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When Should You Shift Gears? How To Get The Best Fuel Economy
When To Shift For Acceleration - ruvid.net/video/видео-zZBqb0ZJSwU.html
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When is the best time to shift gears for maximum fuel economy? In this video we look at how to drive efficient, how to drive with good fuel economy, and when to shift gears to maximize fuel efficiency. When you're accelerating and shifting through the gears, it's important to keep the engine in an optimal region where it operates most efficiently if you want to maximize fuel economy. This engine region is determined by an engine's brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC).
BSFC is a measurement of the amount of fuel required to produce a certain amount of power, for a given engine load and RPM. Generally speaking, BSFC is highest in high load, low RPM regions. This video will demonstrate this by conducting a test showing fuel consumption with the engine at four different operating regions, but with the same power requirement for each - to keep a car moving at 60 mph. Check out the video for full details, and to learn when the best time to shift is!
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19 авг 2018

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Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained 5 месяцев назад
Here are two additional videos which supplement this nicely, hope everyone's having a great day! When To Shift For The Best Acceleration - ruvid.net/video/видео-zZBqb0ZJSwU.html LSPI: Don't Lug Your Engine - ruvid.net/video/видео-soJea7xEt-8.html
PGTMR2 17 дней назад
+David Crandon The engine is 25-26 years old with about 60k on it. It's an obd car running on an obd II ecu. I have parts and ecu from a newer engine and will eventually get around to making it distributorless. Single coil, inside of the disty, 7k rpm shifts, 3300 rpm at freeway speeds doesn't help either and wears ignition parts quick. But, lugging the engine seems to make it worse. 6 months to a year and cap, rotor, wires and plugs usually need a refresh. IF the distributor itself doesn't have an issue.
David Crandon
David Crandon 17 дней назад
Cap and rotor? Wow, how old is this engine? (BTW, caps and rotors should be replaced regularly anyway). +PGTMR2
SAM DE BERRY Месяц назад
Your demo focuses on constant speed. In acceleration this is different, the engine is more efficient with an fully open throttle till 66% of rev range, then skip shift from say 2nd to 4th. Partial throttle can be less efficient. Just saying 😋 great channel btw.
Pecko88 TV
Pecko88 TV 2 месяца назад
Engineering Explained One very large factor you didn't take into account is the engine type, e.g. low RPM or high RPM engine design.
Rodrigo Arias
Rodrigo Arias 2 месяца назад
How do I know the max speed of my car for the best fuel efficiency?
Stein Adler
Stein Adler 2 дня назад
With a Diesel engine (car, not truck) I stay most time between 1200 and 2000 rpm. Even going up a hill is possible with 2000 rpm.
Susans's 70's Party mix
Susans's 70's Party mix 2 дня назад
Total garbage. Everyone knows that accelerating and braking is the killer of fuel consumption. The logical answer then is to accelerate at full throttle and not let anyone overtake, thus preventing ridiculous braking. Tyres releasing smoke also helps keep other cars away so try to do so whenever practical. :)
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 дня назад
I don't like to load the engine below 1800 rpm. Gas is cheap compared to rod bearings. I still beat the EPA EST.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 дня назад
In my 6mt forester I noticed I can shift into 2 at 20mph, 3rd at 30 mph, 4th at 40 mph, 5th at 50 mph and 6th st 60 mph. I discovered this after plugging all my gear ratios into a spread sheet. I wanted each shift to drop the rpm to around 2000 rpm. I then noticed that each shift brought the mph to near what the gear number is.
Mr. Nationwide
Mr. Nationwide 2 дня назад
55 MPH with the cruise control set revving below 2000 RPMs gets the best fuel economy in my opinion.
Cheryl's Natural Again
Cheryl's Natural Again 2 дня назад
ballybunion9 4 дня назад
That video could have been 9 minutes of random words for all that I learned watching it.
David Wilder
David Wilder 4 дня назад
Keep both hands on the wheel when driving🤩
Ogre Under Bridge
Ogre Under Bridge 5 дней назад
I'd really like to see the numbers on your all gears instrumentation there uphilling a steep in the same car hauling a heavy load. Heaviest legal trailer, etc. Do you have a hitch ?
Nicholas Hunter
Nicholas Hunter 6 дней назад
What exactly is meant here by "Load"?
Raul Frizado
Raul Frizado 10 дней назад
When you are entering motor way, what about if you floor it on 3rd year and go to 5rd gear cruise speed? (The car is a manual gearbox of 5 speeds) is it more economic than puting 4th and then 5th?
Arvin Peopleinlove
Arvin Peopleinlove 10 дней назад
Can you do the same test going uphill? Thanks
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo 14 дней назад
Sometimes the more you try to save fuel the more you actually use. You become paranoid about using the accelerator and lift off unnecessarily, and in turn you use more fuel accelerating back up to speed again. Just drive smoothly without thrashing you car.
