When You're Max Level in an RPG

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All is lost, nothing can stop you, you are the ruler of this realm.
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Mar 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Smoking fish Chicken hybrid
Oh no.. well anyways
TheGuardDuck 2 hours ago
Lol, town guards level with the player. He won't stand a chance!
Ayumi Gust-Anderson
11th Cape wedge
Crim Zen
Crim Zen 5 hours ago
Onder Sotomayor gomez
Que raro llege al nivel máximo en dragón age inquisition y en el final ese de sola y los eluvians fue muuuuuy difícil (Obiamebte se que están hablando de Skyrim en este juego)
X3L N4G4
X3L N4G4 13 hours ago
hwo game turn us into capitalist psychopath ok
the KGB
the KGB 15 hours ago
Why is nobody asking why the guard has a lock pick?
North Drums
North Drums 15 hours ago
When you’re playing on novice in Skyrim*
Aaron Orsolini
Aaron Orsolini 15 hours ago
As a wise man once said boop
DefeatedTV 15 hours ago
ehm that was the lilo & stitch intro the warrior was humming
Ash PZ
Ash PZ 18 hours ago
The tail of how a damage buff worth more than a relation ship ( last clip in a nutshell ) Old man : pls find my wife i miss her Player : o k man Player : finds wife Old man : do u have any accessories she left Player : yes a free damage buff accessory Old man : OK PLS GIVE Player : nah bro this + strength worth more than ur relationship The end
Ghastly Soul
Ghastly Soul 18 hours ago
Croml 19 hours ago
When you steal items from shop and the shop keeper kill you even tho your max level
rainier rafael kurniawan
When you play a RPG open world that you train you warrior so hard that you reach lv max but don't even do your main quest until you remember you had to unlock the final boss 🤣🤣🤣
五乙 施炎樑 4 Sherdon Coby Co
me:why is this too relatable
yaboyfonze -_-
This looks like skyrim a little
hayyan gamer
hayyan gamer Day ago
Skyrim life
TheGuy45 - Roblox
Plot twist: If you don’t give it to him he removes all your stats, levels, and equipment
LorDruda! Day ago
I play this game my mom used to play and there is a quest where you had to give a dude some potatoes. He ended up having to wait over 7 years for them.
Luckless Rain
This makes me want to play fallout 4 again
Daegan Exists
Anybody notice he was humming a Mario theme
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster Day ago
*happy skyrim noisesz* This is my skyrim life in a nutshell
limay eng
limay eng Day ago
If you want to make it 33k dislikes it's there i clicked it and it said 33k
Sid Sharma
Sid Sharma Day ago
Undertale genocide in a nutshell
CDolph 2 days ago
Nice lilo and stitch intro lol
•Basic Frogie•
I see the pen and hand
Kaleb Thomas
Kaleb Thomas 2 days ago
yeah, uh, the thing is *I don't really care*
Fancy 34
Fancy 34 2 days ago
Weeb China
Weeb China 2 days ago
This is me when playing DOS, basically turn one killing everyone
Adrian Gaming
Adrian Gaming 2 days ago
The sad part about being max level in an RPG is that there's basically no challenges everything's just super easy
When the game master playin with NPC
Cristobal Samaniego
every dark souls player at lv. 802
Withered Chica
Withered Chica 3 days ago
“I DONT REALY CARE” says the ‘great’ adventurer
Gavinn Gamer
Gavinn Gamer 3 days ago
Skyrim when you hit level 100
satsu 3 days ago
Some random guy that you will only see once
That online rpg ad came to me before the video started xD
JJ pugplayer
JJ pugplayer 3 days ago
raiders telling me that there gonna kill me in xo1 power armor : 🤔
Jaxon Zaccardo
Jaxon Zaccardo 4 days ago
an rpg game more like SKYRIM AKA THE BEST GAME EVER
Lo Ganon
Lo Ganon 4 days ago
the smart guy would give him the amulet and then kill him to take it back after recieving the reward
Quinn Blalock
Quinn Blalock 4 days ago
whoever does that has 1000 iQ
AnelGamer2020 4 days ago
Did he ever think of leveling it up
Eddie Cambaya
Eddie Cambaya 4 days ago
That end was just mest up and why did you even put him in the thumb nail i tought he was important
other rpg : Ez Noob Ff7 :well pretty easy also Ff7: RUBY WEAPON (BOSS) : OOOOF
Riften Gaurd
Riften Gaurd 5 days ago
Bharat Kaushal
Bharat Kaushal 5 days ago
Basically saitama from opm
Magnus 5 days ago
Basically an amoral Saitama.
Olyvia Mata
Olyvia Mata 5 days ago
This sounds a lot like Skyrim lol, ALL DEM CHEESE WHEELS
Luka Smed Visholt
He found all the pinecones
CAPTAIN_FIJI 5 days ago
Me after doing the side quests
Xx epicendergamer
Ngl that sword looks sick
FiveDeath5 5 days ago
If he has so many lock picks just try to steal one
Paul Michael Mascho
This feels like skrim
Kaikechu 6 days ago
When u have 100 level on Pokémon basically
Josiah Hunter
Josiah Hunter 6 days ago
The thing is you can totally tell the game its referencing is skyrim if you play.
Lava Legend
Lava Legend 7 days ago
*When you start farming silver Lynels*
Endermans 7 days ago
We like video games 'cause we can be a dick without consequences.
Mr. Thiccums
Mr. Thiccums 7 days ago
Aka playing doom on the easiest difficulty
Whiskey-420 8 days ago
Video: kills a guard and gets away with it without any repercussions In game: accidentally takes a owned item and completely ruins an allegiant with an entire town, locking me out of trading, side quests, and companions.
