Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2020?

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Apple’s latest iPhone lineup can be confusing with the six different models currently available. In this video I help you decide between the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. I compare the price, display, battery life, camera, performance, video, FaceID, Touch ID and much more. #iphoneXR #iphone11 #iPhone #iphone11pro #iphone11promax #Apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Start
00:24 - Price and storage
00:58 - Colors
02:52 - Build and materials
03:36 - Weight
03:49 - Display
05:32 - OLED PWM
06:30 - Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch
07:38 - iPhone 11 Scratches
09:09 - Notch
09:37 - Display Resolution
10:23 - Specs
12:04 - Speed Comparison (4K video export)
15:02 - Cameras
15:20 - Front camera comparison
16:48 - Rear camera comparison
18:23 - Photo and video comparison
20:10 - Touch ID vs Face ID
21:15 - Battery life
22:35 - Fast Charging
23:50 - Reception
24:51 - Speakers
25:49 - Water resistance
26:42 - Which iPhone should you choose?
28:04 - Conclusion
28:20 - Outro
28:39 - End
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Jan 1, 2020




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Comments 100
zollotech 8 months ago
***Time Codes*** 00:00 - Start 00:24 - Price and storage 00:58 - Colors 02:52 - Build and materials 03:36 - Weight 03:49 - Display 05:32 - OLED PWM 06:30 - Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch 07:38 - iPhone 11 Scratches 09:09 - Notch 09:37 - Display Resolution 10:23 - Specs 12:04 - Speed Comparison (4K video export) 15:02 - Cameras 15:20 - Front camera comparison 16:48 - Rear camera comparison 18:23 - Photo and video comparison 20:10 - Touch ID vs Face ID 21:15 - Battery life 22:35 - Fast Charging 23:50 - Reception 24:51 - Speakers 25:49 - Water resistance 26:42 - Which iPhone should you choose? 28:04 - Conclusion 28:20 - Outro 28:39 - End
Covertz 9 days ago
@Gábor Ravasz lttltlruk
23v0lv32 3 months ago
zollotech you just earned yourself a sub! Thank you for the great content
Jezer Mendoza
Jezer Mendoza 3 months ago
zollotech damn
Morlaa K
Morlaa K 3 months ago
You’re a real one for this🙌🏽
Aqua • Taurus
Aqua • Taurus 4 months ago
fashion link bangladesh
I see iPhone 11 Pro everywhere I don’t think I am Donna get it I really wanna get it see in my dreams toooooo
Blqsh!ng_ Bxunnq
Blqsh!ng_ Bxunnq 19 hours ago
my first iphone is probably gonna be a 8 is that good still??
Cluqtmanian Hadakimle
All of them are my list of options to choose which one to buy😱😍😍 I think Im going with the Iphone 11 cos its the phone that most ppl pick up cos I want the newest, latest, and greatest hehe..
miajoyo5 Day ago
planning to buy Iphone, but I'm confused which unit to buy? Reading and seeing videos about Iphone 12models. 🤣
XxXxxBoba. ToadXxxXX
Me chilling on my buy one get one free iPhone 7
Ádám Vida
Ádám Vida 2 days ago
I like your videos, very good keep going :)
Peyplaysroblox Tea spills
Face ID gang were y’all at
AMAZED SPLASH 3 days ago
Chilling with my crappy android 🙄
Traxxas Builds
Traxxas Builds 3 days ago
Well how come my iPhone 8 Plus has 256gb? Get your facts right before you say anything 😂 I know it’s a small thing, but please, get your facts before posting a video.
Traxxas Builds
Traxxas Builds 3 days ago
Mans totally forgot about the SE 😂 bruh you said all.
RUFF DIAMONDS 4 days ago
They are all the same damn phone
Mariana Gonzalez Lopez
me sitting here with my iphone 4
Kevin 4 days ago
Sold my iPhone 11 pro and went back to the 8 plus. Loves it. I just miss the feel and look of the old design.
Arif Afrizal
Arif Afrizal 4 days ago
ip x
Robert Knapp
Robert Knapp 4 days ago
upgraded from iphone 7 to an 11 with same capacity (128gb).
Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes 4 days ago
Chillin with a pixel 2 XL tempted to buy an X
Zechidvjchi 4 days ago
I’m chilling with an iPhone 4S.
Mercy Divino
Mercy Divino 5 days ago
Am I the only one who is watching this video using Vivo Y53? 😂😅
Smilla T
Smilla T 5 days ago
What happened to the X and XS
Mian Stranger
Mian Stranger 5 days ago
7 plus and 8 plus are best
Certified Kings
Certified Kings 6 days ago
Getting the pro max next week switching from Android ain't no way I'm buying the 12 and it has no charger in the box
Kameron Joel
Kameron Joel 6 days ago
Chilling with a 6s plus.
ReeceAHxwe 6 days ago
11 Pro Max Gang⚡️
Tony Moncada
Tony Moncada 7 days ago
I have bought every iPhone since 2007. iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and now the iPhone 11 Pro. I can safely say that I will not be getting the iPhone 12 this year. The iPhone 11 Pro has such a nice design and it works so smoothly that I am not ready to move on from it. iPhone 11 Pro is the best Phone on the market.
