When Anime Characters use unique weapons

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Man when a anime character has a unique weapon literally they about to be OP like I promise you can’t do nothing 🤣🤣
Mark Phillips - @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris - @CleanUniform
Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andpeac3
Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel - @dylanpatel4_
Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton - @playthatjohn


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Jul 13, 2020




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RDCworld1 6 months ago
What y’all think about this video it’s just another skit to hold y’all over to the major videos! Ima go out on a limb and say 150k likes? Back and forth coming out Wednesday by the way!
_-Oh Yeah Yeah-_
_-Oh Yeah Yeah-_ 2 days ago
Those some JOJo level powers
Jashandeep Singh
Jashandeep Singh 9 days ago
It's funny
TheDoritoKing 48
TheDoritoKing 48 11 days ago
@Baller 4Life ❶ 👌
TheDoritoKing 48
TheDoritoKing 48 11 days ago
Naruto Deadly fox
Naruto Deadly fox 2 months ago
Or just a twelve episodes of 1season and twelve episodes for season two
Matthew Tafoya
Matthew Tafoya Minute ago
lol, all I could think was God of Highschool
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 8 hours ago
Reddy Risery
Reddy Risery 10 hours ago
This is what Krillin was thinking when he started training under Master Roshi
Buckethound 10 hours ago
My hero acadamia quirks in a nutshell
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 13 hours ago
what's up with the stain on the camera len
Milkz Ninja
Milkz Ninja 15 hours ago
Yamcha in dragon ball
gabethecool5 17 hours ago
Who else saw it, 1:44
Nehemie Mutebwa
Nehemie Mutebwa 19 hours ago
That Naruto tune really gives me nostalgia from watching Naruto Shippuden, it reminds me of when it was new to me, the days of fighting Diodora and Sasori, and when they fought other Akatsuki members like Hidan and Kakazu, those were some great chapters! I would love to watch them all again
Halo Devil
Halo Devil 21 hour ago
Oh..I'm...I'm in the wrong anime
Abednego Compere
Ok the first one was overpowered
Hasnain Kherani
Hisoka 😅
emanuel prado
A chilean artist won the shonen up and his manga will be printed in japan. Is called Armados and its about a city where cuz some reasons every person affected transformed what ghey have with their in a magical weapon. So old people with sticks, kida with toys etc
PainDynasty Day ago
Edith Dela Cruz
He just believes in the 2 HEARTS of the CARDS
Exotic Jam
Exotic Jam Day ago
I've been brushing on this small booger on my phone until I tilted my phone and the booger teleported. Then came a moment of realization
SolarSG Day ago
“Is that a piece of homework?” “Yes yes it is. Every question you do wrongly a member of your loved ones perish. Lets start, solve this polynomial...”
Omar Harris
Omar Harris Day ago
Immediately reminds me of Read or Die.
flasH20xp sao
is that sour patch kids! the sour part is you will die the sweet part is you'll go to heven.
BanzTag TV
BanzTag TV Day ago
I'm looking at you Hidan or however you say your name you religious blood addict
The AM Duo
The AM Duo Day ago
Ibrahim Abdirahman
N W 2 days ago
What I love about this video is they very clearly spare his life for not even being able to keep up wit them 😂😂😂
Nicholas Asis
Nicholas Asis 2 days ago
I got a guitar pick, and once it disappears, you disappear :v
normal human
normal human 2 days ago
"Is that... a paperclip?!" "Yes, every time i bend this paperclip a random hole is poked in your body"
Tyrannyboy Of the hozuki clan
Is that a bottle of a water yes With one swig I get 10hrs of water manipulation summons tsunami
bruh man bruh
bruh man bruh 2 days ago
Goheezy cheezy
Goheezy cheezy 2 days ago
Nen abilities be like
4kdrippyzz 2 days ago
these the typa animes that dont got games cause if it did everyone would use paper guy
jubisgul 2 days ago
So Hunter X Hunter when nen is introduced?
Eclypse Spectra
Eclypse Spectra 2 days ago
Luis Vidal
Luis Vidal 2 days ago
King Fearless
King Fearless 3 days ago
What does that do? *I have no idea myself* than explains if he points it at something it sucks them in to another dimension 😆 now that's anime logic!
golden legend
golden legend 2 days ago
I think he doesn't know how or why or from where it came
Dyshawm Boldin
Dyshawm Boldin 3 days ago
Last one got me dead lmao 🤣😆🤣😆
Valor X
Valor X 3 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: The marshal artist when his arm broke: His hand:👌
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 3 days ago
Look I lost I'm a martial artist in my arm broke how I'mma fight my arm broke I lost I'mma just leave now 😭 he wasn't readyyyyyyyyy
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 3 days ago
"I don't know, but of I point it at you it sends u to a different dimension" all in the same breathe
Silly Bob
Silly Bob 3 days ago
"Is that a cookie?" "That's right, my friend. Each time I nibbled a bit, Earth get smaller. Smaller. And smaller. And once I finish nibbling entire cookie...yoursoulbesentintooblivion!"
Hi it's me Jeses
Hi it's me Jeses 3 days ago
1:47 first season of GOH
Baku Links
Baku Links 3 days ago
