When Mystery Tech Goes TOO FAR

Austin Evans
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I won't be offended if you skip this episode of Mystery Tech tbh
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Science & Technology

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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 1 021
thegamegod Day ago
Like for a free iphone 11pro max
ken looks like the alpha male weeb
Liam reynolds
Liam reynolds 2 days ago
Austin: "And today, Ken's gonna make me look stupid..." Me: "...Like a cannon ball."
Kaiden Wells
Kaiden Wells 2 days ago
Matt: You sound as great as you look Lowe's Employee: You look 12.
Christian Emerson
Robo-raptor didn’t kill himself
The Game Lounge
The Game Lounge 4 days ago
5:02 Dude, i would like one of these things!
wond ding dong
wond ding dong 4 days ago
6:49 *did* *any* *one* *see* *that*
Evan Kupec
Evan Kupec 5 days ago
I love onesies
LuciferRex 6 days ago
Title: Mystery tech Content: A bunch of non-tech stuff, with a couple of tech items thrown in
Nah Man
Nah Man 6 days ago
Watch 7:00 at 0.25x playback speed and get the effect of Austin looking like a derp.
stever macsoucher
Should have made the engine charge your phone not some led
Antho TGL
Antho TGL 8 days ago
Anyone for the original Pokémon music?! 10:55
mitchell harding
mitchell harding 9 days ago
lmfao its steam engine the flame heats it
atticus corbitt
atticus corbitt 9 days ago
Roboraptor: My planet needs me goodbyeeeeeeeeee. And then proceeds to fall of the table.
NINKEY 11 days ago
Try the Audeara A-01
Billybobjoe 102
Billybobjoe 102 12 days ago
7:13 Roboraptor: I’ve won, but at what cost?
NES GAMER 13 days ago
Fuck fortnite
Maxwell Ellis
Maxwell Ellis 14 days ago
4:30 is my dad
Smont85 14 days ago
BTW don’t you think Austin acts to much like a kid 6:59
Smont85 14 days ago
You some how make the sterling engine power a game console
Benjamin Hill
Benjamin Hill 15 days ago
"911 what's your emergency?" "Theres a grown man with a colorful helicopter hat in a fortnite onesie sleeping on a giant snorlax"
flakobayaa 15 days ago
Hey Austin *this is guys*
ajwad mir
ajwad mir 15 days ago
plz Fire Ken
Matt Parker
Matt Parker 15 days ago
I really wish you would mod that Sterling engine for more power. Those have been out fo a while now, but I've never seen anyone seriously try and get a useable voltage out of it. It's pretty powerful for what it is.
DeMMo 15 days ago
"we where at e3" "looks at watch" "A month ago!"
DeMMo 2 days ago
@XMachiavelliRizeX i bet your fun at parties lmaoooo
*were And his watch could have the date in it and he probably compared it to the E3 dates
Omkar Thakur
Omkar Thakur 16 days ago
What is apdex
TrizZm0 _
TrizZm0 _ 16 days ago
The sterling engine is very cool
hectic centour15
hectic centour15 17 days ago
Do you think I don't know what your mom and dad knows that's Joe oh that ain't good if you say that your not in the hood
seweryn raj
seweryn raj 17 days ago
I'll use my sterling engine for my budget PC build
Better & Better
Better & Better 18 days ago
and that's how Austin and Ken get alllllll the ladies!
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson 18 days ago
"This is a 100% alcohol powered engine." Me: *laughs* just like my body
TNT Terror
TNT Terror 18 days ago
Hi sister
Potato Boi ._.
Potato Boi ._. 18 days ago
Austin is the target And ken is the anime waster of moneys
Koichi Fukuda
Koichi Fukuda 19 days ago
is it good when your broke and wanna die lol ?
BTLT Montages
BTLT Montages 19 days ago
Omg I had that blue dinousar
EliteToast810 19 days ago
Of course the one item I want is unavailable
ShadowWolf105 19 days ago
Austin should make robo-raptor merch
tyrohQ 19 days ago
austin has iBalls
Vizman216 19 days ago
Hey Evans, you don't need Ken to make you look stupid. Just saying.
Joshua Kyle
Joshua Kyle 20 days ago
The small engine was dope
Matthew Magadza
Matthew Magadza 20 days ago
Most of these are toys
Yarcue Tv
Yarcue Tv 20 days ago
Why Fortnite
SinikkaL 20 days ago
"I'm sorry mom" Story of my life.
Faiyaz Ahmed
Faiyaz Ahmed 21 day ago
so we were shooting a video in E3 about a couple of months ago or, *𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒔 𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒕𝒄𝒉* a month ago
SxG_Shadow 21 day ago
"Hey Austin, this is guys"
Gamepro99 21 day ago
0:18 looks at his watch to know when he went to E3. Makes sense to me
Abhiram H
Abhiram H 21 day ago
Mystery Tech has officially become Mystery Toys.
pukkandan 21 day ago
Half of it wasn't 'tech' though
master sooshy
master sooshy 21 day ago
Guys we need a roboraptor battle royal
coolguy 234
coolguy 234 22 days ago
6:49 when mj becomes a dinosaur
Siddharth Bhatia
Siddharth Bhatia 22 days ago
Okay, this is hands down the BEST episode of Mystery Tech ever.
Siddharth Bhatia
Siddharth Bhatia 22 days ago
That is the most fucked up looking bear that I have ever seen in my entire life
canine wolf
canine wolf 22 days ago
hi umut how u doin if ur watching this
Rossi’s World
Rossi’s World 23 days ago
The middle of class you see a kid sniffing his note book
__PLUG IN __
__PLUG IN __ 23 days ago
Izmite 23 days ago
2:33 Ohhh noo....its herbert
Vince Smith
Vince Smith 23 days ago
Barely any of this is "tech"
caden3ds 23 days ago
im 16 and this is deep
OwO and Ninja
OwO and Ninja 24 days ago
this was once mystery tech now its just mystery
Faded_FrAgZ 24 days ago
That moon walk edit tho
Jcreed88 24 days ago
This show is turning into Dinosaur unboxing
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