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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 3 681
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Day ago
Girl u know the freaking hairstyle was lit on u. Shid anybody tell u diff. is a hater...........
Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson 2 days ago
Yes more babies yes yes have more please
Simple Simpler
Simple Simpler 2 days ago
CLARE UR MESSED UPP!! “When was the last time you had fun with yourself self “ SHE SAID🤗
PJ and Yovey Dribo
Lol @ monopoly
ulla 2 days ago
Wow he sews!? That's so cool! We want to see them!
The Life Of Ari
The Life Of Ari 2 days ago
I love the intro hun🥰🥰🥰💚
GGlitter Girl squad
You guys are such a perfect match and family love you guys
shanny sosaa
shanny sosaa 3 days ago
queens voice is so beautiful in the intro ❤️ god bless you queen and to keep you safe from all the powers that be in the industry 💯❤️
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor 3 days ago
Legend looks just like his daddy!
Tricia Samuel
Tricia Samuel 4 days ago
Enjoyed the video
Calena Trice
Calena Trice 4 days ago
His shorts are so short is that a New York thing??
yamira ts
yamira ts 4 days ago
Bluff mean like you tryin to test me
Shalonia Baird
Shalonia Baird 4 days ago
Love that style and you rock it
Shalonia Baird
Shalonia Baird 4 days ago
Omg love your vids
Kymani Moore
Kymani Moore 5 days ago
He said she had hair in her mouth yesterday
Kymani Moore
Kymani Moore 5 days ago
He exposed her
I used to play monopoly
lay frecks
lay frecks 5 days ago
My Stick
My Stick 5 days ago
9:38 legend said hey wassup lil dude🙂
NLMB DJ 053 5 days ago
Go to mount
NLMB DJ 053 5 days ago
Take her to dykman
Ellie Kennedy
Ellie Kennedy 7 days ago
He’s so skinny
Yonnagangperiod Sis
Awe baby Lorenzo said hey to the camera
Nya Lí
Nya Lí 7 days ago
Shawty said “I can roll some dice”🤣🤣
Zaniyah 7 days ago
take her to dyckman , she gone finally get her timbs & she'll be originally from new york 😂 period
Makayla Jennie
Makayla Jennie 8 days ago
Her face was so cute when she found out what he meant by "have fun with myself"
Madison Adams
Madison Adams 8 days ago
Did anyone else see that this was posted on July 11 2019 but it’s only the 10
Janneya V.
Janneya V. 8 days ago
Queen: have fun wit myself hmmmm .... ahhh baeeeee!!
Janneya V.
Janneya V. 8 days ago
Clarence be exposing queen!!!! He was like U had hair in ur mouth yesterday 🤣🤣😭😭
Briana Garvin
Briana Garvin 8 days ago
8:02 ya so cute
MsDyaniCarissa 8 days ago
Don’t bring Queen to dyckman 😂
Life With Mimi
Life With Mimi 9 days ago
Subscribe to my channel guys!!!
Sammie Sosa
Sammie Sosa 10 days ago
You guys are cute together 💙💙
Stephanie Stephen
Stephanie Stephen 12 days ago
Queen got the camera brightness turned up so high lol got y'all looking yellow
Kathia101 12 days ago
Queen is so sweet.
A’s World
A’s World 12 days ago
queen’s face when he said “had fun with yourself” & she realized what he meant 😭
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez 12 days ago
3:42 got me dead😂
Its Tiffany
Its Tiffany 14 days ago
10:20 he said .. SUMMERELLA ❤️😂
Gemini Love
Gemini Love 14 days ago
Good for you Queen. I like Clarence better. Chris did not appreciate you and now he over there looking stupid. Oh and Legend is Too cute!!!😍
Teh'myrai Leary
Teh'myrai Leary 14 days ago
Why is legend such a busy body😂😊
ashley holloworth
ashley holloworth 15 days ago
what's a hood talk 😂😂
Kamal Harris
Kamal Harris 17 days ago
9:33 queen the last time i saw a pretty girl legend said hey
Amar Chavis
Amar Chavis 17 days ago
what happened to patty?
