When you buy items from Third-Party sellers

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Jan 24, 2021




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Comments 100
MAYBEITSGUGA 4 hours ago
when everyone has same phone with same phonecase
Gaming Thrxlla
Gaming Thrxlla 7 hours ago
Man got a free jacket incase the air was cold😂😂😭
k's art
k's art 23 hours ago
Hahahaha yooo ,y’all gotta be careful
Darius Matthews
The d of gave em 5 stars for managing to put weather inside a box alone
Trenton Vansant
"Maybe you need that air, deflated ass brain" I'm gonna steal that.
Travis Einstein
Travis Einstein 3 days ago
The Credit Solutionist
Crispyyy BallOUt
Crispyyy BallOUt 4 days ago
😂 this video so funny
Abduljalil Adamu
Abduljalil Adamu 4 days ago
The audacity to ask for 4.5 stars 😭😭
i like how it’s storming lmfao 🤣
Josh Playz
Josh Playz 5 days ago
I can feel that i bought a pc from a friend online and the screen was cracked he ais no refunds for 500,000 dollars
BasicallyImOrlly 4 days ago
U mean 500?
JØSH 5 days ago
*You Looking Stupid with no shoes* Took Me OUT!!! 😂😭
Brit Ta Ny
Brit Ta Ny 5 days ago
As a curly girl I just wanna say I enjoyed how the rain brought out your curl pattern. 😍
Trapsquiatt 6 days ago
“this man scammed you and sent you some air bro” 😭😭😭
Alan McMillan
Alan McMillan 6 days ago
The jacket is.... coal???
Sold that boy some air nikes literally 🤣🤣
RSVP Nina 6 days ago
Is he sexy to y’all or is it just me. I’ve had a crush on this man since his first video🥺🙄💕🙈 like bruh it’s the lips and voice and eyes and humor hell it’s the chocolate I really like him too bad can’t meet him and actually know his personality I bet it’s litty
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus 6 days ago
The song is Knowing by Micheal Vignola I believe
Cre8tive M!nd
Cre8tive M!nd 7 days ago
Bruh I was eating while watching this and damn near choked to death laughing so hard when he read the description 😂😂
Elizabeth Otugo
Elizabeth Otugo 7 days ago
Yo, but What was that music with the chello at the end.
Pedro Freitas
Pedro Freitas 8 days ago
i im falling
Ronell Inoa
Ronell Inoa 8 days ago
You good? No.
Brandon Morrow
Brandon Morrow 8 days ago
Deflated ass brain 😭
FoundingRexes 8 days ago
roddy rich's son
GamingOnFleet 9 days ago
Lol i thought I bought AirPods off wish and they gave me AirPod case
Minty- Chan
Minty- Chan 9 days ago
Between the actual air 🌬 in the box and the storm ⛈..... 😭😭
gargalarg 10 days ago
Recently went to Walmart to by a new gaming headset and they had THE HEADSET AT TFING STORE and I had to wait a week to get the when I could have got them at them at the store but someone working at the store said I couldn't cus it is 3rd party lol
Landumb 10 days ago
why would you sell that tho
Ms Taurean
Ms Taurean 10 days ago
😂😂 damn a box of air from the factory .....wow
I am Meet God
I am Meet God 10 days ago
That happened to me too with my drawing tablet
Ray Smith pt2
Ray Smith pt2 11 days ago
A storm in a box though 🤣
XxmyckxX 11 days ago
Bro my cheap ass has gotten my money back when it says no returns LMFAO
J Always Fresh
J Always Fresh 11 days ago
Jokes on him he just gave you the rare thunderstorm Jordan 1+ that's a steal
Nurimanja 11 days ago
its ok bro u're lucky cause u get "free" air.... haha
LoserJ7 11 days ago
This man literally sold air for $500. A legit salesman right there lol
Brian Pippin
Brian Pippin 12 days ago
"I gotta sit down for this one bro" yea I think you need to bro haha
De Lilah
De Lilah 12 days ago
Thatkidrages 12 days ago
The way he said that bad word🤣🤣
Johnny r v
Johnny r v 12 days ago
3:25 something I relate to everyday
CHARLIE NO7 12 days ago
What its like to buy stuff on ebay.
okabelol 13 days ago
It’s nike AIR
Max the sad guy
Max the sad guy 13 days ago
He probably got someone to pour water on him or turn on the shower on his head
GTkds007 13 days ago
"Now you look stupid" I felt these Caleb vibes
Zayden HD
Zayden HD 13 days ago
He should of called in Zach
kat 13 days ago
Eli 13 days ago
*You Looking stupid with no shoes* 😂
William Washington
William Washington 13 days ago
Music video starts at 3:08 😆
Buster Smith
Buster Smith 13 days ago
I just came across this channel a few days ago. HILARIOUS STUFF, 😂. I get that doo doo song stuck in my head.
