Which Halo Difficulty Is Truest To The Lore?

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In this video I will look at which halo difficulty is truest to the extended lore of Halo. Check the links below for General Kidd and DLDouble G.
General Kidd - ruvid.net/u-Generalkidd

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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 years ago
Hey everyone! If you are reading this be sure to subscribe to my channel. 80% of viewers are not subscribed! Make sure to become one today! I make tons of great Halo videos that you can enjoy! Stay Notable, LTN
MoriaMan 2 days ago
I can do this whole video in 5 seconds. The cannon difficulty is heroic. "This is the way halo is meant to be played."
Jacob Heath
Jacob Heath 4 months ago
If you take into account “ghosts of onyx” novelization you learn that after losing most of alpha company to a suicide mission and Spartans Tom and Lucy being the only survivors beta company is given a secret enhancement that brings out a primal part of their brain that extends their fighting capabilities as well as strength. Almost like a beast mode. Seeing as how noble 6 is from beta company more than likely he is tapping into this primal rage.
Homosexicle 8 months ago
No thanks. Had to give a dislike after saying chief would get distracted by Cortana. Not even a good joke. Not even true to lore. She's an AI, not a sex object. Why would I subscribe to an idiot?
EuclidSlayer 09
EuclidSlayer 09 9 months ago
So which one the Canon difficulty of halo spv3.2? 🤔
SupraDeluxx Year ago
If John 117 killed 1 million Continent in one day, it was probably on easy.
Liam Gardner
Liam Gardner 3 hours ago
Emile is not dead if you punch him while he's on the ground and you punch him you can see his energy sheilds go down
Vince V
Vince V 15 hours ago
I always thought it was “normal” because normal
AK 464
AK 464 Day ago
Heroic all the way. Never played an a other difficulty for years. It gives you a nice challenge but us never unfair
Nugget 4 days ago
It's pronounced general-heed
Jason 7 days ago
Pointless video you literally showed heroic difficulty saying this is the way halo is to be played ....
Kassy Flowers
Kassy Flowers 8 days ago
Heroic w/ thunderstorm?
Psycho Scorpio
Psycho Scorpio 8 days ago
Heroic is perfect
BroSpeed3 8 days ago
i imagine that the difficulty would be beyond the available difficulty like everyone would be a halo 2 jackal 1 shot or 2 shot with 93% accuracy.
piège à morue42
Heroic the first time, legendary the second
Lord Infamous
Lord Infamous 9 days ago
i like how the elites like in the first two games the most. i don’t like how flat their head and armor shape become later on. i like how long and sharp their head armor was in the original 2 games.
Lord Infamous
Lord Infamous 10 days ago
well master chief is better than most regular spartans, he is god. so normal or easy lol
Denver Starkey
Denver Starkey 10 days ago
i've taken a shit ton of damage on heroic difficulty and survived it , id' say cannon actually falls between heroic and legendary difficulty . keep in mind that each game also is slightly different in difficulty as well , for instance halo 1 on legendary is not nearly as hard as halo reach on legendary for example. also co-op is a massive game changer in the difficulty.
Ay Haet Yoo
Ay Haet Yoo 10 days ago
I mean one shot from magnum kills a hunter in halo one so EaSy?!?!
AeliosZero 10 days ago
I have a good point on this one and it comes from the game you didn't mention, ODST. On the ONI base mission, at one point you are told to retreat inside. On easy and medium, this breaks a little because you are decimating anything the covenant throws at you, so the retreat makes no sense. On Heroic difficulty is when you feel overwhelmed by enemies and it feels logical to retreat. Same thing on the end of the first Halo reach mission l, Winter Contingency, where you need to retreat inside. Other parts of halo levels can mirror this too. I've always found that legendary difficulty makes the Spartans overhyped as they feel like they die as easy as any soldier. All that armour, shielding and augmentations aren't really that helpful and do next to nothing for survivability. For those reasons above I would agree that Heroic is the difficulty that is the right balance for a fun playthrough and the difficulty I choose to enjoy Halo on.
