Which is Better?? Cheap Guitar & Expensive Amp, or Expensive Guitar & Cheap Amp??

Rob Chapman
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So, in your opinion who sounded better & how would you spit your budget if you had to do the same challenge??
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Lee & Rob
Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.
I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.
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May 19, 2016




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GlogTheCrusader 3 hours ago
I have an expensive guitar(but its a hand me down), a cheap amp that I bought, and no pedals
My guitar and amp are both quite cheap. My guitar sounds really good with any good amp, but my shitty cheap amp made me feel like it is the guitar that's bad. I didn't make the same mistake with a bass. I got the cheapest bass I could possibly buy and a decent mini amp. Great combo. Expensive amps for life!
jonny dazzels
do the contest again with the same type of guitars
CVC Official
CVC Official Day ago
1000 pounds for a guitar and amp? I have an ibanez RG 60 ALS so a 1000 pounds guitar and a 250 pound amp
siavash sohangir
siavash sohangir 2 days ago
Chappers could have win easy, bad picks
Jacob W. Høgfeldt
Well I don’t know by this video if you should spend more on your guitar or amp. I think it’s a matter of taste. Do what you wanna do.
Mane 3 days ago
I think i might have gotten the cheapest cheap guitar and amp combo It costed me just 20 dollars, and it came with jack lead, 3 low strings, oxidised pots and switch and a broken pickup, but it siynds great now that im ordering new parts for it
J Lee
J Lee 3 days ago
Cheap guitar. You can upgrade pickups later on and you’re gonna get about 98% of the tone you want from expensive tube amp and a cheap guitar modded. And you can always get a new guitar at some point
Kartik Shrivastava
I'm just sitting here with my $70 guitar and my $30 amp
rafdannyboy 3 days ago
Is this how much the Gibson Tribute guitars were in 2016? They're a grand now!
David Wright
David Wright 3 days ago
..wots betuh .. clean undies and dirty pants or clean pants and dirty undies ?
ThingTV 4 days ago
I just started watching this vid, but I already have strong opinions. Bad amps make everything sound bad.
dylan harper
dylan harper 5 days ago
22:32 I’m sorry but that tone is..... beautiful holy hell 🥵
Nathan Land
Nathan Land 5 days ago
Got an Epiphone les paul special I on sale around 120$ fender mustang( solid state) cheap, but the usb doesn't seem to respond. A looper plus wah probably all les then what you guys paid. Given the amp was used. I am happy with it thus far. Also you can find recording studio for your phone for free if you want to play over tracks. Not the best recording qaulity, but you have to give some love to raw recording.
chris webb
chris webb 5 days ago
bit dumb really... if you can afford decent guitars you can afford decent amps... if you can only afford a cheap guitar youre not exactly going to out and buy a fucking Mesa are you?
MoonshineSazerac 5 days ago
One of my guitarists, when I was still at school, played a Yamaha Pacifica. She was a skinny welsh girl, family troubles, lived in a caravan on their driveway. Had a fucking attitude, and we loved her. About five or six years ago, maybe more, I'd heard she'd died by suicide. I cannot see a Yamaha Pacifica without immediately seeing her busted jeans, purple tshirt, and chunky beanie. I recently found an old photograph of her, myself, and our bassist, sitting in my living room with our shitty practice amps.
Aether Killer
Aether Killer 8 hours ago
Shit man, im so sorry.
Recon 5 days ago
Cheap Electric Guitar and a Line 6 Spider V amp would be a golden start I say
Forine 6 days ago
just bought a guitar and amp for 75 quid off ebay. It's not for gigging and only for practise so it'll be fine for me.
Vincent Dalton
Vincent Dalton 6 days ago
7:23 washburn?
Elvis Dcruz
Elvis Dcruz 7 days ago
I miss these videos
Anique Zafar
Anique Zafar 7 days ago
Going back in time and Chappers having hair makes me feel rather odd... 🤣
Arthur Powell
Arthur Powell 8 days ago
How the fuck are those les Pauls so fucking cheap wtf
Daron Iceman
Daron Iceman 8 days ago
How about cheap everything.
