When Will The Try Guys Die?

The Try Guys
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The guys take a genetic test to find out if they have any mutations in their DNA and visit a general practitioner to discuss the best longevity practices. The second of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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Natasha Bhuyan, M.D.
Genetic Counselor, Color
Kelly Tangney, MS, LCGC
Blood Lab Work
Bren Velarde, Phlebotomist
Emily Leach
Elliot Dickerhoof
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Apr 6, 2019




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Comments 6 833
Ella Dawe
Ella Dawe 11 hours ago
I have anxiety and depression which are huge mental health condition and my crappy doctor told me when I was 8 that I will die soon, like who does that
coldfire the animator
Wow what the hec
Yashwant Gurjar
Yashwant Gurjar 18 hours ago
welp guess i am gonna definitely die soon cause...what is 7 hour sleep? mental health..pffft i am deep down in disorders, genetics...i dont know...diet....yeah i am def gonna die
oXVsco GirlXo
oXVsco GirlXo 21 hour ago
Zach :Omg where going to die together that would be so cute Me: *Cant stop laughing*
oXVsco GirlXo
oXVsco GirlXo 21 hour ago
For the whole summer i havent basicly slept because i have nyctophonbia which makes me scared of the night and dark so if slept its usaully at 5:00
Ahmad Dabous
Ahmad Dabous 22 hours ago
Try Guys: *have a long life time* Me: Oh cool let me try Later... Me: Doctor how long I live Doctor: 10. Me: 10 what? Doctor: 9
Ben G
Ben G Day ago
This is the most stressful video of Try Guys I watched.
Ameiaru Day ago
Zach you're a precious little fluffy clit, sooo precious
Pia Lianne Magpayo
Today Like your channel
Nicole Peng
Nicole Peng Day ago
we been clickbaited
That’s so sad Zach! I’m so sorry dude!
Panic! Trash
Panic! Trash 2 days ago
“So hes gluttonous AND wasting food!”
Leiamilne 20
Leiamilne 20 2 days ago
11:59 *When mom says you can't stay your room and play video games all day*
Phet Pham
Phet Pham 3 days ago
Dragix GD
Dragix GD 3 days ago
Wait... Keith is partially African...
Dragix GD
Dragix GD 3 days ago
The Asian drunk
Gryffindor girl
Gryffindor girl 3 days ago
I'm 12 and I'm thinking so much about life rn
sophea 3 days ago
i have never had more than 4 hours a sleep. wow i really need to change my sleeping schedule
Gill Noffert
Gill Noffert 4 days ago
I fucking hate this doctor tbh
Joel Preston
Joel Preston 4 days ago
I want to die before 30
Carlito Jaunito
Carlito Jaunito 5 days ago
Some legends say some one is still holding their breath
Peachy-San 5 days ago
I get 3-6 hours of sleep everyday and I’m oof
Congratulations 5 days ago
That shit fake
Exotic Dancer
Exotic Dancer 6 days ago
6:02 -O
Amelia Prosser
Amelia Prosser 6 days ago
OMG I felt so bad for zak 😣
k S
k S 6 days ago
how can i breath when i am laughing at Ned on the waterfall
VictoryBoy V
VictoryBoy V 6 days ago
New video idea you guys wait till your on your deathbeds then make the final part of the series Try guys try dying
birb turtle
birb turtle 7 days ago
Teenagers brains on average want to sleep at 11:00 pm or around that possibly/probably later. I had to wake up at 6:00 am. School wtf why
Camryn Oyster
Camryn Oyster 7 days ago
keith: "so we're *all* gonna die?-"
Atlantica Mist
Atlantica Mist 7 days ago
Every one dies
Emery McKee
Emery McKee 7 days ago
“Natural selection probably should have weeded me out already, and modern medicine and science is like nah you can hang out a little longer” I FELT THAT
rxspberrie 7 days ago
i get at least 5 hours of sleep every night i-
Bisexual Rat
Bisexual Rat 7 days ago
7:49 was such a call out
Archie Bain
Archie Bain 7 days ago
Was that a cheetah
Clasp 8 days ago
Robber: You're gonna die Me: were all gonna die .-.
Verne The Turtle
Verne The Turtle 8 days ago
Guys who wants to join me on a bizarre adventure to kill mother nature to avenge zach
Hussein Alankouni
I feel like I'm Zach how he has that genetic mutation and his siblings dont thats how I am I have a lot more problems than my siblings like kyphosis and other things in my body
Hedda Linde
Hedda Linde 9 days ago
5:40 Does anyone else notice the cheetah in the background?