AeliosZero 10 days ago
Kat, however, accidentally switched to legendary difficulty on that one particular level haha
WOKE VADER 11 days ago
I either play heroic w/ thunderstorm skull or legendary. My other favorite is halo 2 legendary w/ thunderstorm skull and the skull that gives chief active camo. I call it demon difficulty.
Rocha House
Rocha House 12 days ago
Heroic, this video is useless.
F4nATiC 13 days ago
Audible is love.
Master Chef
Master Chef 14 days ago
I finished halo reach in all difficulties so it doesn't matter I'm badasssss
AlienWarForce 14 days ago
4:06 That red Spartan looks EXACTLY like my Spartan in Halo: Reach
Cody Powers
Cody Powers 14 days ago
check out this guy who made the exact same video as me. lol
SpartanNub1 14 days ago
What about normal, because it’s normal
StarPrince 510
StarPrince 510 14 days ago
When you go to choose your difficulty it says heroic is the way halo was meant to be played
Quolley 15 days ago
I feel like the canon difficulty lies somewhere between normal and heroic. I feel like on heroic, marines die way too quickly, and normal is slightly too easy. The covenant should still be formidable, but the strength and skill of spartans and their marines would make the covenant fearful unless, like in reach, the covenant outnumbers and outguns them.
B127 Warrior
B127 Warrior 15 days ago
The zealot that killed emile was crouching so he wouldn't show up on radar
Huw Follant
Huw Follant 16 days ago
It was on my recommended and I felt a ray of hope that Luke theNotable had started Halo again. Then I saw the date
Justa Sangheili
Justa Sangheili 17 days ago
Or maybe every mission play a different difficulty, like I feel High Charity is legendary and outskirts is nomal difficulty because remember the covenant didn't know humans live on Earth.
Marcus Daniel
Marcus Daniel 17 days ago
As an avid reader of the the Halo novels, especially TFoR and First strike I must say that I agree with your assessment of heroic difficulty....playing on Heroic vs normal the AI of the covenant, most notably the elites, is ramped up considerably. Elites will take cover when low on shields, will rush you when YOU are low on shields. They are always trying new tactics to kill you and will flank you whenever they can. It is very very similar to combat stories from the book. It's definitely not normal or easy. Easy the elites literally stand there on the beach while you mow down the entire company of covenant troops. Read the novels, the ground combat is fierce. The covenant troops are no push over
TopHatPenguin 18 days ago
I think the weirdest contradiction is with the books and games is in halo the fall of reach they basically never fight on the ground it was always naval fights but all of the games make it seem like every planet had a ground engagement and the spartians there in the field.
russ pc
russ pc 18 days ago
if on legendary, hell no. On legendary im made of paper and gasoline.
man person
man person 18 days ago
Disliked, heroic, video is irrelevant.
Pro Steel
Pro Steel 18 days ago
Definitely heroic
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 19 days ago
fewer** ;)
Your Sister
Your Sister 20 days ago
Oh hey the arbiters here
Thadious Spider
Thadious Spider 21 day ago
Emiele's isnt email man...
SomeRedHairedKid 22 days ago
1:05 500 bucks to anyone who can spell that sound
CMDR_Kai 23 days ago
None of the difficulties are truest to the lore, but easy comes closest. Master Chief is immune to UNSC projectile weapons (except the Railgun), plasma weapons are mildly effective, and only Promethean weapon would provide much of a threat. Also, everyone but Promethean soldiers should mov in slow motion, Master Chief should one-shot elites in melee, etc.
Corable 23 days ago
Next he'll make which retical is truest to the lore
Kirk Petzer
Kirk Petzer 23 days ago
my 2 cents is that its a mix cov health = easy-normal spartan health= heroic-legendary cov ai = legendary
Petar Pigeon
Petar Pigeon 23 days ago
In my opinion heroic.
