Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Legendado)

Fabricio Moreira
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Tradução de uma das canções mais emblemáticas e animadas da cantora Whitney Houston, presente no álbum "Whitney" de 87.

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Nov 13, 2017




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Comments 4 833
Amra Agalarova
Amra Agalarova 45 minutes ago
I'm so sad that i'm white
jelly bee
jelly bee 10 hours ago
I miss you Whitney😍😍😍😍😍
Vidkun v.Spalden
Vidkun v.Spalden 12 hours ago
was fur eine stimme. vinyl vidkun
Dagmar Zoepke
Dagmar Zoepke 21 hour ago
Whitney was fantastic . Her brothers gave her drugs when she was young . I think her parents didnt know this . And her husband was not good for her . When she was famous her family and her husband lived from her big money . I feel so sorry for her. She was the best singer we had to this time . No celine dion would reach her. I even feel sorry for whitneys daughter grown up in a family using drugs . Withney was a good looking woman and with her husband she went down . She carried all on her shoulders . Her brothers and husband ruined her life with drugs and the pressure to be a star did not give her the strenght to stop it . With the money she made all lived good . After her death the daughter got all her money . The poor thing was alone in the lion cage . Both died in the same way . For me it was not a normal thing .
Gleyvis Despaigne
La negra más linda del universo
Brenda Brown
Brenda Brown Day ago
I love this song this song is the best for ever😃👍🙆
Joilma carneiro
Aline Hi
Aline Hi Day ago
Porque sera que so voltamos pro anos 80 kkk sem duvida a mellhor epocas de todas novela musicas ... So fui nascer na decada depois anos 90 mas sou mas a decada de 80 kkkk e de mais ...
Dirks Auditleistungen aus dem Luftraum
Houston die Weltmeisterin! Kirchengesang macht viel aus.
Veronica Fillie
💯💯💯😍love this song
Rute Gibullo
Rute Gibullo Day ago
Music perfect🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Charity Boat
Charity Boat Day ago
Whitney was the Beyonce of that time!❤❤❤❤😀I love this song!I wanna dance!
Charity Boat
Charity Boat Day ago
She was so talented!She had the best voice too!RIP beautiful Whitney Houston!
CaptainSpauIding 2 days ago
She smoke to much crack
Gislene Franco Teles
Que porcaria ela ter morrido :( Uma grande perda ! E triste !
victoire :v
victoire :v 2 days ago
And I hear the drunk girl singing to the Whitney throught the door I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODYY
Shon Tay
Shon Tay 2 days ago
BYE WHITNEY HOUSTON..RIP........ GOD WILL JUDGE the murders of our people.
Giuseppe Volpicelli
ruvid.net/video/video-rmT3iRgmucc.html #Tribute#Remix#Techno R.I.P.💝
Nqabisa Platyi
Nqabisa Platyi 3 days ago
She had the most beautiful smile my,
Israel Barbosa
Israel Barbosa 3 days ago
Cara, só descobri hoje que essa música é da Whitney Houston. Sempre ouço na abertura do Dancing Brasil.
Marcelo Andres
Marcelo Andres 3 days ago
Can’t dance but wanna dance this song
Philippe LUCANTE
Philippe LUCANTE 3 days ago
Quel triste sort pour cette magnifique star...
Nancy Mutale
Nancy Mutale 3 days ago
I'm in love all over again
Cerrado closed
Cerrado closed 3 days ago
Top 10 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Daniel Camargo
Daniel Camargo 3 days ago
Uma deusa que nos deixou muito cedo. 😔 Mas deixou seu legado de belas canções. 😉😍
Mashell Thomas
Mashell Thomas 4 days ago
No matter what phase of her life I am and always will be a fan. At this point of her life that I have to say is my favorite. Not bc it's the beginning of her career but bc it's when you see her undying love for music b4 the damage it caused.
Ani 4 days ago
When good songs used to last more than 3 minutes💖
Sad Shadows
Sad Shadows 4 days ago
2019 i will listen this forever till i die
Baraqua Amina Levy-Khan
Reminds me of when I met my #saudiprince husband in a DC #nightclub. I was having the time of my life and we danced together all night! 💃🕺This is one of the greatest #pop songs ever, especially if you're into living the #poplife 😏. As a former #aquafitness/#aquadance #zumba instructor, I must say this would have been a #dope addition to my playlist 🎙️🎧🎼
