Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock #1

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1 Hour Collection of some of the finest guitar driven slow electric #Blues / #BluesRock ballads for a relaxing evening while having a quality drink. Enjoy! Tracklist:
00:00 Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over - Album: amzn.to/31JfJIr
04:46 Gene Deer - Midnight Healing - Album: amzn.to/31HVv1O
12:30 Chris Bell - Cold-Hearted Woman - Album: amzn.to/2MbpPvd
17:50 Scott Holt - I've Got A Mind To Give Up Album: amzn.to/2M8SgtK
24:00 Bernard Allison - Help Me Through The Day - Album: amzn.to/2Qpd0mf
28:50 Luther Johnson - Lonesome in My Bedroom (Live) - Album: amzn.to/2Og4qU4
35:24 Gary B.B. Coleman - One Eyed Woman - Album: amzn.to/2NsEGV0
39:45 Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad - Album: amzn.to/31GVx9X
46:46 Bronk & Sven Zetterberg - Let's Straighten It Out -amzn.to/3egWlJe
53:56 Balkun Brothers - Sally's Blues - Album: amzn.to/2LFEekf
Don’s Tunes is about the music. It’s about the sound. It’s about the real thing.
My mission for over 10 years is to collaborate with & promote lesser known blues & jazz artists and bring you a selection of tunes with an audiophile sound and real emotion. On my website you can read more about the artists featured on the channel: www.donstunes.com/
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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 9 months ago
Enjoy this collection of some popular and not so popular guitar driven electric blues and blues rock tunes! What is your favorite track, which you want me to feature as a separate video soon?
Khizar Abid
Khizar Abid Day ago
Cheers for this, I've been looking for "advanced guitar lessons pdf" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Wanichael Corylexander Equalizer - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got great results with it.
Fabrizio ebasta
Jane Hamilton
Jane Hamilton 3 days ago
definitely Bronk & Sven Zetterburg's "Let's straighten it out" ...many thanks!
Максим Карп
@Sandŕa Griffiths CT
Judy Powell
Judy Powell 6 days ago
I just released Lonely Boy (After Dark) Playlist Blues for Artists, fans, and kick ass Playlists like Don's tunes. Hope you like it.
Tarsus Broughton
Oh God i love this!!!
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 10 hours ago
Where can I buy a CD copy of this? I don't do MP3...?
Jedo Knight
Jedo Knight 10 hours ago
María elena Moreno vera
Excelente me encanta que manera de mover emociones Sensual y sexy Viajes a cualquier lugar del alma
Aguila prod.
Aguila prod. 19 hours ago
no verbaaaaaaaa
simple plan 2.0
simple plan 2.0 21 hour ago
вообще классно
Hortifruti Castelo
Hortifruti Castelo 23 hours ago
isso q e musica nao e essas bostas aqui do brasil
Edi Supriadi
Edi Supriadi Day ago
Musik blus membuat nyaman tuk tetap di rumah
David Weiss
David Weiss Day ago
j'adore ces musique
Sonia nancy Bianco
Te escuché y te sentí
Arssalane Elouahbi
That's what i want now❤️❤️
Emre Eser
Emre Eser 2 days ago
08.07.2020 🇹🇷
Daniel 2 days ago
Excellent 🥂👍
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 2 days ago
Merouan Sweden
Merouan Sweden 2 days ago
L'éblouissement des sens 💖 So deep !
Elmer Decrepito
Elmer Decrepito 2 days ago
for the listening pleasure of my best friend out there named Alicia Paco, a ship captain of the cruise ship.
Joaquin Rodil
Joaquin Rodil 2 days ago
0:55 Françoise Dorleac
GULNUR 2 days ago
Супер ❤❤❤💥💥👌
Deborah Samuels
Deborah Samuels 2 days ago
Omg my dad loved music so healing he was a drunk and a gambler sober six years before death 19?
bellesnik 2 days ago
РЕСПЕКТ +1500!!!
Gian Smith
Gian Smith 3 days ago
Midnight Healing is timeless...
Herry Suryanto
Herry Suryanto 3 days ago
Xie Man Gun
Xie Man Gun 3 days ago
Umut Furkan
Umut Furkan 3 days ago
Türk yok mu?
Debra Vowell
Debra Vowell 3 days ago
Call up and the line is busy that's what makes you feel so bad.
alba farias
alba farias 3 days ago
Me fascina la música de blues
William Dariz
William Dariz 3 days ago
Quem está ouvindo para relaxar/estudar/trabalhar?? Quarentena julho 2020 Brasil!!!
Cerber mini
Cerber mini 3 days ago
Thank you
José Francisco Paula
Thank´s Don´s Tunes! Very good!! Varginha-MG - Brasil
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 3 days ago
Enjoy my friend!
mobile games tester
From morocco ... we love it
Yuri Manuilovich
Yuri Manuilovich 4 days ago
Slightly Hanover...
Fati Fatima
Fati Fatima 4 days ago
احب البلوز!!!!
248034607 4 days ago
Hold up!! What!!!!
serry erry
serry erry 5 days ago
I like and enjoy
Charles Cristofini
deep soul music thanks to all the afro American brothers... Yeah Brother get down deep and let lose...