The Annilators
The Annilators 25 days ago
I would say normal since that’s the difficulty where there are no point modifications, implying that it was a perfectly normal run
halo space dog
halo space dog 25 days ago
Easy mode because he kills things like if that were bugs
weirdkid5 Gaming
weirdkid5 Gaming 26 days ago
10 minute video that could have been answered with the Heroic Difficulty description: "The way Halo is meant to be played." /thread
Kevin DeVere
Kevin DeVere 28 days ago
Normal, if you ask me and I'm an extremely big Halo and Master Chief fan. My reason why is because according to Halo Lore, Chief actually took a direct wraith blast and it completely depleted his shields, and in Halo 2, if you play on normal difficulty and take a direct wraith blast, you'd lose your entire shield indicator. Second, marines wear titanium-ceramic armour from head to toe. Titanium and ceramic have closely the same melting point, 1668°C for titanium and about 1600°C for ceramic. So they're quite well protected from plasma shots
internetnavigator a
Halo's difficulty makes no sense, you can discharge your weapon on some enemies and they often don't die, then you hit them and they may die, they discharge their weapons and you don't die? No problem, they hit you and you die.
James 29 days ago
You could sit back and let the marines deal with most of the Covenant if easy was the cannon difficultly. Humanity would be loosing the war so badly.
seth omeara
seth omeara Month ago
There are also different spartan types, i think that should be taken into account to but idk 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
MrTrenttness Month ago
Ya' know who plays on Easy Mode?
Michael D
Michael D Month ago
Personally I think its on Easy or Normal. Spartans are supposed to be the ultimate soldiers on both sides of the war in the Lore. They can change the tide of battles and changed the tide of the war. Master Chief never died in the Lore. In Heroic and Legendary, a few plasma bolts can kill you, they wouldn't have the fear factor they had if they were jelo like that. ive never seen anyone play through all Halo campaigns without dying at least once (correct me if I'm wrong).
Sebastian Rieger
Legendary squad unite !
Red Deniken
Red Deniken Month ago
1:33 whoops
Akatsuki-Nate 9
Akatsuki-Nate 9 Month ago
Grunts Are on Mythic, And Jackal Snipers are on The Tutorial.
Sam Bainbridge
Sam Bainbridge Month ago
it depends how good you are at the game. Spartans have enhanced reflexes and have more mobility than the player, there for, for a real spartan heroic might fit best, but to match how OP masterchief is I think Normal is closest to lore for experience for most players. Normal is normal
Dommbuscus 2 months ago
Before I watch, it's gonna be Heroic. Everyone calls you out for playing any lower
TOY CHICA 2 months ago
Halo 3 says hero is the way it should be played
Q.H.S 2 months ago
I’ll tell you what. There is no such thing as “normal”. normal is just the shaped reality we get used to. Not trying to go on a writers tangent but either way. Heroic is what I think, you must be careful but you’re still a powerful spartan. I played reach and CE on Heroic twice and it was a good challenge yet I still felt like a powerful hero. Easy is easy, Normal is for a first time, Heroic is the real way to play the game, and legendary is for bragging rights, achievements, and unlockables. That is all. Don’t know why I didn’t comment this well over a year ago when I found this... actually it’s probably because I was a wimp that wouldn’t even touch Heroic or Legendary at all. Now... I say different
A really cool Purple Hat
I love the halo books but there are a LOT of contradictions. Hunters apparently had never been seen until way after harvest yet we have hunters in halo wars (chalk it up to no eye witnesses or surviving data?) And the biggest contradiction is the Halo reach storyline delivering a newly born Cortana to the pillar of autumn when the books state that she had existed for a while before the invasion of reach and never really left Chiefs side. (Maybe in Halo Reach you aren't delivering Cortana herself but a fragment of her containing crucial forerunner data????)
Duke 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that at 5:30 when he said thats not the answer he showed a clip of "The Answer" SAW variant from halo 5.
TobiasIsBroken 2 months ago
I only do legendary
Richard Avelino
Richard Avelino 2 months ago
Χχ_Бфζïггaтнё4τн TM
Easy Master chief and Arbiter Normal Spartans and ODSTs Heroic marines Legendary civilians
He llo
He llo 3 months ago
You NEED to come back to halo. I love your halo videos and I think they are much more entertaining than fortnite and that stuff. When halo infinite comes out I think you should focus on that for awhile.
