Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 Renewable Energy For Dozens Of Homes

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This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly come up with a solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas. Using the power of water, the turbine can be installed to most river and canals, using the current to produce energy - which the creators claim is enough to power up to 60 homes.
Could this be the future for all energy production?
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9 фев 2018

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Комментарии 2 985
Hantu Manusia
Hantu Manusia 41 секунду назад
Mladen Manjić
Mladen Manjić 9 часов назад
This could be the future of producing cheep electricity if the governments around the world would let you do that.
martin craggs
martin craggs 10 часов назад
What about the bull heads, Minnows and baby trout?
plumtube01 22 часа назад
Here in Australia we a modifying an old hydro power station on a dam built in the 1950s, so that solar power will pump water back to the top during the day, so it can flow back down at night! Quite simple but effective for generating power 24/7.
Shobha Muffu
Shobha Muffu День назад
Aquatic life does it get effecting where, aquatic fishes will go
Shobha Muffu
Shobha Muffu День назад
Where fishes die when it enter to blades
Zee Roo
Zee Roo День назад
Not make in China
Augh Bable
Augh Bable 2 дня назад
While it does not looking like something new, basically it took the commercializing and production of it hopefully to a whole new level. Like the solar panel, now you can get a mat type and simply bring it when you camp or hike 👍👍
DatAviation 340
DatAviation 340 3 дня назад
It doesn’t have a headphone jack so....
Dalen Woods
Dalen Woods 3 дня назад
Turns out their was a drought
Alexander Ritthaler
Alexander Ritthaler 3 дня назад
Is this invention designed for both northern and southern hemispheres?
Neo Dintchly
Neo Dintchly 3 дня назад
That's what dams use
Akshay Jaiswal
Akshay Jaiswal 4 дня назад
how much electricity does it produce in a day
gouru gopinath
gouru gopinath 5 дней назад
Very good Worthing
Othman Hussain
Othman Hussain 5 дней назад
Very boring, keep on repeating.
1113 Cntrl
1113 Cntrl 6 дней назад
Try installing one of these. I bet all forms of government, from federal, to state, to even local will do everything they can to prevent you from doing this. Just like collecting rain water.
JASON'S WORLD 6 дней назад
I installed one in my toilet, now I generate power every time I urinate.
Scapa Flow
Scapa Flow 6 дней назад
Вас по русски говорить не учили?
wireless one
wireless one 7 дней назад
This is a great idea..but I think if you install one on a river in the USA the EPA or DNR will make you remove it
Scott Magill
Scott Magill 7 дней назад
Now the star forts all of the earth make sense
ღKatyღ 7 дней назад
I want that turbo in my GT86
Kiril Dimitrov
Kiril Dimitrov 7 дней назад
How much the turbine?
Anthony Steele
Anthony Steele 7 дней назад
Im curious how much it draws on coriolis effect. From what Ive read barely anything at all
Anthony Steele
Anthony Steele 7 дней назад
why is it better than a regular water turbine?
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers 7 дней назад
I don’t think it’s entirely better. It’s just better for small scale power since it won’t block an entire river, and doesn’t need a big one either.
Manoo42 7 дней назад
If only I had a river with a 6 foot drop on my property...but I dont...and who does...?
skattergraph 7 дней назад
You have to be dependent on the government. If your not dependent you can't be a slave. Human energy makes the stockmarkets of the world makes the rich richer so you have to work harder.
Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton
Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton 7 дней назад
Damn what would the noise be from that thing but a great idea
anth benit
anth benit 7 дней назад
Works great next to the ocean too.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 дней назад
So basically water turbine
Aaron E
Aaron E 8 дней назад
That is F%#@&ng brillent! Just brillent!
Aaron E
Aaron E 8 дней назад
That's awsume what a hell of an idda!!!!
Alex A.
Alex A. 8 дней назад
Hey Trump... get the coal workers to build this
The Immortal
The Immortal День назад
They said it'll provide power for a dozen homes. I guess the other tens of millions would be tucked
Robin Elliot
Robin Elliot 8 дней назад
Until a stick floats in there
Yaratoma 8 дней назад
How is it affected by flood and landfall residue?
thatoneguy youmightknow
thatoneguy youmightknow 9 дней назад
I wonder how corrosion resistant it is. A lot of road salt gets into our water systems here
Francesco Satta
Francesco Satta 9 дней назад
Geniale! !!
joe 9 дней назад
2019 and now people are just thinking of this shit? Thats not a serious question i know fossil fuel has been obsolete for decades.
ncsam 000000
ncsam 000000 9 дней назад
"Can provide power to dozens of homes" lmfao wow this will save the world. Lol
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 9 дней назад
Wilson Wilson
Wilson Wilson 9 дней назад
This is worse than the solar panels my Republican neighbors installed. His Bills increased 1000% and demons came out of a hole in the ground in his back yard then his family died all because he installed solar panels, you should hear what happened to my other neighbors that installed a turbine just like this one in the video. Their whole town was sucked in to a demonic vortex and Hillary Clinton was down there too.
Chris Watson
Chris Watson 9 дней назад
Fury was robbed!!
Faux Shizle
Faux Shizle 10 дней назад
That is, unless like most places, the water is SEASONAL...and this FAILED idea helps no one.
Nikolai Korsov
Nikolai Korsov 10 дней назад
Theres no such thing as free energy. Not yet at least. Free requires permanently sustainable, unsupervised, self maintaining systems. But even then someone has to build and install those systems
Pulkit Jawal Maths & Reasoning TRICKS
Cost of this project.???
chris sparshott
chris sparshott 10 дней назад
Brilliant Idea.Could they not put a removable/lockable Grill by the Sluice Gate to stop larger Debris and Fish from entering the system.They could shape it like a cube so they could drop the sluice gate reducing the waterflow,unlock,spin it so the filter was now horizontal and easy to remove/clean while a fresh side was now in place+if it reduced water flow then increase the drop before it enters the Turbine.
Francisco Rosero
Francisco Rosero 10 дней назад
It works just as a watermill
Nal Dawson
Nal Dawson 10 дней назад
nothing new
Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud
Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud 10 дней назад
The only new thing I can see is the less efficient design of it. The conventional water turbines are much better designed.
MrNuwis1975 10 дней назад
Those wood chips, garbage, etc. Can fall into Propeller motor Therefore, it must be done somthings that prevents the debris from flowing into the propeller motor.
HIS Footprints OnWater
HIS Footprints OnWater 11 дней назад
These whirlpools should have covers over them ..they present a very high risk to animals and children....let's use common sense
Stupid Storm
Stupid Storm 11 дней назад
Absolutely fantastic. Huge demand in US for this.
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