John A
John A 17 дней назад
Incorrect. Often your mileage is worse when shifting soon. You have to understand that with a higher RPM the throttle valve doesn't have to be fully openend. (install a vauum gauge to see it for yourself) When you shift early, the low RPM and torque are in need of more air and gass to get the revvs up so the engine can pull again. This is when the throttle valve is fully open all the way. When you do this with a vacuum gauge, you will see the vaccum is dropped to 0 all the time untill the rpm and torque starts to kick in, then you see the vaccuum gauge slowly going to a higher vaccuum meaning higher RPM on highway driving is better for your economy. My jeep TJ 4.0 or instance. It revs near 2000 rpm at 65. But when I keep it in 4th gear it revs 2600 (give otr take) the fuel economy became better. Maybe new cars have a lot of lights and indicators, computers etc on board, giving you the illusion that early shifting is better...just try it for a while and compare your milleage, don't take my word for it.
AtzenMiro 19 дней назад
Switching near 3000 is old. More modern is to gear up in the 1800-2000 region in normal day situations in average sized cars (compact cars like Golfs, Focus etc., from a european perspective of course ;))
Adrenaline 4 Life
Adrenaline 4 Life 20 дней назад
What Subaru is this? It has excellent gas mileage.
Edward Millen
Edward Millen 20 дней назад
I'm also wondering how this would apply to turbo diesel engines. My car only has a 1.5 litre Renault dCi engine, but with turbo and intercooler. I've always wondered, in particular, whether it's more efficient to cruise at the lowest possible RPM (where the turbo wouldn't be active) or at a higher RPM where the turbo is working most efficiently (which I think is at least 2000 RPM on my car)
Achyutha V J
Achyutha V J 21 день назад
People also get to the neutral whenever they get a chaance, like when you are travelling diown the hill.. and the reason for that , they say is “fuel saving”... whats the logic?
peter nutkins
peter nutkins 21 день назад
I can vouch for that. It applies even more if you are driving a diesel as it makes a higher torque at low revs. Keeping the revs down can give incredible fuel economy.
cyromartinsbicudo 22 дня назад
In one of your videos you stated that the most economical way to drive was when the engine rpm produces the highest torque, which for my car, is between 3500 rpm and 6000 rpm. Driving at 58 mph in a horizontal road does not represent reality. Which statement would best represent real situations?
Badtaste21 24 дня назад
Basically: Get a Diesel. lol
2138Dude 24 дня назад
So you gotta drive at a 5th gear all the time?
Roberto Haaij
Roberto Haaij 25 дней назад
Gosh this guy cant go directly to the point. Damn, what a tiring video.
82raptor 26 дней назад
I do not always downshift, but when I do it is next to a Prius so they can hear me hurting the environment!
Amartya Roy
Amartya Roy 26 дней назад
what is high load and low load?
Victor Torres
Victor Torres 27 дней назад
damn u still get 17 mpg at 6300 rpm.
Ced''S Entertainment Channel [( spac20 )]
What is load and how do you measure it? And what about rpm?
Anders Hansen
Anders Hansen 28 дней назад
I guess engine load in this case means % throttle open and not % of maximum load hence maximum brake power (kW)? Otherwise it does not make sense.
ZerickPlayz 28 дней назад
lemme explain: the higher the rpm the faster the pistons turn so they burn the gas faster. if your going up hills you use a lower gear pecause you need more power. BAMMMMM
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas 28 дней назад
Lower rpm=better fuel saving
Ianray Dagtay
Ianray Dagtay 28 дней назад
im changing gear when my rpm go 3000 i like my rpm stay 2000-2500
JP dJ 29 дней назад
Always impressed by your deep knowledge, you turn something upside down that I was led to believe by a trusted source long time ago. Their wisdom was, accelerate as quickly as possible to your desired speed and when there go to the lowest gear still safe/comfortable. The idea was that acceleration in the lower torque and power region of an engine would cost relatively much total fuel, even when consumption during a brief brisk acceleration is very high. So you say this is not true? And I have been living with a lie all those years? I think I'll keep the old version to justify down-shifting with rev matching to a gear that gives me the beginning of turbo power, and floor it. And between 60 and 70 m/h put the car on cruise control in 6, with over 60 mi/ga economy. :)
kiril K
kiril K Месяц назад
Heavy footers = poor economy. Light footers = good economy. It's not the only thing, but it is pretty much most of it. Changing gears sooner without gagging the engine can help you to achieve pressing the gas pedal lighter.