Luis Alonso Esquer Chávez
que buena musica maestro, muchas gracias, saludos desde hermosillo, sonora, mexico
Carlusso Pissineli
nancy lezcano
nancy lezcano 5 days ago
Oh my god! Beautiful!
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 5 days ago
Enjoy Nancy!
kevin benavides
kevin benavides 5 days ago
Maravilloso exelente magestuosa musica 😎 que no muera nunca lo bueno ✌
Jason Poharama
Jason Poharama 5 days ago
I miss the days when my great grandfather would go outside smoke a joint then come inside and jam the blues on his guitar till all of us fell asleep. 28yrs later I'm doing it for my children..
evando nunes de azevedo
Músicas de qualidade nunca deixa de ser apreciada, eu sou fã de BLUE, e esses artistas nunca serão esquecidos.....
Reinan Rodrigues
Reinan Rodrigues 5 days ago
Galera na hora da gratinada isso é bom viu
Владимир Поташников
Я незнаю очем он поёт ,но я думаю о хорошем ,человеке.И сам он хороший человек.!!!???
Jarosław Trawiński
my depression likes it
Gans29 Gans
Gans29 Gans 5 days ago
Отлично !
j b
j b 6 days ago
Very nostalgique porque! Nice 14 JUILLET 1959! Et je viens de voir le FEU D'ARTIFICE de 2019! Love this! Good afternoon for you! Besos! SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE!
Ronaldo Andrade
Ronaldo Andrade 6 days ago
mike v
mike v 6 days ago
brilliant, amazing : )
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 6 days ago
Enjoy Mike!
Michael Yates
Michael Yates 6 days ago
This music, a crystal glass, two ice cubes and some Royal Lochnagar Special Reserve Heaven!!!!!!!!!!! l
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 6 days ago
databunny 6 days ago
Hola I've a small educational channel and it will mean the world to me if you would be a part of my channel 😼
Leen Huijer
Leen Huijer 6 days ago
So nice ... even without a drink ; thank you for sharing
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 6 days ago
Enjoy Leen!
armand hammer hammer
indonesia.👍.from indonesia.banyak island
AJAY KUMAR Bharbhare
This is the most sexiest and the most recommended to listen while you are high.. guys please understand when you go through crap time........
Laura G
Laura G 7 days ago
Amaizing beutiful music ☆♡
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 7 days ago
Jen Bergeron
Jen Bergeron 7 days ago
awesome compilation... totally chilled and relaxed.... love the blues...
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 7 days ago
Enjoy Jen!
Flor Monge
Flor Monge 7 days ago
Degustando! Que bello!
Jessyca Pereira
Jessyca Pereira 7 days ago
Perfect!! ❤❤❤❤
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 7 days ago
Rafael Machado
Rafael Machado 7 days ago
Som bom pra fuder
Jorge Valeriano
Jorge Valeriano 7 days ago
Me encantaron todas las canciones
Kus Kus
Kus Kus 7 days ago
Happy listen músic blues
juan 2587
juan 2587 8 days ago
Che alguien hace directo de GTA
Emcs Pruu
Emcs Pruu 8 days ago
Só música boa 🥃
Meditation Music for Sleep
❤️🎵 Amazing music, such a beautiful voice, the soft sound of electric guitar makes me relax, 🤗 i had heard few songs of blues, but with tis song i think that i am a new fan of this kind of music, thank you, very good job. 🤗
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 8 days ago
Enjoy my friend!
Карина Клименко
Обожаю первую тему особенно, тащусь настолько сильно что прониклась каждой клеточкой тела
danielha crosby
danielha crosby 8 days ago
friday the 13th game
The Almighty god
The Almighty god 8 days ago
Im literally crying seeing something this good on yt. Love from india! Oh the midnight blues
gastank43 7 days ago
Don't you go and get tears in your whisky now.
The Almighty god
The Almighty god 8 days ago
@Don's Tunes 💜🙏😉
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 8 days ago
Enjoy man!
артур даниелян
Ciao dalla Russia! fantastico.............................
Ivan Basic
Ivan Basic 8 days ago
Muy lindo temas..desdes arg🇦🇷👍🖑🖑🖑🖑...
Влад Плужний
Слова здесь непомогут ей .и только блюз.
CMG Howard
CMG Howard 9 days ago
Working from home and this in the background .What else i could ask for ? NOTHING .
Ник пак
Ник пак 9 days ago
это космос!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jingle Nuts
Jingle Nuts 9 days ago
Good song...
Ricardo Wilson
Ricardo Wilson 10 days ago
perfect for drinks Johnnie Walker Gold 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 10 days ago
Bernan filikci
Bernan filikci 10 days ago
Öyle yorucu bir gün , yıkıcı günler, darmadağınık düşünceler, kırık bir kız odasının bir köşesinde hayattan kopmuş, dalıp gitmiş. Uçsuz bucaksız hayalleriyle ruhunu, benliğini, dünyayı yakmış ve sadece blues rock ile bütünleşmiş ay ışığıyla dolu bu güzel gecesinde...
john dicapua
john dicapua 11 days ago
nuthin' like the slow blues …. long live the blues !
Farago Dobrila
Farago Dobrila 11 days ago
Кот Шредингера
Perfect 👌 👍
Madridista74 11 days ago
mihai carjan
mihai carjan 11 days ago
sunteti minunati
Jyotsna Singh
Jyotsna Singh 11 days ago
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