When Will The Try Guys Die?

The Try Guys
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The guys take a genetic test to find out if they have any mutations in their DNA and visit a general practitioner to discuss the best longevity practices. The second of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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Natasha Bhuyan, M.D.
Genetic Counselor, Color
Kelly Tangney, MS, LCGC
Blood Lab Work
Bren Velarde, Phlebotomist
Emily Leach
Elliot Dickerhoof
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Comments 100
ReignWalker 12 hours ago
8:11 keeps nodding
ReignWalker 12 hours ago
Keith Made me Feel better about Insomnia
ramen doodles
ramen doodles 17 hours ago
“Wow we’re all gonna die together” “It will be so cuteee” Me: Dark humor at its best 👌
ramen doodles
ramen doodles 17 hours ago
There’s no way to get at least 7 hours of sleep because of school and jobs. After hearing that I gave my mum a big hug and my sisters and brothers because we all have to wake up as early as 4:30 in the morning.
Krisha Humilde
Long live *Try Guys*
Gabi Harper
Gabi Harper Day ago
I really want to thank Zach for opening up about the BRCA gene; as a fellow Ashkenazi Jew I always knew I was at risk, but no one in my family has ever had breast cancer so I wasn't concerned. I didn't know that it mutated in males as prostate or pancreatic cancer (both with have been on my fathers side - my dad died of pancreatic cancer in 06.) I have decided to take charge of my health and go get tested; Thank you Try Guys - while this may have been just an entertaining video, it might have just changed my life.
Nightmare Carno
Nightmare Carno 2 days ago
" When will the try guys die?" Me: Tomorrow
Allison Campbell
Allison Campbell 3 days ago
What I've learned: people in the comments need some REST
Cameron Spencer
Cameron Spencer 4 days ago
*I’m scared*
Syd Adnan
Syd Adnan 6 days ago
Damn I like your videos don’t make it depressing. You guys are cool
my bet is all three die an exact day, month, time, and year
Pandora Moonshire
This video makes me want to be healthy... I haven’t been sleeping 8-7 hours of sleep.... Welp time to die!
Dakshayini R
Dakshayini R 9 days ago
My best friend is just like Keith. She eats many times in a day and whatever she wants and has a good metabolism I related to Eugene in the matter of sleep deprivation, but I've gotten better since I graduated Ned exercising with Wes was so cute and I totally missed his head at 7:30 I was really sad for Zach. I've always been having one or the other health problems, that I'm not sure I'll live very long. And just eating the 'healthy veggies' and giving up on the other food makes me cry all the time. I'm just 22 and it's been this way for a few years now. But in the end, when they were speaking about dying together and Zach : Eu Eu Eu! 😁 That was so cute 💜
I like tacos
I like tacos 9 days ago
I'm supposed to be studying for my genetics quiz, does this count...?😂
FireNation11505 2018
I don’t like fish
Desipher 11 days ago
Eugene's just like, "I'll pray for you three."
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 11 days ago
I am waiting for the revelation that eating KFC 3 times a week is the best way to live to be 110.
Hope  Adamson
Hope Adamson 11 days ago
“How credible could you be if you aren’t that into fried chicken?” 😂😂😂
Undertale Girl
Undertale Girl 12 days ago
Nice into
Lucia Robertiello
Lucia Robertiello 12 days ago
this video makes me want to eat more vegetables
Artis Thicc
Artis Thicc 12 days ago
*Watches this video while eating fries at 3am*
Flordeliza Servando
eat more sushi.... rice...
Flordeliza Servando
Dont be afraid of death, no matter what you do it will catch up to you.
Me mES
Me mES 12 days ago
what's the point of living long if you aint gonna get the most fun out of it
Fish of mind Let minnow
She need some glasses so I can call her Dr. khalifa
•Rose• cici
•Rose• cici 14 days ago
Keith because Everytime I see him eat it makes me want to eat my screen
I don’t know What to put
Scoliosis gang!
Cjvtvtcrr Green
Cjvtvtcrr Green 15 days ago
I sleep like all the time
Nick Widmer
Nick Widmer 15 days ago
when they try guy try flying a plane with no instructions video they will all die at the same time
Noir FOS
Noir FOS 15 days ago
Damn I need to take notes because according to everything she said, my life is super unhealthy hahaha
"People who have less than 7 hours of sleep have a shorter life expectancy" Guys, I think the school system is trying to kill us.