Dave Brown
Dave Brown Месяц назад
@Engineering Explained, what was model of the car you were driving and whether it was turbocharged or normally aspirated? In my experience, you have to drive turbos and NAs differently because of their engine torque curves. Turbo engines usually have a fairly flat torque curve but NA engines usually have a peaky torque curve for equivalent maximum power and torque. In my experience for economical driving with NA engines you don't want to rev the engine past its peak torque RPM, keep the revs up but with a lighter throttle. With turbo engines you can open the throttle to 100% at low revs until the turbo spins up and then back off to a light throttle. The other thing is don't lug your engine at low revs with wide open throttle, you will use more fuel, down shift to save fuel. For the most part, I don't use more than 40% throttle in general driving. Other things:- maintain your car with regular services (including air filter changes/cleaning) and check your tyre pressures at least weekly for tubed tyres, every 2 weeks otherwise. I suggest you also set your tyre pressures to the maximum recommended for your vehicle by its manufacture. Why? Your vehicle will brake and handle better, and be more economical. If you have fitted larger tyres to your vehicle I suggest you inflate them higher than the recommended pressures, you will have to experiment. What are your thoughts?
Mircea Balea
Mircea Balea Месяц назад
Your car feels best between 2000 and 3000 RPM. There you have enough torque and you have the best mpg
Issa Alyatim
Issa Alyatim Месяц назад
Question. If I’m rolling downhill in a manual, which is more fuel efficient: rolling in neutral or my highest gear? Thanks!
Amaury Garcia-Cumming
Amaury Garcia-Cumming Месяц назад
I wonder if the MPG that you see when you research vehicles, whether manual or automatic, is an average of the MPG on each gear, because in this video I saw a bunch of different numbers rather than just one number for city driving and one number for highway/freeway driving. Our 2001 Toyota Corolla CE Manual Sedan, a five-speed, gets up to 32 MPG in the city and up to 41 MPG on the highway. Although I was recently involved in a crash that wasn't my fault, and while it is still able to be driven (as the airbags didn't deploy), the other driver's insurance is marking it as a total loss primarily because of its age. Anyway, the replacement we are getting with the settlement is a used 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 Manual Hatchback, also a five-speed, which gets up to 25 MPG in the city and up to 32 MPG on the highway, so not quite as good as the Toyota on fuel economy, but if it's only an average, maybe it's not so bad. And it's still better than our 2002 Chevrolet S-10 LS Automatic 4WD Extended Cab, which only gets up to 15 MPG in the city and up to 20 MPG on the highway.
Matthew Hay
Matthew Hay Месяц назад
I’m guessing you don’t take it to the red line
Captain Soban
Captain Soban Месяц назад
I drove my 1999 Honda CRV manual for over 8 years. Over time, I figured out that 2500 RPMs was the sweetspot for MPG. when I drove it, I keeped it around 2000 RPMs when going downhill and 2500 RPMs when driving Flat. It also made the car great for sharp back roads because it also has a short transmission because 2500 RPMs in fith gear is 50 MPH (which is also when it got its best fuel econmy of 28 MPG). Also, I learned if you want to get up to speed quickly for some reason, like going up a hill to merge on a highway, then you shift at 4000 RPMs. Any higher than that then your going to start buring a lot of fuel, any lower than that then you will be in fifth gear to quickly and not have enough power to get up the hill!
doinky3 Месяц назад
Thanks for the video.
Mark Durl
Mark Durl Месяц назад
i just learned to listen to my car, i learned to drive in a manual, if you listen, the motor will tell you when the best time is to shift up, as well as shift down
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Juan Manuel Penaloza Месяц назад
I kinda figured it out early. Main I shifted early because I'm a noisy boy but also because it feels smoother. I did that with my Celica and I ended up getting great fuel economy.
Chris Smedley
Chris Smedley Месяц назад
Does anyone else find that most cars that "suggest" a gear change for you are too aggressive with the low rpm high load thing? I've found specifically that when driving small engine cars in Europe, I'll be in 4th and the car will suggest shifting up to 5th while going up a hill, but if I do so the car won't be able to maintain its current speed even at WOT.
Michael Kolbe
Michael Kolbe Месяц назад
I recommend shifting at cars shift point ! Car last longer instead of either loading motor or winding it out and will take from cars longevity
Julian Hedges
Julian Hedges Месяц назад
I would like to see the 50 miles per hour in speed and then everything is the see what 7 gear can do in a manual over the 5 speed
Barnabas Kim
Barnabas Kim Месяц назад
So is upshifting as low as rpm as possible get the best mpg?
Selwyn Abraham
Selwyn Abraham Месяц назад
Slow down man. You talk really fast. All this info is starting to make my head spin. Lol.
Gwildor Месяц назад
Ok America, we get it!!! You cant drive manual.
Michel Linschoten
Michel Linschoten Месяц назад
Lies ....lies i tell you ...shift always when it's maxed out period!
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