Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

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Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
Watched the video? Here are a few more details on The Times website. www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/arts/bob-ross-paintings-mystery.html
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Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 15 633
Emily Rhyne
Emily Rhyne Month ago
Hi, I’m Emily, one of the producers who made this video. I also shot and edited it! 1) Yes, that is SpongeBob music. 2) Fun fact, I had never watched Bob Ross before making this video. #happylittleaccident 3) BTW, for those of you who didn’t make it to the end of the video… a selection of his paintings will appear in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. nyti.ms/2xIsshb
Trenton Mcbride
Trenton Mcbride 11 hours ago
You pulled a sneaky one on us
Cartoon Chan
Cartoon Chan 11 hours ago
Spoiler alert
VIOD Day ago
Emily Rhyne sure u did
T. Isaac Halasima
Emily Rhyne I hope they doubled your pay after this. I’m crazy critical of the editors I work with mostly because that’s where I first made a name for myself. Such a fantastic pace. Awesome cut.
Jeps McSmackin
You did a great job
Jay Suma
Jay Suma 23 minutes ago
The executive assistant is hilarious omg I love her 😂😂😂
All The Lonely People
All The Lonely People 27 minutes ago
There are about 3,627 Bob Ross paintings. 31x13x3x3=3627
Alexov Brusilov
Alexov Brusilov 34 minutes ago
Spongebob musica
Zara Kotov
Zara Kotov Hour ago
8:21 trans pride
vChillzz TV
vChillzz TV Hour ago
Just watched him and now I’m hooked lol
Laurelizab Hour ago
SpongeBob Ross
MarcoTrolll Hour ago
I thought he meaned Kowalski from the penguins of madagascar 😂😂
NasianADS Hour ago
kowalski analysis
Simon J Marshmallow
Fun fact: if your parents didnt have kids, chances are, you wont either 🤗
Renee M
Renee M 2 hours ago
I believe people are gravitating more to him in these last few years because it seems life has become colder. Deep down people want happiness and peace in our world. Awesome person.
Hi Mom
Hi Mom 2 hours ago
"I mean like, these are worth more than ME" Me: lMAo reLAtAblE
Franciscaxfer Morales
Me encanta todo lo que pinta Bob Ross un hombre realmente talentoso , gracias por compartir tu gran conocimiento
Lee 2 hours ago
Bob Ross was a calming part of my chaotic childhood. I still watch his shows today.
Serena Brown
Serena Brown 2 hours ago
Laurdiy on a Bob Ross story, wow. She would be so proud.
Lane 2 hours ago
They need a Bob Ross museum. I’d travel across seas just to see it.
Lilly Kowalski
Lilly Kowalski 3 hours ago
My last name is Kowalski :))
Reee ee
Reee ee 4 hours ago
Scarie Mel
Scarie Mel 4 hours ago
I remember watching his show when I was little, never knew he died a few weeks before I was born
Scarie Mel
Scarie Mel 4 hours ago
I remember watching his show when I was little, never knew he died a few weeks before I was born
James Rosenblum
James Rosenblum 5 hours ago
I have loved Bob Ross my whole life. This made me so happy.
Lawzeruz Matthias
Lawzeruz Matthias 5 hours ago
Make a gallery.
ΛRCΛNΞ DΛNGΞR 5 hours ago
They should build a memorial museum containing all the paintings
Jorlores 5 hours ago
Why don't u make a Bob Ross museum?
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley 5 hours ago
I want a bob Ross... just a bob Ross
Ali Devrim OGUZ
Ali Devrim OGUZ 6 hours ago
Everyone knows that all the real Bob Ross paintings are in Area 51
Vaclav Haval
Vaclav Haval 6 hours ago
This is what art is for.
MenoPaper 7 hours ago
Please let them make a museum for bob rosses
Whyyy 7 hours ago
There should be a full museum but not like and not like a boring modern one but like a fun bob ross style one
5.45 x Gewehr
5.45 x Gewehr 8 hours ago
Alice Ribeiro
Alice Ribeiro 8 hours ago
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha 9 hours ago
4:02 the spongebob music was a beautiful touch
Betsy H
Betsy H 9 hours ago
My sister has a waffle maker. We sometimes eat Bob Ross, in waffle form.
Eliza Faulhammer
Eliza Faulhammer 9 hours ago
Sorry, but these paintings are definitely not art, but they seem to have some value for for some people, which is ok.. But they are some kind of cult.
A certain red panda
A certain red panda 10 hours ago
The fact you can't buy his paintings just adds to the value of them. He's a true pop icon, an artist of the people. We all love him.