Awfulbiscuits 8 days ago
I barely have money so ima pick the iphone 8
Ib Dicko
Ib Dicko 8 days ago
Dalton Jayd
Dalton Jayd 8 days ago
Is this flickering you’re speaking of exaggerated in this video? I noticed it on video, would I notice it in person?
Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics 8 days ago
im still good with xsmax and 8plus
EDDIE HERRERA 9 days ago
Who else got 5G?
Red rum Reval
Red rum Reval 9 days ago
I be rockin a iPhone 6s
미친사람 9 days ago
Now you have to do the video again, the iPhone SE
SJ 9 days ago
Can I hv one please I live st.lucia
Melissa Florez
Melissa Florez 10 days ago
I’m watching this on my iPhone se (2020)
Leigh Gatzemeyer
Leigh Gatzemeyer 10 days ago
i have the iPhone 8 plus upgrade from the 6 but over all very happy with this phone I can play my games and music
Jonathan Andrews
Jonathan Andrews 10 days ago
I have the iPhone 8 but can't update my apps on it. It's a good thing I have my pixel 3A XL tbh. I might just wait for the 12 Pro Max since i know it is right around the corner.
Victoria Spaurel, R.Ac.
Nice job Aaron! Thanks so much for the great info. Telus is offering $0 down on iPhone 11 so I think I will go for that one!
Calu & Co.
Calu & Co. 11 days ago
What about iPhone se 2
Vibezz 12 days ago
Me over here with my Samsung Galaxy A10e
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
I use to have that phone now I'm getting the iphone xr
Edwin Zagorski
Edwin Zagorski 12 days ago
Im chilling with my iphone 11 I was ganna get the pro but I ain't paying 1000 dollars
ipar 13 days ago
I prefer the 8 plus
Ghostyz YT
Ghostyz YT 13 days ago
I got the x
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
I love the older iphones like the x and the xr
Miss Chanel
Miss Chanel 14 days ago
Still on my iphone 6 after 7 years
joy ibarra
joy ibarra 14 days ago
Sheesh... I’m using and IPhone 6s Plus 🥺
Sangkema Rai
Sangkema Rai 14 days ago
Where can i buy i phone 8 plus ?
Kelly Parker
Kelly Parker 16 days ago
Just want to say THANKS! I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure out a new phone the last 24 hours, but your vid made me feel comfortable with my decision 😊
Adriano Otayek
Adriano Otayek 16 days ago
Where’s the iPhone 10?
Akid Doesdumbstuff
Akid Doesdumbstuff 16 days ago
Who still has an iPhone 8
bababoey 001
bababoey 001 17 days ago
I'm using a s9+ that I bought 2 months ago why I'm here
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
The s9+ can support 3ds games
Sky_mask !
Sky_mask ! 17 days ago
Just got xr recently, the last one i had was an iphone 7 ans then a hwauei mate 20, good to be back
Catherine Phillips
Catherine Phillips 17 days ago
I recommend *pobhack*on lnstagram he unlocked my device in less than 20min, that guy is a genius.
Catherine Phillips
Catherine Phillips 17 days ago
I got my iPhone from eBay and it was locked so I told my boyfriend and he searched on RUvid and he was referred to *pobhack* on lnstagram he unlocked my device in less than 20min.
River Mathis
River Mathis 20 days ago
What about the iPhone X and iPhone XS max
Harald K08
Harald K08 20 days ago
The IPhone 8 has 256gb not 128
Tracy Burns Ahmet
Everyone chilling with iphones and im here with a samsung s5 wich was relesed in 2013... getting an iphone 8 today tho 😂
Agha Ajmal
Agha Ajmal 21 day ago
Is iphone 8plus avainable in 128 gb
Nicolas Shepherd
Nicolas Shepherd 21 day ago
I’m sorry but that white 8 looks super RAD! And I have an 11
Nicolas Shepherd
Nicolas Shepherd 21 day ago
Look @ the screen compared to the others, I’m not saying they don’t look clean, but it’s something about that white 8
Isaac Southern
Isaac Southern 21 day ago
i have the 11 pro its the best besides the pro max
LiL DrOpLeTz
LiL DrOpLeTz 22 days ago
Where all my iPhone Xr usersssss
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
I'm here I'm getting the xr
amanda 22 days ago
question. for the iPhones that doesn't have the home button, is there other ways to lock your phone without the face id? like a pin or a patten or finger print?
amanda 22 days ago
i'm deciding between the iPhone 8+ and the iPhone XR. Can anyone help me? I need one for my editing, not too old, and not too expensive.
Sam Dixon
Sam Dixon 23 days ago
I have the iPhone 8 Plus for work and LOVE IT!!!!! and I have an iPhone X for private use and LOVE that also. My wife has the iPhone 11 Pro Max and it is great but to be honest I dont real see a big difference! its not really in any way faster and the screen does not even look any better than my iPhone 8 plus. Yes the pics are a bit better but to be honest thats about it!