Skand Dobriyal
Skand Dobriyal 13 days ago
"You need that air, deflated ass brain"
maze1987eb 14 days ago
“Yo ima go get some towels.” 😂😂💀
Kash Man
Kash Man 14 days ago
Stop the cap there’s mad mad great sellers out here including me I do feel bad for those who run into the bad eggs.
Dont touch my kokoro pls
When Nike took the Air too seriously.
Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson 14 days ago
Ikr dude I have bought a third party xbox controller and It broke in I week
Kerry Keller
Kerry Keller 14 days ago
Man you a fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ish funny asf
royaltyreturns 15 days ago
he payed 500 dollars for air 😭😭😭
royaltyreturns 15 days ago
loll he was sleep
Music by A.D
Music by A.D 15 days ago
It gets funnier each time I watch it
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 15 days ago
😂 😂 I’m dying how he said bro
hnakahara 16 days ago
"If you could give me a 4.5 out of five stars..."😂
Fat Daddy Reed
Fat Daddy Reed 15 hours ago
KingTaye 16 days ago
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 16 days ago
I bought a piece for a stream setup, it costed 11$ and got a dress, was mad at first, but then I searched it up on google and the thing was a nice 250$ which I then sold on Ebay.
aimn_ akff
aimn_ akff 16 days ago
That box is some airbender wth
Soibean 16 days ago
this is so obviously clickbait smh there both the same person
Jamel Tait
Jamel Tait 16 days ago
I thought “criminal like” meant steal da ps5
Destiny Hangula
Destiny Hangula 17 days ago
im dead
Joshuaboy57 17 days ago
Squad-squad-squad squad squad squad squad squad squad squad squad squad squad squad
Christopher Serrano
I’m loving all the toy story everywhere
Scuffed Productions404
This is relatable
Montather Gayar
Montather Gayar 17 days ago
why are your lips so big
Joshua 17 days ago
Bro that phone case is epic I need to find one of those
xavier ramirez
xavier ramirez 17 days ago
black shirt dude was a real homie
Haitam Boukaa
Haitam Boukaa 18 days ago
What's worse that being a dumb person? being a dumb person with no shoes!
Daniel Anonymous001
Deflated ass brain* i died and came back to life instantly
Ntray 18 days ago
What was that sad music in the video called?
Return3 18 days ago
Bruh lol. Nice lol.
Kuya Goldlink
Kuya Goldlink 18 days ago
Dang man, I'm crying now
Jorelle Phillips
Jorelle Phillips 18 days ago
Lenarr cleaning all that water up after recording lol
michel cary
michel cary 19 days ago
🤣🤣 bro I feel u
sensvity 19 days ago
What's the name of the sad music?
[e:LLUSIV ] 19 days ago
I can't decide here. I hate scams too but some people do be actually like this who don't read the description.
bananaboi 87
bananaboi 87 19 days ago
when he said "looking stoopid wit no shoes" I felt that
caleb dickson
caleb dickson 19 days ago
The vulgar sense secondly produce because game arguably turn anenst a stupid carp. frequent, makeshift rake
黒い人新鮮な 19 days ago
Black shirt dude shoulda roasted him tho
Al 19 days ago
I’m weakkkkkkkk “he sent you some air” lmaoooooo
Mr Asian
Mr Asian 19 days ago
lol i bought a 20 dollar amibo but instrad i got a 1 dollar pokemon card
Carlos Jurado
Carlos Jurado 19 days ago
Carlos Bailey
Carlos Bailey 19 days ago
That's cold
D Snow
D Snow 19 days ago
Rren Dre
Rren Dre 19 days ago
People really be doing this too lmao. Mans payed 800$ for a PS5 BOX
macho_duh_ish GOAT3D
Yo i love ur vids i can watch them all day anf when im have a rough day i watch these vids and instantly relieved i love ur content
Water Cup Channel
Water Cup Channel 20 days ago
Know to day kids you learned a very important lesson
Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG
Lenarr bought from the same person as Caleb city !!!! It's a cinematic universe !!! 😂😂😂
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot 20 days ago
Damnnn- He fuckin told you
Johnathan Paige
Johnathan Paige 20 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Im falling df out man
derrickm19 20 days ago
Zymire Williams
Zymire Williams 20 days ago
rodneywiggs 20 days ago
Brah I got a huge box of insulin shipped to me and I opened it up and it was one small vial and all the extra space was just backed with ice packs...
legendar.y _
legendar.y _ 20 days ago
Peep the phone case tho
vibenetic 20 days ago
"Deflated Ass Brain"
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