Gabriella Nelfien
Yeah..I am kinda like That.Sign of unhappy person 😩
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 16 days ago
Ah dam first black widow now zach
Olivia Paige
Olivia Paige 16 days ago
I love Eugene so much omg
Ino Zapanta
Ino Zapanta 17 days ago
sleeping less kills you school=sleeping less therefore school kills you
Anu Priya
Anu Priya 17 days ago
Great... I'm watching this video at 2:00am. I think I'm not gonna watch this video any further.
Graciesvidz 17 days ago
Me watching this while eating Mac and cheese
als & chestnut
als & chestnut 18 days ago
Few I’m going to have a long life because of sleep
Karam Taza
Karam Taza 18 days ago
All i learned is that im gonna die
Emo Piece of Garbage
At least they don’t talk like Andy Biersack. He literally said he probably won’t see forty. I *friggin’* love Andy Biersack
Meat Scepter OwO
Meat Scepter OwO 18 days ago
I failed all the tests, i'm fucked lol.
SoundIsImportant 18 days ago
Caroline Peterson
Caroline Peterson 19 days ago
*watches at 1:30 am while eating ice cream* :/
Jada McDuffie
Jada McDuffie 19 days ago
I want fried chicken now
MrEnjoivolcom1 20 days ago
They find the hottest doctors, male or female.
Nick Stuart
Nick Stuart 20 days ago
You cut her off at the end - ‘Being totally honest...’: VIDEO ENDS
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 20 days ago
yall seeing what im seeing at 1:54 ???
Coo 20 days ago
The Try Guys should have a Black Dude. It's literally 3 white dudes and an Asian Boi
x Igniss x
x Igniss x 20 days ago
I'm the type of person whose hands shake and who sweats every time they have to say something in public. I feel sick before any presentation or speech. I'm so stressed out every day just by going to school and thinking about my future, even though I get good grades. If being overly stressed shortens my life, why does everybody try to make us students more stressed? How do I not stress? Why am I looking for an answer in the comment section of a video about health at 2:40 a.m? T^T
Cecelia Bellomy
Cecelia Bellomy 17 days ago
x Igniss x I agree-school seems designed to stress us out, and it’s really not fair. Maybe one thing that could help is to try to do one nice thing for yourself every day. Make it a priority, even if you feel like you don’t have the time-eat a food you love, watch a show, talk to a friend, take a bath etc. Because you matter and deserve to be taken care of more than any assignment deserves to get done! :)
Hugo Homeyer
Hugo Homeyer 20 days ago
Pls also make IPhone SE cases not only iPhone X
anika friedmann
anika friedmann 21 day ago
Man I can't even do a push-up. How am I supposed to do two and a half hours of exercise a week?!
pogg3r sucker
pogg3r sucker 22 days ago
8:35 i feel like eugene is covering up a boner lol
Melody Mastache
Melody Mastache 22 days ago
Trying to do the breathing exercise but failing miserably because of Ned's face.
Mizu Star
Mizu Star 22 days ago
Jesus Christ Zach is just like “oh I thought I would die early anyway” like omg 😂😂😂 poor Zach
Estiven Rodriguez
Estiven Rodriguez 22 days ago
Welp f in the chat for me
hello123 23 days ago
"Eating a ton of fried chicken will still be bad for cholesterol levels" Keith: *looks around shocked and confused*
armando nunez
armando nunez 23 days ago
Try everything on the menu at yoshinoya. That shits healthy
Grace Andresen
Grace Andresen 23 days ago
I laugh at this because I have Multiple Sclerosis so I know that I will definitely die early
yamuna veerabhadrappa
Look! An Indian!
Poorva Prakash
Poorva Prakash 24 days ago
eugene is awesome, I love eugene
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa 24 days ago
Damn, if Eugene’s liver was normal I should be all good
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa 17 days ago
Julianna Emeigh Um hi
Julianna Emeigh
Julianna Emeigh 18 days ago
Eesha Jamil
Eesha Jamil 24 days ago
Can we just pause for a sec and think how Keith eats total garbage, and yet his cholesterol levels all round are the lowest. "Healthy during the week, party on the weekend" is my new goal
Mikhaela Fab
Mikhaela Fab 24 days ago
dO i hAvE chLaMyDiA??? -Ned 2019
I'm cool as fuck
I'm cool as fuck 25 days ago
I sleep so late
That guy that owns a Pug.
Me watching this at 4am Hmm I do need more sleep.