Bajan Boo
Bajan Boo 23 days ago
Why they can’t have the newer model phones with the finger print unlock which is a classic feature. I mean u can still have face recognition unlocking and also finger print unlock by touching the home screen. All in one would be ideal
itsjoeyboy_ 23 days ago
nah! I have my iPhone SE 2016 and I'm still happy with it. :D
Allysse 23 days ago
If I’m leaving my iPhone 7 I’m jumping all the way to the newest iphone. Chances are I’ll wait another 6 years to upgrade again so I may as well go to the newest phone 🤷🏽‍♀️
Dripped In Fire
Dripped In Fire 24 days ago
Another thing to keep in mind guys gazelle is a great website for refurbished phones I bought a iPhone 8 year ago for 360-370 and I can re sell it to them for 130 and I managed to have no cracks or scratches and the phone works great got it with no problems after a year the iPhone 8 on that sight dropped a $100 in value currently $269 depending on carrier and gb size but good phones for a great price highly recommend
Alessa Dolan
Alessa Dolan 25 days ago
And there's me with my iphone 6s :')
Akami Channel
Akami Channel 26 days ago
The RAM will not affect the speed in that test!!! RAM will have no effect. For the same reason that increasing the trunk space in your vehicle doesn't make it go faster!
Asher Hecht
Asher Hecht 26 days ago
Chilling with the gold iPhone 8 making me jealous
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
What about the 10 the 10s and 10s max
Karen Gutierrez
Karen Gutierrez 26 days ago
umm he says they are easy to break but any normal person that gets a expensive phone puts a case on it to protect it the people who dont just ask for it... no hate just wanted to point out that would not really be a major topic to talk on because of cases and stuff.
I G 27 days ago
I need advice should I wait for iPhone 12 my 6s. Plus is freezing up.. hope it makes the wait. ?
jjmf1222 15
jjmf1222 15 27 days ago
Got a 8 plus 256GB for $327 excellent conditions I’ll wait for the 11pro max till I grab it for $400 IPhones are not worth that kind of money for what they offer
Citlally Ramirez
Citlally Ramirez 28 days ago
Still using my 6s Plus 😖
bibhasna gurung
bibhasna gurung 28 days ago
I go with iPhone 11
Whack Tom
Whack Tom 28 days ago
I don’t care about the iPhone, the 7 is fine I just need a larger phone😂 they’re all so small!
Whack Tom
Whack Tom 28 days ago
I’m bouta get an iPhone 7 because my 6 has a degraded battery and can run 10 FPS
lets get prepared together
I upgraded my 6s plus to 11 to 11 pro max
StressConsumer 28 days ago
Bruh the title says which phone u should choose and then he says let me know which one you pick.. ATLEAST RECOMMEND ONE
Mustache Cat
Mustache Cat 29 days ago
I’m picking the 11 or X-r
natalia 29 days ago
where’s my too broke to afford anything that doesnt have a home button gang at
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
Im broke to
AnderX Month ago
I just bought the iPhone 8 Plus it’s worth it
Tamam 86
Tamam 86 Month ago
is the iphone se 2020 a good phone?
iiiCamerxn Month ago
I miss listening to music while charging.
Whack Tom
Whack Tom 28 days ago
AirPods! One size fits all right? Not me :(
Cummins 12V
Cummins 12V Month ago
Where my iPhone 8 Plus
Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar Month ago
i will go with xr i am coimg from 7 and i take xr beast battery of xr good
Mikaelson Squad
Mikaelson Squad Month ago
iPhone 10 (X) users?
I'm 14 Roby rich
I'm 14 Roby rich 10 days ago
The iphone x needs to get stronger
hAZzard YT
hAZzard YT Month ago
Im getting a 8+
Fiorella Salazar
Super helpful. Thanks for sharing
Bumblina Month ago
I just bought a refurbished iPhone 8 😊 first phone!
Francois Caron
Francois Caron Month ago
Great review...
Marcos Ty
Marcos Ty Month ago
I got my iPhone 11 from *secretcodez* on telegram very cheap No doubts the dude is reliable ,very fast and cool
yenk82 Month ago
It's still a pleasure to watch a so well-made video comparison even now in the summer
Nilesh Prabhune
Nilesh Prabhune Month ago
I'm actually confused in se n 8 plus? Which is best choice in 2020
hasan ahmad
hasan ahmad Month ago
8 plus or x what do recommend for gaming
Jemelie Rodriguez
I'm curious why he didn't speak about iphone X??
zollotech Month ago
The iPhone X is no longer sold new by Apple. This only covers phones that are still sold by Apple in the store and online.
smrdish Month ago
bro im still on samsung i wanna die
Kafkaesque Month ago
11 Pro has the perfect size.
Toshi Kichu
Toshi Kichu Month ago
Watching this video on my 6s plus. *Cries in poor*
kayak63 red
kayak63 red Month ago
That was the best presentation. What a lot of work! Stellar job.
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