Marco Inna Asnowski
The times when everyone wanted to dance with somebody. Happy times. 80s and 90s
SoSoBradley23 5 days ago
This has to be my favorite Whitney song. Just love it 😍
Xx mei xX juega
Xx mei xX juega 5 days ago
En quien se cree en estos días...mmmm Nada que hacer!!!!
Junk Email Address
Those 8.5k people who down voted this need to choke on a bone or something
Free Speech
Free Speech 6 days ago
she wants to sing not dance with somebody. she is high when she is singing.
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark 3 days ago
I can only imagine the quantity of drugs available to artists at the level Whitney was at for so many years and the pressure(s) drugs would seem to alleviate in the short term. I used to gig around Salt Lake City and hit the road for smaller tours at the bar & small music hall level and the shear amount of drugs at that level was enough for me to abandon the music road. I will admit to drugs being my weakness over sex, gambling, drink, etc with a large part of that a result of living in that world. Moderation is a godsend--but there isn't anything funny about the destructive nature of heavy drug abuse. RIP Whitney.
Margarita Pando
Margarita Pando 6 days ago
Esta si quees musica .que nunca se se muera o se olvide .mw acuerdo de mi juventud chao 🙋‍♀️
Emma Scaglione
Emma Scaglione 6 days ago
Nobody: My parents and I eating dinner: Restaurant plays this song: Me: gets on the table and jams out
Rocco Celentano
Blessed AM
Blessed AM Day ago
Draven Payne
Draven Payne 2 days ago
Awesome 😃
LiveLife16 4 days ago
Brent Barker
Brent Barker 7 days ago
Love all things Whitney. Still feel it 2019 ?
Roxsann H
Roxsann H 7 days ago
Those were the days 🔥🔥🔥💯💯
Łukasz Łukowicz
My favourite song forever!!! The best for discos and improving mood!
Jesus Armando Martibez Ruiz
Shona Brewer
Shona Brewer 7 days ago
Love you whiney Houston 😘😘💚💚
은하짱 7 days ago
Dance !
ma rry
ma rry 8 days ago
amém de repente 30 por fazer eu conhecer um hino desses
Marie Adam
Marie Adam 9 days ago
Vraiment top une vraie diva😍
wapartist 9 days ago
I am always gonna dance with my Whitney. Love you girl
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer 9 days ago
The only way to bring this kind of music back and all other great music from the 80's is to not buy the stuff that is out there now. When those "artists" don't get any sales good music will come back.
Tamires Barros
Tamires Barros 10 days ago
JESUS Caldas
JESUS Caldas 11 days ago
Toda vez que assisto essa mulher,eu choro,minha maior perda cultural,e tbm pela vida conturbada que teve....Além de um fim triste,logo depois,a filha se foi tbm ,de forma semelhante...😥
GUEWEN YEAH 11 days ago
Lucas FBE bloopers
Luciene Rory
Luciene Rory 11 days ago
She's gorgeous
NoDaquan -
NoDaquan - 12 days ago
After watching her documentary I love her 😭 November 2019 by the way ❤️
Mysterium Animae
Mysterium Animae 12 days ago
Uma Deusa, linda e cantava pra c*****o. Tempo em que a MTV era boa e as músicas eram... MARAVILHOSAS. RJ 05/11/19
Hamza ALASLI 12 days ago
Everybody loves Whitney... Even the ones who disliked this video
Aryon Silva
Aryon Silva 13 days ago
Eaeee você liga a TV e tem que escutar caneta azul!Ta de sacanagem!Por isso esta geração está como esta😢
Carolina Barradas
Carolina Barradas 11 days ago
Por isso q esta geração é um lixo
Maria Joao Bonito
Maria Joao Bonito 13 days ago
muitas noites dancei com esta musica, acho que foi um Verao inteiro
Otniella’s Journey
Yeea i wanna dance with!!!!!😍😍
יובל אייל
יובל אייל 13 days ago
It's my favorite song😍😍😍
Musicas E Filmes
Musicas E Filmes 14 days ago
Se Witney não definição de rainha nem sei o que é
Keisha Nicole
Keisha Nicole 14 days ago
Beautiful Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson so much. Make me so teary eyed😭 everytime I listen to them sing. Both born to perform and both gone too soon.😭😭
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