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In this video I find out I'm pregnant then I tell Richie through the Whisper Challenge! His reaction is so priceless. Make sure to subscribe! Check below for commonly asked QUESTIONS and ANSWERS on this video.
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Commonly asked questions on this video:
Q: "Is Richie Romanian?"
A: No, Richie is Puerto Rican and Honduran. Nicole is Romanian.
Q: "Why are the beats photoshopped in the thumbnail?"
A: I took a screenshot from the video and he had already taken the headphones off. But I wanted to still show it was a whisper challenge in the thumbnail so I photoshopped a pair of headphones in.
Q: "What is the piano music in the video?"
A: ruvid.net/video/video-knnNhkjmEHI.html
Q: "When is Nicole due?"
A: September 5th.

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Feb 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Alea Sandra
Alea Sandra 17 minutes ago
How my dad and my brother reaction when my mom pregnant a 3rd child Mom: ba-- Dad: you're pregnant right? Mom: how did you know? Dad: just guessing *bRuH*
Prasanna Sridharan
When do you check your pregnancy test after missed period
NAZMUN NAHAR 3 days ago
I wasn't pregnant.
Noomwa Lis
Noomwa Lis 4 days ago
Suuuuuper sweet....
William Rejoice
William Rejoice 5 days ago
This is so sweet
Sarahxii 5 days ago
I cried so much this is really sweet🥺💕
Mpho the Fitness Coach Herbalife
My eyes are all wet😭❤️
Melanie Murillo
Melanie Murillo 7 days ago
Yup. I cried
Emmanuella Abah
Emmanuella Abah 8 days ago
Sooooooo romantic
CK 37
CK 37 9 days ago
MIcheal Smith
MIcheal Smith 9 days ago
so sweet
Jordan Foster
Jordan Foster 9 days ago
I’ve never seen your videos before. Congratulations and also you are very beautiful
Assassin109623 9 days ago
Brb gotta get some milk from the corner store
Софиа Кръстева
We also have Moussaka 😁😁Greetings from Bulgaria🇧🇬❤️
amrita chowdhury
amrita chowdhury 10 days ago
God, I can't believe I am crying!!!!
Emb R
Emb R 11 days ago
Surprise is at 5:45
Just-Ellie 11 days ago
God chose this path for you! He blessed you guys with this AMAZING life! ❤️🥰 Love you guys so much! Congratulations! 🥳
Dewayne Early
Dewayne Early 11 days ago
Suruchi Singh Sucha
This is one of the sweetest reaction I have seen and trust me I have seen tons! ;)
magick..learn to create with purpose
Bawling my eyes out😊😊😊
Shaheen Parveen
Shaheen Parveen 12 days ago
Did anyone cried😭
alwaysyourzebra 14 days ago
Denise Mz
Denise Mz 14 days ago
That’s the sweetest reaction ever! ♥️
Holly Anstee
Holly Anstee 16 days ago
Wow if i ever have a baby i want my partner to react like this and if not *rage*
Nickesha Thorpe
Nickesha Thorpe 18 days ago
I really cried
Lavra Zupan
Lavra Zupan 18 days ago
This is precious!
VOUT OO 19 days ago
Love eyebrows!!
Teddy 20 days ago
Aww he’s so sweet congrats 🎉
Motivational Speaker, Business Coach
Sweetest reaction ever seen
Mai_name_B_Mel 22 days ago
FYI nursing school tells you that dollar store pregnancy test are just as effective as a 30 dollar test! Also I did my clinical hours at a free clinic they used dollar store pregnant test! They are effective sont believe them buy 4 see the results of all 4 they only cost 4 bucks! They work pplz!
waffiki 22 days ago
God bless you. I was so touched when she wanted to go and give thanks to God. God bless them all, bless as many children as she will have, lovely couple.
waffiki 22 days ago
It was such a beautiful moment.
marishka chomakhashvili
Aw :c
Mommy&Sophia Iris Johnston
Aww that was so precious
Deborah Anggi
Deborah Anggi 26 days ago
this really makes me cry:'
Hump Priya
Hump Priya 26 days ago
im 16 but im cryinggggg tho why
Judy Backholer
Judy Backholer 27 days ago
Congratulations also i love watching your videos there so amazing i really enjoyed this one especially
Destiny Z
Destiny Z 28 days ago
You look and remind me of Franny!!