UglyApprentice 9 days ago
Lol when CrispR is introduced
JJ Tong
JJ Tong 9 days ago
Keith becomes ashly (from a previous unfortunately ashly episode)
Gilbert Aimee
Gilbert Aimee 9 days ago
I feel like no one thinks about this part of like genetic testing cause I didn't. Breast cancer runs in my family I think for like 5 or 6 generations. I consistently check myself for breast cancer but I wanted to get a genetic test but can't because it can make my insurance more expensive. I understand why but I can't know that without paying more to insure myself.
Anallie Nguyen
Anallie Nguyen 9 days ago
I've been getting 2-3 hours of sleep every single day for about 4 years now. Imma die so early
Loostyc 8 days ago
Whatever the reason, It isn't worth it.
ConfideNMusic 10 days ago
When i was 5 and got diagnosed with my Charcot Marie Tooth, a life expectancy (time wise) , was never mentioned. When my dad was diagnosed in his teens, they said he would be dead by 30. Back then they told me id never drive, survive high school, etc. done it all, im 22. While im not in the best health, its so weird to think if i was born a generation earlier, id expect to die within 5 yrs from my age now! Science is cool.
Memes & Minecraft
Memes & Minecraft 10 days ago
Wait Zach could have Breast Cancer?
Pix Routhorn
Pix Routhorn 10 days ago
Zack...you little cinamon roll! Don't be sad!
Question mark Games
No one Literally no one Not a single soul Keith: let me wear a gown when i have a choice not to.
Aphexon 11 days ago
I will die pretty soon
Iona Peach Mendoza
Iona Peach Mendoza 12 days ago
the brown-skinned woman has great speaking skills lmao
FweakinDooDooHead 13 days ago
This video got me shook thinking, any second could be my last. And tbh I'm probably going to Hell soooooooooooo 😕
Slain_ 906
Slain_ 906 13 days ago
Fried chicken isn't garbage!
Nora Meld
Nora Meld 13 days ago
I think being poor is really hurting my health here guys
Lyra Sharma
Lyra Sharma 14 days ago
Welp now I know I’m going to die young cause I fail all those categories.....
Kacchan _
Kacchan _ 14 days ago
Sleep and stress can kill u Me:huh wells least I got a reason to not go to school
CombatHD 15 days ago
*When you realize Eugene is almost 40*
Frederic THESIGER 15 days ago
the world would be a much darker place without keith
Seko Chan
Seko Chan 15 days ago
Augustus Kleinfeldt
I love Keith’s face during this whole video
Otto Heinavaara
Otto Heinavaara 15 days ago
Ned I like your beard.
Brandi Gaulin
Brandi Gaulin 16 days ago
Intro had me dead😂
Fandoms Unite
Fandoms Unite 16 days ago
I have scoliosis too and it's so nice to see someone openly talk about it and raise awareness ❤️❤️❤️
dOt dOt
dOt dOt 16 days ago
7:46 me
Jay and Alex do stuff
Hopefully soon
Elyssa’s Vlog
Elyssa’s Vlog 16 days ago
Eugene at the end: well fuck
Katie Villa
Katie Villa 16 days ago
nobody: ned: did i mention i hAvE a nEwbOrn bAby ?
Eleanor Winfrey
Eleanor Winfrey 17 days ago
Bro I have scoliosis too
Rawan Al-asbahi
Rawan Al-asbahi 17 days ago
I want to eat garbage tho....
Agna Ilmi
Agna Ilmi 17 days ago
mr. Habibie a professor from Indonesia only sleep 4 hour a day and right now he turn up 84 years old
ShadowHeart063 18 days ago
I should and shouldn't have watched this video
Renee 18 days ago
LOL I already know I’m gonna die early I have 2 chronic illness and have had about 2 surgeries about to be 3 Sooo I don’t even need to do this test 🙅‍♀️
Spader !
Spader ! 18 days ago
Eeeeh never..duh
Keilan And Ava
Keilan And Ava 18 days ago
I have scoliosis too and mine is all kinds of messed up
Kyle Knapp
Kyle Knapp 19 days ago
Zach is bae!!!!!!
Kray IzMe
Kray IzMe 19 days ago
*So We're all gonna die?*
Emma York
Emma York 19 days ago
Yo I dance 16 hours a week and eat healthy but I have crippling anxiety and depression and sleep for like 5 hours a night on average. Soooooooo? 😬
Elin Paauw
Elin Paauw 19 days ago
Doctor: exercise is important Me: lying in my bed eating fudge
Sam Preston
Sam Preston 19 days ago
Tati Hope
Tati Hope 19 days ago
There’s literally a cheetah in 5:40
Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose 20 days ago
7:48 my brain immediately screamed YERKES-DODSON CURVE
Makayla Eberly
Makayla Eberly 20 days ago
Poor zac
eijirou kirishima
eijirou kirishima 20 days ago
simple, they'll all die in 2050, when global warming and how we treat the planet kills us all as humans.
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