Whitney Houston’s Best Friend Breaks Her Silence About Their Love Affair | TODAY

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Legendary singer Whitney Houston was just 48 at the time of her tragic death in 2012. Now her longtime confidante, Robyn Crawford, is opening up about their relationship in a new memoir. TODAY’s Craig Melvin speaks with her exclusively.
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Whitney Houston’s Best Friend Breaks Her Silence About Their Love Affair | TODAY

Published on


Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 1 125
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 16 days ago
At first I was a wreck knowing Robyn was gonna write a book, about their relationship. But I received the book as a Christmas gift from my kids, do I am reading it. And I must say reading it help me to understand why Robyn felt as though she should let the world know what really happened. Why I still think their intimacy was between them, I believe every word that I have read so far. Including how Whitney’s family, friends and Bobby just used her and didn’t care about her as a person more less a family member. Cissy should be ashamed of herself. 😢
Stella Bella
Stella Bella 29 days ago
Whitney had the most beautiful voice, like a bell that rang out for far too short a time. I miss you Whitney. I wish you were here to do NPR Tiny Desk. I know most of your voice would have returned with a little work. You are missed and I hope you know you were loved by so many people of all colors, ages, etc.
Insomniac Month ago
Don 🍋 GFY
Akira Ahu Maipi
Akira Ahu Maipi Month ago
Lying lesbian
Philippe Meunier
I Like You The Very Voice With Intonnation Geante And Long. Me Item Chanted Withney , Whithney Forever.
Regal Kings & Queens Cattery
after everytime she speaks the mic pics up a "pop" sound! Does anyone hear this?
Rickeeta Adams
Rickeeta Adams Month ago
This is no secret
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter Month ago
Y'all had me thinkin she was cheatin on Bobby w Robyn or somethin lbda they had a lil teenage love affair at 17 and never again ppl be exaggerating like a mf 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Rebecca Oprea
Rebecca Oprea Month ago
Let the money roll in . In the end the truth always comes out though .
Betin Machuca
Betin Machuca Month ago
Georgia S. Kalawan Miller
Whitney experimented, that was all it was. If she loved women, she wouldn't have moved on to men. That being said, RC could have left well alone too. Let the woman rest in peace and love
Wade Cahill
Wade Cahill Month ago
Crawford is a genuinely good person, people like her are rare these days
Robert Harlan
Robert Harlan Month ago
Still attacking Bobby Brown even if on the sly. Really? Why didn't Eddie marry her? . . . Hmm is that in the book too.
Author Selena Haskins
This interview was bad! One thing I hate about an anxious journalist is when they keep pressuring a guest like they're on a witness stand in court. I know he's trying to get answers, but he's very dogmatic about it. Also, he keeps hounding her about the drugs Whitney used as if that was Whitney's whole life.
Janet's Planet
Janet's Planet 2 months ago
So sad that Whitney wasn't allowed to be her true self.
Darrell Moore
Darrell Moore 2 months ago
I'm glad she told her side of the story. Everyone else spoke about Whitney so she has the right also. Robyn seems like she is still hurting about Whitney having died.
Angela Acton
Angela Acton 2 months ago
She is still trying to gain off of Whit's fame. Sorry , lowdown trash. That's just wrong. Whitney rest in peace beautiful soul.
Clive Nyathi
Clive Nyathi 2 months ago
She's out for a paycheck . Every time you hear about someone finally opening up to the world , best believe that you paying for the opening
Stacy Harris
Stacy Harris 2 months ago
Ain't no straight Black man tryna share the love of his life that he made his wife with no woman, just like ain't no straight woman sharin her male husband or lover with another male!!!...come on now...knock it off!!!
Africangyal 2 months ago
I think she should've kept quiet. She doesn't owe anyone an explanation
L. ANGEL LOVE 2 months ago
susanjenkins2233 2 months ago
Why do we need to know this. Let Whitney rest in peace.
Cinzia Balilari
Cinzia Balilari 2 months ago
Bastaaaaa !asciate riposare i. Pace
Angella Robinson
Angella Robinson 2 months ago
So u want to tell me that the diva was entering into a lesion world. God forbid
Islande Jean-louis
Islande Jean-louis 2 months ago
Let Whitney rest in peace. Its obvious she's looking for clout. She sounds verrrrryyyy trachy. They forget about her now she got the attention. No one with half a brain.
corazonazultw 2 months ago
The interviewer is so rude. His facial expressions and tones are so judgemental, suspicious and despising of Robyn. So unprofessional!
Stephanie A.
Stephanie A. 2 months ago
but then again someone who does drugs is bi..
Stephanie A.
Stephanie A. 2 months ago
i dint believe this. she probably was just in love with her.. shes taking the opportunity, cuase she isnt here to defend herself
Naseana Moodie
Naseana Moodie 2 months ago
Let Whitney Rest In Peace. She is no longer on this earth where false rumours are made up. Let her rest.
princeryell 2 months ago
I mean if there's rumors circulating about me for years and ppl putting my likeness in movies or in books...yeah id probably tell my side eventually..esp if it's my truth..its not all about the money. she probably aint wanna die without telling her truth sometimes that stuff is hard to watch...yeah Whitney never talked about it...but there wasnt these biopic out either when Whitney was alive. I applaud her courage to come clean knowing ppl are gonna judge ..