Laharz 9 days ago
I’ve just bought the les Paul guitar bundle since I’m just starting to play the guitar for the first ever time, do you have any suggestions or anything to help me out when I first start? I know it comes with lessons which is awesome but I would love to learn from you
dawoud8013 10 days ago
answer in a min : Why spending more and more money in a guitar with a fukking sound if it"s to go thru an amp that give you a marmalade sound ? it's logical and needs a 2 min video to explain. not more.
SIMON ESE CARNAL 10 days ago
Best video ever!
Shawn McKenzie
Shawn McKenzie 10 days ago
I would like to argue against a Les Paul being the best guitar in the world. I find them clunky and muddy sounding for my taste. Not versatile enough, I guess I'm trying to say. But, who am I? I like a Strat and an Excelsior as my prefered tone.
Charlie Nadeau
Charlie Nadeau 11 days ago
all of the links are broken
Joseph Rigley
Joseph Rigley 11 days ago
I have a Jackson JS22 its £209 on your site and its pretty epic for a starter guitar it curb stomps the Peavey Raptor special I got when I started, I actually kinda miss that crappy old Peavey.
Shane Parsons
Shane Parsons 12 days ago
Blackstar ID series would have been a good shout for low budget.
I'll take the Yamaha, but I'll offer $185 Quid Pro Quo :) Hey this isn't Andertons YT channel Rob? What if my budget is $350 pounds total?
Marvin Starr
Marvin Starr 13 days ago
Definitely best amp you can afford and any $100 guitar with a humbuckers will do.
Emma Loves Sharks
Emma Loves Sharks 13 days ago
I don’t know about y’all but I just love the sound and feel of cheap guitars and couldn’t imagine myself playing anything over 500 bucks
Shaun Carver
Shaun Carver 14 days ago
I’m a beginner at 36 and I have a SG. simple & cheap & the neck is a beast and I have small hands. I was not expecting a baseball bat for a neck. I might by a tele then comeback to my SG lol.
music channel
music channel 15 days ago
How about a diamond pekingese dog.
Janell Geary
Janell Geary 16 days ago
Anyone else from the US here? A 750 pound guitar... Holy shit..
XDX 16 days ago
no debate on this ofc a cheap guitar and an expensive amp can make huge different at the sound.i dont think the opposite can give much.unless the cheap guitar is totally garbage
Honza Mikan
Honza Mikan 16 days ago
What about mid range both? Spend just enough
Al M S
Al M S 16 days ago
Which one is better? Depends on the Player I dont care if u got top brand instrument u can have the same Gibson SG and Marshall amp like Angus Young but you aint gonna Rock if you dont put the time in to hone your skills its just not happening
AndThereYouHaveIt 17 days ago
With that budget - Pacifica, THR10 and rest for guitar lessons. Unfortunately my budget was about 150€ so I ended up with even cheaper guitar, plug amp and learning from YT :)
Uriel S. Morrill
Uriel S. Morrill 19 days ago
Now I want a CUBE amp!!!!
combat viking
combat viking 20 days ago
My first rig was a fernandez strat $400, the amp was an old beat up something "hornet" that i found at a yard sale and rewired because it didnt work when I got it $35 and a big muff and dan electro tape echo. I think i paid under $100 for both. Over 20 years later, 7 or 8 amps, dozens of pedals, and a dozen expensive guitars and I think that first rig sounded as good as the $2000 doller prs and the $1500 marshal Im using now.
SamTheMan 20 days ago
Who else wanted them to plug the Les Paul into the Fender and Pacifica into the Cube.
Andrew 21 day ago
1000 pounds thats some heavy guitar gear
combat viking
combat viking 21 day ago
Everything cheap. 33% give or take: amp, guitar, pedals, all second hand.
Yothana Thanasak
Yothana Thanasak 21 day ago
I love this kind of content so much. Please bring it back in 2021.
Paul Mueller
Paul Mueller 22 days ago
I have both,EVH Wolfgang ,Ibanez RG,and 2 VOX 30W amps,and believe it or not,the Ibanez sounds better sometimes,Live Wire pickups sometimes lead to too much feedback(Wolfgang), at volume, but the Ibanez is still great and has EMG pickups as well,but no tremolo bar.I have found really no reason so far to have expensive amp,the VOX is loud enough,has plenty of presets and a tuner.