Tammy'marie Wood
Tammy'marie Wood 28 days ago
So beautiful ❤️❤️
Yoryina Dilone
Yoryina Dilone Month ago
It was recommended to me and I’m crying 😭
Jamie Month ago
Omg this was adorable
Tiu엘라 Month ago
She said "can you hear me" then the boy reply "no" HAHAHAHAA
Tess Skye
Tess Skye Month ago
Im sobbing this is the cutest reveal ever 😭😭😭
Mangi Noela
Mangi Noela Month ago
"Oh Lawd if my husband is not this emotional then I don't want"
Candice Speer
Candice Speer Month ago
I'm not crying, you're crying!!!
Rizze Month ago
May God Bless You Both
Ioana Georgiana
Ioana Georgiana Month ago
Does anybody know if they have any link to Romania? I am just asking because I am Romanian.
Nicole and Richie
Nicole and Richie 23 days ago
I (nicole) am Romanian. My parents were born there!
BaoBao14 Month ago
quarantine 2020 leads me here, lollll, so lovely
Nia P
Nia P Month ago
I love this
Bianca Sturzu
Bianca Sturzu Month ago
Romanian guys when hear oh romania in a popular video😯😦😧😮😲🤩
elliot Month ago
i didn’t cry
elliot 22 days ago
@Nicole and Richie yep lmao
Nicole and Richie
Nicole and Richie 23 days ago
you are one of the few haha
kaylia mckenzie
kaylia mckenzie Month ago
God bless y'all congrats❤
Carmen Florescu
Carmen Florescu Month ago
România e cu voi 😂
andreyya alexander
If this isn’t my mans reaction oneday😒💔
Ray Month ago
Hoo my God I can watch this video many times and always cry..😍😍
Kristina Georgia
Thats so cute ❤️
Alana Odei
Alana Odei Month ago
This is the sweetest!!
Lusine Galstyan
Lusine Galstyan Month ago
How cute❤❤❤❤
so sweet
the whole point of the whisper challenge is to whisper the words
@Nicole and Richie Yes but still so cute
Nicole and Richie
Oh is it?
Tara Richmond
Tara Richmond Month ago
His reaction is so sweet and beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. New here to your channel but I am already subscribing.
Nicole and Richie
Thanks for subbing!
Ninaivugal pesudhe
God bless u ❤️
The Unicorn
The Unicorn Month ago
Cutest reactions ever.
Varsha Bhat
Varsha Bhat Month ago
May Lord give your family and the BABY all HIS choicest blessings..
Nicole and Richie
Thank you! God bless!
Leslie Hempfleng
I am so excited for y’all and I wish you the best through your pregnancy
Leslie Hempfleng
Ok sorry I am late but I am still very excited for you my friend told me to watch y’all so I found this video
Nicole and Richie
Baby is already 8 months old
Sara ross
Sara ross Month ago
Congrats guys
Mrs Morrison
Mrs Morrison Month ago
Omg I love you guys. This was lovely congratulations xxxx
4paulette Month ago
You guys are precious! Congratulations.
Sharvini Arun
Sharvini Arun Month ago
Never leave him girl!! He is precious! So is your baby
Marquita Clemons
Are you having a girl or a boy
Nicole and Richie
We had a boy, he's 8 months now! This is an older video
Sujeet Bhagat
Sujeet Bhagat Month ago
It's really hard to digest tat this is her first pregnancy 😒😟
farah bradai
farah bradai Month ago
The cutest vidéo i’ve ever seen
Stefan D
Stefan D 2 months ago
Stai ceeee Ești româncă?????
Nicole and Richie
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 2 months ago
I love this so much!!
Meera Dawle
Meera Dawle 2 months ago
I'm crying jesus sksksksksk😭
Nacéra Biyi Esben
Nacéra Biyi Esben 2 months ago
When Richie says like "juste repeat the sentence okay " I said ; RICHIE USE YOUR BRAIN PLEASE Nicole : *repeat the sentence
Moni & Mukta
Moni & Mukta 2 months ago
That reaction 😍
Monica Corria
Monica Corria 2 months ago
His reaction is so pure, I'm in tears!!
Ayesha Rehman
Ayesha Rehman 2 months ago
The whole time he was like, “we are gonna have a baby?” Such a precious memory
Moddie Seven
Moddie Seven 2 months ago
Wow. I love his reaction. Made me ugly cry right along with him...Lol. So sweet.
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