, not a high bar there.
SJ Willett
SJ Willett Month ago
Wait what? Did that actually happen, Galen?! Pics or it didn't!
James Couture
James Couture Month ago
Well now I'm wondering if Galen just narrates statistics whenever he goes for a hike.
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