Musa Bah
Musa Bah 2 months ago
Looking for money on the dead. Only a fool will buy your book.
Amber Malise
Amber Malise 2 months ago
Exactly’ everybody else told her story, why dismiss hers! Stupid people who thanks she don’t have rights to share something that’s been in all these movies & films! Can’t believe she waited this long to tell!
Cindy Martha
Cindy Martha 2 months ago
Whenever someone famous dies, everyone who knew them including family wades in with stories that “Only they could tell.” They make a pot of money doing so and say it’s what the famous person would have wanted. I’m sure the dead person would have wanted their privacy to be respected but they no longer have that option.
Brown Skin60
Brown Skin60 2 months ago
Is anyone else already sick Robyn Crawford??! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
MercyAlwyz23 2 months ago
You are a dirty dirty friend to do Whitney like this! You will only be remembered for 15 minutes while Whitney will be remembered for generations to come! How dare you betray her memory in such a way!
MercyAlwyz23 2 months ago
Somehow I just don’t believe her! Obviously she was obsessed with Whitney!
love hope
love hope 2 months ago
Whitney would have not approved of such manuscript. While she telling her story. Can she tell how much she got for the book deal? fr.
Ishmael Moh
Ishmael Moh 2 months ago
Do yoou think she could taste the cocaine from Whitney's vagina
Sharon Tatum
Sharon Tatum 2 months ago
What do you , think about Whitney and this so call person who had a relationship with Whitney. I do believe it. Nothing is impossible . RUvid as a people mk your own truth then we cAn de side We are so angry with our people. Please put to and end . I guy it stsaysb with us 🌨. We have to lead in order to have followings
bfears 2 months ago
Thank you so much Robyn for finally sharing your truth (which I knew all along). Whitney would still be alive Today is people accepted the LGBTQ community. LONG LIVE WHITNEY HOUSTON!!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU BABE!!
Gabrielle Desouter
Gabrielle Desouter 2 months ago
This is America she has the right to tell her story !
Salanna Mckinney
Salanna Mckinney 2 months ago
Just for money
Tania Jones
Tania Jones 2 months ago
I wonder if she's wearing dentures, I can hear something clasping everytime she speaks.
Live Life
Live Life 2 months ago
Whitney was blatantly bisexual..she was very sexual - period - with women and men..this is 'common practise' now-a-days with young people and it is accepted. Some men love men and some women love women and some love both...BIG DEAL..and to Whitney's family and friends who oppose this fact due to religion or whatever...GET A LIFE! Humans are sexual creatures. End of.
Wray Rae
Wray Rae 2 months ago
I’m not shocked Whitney was in an abusive relationship with BB....she was raised by a narcissist, makes sense. Feel bad for Whitney Houston
John Froelich
John Froelich 2 months ago
She needs the mo-nay...
Mitch G
Mitch G 2 months ago
Mitch G
Mitch G 2 months ago
Mitch G
Mitch G 2 months ago
Maybe Whitney didn't want here business put out there.....but you know, people gotta make money and have fane🤦‍♂️
Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes 2 months ago
I find this very sleazy. It shouldn't matter if anyone else talked about it, she should have enough class to Not talk herself.
Shelly J
Shelly J 2 months ago
Thank you. I too think it is horrible. Whitney is not here to refute any lies she may tell. She is just trying to get folks to buy her book. She has nothing else that would sell a book other than her Whitney stories.
chriss smith
chriss smith 2 months ago
why is this news, two women can't have kids by each other, so this isn't anything surprising.. I just want to know where was this friend when she died, where was this friend when all this addiction was going on, now knowing they're were lovers?????? was it bobby or this lover that had whitney strung out on these drugs??????
travishunterbrown 2 months ago
Why does her mouth click every time she speaks??
Man she’s a leech to
Nastacia Logan
Nastacia Logan 2 months ago
Hey y'all do y'all think this book will turn into a movie ? I hope so what do y'all think?
guillermo fernandez
guillermo fernandez 2 months ago
Don't believe her
Carmen Santana
Carmen Santana 2 months ago
If Whitney could have lived her true life she would probably be alive today
Cynthia Dickerson
Cynthia Dickerson 2 months ago
Would any of us want someone to put our business in a book we were hiding for the world to read? No one should feel good about this book because we have all done something in this life that we don't care for anyone to know whether we are dead or alive. She is going to owe the publisher if she received an advance. All of Whitney's true fans should not support any of them who have so much to tell now that she is six feet under. This is a low budget move!
Jamar Shaun
Jamar Shaun 2 months ago
it's easy to speak about the dead when they can't ever rise to defend themselves.
Denise S
Denise S 2 months ago
I guess you’ll know who is truly on your side when you die. Sorry Whitney.
Queen Alice Kingsley
She didnt want anything to get in the way of her music? Crack was, love should of been.
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