Mike Belasco
Mike Belasco 22 days ago
Rob won this one
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 23 days ago
I'd get a classic vibe strat and a blues junior/or marshal 40
Ernest James Galindo
My air guitar is priceless
Fuze Tofu 69
Fuze Tofu 69 23 days ago
if you had 1000 budget why are you thinking about buying one more expensive? just buy a 500$ amp and a 500$ guitar
Joe Scorpion and The Inspectoids
Easy answer. A more expensive guitar will be set up to play easier. A more expensive amp will give you more sounds if you are good enough to express yourself. Just try a lot of guitars and buy what feels good. Amps buy a boogie and you can use it forever.
Kachow oww
Kachow oww 27 days ago
'or just live in Guildford with rich parents' lol
Fataday Korngor
Fataday Korngor 27 days ago
Guy playing the opening of Carousel around 13:38 :)
John Michael Gray
John Michael Gray 28 days ago
I got a 50$ guitar that my friend stole from a county fair and am now shopping for a roughly 100 dollar amp so this video is more of a flex than an education
Fiasco3 28 days ago
You can fudge it with a cheap guitar (some pretty good ones around). You can't do anything if you have a bad sounding amp.
Allosaurus Fragilis
How about 500 on each? Medium guitar /amp?
NiakaiN Month ago
The answer is to just get ibanez for both guitar and amp. That'll set you up as a beginner for as long as you need it. Chances are you'll keep the guitar forever and just upgrade your amp if you start playing in a band or something.
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson Month ago
does it need to take that long
You guys are funny, you should probably switch too then play amp best guitar best and cheap guitar cheap anp. I think the solo in the beginning of the cheap guitar Dusted you it was kind of hilarious. Also I believe that issue of tribute guitar is a single cut Wood no bindings So it was sort of like tribute to old school raw power no fancy garbage. I almost bought one a while back on eBay
Reinbows End
Reinbows End Month ago
Concrete, the Roman's greatest contribution.
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Month ago
Do you notice the joy of purchasing and picking a decent priced guitar vs the anxiety of trying to find a choose a budget guitar? The amp doesn't even come into the whole equation.
Teo Prckov
Teo Prckov Month ago
So what is the answer cheap guitar expensive amp or the other way around. Im not spending 39:20 mins of my life for one question. Someone plz tell me
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz Month ago
Expensive amp. Most "cheap" guitars these days that come in beginner packs or are just little brother versions of a bigger brand are built very well. What you need to do is learn to set them up so they play correctly, trust me it'll go a LONG LONG way. There are hundreds of videos on this subject. Lmk if you need recommendations on things like guitars or amps but remember to do your own research as well, everyone has a personal preference.
Wouter Carree
Wouter Carree Month ago
I’m a great Beatles fan and I recently bought a Gretsch guitar and a Vox amp with a combined price of over 2000 dollars... Yeez these two beasts together it’s freakin’ amazing. Even with a budget of 2k you can sound like whoever you want! It’s like the Beatles are back together and perform in my bedroom every day!
Black Drop
Black Drop Month ago
Anyone knows about Reverb website why are their prices are so low ... are they a scam ?
The Blytonian
The Blytonian Month ago
Like watching a pair of delinquents in high school, without the behaviour excuse of being 13 or 14.
Trashmanzero Month ago
I play a $100 epiphone through a Orange rockerverb half stack, guess what? It sounds great
Mod Nagant
Mod Nagant Month ago
Easy. Get a nice tube amp for a grand, find a medium level guitar for $500 beans, throw in whatever shitbox pedal or multi effect you want. Amp makes the sound man. Go find a cheap solid state and plug a $5k PRS in it and tell me it sounds good....
Gordon Beck
Gordon Beck Month ago
If you're on a really tight budget you're better off using amp sims. Pretty much everybody has a desktop pc or laptop that can run a free DAW like Reaper ("free" wink wink) or Cakewalk. Or use a VST host like Kushview Element or Cantabile Lite. Then get a few free amp sims and see what you like. Poulin, Ignite Amps, Nembrini, Mercuriall, Nalex, Audiority, Vadim Taranov, Black Rooster, the list of free amp sims is endless. The most important thing is the cab impulse response though. There are tons of free ones, the Ignite Amps NadIR loader comes with a few good ones as well. Kalthallen, Valhallir, Wilkinson Audio, Redwirez, Catharsis Studios, Seacow Cabs, Panda Sound, ML Soundlabs, Devil's Lab... again, so many to choose from. As far as audio interfaces go, the cheap ones from Behringer are pretty decent. I have an Audient iD4 that I'm really happy with. Try not to cheap out too much on the audio interface as stability issues and background noise can quickly ruin the experience. Other than that, there are great used guitars out there. Local shops sometimes have amazing deals so make sure to check the small music stores as well
Evan Huynh
Evan Huynh Month ago
How about 500 each?