Cybermat47 3 months ago
According to Frank O’Connor, the canon difficulty is Heroic.
Samuel Trescott
Samuel Trescott 3 months ago
"This is the way halo was ment to be played" Heroic
Noah Hastings
Noah Hastings 3 months ago
"That business in Halo 4 & 5, doesn't, doesn't count."
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 months ago
I’d say halo reach heroic makes sense.
scaly raptor 1944
scaly raptor 1944 3 months ago
At the beginning couldnt tell it was you until i saw the LTN
A Fisch
A Fisch 3 months ago
Spartan 2s: normal Spartan 3s: heroic ODST: legendary marines: all skulls legendary
Jedi Spartan 38
Jedi Spartan 38 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure that LASO is pretty much D Day for the AI.
Miles Prower
Miles Prower 3 months ago
"Which Halo difficulty is truest to the lore"? LASO obviously!
Mitchell Skinner
Mitchell Skinner 3 months ago
In the books Spartans are actually considered MIA when they die. I think it was to keep Marine morale up or something. So not so cringe
TheDrCrow 3 months ago
The Unsc is a 3 year old and the Covenant is an abusive Dad with a belt. In lore humanity was constantly on its knees getting belted, even with Spartans there was nothing they could do besides win ground level skirmishes. You should also consider the actual lore depiction of plasma weapons. In truth plasma or any Covenant weapon in general were far superior then any arms the Unsc had. With the technological and numbers gap the likely difficulty for all Halo games is Legendary
PurplePanda 8
PurplePanda 8 3 months ago
I always felt like it's not legendary in Halo CE because the marines are just useless and do nothing at that difficulty, whereas canon they're able to do some stuff.
Owen Willicome
Owen Willicome 3 months ago
I say it’s Heroic because in Reach on the difficulty selection screen it says “this is the way Halo is meant to be played”. That’s cannon enough for me.
Marshall Xeno
Marshall Xeno 3 months ago
I'mma just leave how Noble Team died here (in order) Noble 5 (Jorge): Set off bomb manually Noble 2 (Kat): Needle through the head Noble 3 (Jun): [Unkown] Noble 1 (Carter): Kamikaze into Scarab Noble 4 (Emile): Impaled by energy sword Noble 6 (Six): One vs many And then Master Chief is still alive out there kicking ass
Sam Bainbridge
Sam Bainbridge Month ago
yeah jun is not unknown
Cybermat47 3 months ago
Jun didn’t die. He escaped Reach and became a recruiter for the SPARTAN-IVs.
Bryce 3 months ago
Nothing above normal. Even if I was doing a mission at max speed while killing all necessary enemies in Halo1 on legendary, it would take me more than 20 minutes of in game time and I would die several times.
eat toes
eat toes 3 months ago
I know I'm late but for the dante thing, he's a gamma company spartan so he has a special sort of "rage" drug like brutes. So when he's pissed as fuck he just goes ape shit while losing all sense of pain.
Philip Fahy
Philip Fahy 3 months ago
My baseline guess is Heroic, based on how they talk about it in the game description. If I was going from the books and such, I would say legendary, just because of the sense of dread you get from humanity. But I think heroic fits for what we see damage-wise in game too. On heroic, you are decently tanky with shields, but get absolutely wrecked when they drop. Noble 6 could withstand several plasma shots to the body and live as well. Remember, on higher difficulties, plasma weapons nuke you not just by damage, but how fast and accurate they are shot. That's why jackals with shields and plasma pistols are deadlier than basic elites on heroic.
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 3 months ago
Heroic. The game tells you that it's the way "the game is meant to be played"
Itz Nauticull
Itz Nauticull 3 months ago
The description for heroic is the way Halo is meant to be played...this video is just unnecessary
Josh Mc
Josh Mc 3 months ago
heroic with thunderstorm and tilt is my cannon.
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