Xx Romy xX
Xx Romy xX 10 hours ago
"There is no such thing as mistakes, only happy little accidents." - Bob Ross
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 10 hours ago
4:20 appreciate the spongebob music
「 OKAY 」
「 OKAY 」 10 hours ago
_Or maybe the real Bob Ross paintings were the ones we made along the way._
Nicht Hudut
Nicht Hudut 11 hours ago
Real ThaMaskRapper
Real ThaMaskRapper 11 hours ago
How did all those paintings of this guy go to that lady and she said she got every single painting but then his aunt got the paintings as well
Bridget Mango
Bridget Mango 11 hours ago
Moon2 11 hours ago
Who the heck is the guys with the microphone yelling at him?
Cherry Rapunzel
Cherry Rapunzel 11 hours ago
They should create a museum dedicated to Bob Ross and put all his paintings there for the whole world to see.
Jill of all Trades
Jill of all Trades 11 hours ago
I always dreamed instead of getting proposed to with a ring it would be a Bob Ross painting. Guess not.
Aaron Olguin
Aaron Olguin 12 hours ago
@BOB ROSS INC. Make a museum with his paintings and for a depiction of his legacy!! :)
Maeve 12 hours ago
I love Bob so much, it makes me so sad that he passed away at such a young age...
T Hyslop
T Hyslop 12 hours ago
Okay, all that wall space behind there desks why are there not Mr. Brillo Pad paintings hanging everywhere?
T Hyslop
T Hyslop 12 hours ago
Mr. Brillo Pad. Did he ever do any sofa size paintings of Elvis?
MonsterStorm 13 hours ago
My Grandpa worked for Marion paving company in Marion Indiana for 32 years. He met Bob Ross when he had his driveway paved.
Diego Rod
Diego Rod 13 hours ago
Yall goats for using spongebobs song in the background
sly fly
sly fly 13 hours ago
lets not forget bob ross shooting at and out running the police on the boon docks
38feet 13 hours ago
Excellent! A true American legend.
zjapp 13 hours ago
I made a short animation inspired by this video from the NYT!
Skyro 14 hours ago
“These paintings are worth more then me “ you know you are sad when you say that
UltimateAvenger 14 hours ago
F in the chat for Aaron
Tomanna 15 hours ago
The music towards the beginning of the video is far too loud
DevilMan 15 hours ago
Just be happy we have video of the paintings that we can cherish forever
DragunNexo 15 hours ago
why I like Bob Ross is simple, his voice... His voice is so calming, and just how he paint is... Calming in a way. For me Bob Ross is the embodiment of calm and happy.
Dirty Damfino
Dirty Damfino 15 hours ago
Bob is not even just nostalgia for me. In the early 90’s before I turned 6 I would excitedly lay down in front of the television waiting for Bob Ross to come on with my pad of paper and watercolor paints in front of me and try to paint along. He’s like a TV dad to me. I was obsessed with making art growing up and I credit The Joy of Painting for that.
Lil’ Panda
Lil’ Panda 16 hours ago
Me: I made a mistake ugh! *gives up* Bob: tHeYrE nOt MiStAkeS, tHeYrE hApPy AcCiDeNtS!!
Quinten de kleijn
Quinten de kleijn 16 hours ago
Cabin chance?
Less than $10
Less than $10 16 hours ago
I used to watch it in the Philippines, have to wake up 5 am though. I was in 2nd year high school. I learned a lot already before heading to school.
PogieJoe 16 hours ago
As a Kowalski, I am proud.
Landen McLennan
Landen McLennan 16 hours ago
Am I the only one that noticed the sad spongebob music at like 4 minutes
Genevieve Mathews
Genevieve Mathews 16 hours ago
I think it’s kinda unfair that nobody can get one of his paintings, beside them.
Quinn Zuiderwijk
Quinn Zuiderwijk 16 hours ago
payday 2: art gallery
Nathan Barnard
Nathan Barnard 17 hours ago
Anyone else think that Grandma is the star of the show 🤩
Hamad Mohammed
Hamad Mohammed 17 hours ago
What if Bob Ross played Fortnite?
Dynogone 17 hours ago
I love the Kowalski's analysis part
Truth Witness
Truth Witness 17 hours ago
Some is going to Rob Ross this guys ..!!
Caster Kwok
Caster Kwok 17 hours ago
You don't put all your eggs in one basket! xD
therockstar barber
therockstar barber 18 hours ago
On reality, we are all a Bob Ross painting. There is one in each of everyone of us.
Hshshd 18 hours ago
I would rather people not know where they were or until they get put into a special museum
David John
David John 20 hours ago
Rest in peace, Bob.
Eiderly Man
Eiderly Man 20 hours ago
Bob Ross, founder of ASMR. Whatever happened to that flower painting lady on PBS?
Cheyenne 21 hour ago
lara 21 hour ago
make a museum!!!
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 21 hour ago
Thank you for making this.
Iggy P
Iggy P 22 hours ago
im willing to pay 3k max for one of his paintings lol
Slege 22 hours ago
Walt Kowalski, in the CIA office. Executive director comes in yelling: -Kowalski, Analysis!
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