Zaccary Maguire
Zaccary Maguire Month ago
How about all really really expensive gear amp guitar pedals but cheap cables n cheap strings lol
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson Month ago
It’s how you use it, not the money you spent. It’s how you think creatively how to use it. Jack white used unknown cheap gear, and now that gear is expensive.
zukacs Month ago
38:15 No conclusions, do what ever
Juan Fernando Fernández
Conclusion: there was no conlcusion, only prefferences ...
Rawbbing Mysellph
NON.. Parr them or you just kidding yourself..
Lee Connelly
Lee Connelly Month ago
Any guitar can be made to sing..unless it has a fretbuzz..or its complete garbage...not so with the Amplifier. Get a decent Amp first id say. Do yourself a favor..get a STRAT.
Jaxtherabbit Month ago
cheap guitar cheap amp->cheap amp expensive guitar-> expensive amp expensive guitar
Oscar et sa guitare
That’s interesting. PersonallyI have a 550€ guitar tube amp and a 1600€ guitar but very cheap pedals
joey van der Straten
For cheap guitars i have a harley benton 450 bk and its fucking amazing
Sacation Month ago
jokes on them, i started with a €45 amp and €71 guitar
kenneth hasel
kenneth hasel Month ago
It looks like The Captain is always generally disappointed when the Cheapo guitars sound amazing lol
Papa Cole
Papa Cole Month ago
13:38 Someone started playing the riff to the blink-182 song "Carousel"
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham Month ago
nice uneditied video
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham Month ago
5:06 that right there is the epitome of a gearcentric inflated ego. go fuck yourself
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans Month ago
Decent player can make a cheap guitar sound good especially with the aid of a good amp Crap amps are crap no matter who plays them
R. Ulises González C.
used to sell instruments and had a fine bulb amp, no one regretted buying 70 bucks guitars
Spooky Wegion
Spooky Wegion Month ago
me sitting here with a $20 yard-sale guitar and an amp i found in the trash. cool
Reckless Dezire
Reckless Dezire Month ago
Personally asking if a cheap guitar into expensive amp is better than a great guitar into a cheap amp is like asking "which leg is better to cut off for walking- your left or right leg?". I've had great guitars make a shitty amp sound better, but with an electric guitar the amp has more pull on your overall sound where it counts. Assuming the cheap guitar has some level of basic playability and decent intonation and If I had to choose, I'd go with a great amp cheap guitar. But that is still like cutting off one leg to see if you walk better.
Daniel Ryklief
Daniel Ryklief Month ago
I have an $800 amp and a $108 squier bullet tele
Ben Keating
Ben Keating Month ago
The answer is probably Epiphone dot and fender blues jr. and a couple pedals
99sixstring Month ago
Started with a second hand amp / guitar, f*** budget, I got the best of both worlds.
Fa Gyu
Fa Gyu Month ago
The thing is that a cheap guitar can be improved with a good setup/mods but you can't just upgrade your amp
Alliyah Marie Emnace
i agree @Reagan Frieerice
Klng_g Month ago
Me with my 150 💵 🎸 and 200 💵 amp
Banjo Miner
Banjo Miner 2 months ago
in 1993 you couldnt get a guitar for under 250 used unless it was used..
Steve Smulski
Steve Smulski 2 months ago
Don. 2 months ago
Nowadays you can find loads of sub $200 guitars on fb marketplace
Ben Shepherd
Ben Shepherd 2 months ago
Ghost Fret Pro played through almost anything seems to work. :-)
william blackstock
william blackstock 2 months ago
Ohhhhhh money. I was thinking damn those British guitars are heavy!
Pitchwise Pitchkers
Pitchwise Pitchkers 2 months ago
Good expensive amp will do.Nowdays,all guitars are pretty good made..
Carson Hindle
Carson Hindle 2 months ago
I heard someone say, "We are guitar players, not amp players."
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