Stands be like
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 4 days ago
Basic Darby
Mega Feebas
Mega Feebas 4 days ago
This is what Mister Satan should have done after seeing goku flyin and shit against cell
Pixel 4 days ago
Martial Artist: *BRO HOW THESE PEOPLE HAVE SUCH STRONG WEAPONS BRUH!!* His broken arm's hand: *You have 0.00001 seconds to live*
Red Moon
Red Moon 4 days ago
You saw his hand at 1:56
Faz _
Faz _ 4 days ago
The first one is literally Hawking from the worse generation in One Piece lol. He plays different cards and it’s all luck base.
monkey D. Hally
monkey D. Hally 4 days ago
Just make the other dude send you to another dimension it's better
IronVigilance Paintball
When a side character tries to get into the main story
jikato '
jikato ' 4 days ago
"Is that...a fidget cube?!" Yes, each time I fidget, it folds your bones and dislocates them *aggressively fidgets with the cube*
KINGth3GReaT1 5 days ago
That card ability gotta be a nen ability if ever seen 1
Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell 5 days ago
Came to the fight with only taijutsu 🤣
iChiief 5 days ago
Nah, I lost it when he said "Your weakness disgusts me" 💀
Relix痛 5 days ago
1:17 he said one fold and the earth would be destroyed yet he pulled it out of his back pocket rolled up.... imagine if he decides he’s tired and sits down XD
Modack44 5 days ago
Uday Shanker
Uday Shanker 5 days ago
Yamcha be like..
cocolemon 5 days ago
Crimsem 5 days ago
I died of laughter when he said will destroy the entire earth so calmly
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann 5 days ago
"OH SHIT!!!!!" would be my reaction to pretty much any super powerful anime character.
Nate Manning
Nate Manning 5 days ago
Sonovabitch got us.
fantasticfrank85 Fantastic
"Is that... a baseball bat?" "Yes... Its a very strong bat made of metal that doesn't break."
Davaughn C James
Davaughn C James 5 days ago
My weapon a cat one meow can destroy the universe.
Domo Huncho
Domo Huncho 5 days ago
That dimension ring is lowkey too fucking OP
Gerson Escobar
Gerson Escobar 6 days ago
This is freaking hallerious!
Captain KGeezy
Captain KGeezy 6 days ago
That card power crazy tho😹🔥
Monkeys Uncle
Monkeys Uncle 6 days ago
Troy Hoopalopa
Troy Hoopalopa 6 days ago
He just necked us all when he broke his arm and revealed his finger circle.
Matt Bell
Matt Bell 6 days ago
Rock lee: guy sensei:
Cocomunga Productions
How about Teeth that are so shiny and clean it blinds anyone who looks at them?
MIM 318
MIM 318 6 days ago
Sorry I'm late to the tournament, I had to finish my training to use this! (Pulls out a spec of pocket lint.) Give up now, or I will destroy reality.
Arkham Master8171
Hunter x Hunter
AngelZanMae 6 days ago
"A AHHH MY PAIN MY HEART" *holds shoulder*
CuriousMan 6 days ago
arute koza
arute koza 6 days ago
I kept wiping my screen.....but their camera lenses are actually dirty
Otaku Tv
Otaku Tv 6 days ago
Yamcha when he sees Z FIGHTER Fights POWERFUL VILLAIN 1:33
MiniQuits 6 days ago
this is god of high school
Tylor Lu
Tylor Lu 6 days ago
wait the paper was already folded from the start. The mans bluffing
Wooh Wooh
Wooh Wooh 6 days ago
Fire force joker 😂
Payday Boy
Payday Boy 6 days ago
Dimensions vs Earth 😂
Doug Yee
Doug Yee 6 days ago
“My weapon is a stress ball, every time I squeeze it, it destroys everything in the universe”
Owen Wellington
Owen Wellington 6 days ago
“This is my cursed hand” “What does it do” “If I point it at you I can drain your life”
shard 6 days ago
Jévic Kdl68
Jévic Kdl68 6 days ago
I swear to god I’m out 😂
Sinister Gamer
Sinister Gamer 7 days ago
"I'm not supposed to be here..." 🤔😱
Manush Fernando
Manush Fernando 7 days ago
Bagio Henderson
Bagio Henderson 7 days ago
All I can say is LMAOOOO
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 7 days ago
“Is that a toilet roll?” “Yes...whoever I face this at instantly erases them from existence
JustTemp 7 days ago
they don't miss, every video i watch makes me laugh
GrandRiser 7 days ago
That is Jojo stands power
where banana
where banana 7 days ago
Mrigank Jain
Mrigank Jain 7 days ago
"Is that... Logic?" "Yes, and every time I use it all other weapons stop working coz they make no freaking sense."
Rusty Cookie Pekka
1:27 Wouldnt the guys weapon(Paper) backfire because it would destroy the Earth with him in it...
Cecilio Olvera
Cecilio Olvera 7 days ago
Black widow and Hawkeye when they are with the rest of the Avengers
scuppo 7 days ago
Laughs in Bungee gum
Ketsueki Ren
Ketsueki Ren 7 days ago
“Is that..... wait your not even holding anything” “Yes I’m not holding anything but you think I’m holding something but I am holding something” “Then what a are you holding.... wait don’t tell me is air” “Na man is just a glass...... THAT DESTROYS EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE”
The Saiyan Shinobi
This comment section of unique weapons is amazing
Ded Rik
Ded Rik 7 days ago
Eraser head and his completely unexplainable bandages 😂
NonstopSZN 7 days ago
Yamcha be like:
blessed son
blessed son 8 days ago
Mr satan in a nutshell
Prometheus Reign
Prometheus Reign 8 days ago
Prometheus Reign
Prometheus Reign 8 days ago
Hunter X hunter vibes
MrWinters 8 days ago
Hisoka be like
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