queque10101 17 days ago
@ 9:39 sounded like he said hey
Nae Morales
Nae Morales 17 days ago
I’m from around that area!..... stay where u at queen 😂😂😂
tibisa gatbel
tibisa gatbel 17 days ago
Queen that hair color suits you sooo much 🍊❣️ you look great 😍
jo jo
jo jo 17 days ago
Not “I think hair got in your mouth yesterday” ☠️☠️☠️
Meme Desire
Meme Desire 17 days ago
Queen is really rocking this orange
DaiJah Jannell
DaiJah Jannell 17 days ago
That hairstyle was cute asf. You should consider wearing it again.
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 18 days ago
That curly hair she was calling ugly, was incredibly cute on her!
Bria Smith
Bria Smith 18 days ago
This girl said I can roll some dice. I used to play monopoly 😂😂😂
Aloha_allena xx
Aloha_allena xx 18 days ago
9:36 is it just me or... I heard legend just say hey... EEKK eidhdbsuusjskiejjsjs whattt 😭❤️
CAMXHINTON 18 days ago
L m f a o
Kaysha Young
Kaysha Young 18 days ago
Legend is just the cutest 😍😍 I’m moving to Atlanta just to babysit 😂
akira scott
akira scott 18 days ago
I actually prefer her natural hair it fits her so well that curly style was cute
Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson 19 days ago
Pulu A
Pulu A 19 days ago
I did not no queen masterbate
Pulu A
Pulu A 19 days ago
Man queen so inocent she didn't even realise what he mean by fun WITH UR SELF 😉
Daitriana Gongora
Daitriana Gongora 19 days ago
That curly hair was cute girl
Ajah Terry
Ajah Terry 19 days ago
Mesha B.
Mesha B. 19 days ago
Queen should do a viagra prank on Clarence
Ryanelisee 20 days ago
It sound like legend said “heyyy” lol
Ryanelisee 20 days ago
She was about to say she was texting lil baby I feel like
Bre Williams
Bre Williams 20 days ago
I peeped you on the fact that clearance needs to shave as soon as you asked Queen 🤣😂
Laura Wilborn
Laura Wilborn 20 days ago
Y'all are some funny people and some adorable couples 💑
MarcSmutty 20 days ago
lmaooo shorty said I wanna go to the hood in ny yktv 😭
K3eisha K3eisha
K3eisha K3eisha 21 day ago
Bruh😂😂 hair in the mouth is real
K3eisha K3eisha
K3eisha K3eisha 21 day ago
Bruh😂😂 hair in the mouth is real
Nyjaiie Singleton
Legend @9:38 “Hey”😏
_.tayfromig 21 day ago
anon007 22 days ago
So y'all gonna act like that video where Cloutbear was pretty much putting you on blast for having a stank cat wasn't the last time you yelled at him😂 he was so disgusting and disrespectful 😠. Honey u should have taken heed to those red flags!!
Lauren Family
Lauren Family 22 days ago
I dc queens royal family go hard
Summer Williams
Summer Williams 22 days ago
loving this COLOR with your complexion 😍
Jacqueline Rhodes
Jacqueline Rhodes 22 days ago
Lmao queen u dont wanna come to a NY hood especially the south bronx
KLynn TV
KLynn TV 23 days ago
soooo who’s the artist ?
Ariana Navarrete
Ariana Navarrete 23 days ago
"I used to roll some dice, I can play Monopoly"🤣
Baby Eli
Baby Eli 23 days ago
isn’t bluff similar to lie ? i’m pretty sure bluff means lie lol
Saheim Davis
Saheim Davis 23 days ago
“ when was the last time you had a crush on someone” Clarence thought this was a trick question he ain’t know what to say😭😭
Priel S.f
Priel S.f 23 days ago
Bluff means lie lol
Sadey Bankz
Sadey Bankz 23 days ago
The last time u yelled was when u yelled at ar'mon.. When him and Clarence did that prank on u 😂😂.!
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