The World
The World 8 days ago
"Thank you, I have something to remember her by..Take this and a stack of my finest items as a reward!" +9000000 XP +Dragonbane Sword (4000 Max DMG + 12 [Dragon Amulet] + Enchanted Bread (x40) + Blackhole Chestplate (400 DEF + 900 [Breath of the Wild] "It isnt much but I hope you enjoy it." Yeah..Thanks! DAILY REWARD (Day 421) Potion of Luck. Potion of Strength. Potion of Invincibility. Blackhole Helmet (500 DEF + 900 [Breath of the Wild]
Jenny Martinez
Jenny Martinez 8 days ago
That would be Skyrim
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 8 days ago
Was that humming in the beginning from lilo and stitch?
Renato Dutra Rangel
"This is the only thing i have to remember her!" "Sorry, but i miss the part where this is my fuckin problem, can you repeat again?"
Foxipep 8 days ago
If I'm full lvl on a RPG I would just quit the game and come back cause of nostalgia
Waffer King
Waffer King 9 days ago
That pile of lockpicks was probably hard to make
blossom grove
blossom grove 9 days ago
suvanna berkah jaya
next update:NEW CURRUPTED INGOT THAT YOU CAN MAKE ANY ARMOR OR WEAPON OR ACCESORY TO GIVE BETTER STATS the corrupted amulet now: +4550 strength +70 knockback +30% crit rate +75% crit dmg +19000 health +150 regen
Rievaulx 9 days ago
My maxed out Dragonborn character is basically the tyrant of Skyrim by this point lol
1SoldierofPeace 9 days ago
What was that tune you were humming in the beginning?
Nin10do BOSS
Nin10do BOSS 9 days ago
Seems kinda like skyrim
Kay Bueno
Kay Bueno 9 days ago
Soo true more pls new sub
LiamTheGreat 109
LiamTheGreat 109 10 days ago
Me: oneshots bandit chief* Wimpy bandit: "You picked a bad time to get lost friend" Me: 🙄 FOOSRODAH!!
hulksmash 342
hulksmash 342 6 days ago
*Me wearing my 7 different amulets that reduce my shout cooldown by a collective 100%
TwoPercentCheese 57
0:52 This is me with shoulder boxes
Redstoneexpert 10 days ago
If ya have captions on at 0:11 power increases over 9k Its over nine thousand
Joten 10 days ago
At the start of the video and he's humming "DRAGON TAILS DRAGON TAILS -" if you listen close enough
Ben Allen
Ben Allen 10 days ago
Humming Super Mario World Athletic Theme
electro_sans 0
electro_sans 0 11 days ago
✝️ God loves you so much!✝️
Floof God
Floof God 11 days ago
When you can say anything in a rpg
Potato Man
Potato Man 11 days ago
0:52 turn on captions and read
HeatZeeker 11 days ago
Sharon Hill
Sharon Hill 11 days ago
skyrim all over again
Vonnoah 11 days ago
I feel as if this is directed at Skyrim
Kay Bueno
Kay Bueno 11 days ago
Sooo true
The Brucintor
The Brucintor 12 days ago
That is me in a game I grind for 20 hours
Tyr Hernandez
Tyr Hernandez 12 days ago
What's this app called
no anime crazy frog fff
at the end he was just a cold hearted cruel man
Ayden C
Ayden C 13 days ago
Omfg was that the Lilo & Stitch theme you were humming in the beginning? I just pulled that from the darkest depths of my mind.
Dovahkiin758 13 days ago
Skyrim 😂😂
My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket 14 days ago
Yeah you can have your amulet back I literally have a fruit bowl full of enchanted jewelry on my nightstand I don't use them it just looks cool.
Stamatis Taramas
Stamatis Taramas 14 days ago
In botw I am full heart almost max stamina and full barbarian armor so that I can bully anything in hyrule
ObtainibleSlayer’s Gaming
Skyrim in a nutshell
christopher chh
christopher chh 14 days ago
Has anyone ever played a game and just avoided the main story and by the time you get to it you easily get through it
Vidak99king 14 days ago
this is basicly me in skyrim SE
Adan Barona
Adan Barona 14 days ago
*Ruby weapon has entered the chat*
Dip_ buh1207
Dip_ buh1207 14 days ago
I get that he was humming the Super Mario Odyessy theme, but i legit thought he was humming the Lilo and Stitch Animated Series Theme.
Sebastian Revesz
Sebastian Revesz 14 days ago
How do u animate this and move it and plus Wht app is it...
『uni the first』
"ive been running low"
Jacob 14 days ago
If this was a true RPG, you would loot the guard you killed and sold his loot to the shopkeeper 3 feet next to his corpse
Dingus Balingus
Dingus Balingus 15 days ago
0:48 the fact that you can see his tears makes me laugh every time
Toby Bradbrook
Toby Bradbrook 15 days ago
I allways commented about wanting a game like this then I came across the great game Skyrim which is exactly like this
CoyBoat 275
CoyBoat 275 15 days ago
Wait was that the Leo and Stitch theme in the beginning?
Tha Double A P YT
Tha Double A P YT 15 days ago
A true adventurer would give the amulet to the man to gain a 30+ Strength boost via permanent potion effect of God Potion. Which also gives you the ability to become Invincible once in any battle. There's also an amulet in the amulet which gives you the ability to make an enemy fight for you. If your max level, this enemy will be permanently by your side and will always attack first. But enough about that, where's the cheese?
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