Sam E
Sam E 25 days ago
Lmao why is Keith smiling so much while he’s coughing 7:43
Anjelica Verlin
Anjelica Verlin 25 days ago
I’m in the same thoughts and position as zack I have fibromyalgia I got it at 15 and I’m now 22 I’m in horrible chronic pain 24/7 Iv never been able to picture myself getting older I always felt that I’m gonna die young I couldn’t imagine living past 25-30 sometimes I still can’t I have so many health and mental issues fibromyalgia, endometriosis, PCOS, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and I had my left ovary removed at 18 due to a dermoid cyst that kept coming back
Haris boi
Haris boi 25 days ago
Omg! Leave Zac alone XD
gilligirl101295 26 days ago
The Doctor at 6:41 reacting to Eugene is killing me
Alexa Westt
Alexa Westt 26 days ago
The intro of this video made me sad because these people try so hard to not die and yet the people I know actually wanted to die.
Swymco 26 days ago
Who wants tantric fried chicken?
cimmonim 26 days ago
What have I learned- im going to die.
Michelle Wang
Michelle Wang 26 days ago
Zac: We'll die together!! Zac, Ned and Keith: *squealing, cooing, and smiling* Eugene: *frowns suspiciously and shakes his head a lot*
Lonely Girl
Lonely Girl 27 days ago
When your a overweight 12 year old who get 5 hours of sleep and gets up at 6:00 am every day and has high blood pressure.... but I am trying to lose weight and it’s working
12 21
12 21 27 days ago
"People that sleep less than 7 hours a night will have a shorter life expediencies.” me, watching this at literally 5am because I couldn't sleep: *starts writing will aggressively*
Mamta Bhatia
Mamta Bhatia 27 days ago
Rooting for ya Ned.
Im A Tree Bish
Im A Tree Bish 27 days ago
Im watching this while laying on the couch eating a bag of potato chips at 4:41 am and i still haven't slept :o
Anita Ahr
Anita Ahr 27 days ago
All of my grandparents died of cancer, two of my uncles did, and my mom had 3 different types+a deadly bacterial infection that can kill you extremely quickly but survived luckily sooooo hope I don’t get cancer
Maddie Nguyen
Maddie Nguyen 28 days ago
Eugene is pretty quiet in this video
Skyla Gaming YouTube
Keith is eating too much fried and XD
Adam Dihyem
Adam Dihyem 28 days ago
Eugene is the worst try guy out of all 4
Xx becky xX
Xx becky xX 29 days ago
i was doing the mindfulness thing... until i saw Ned !!!!!!! 7:29
Anastassja 1
Anastassja 1 29 days ago
OMG neds baby is so cute ❤👶
Lyndsy Carson
Lyndsy Carson 29 days ago
oh no zach 🥺❤️
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas 29 days ago
Keith: “So if I get cancer, it’s all my fault” 😂
Kaiya Price
Kaiya Price 29 days ago
When I get 4 hours of sleep
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker 29 days ago
I’m nineteen and if I’m being honest I didn’t think I’d live this long. Like idk just thought I would have been dead in a field somewhere.
kitty91213 29 days ago
Anime Aunty
Anime Aunty 29 days ago
If u don't want cancer, don't eat Animal Products! With breast cancer, don't eat DAIRY.
Lay Pun
Lay Pun 29 days ago
Shit. I knew it was Zach
Aimee :)
Aimee :) 29 days ago
This video told me I have 1 year left to live
Ewok 29 days ago
ned looks just like his dad
Marie Conlon
Marie Conlon Month ago
Thank you for doing this video. I recently discovered my genetic history with my father's side being Ashkenazi Jews. Most of his family has either had or passed away from cancer. I'm going to make an appointment to speak with my doctor about the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 now that I know I'm more likely to have it! Thank you!
Anna G
Anna G Month ago
05:39 there’s literally a cheeta on a leash in the background
Amanda Bisby
Amanda Bisby Month ago
Man I’d be scared to death to do this. My family has every disease or predisposition possible.
masked freak
masked freak Month ago
My whole life I was walking up everyday and my brain would go 'You know, there is a high percentage you will die today.' That's basically a nice way to say I could die today. Yeah my childhood was relaxed...
masked freak
masked freak Month ago
Me: *sees title* No... nooooo! No! NEVER! *tears form* No! They're not gonna die! I don't want to know... *keeps watching*
Te Rata Campbell
6:00 ooohhhhh shit -Well I'm fucked-
Rose Tan「をいさつ
*Cries* `I guess I’m Dying Soon ༎ຶД༎ຶ`
Leyda Moreno
Leyda Moreno Month ago
When she mentioned that sleeping less you have a shorter life Yeah i should be asleep But I’m not Oops
Goldenghost1 1
Goldenghost1 1 Month ago
I watched the try guys for 18 hours straight I love them 😍
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